Attack of the Ninja

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Chapter One: The Wish

Yami sighed as he stared out at the sunset. He'd left his host and reincarnate, Yugi Motou, back at the house to do his homework while the spirit went out to do some contemplating. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy his partner's company. Quite the contrary, that was one of the few things in his life, if it could be called that, that made him happy and kept him going.

But ever since that incident a few weeks before, the ancient Pharaoh had become restless. Yugi now possessed the Millennium Puzzle, which was Yami's home in a way, the Millennium Necklace, given to him by Ishizu, the Millennium Ring, which Bakura had given back after mysteriously finding it around his neck when he woke up one evening, and now the Millennium Eye.

"The Millennium Items are dangerous," Yami thought to himself as he sat on the hill, watching smoke rise from a factory in the city down below him. "And as long as they are in the hands of their rightful possessors, they still pose a threat to the rest of the world. Demons, humans, anyone could come and take one and use it for evil."

The conflicted Pharaoh sighed, thinking about the remaining three items. The Millennium Rod was in the possession of Seto Kaiba, but that wasn't much of a problem in terms of retrieving it. Seto would never admit that he held any fondness for the item and if Yami requested it, Priest Seto, the spirit of the ancient high priest that had taken it upon himself to look after Seto, would be sure to give back the item to the Pharaoh.

Heaving a sigh, Yami rested his chin in his hands.

"Do I really want to know...?" he murmured. "When all seven Millennium Items are brought together, the Pharaoh's memory reawakens. But what else happens then? I will understand my past, and know why it was that I came to rest in the Millennium Item and reawaken in this era."

Narrowing his eyes, he sighed once more. There were so many questions. Unfortunately, the answer to all of them was the same for now.

Duke Devlin yawned, flipping through a manga book on the sofa. Amber Johnson, an exchange student from America, sat on a chair across from him holding a manga book and a large book on kanji in front of her. Biting her lip, Amber sighed, shoving the books away.

"I don't know how you people can learn all these kanji," she muttered, rubbing her temples in frustration. "They all look exactly the same."

Duke chuckled, turning a page in his book.

"Well, it's not so hard, once you get the hang on it," The black-haired boy explained, grinning. "At least we never tried to teach any of that to Pearl while she was here. She would have gone ballistic."

Amber grinned, nodding, a strand of her long brown hair falling into her face.

"Well, that's true," The blue-eyed girl replied, thinking of her 10-year old cousin who had come to stay with them over Christmas vacation when the Vampire Lord was at large.

Pearl Lark had gone back to America, much to Amber's relief, and was now back in school. Duke, however, hadn't minded the girl being around much. (Of course he could tell she harbored a secret crush on him, which made Amber irritable at times.)

"Well, it's late," Amber yawned, standing up, a few more manga comics falling to the ground. "I'm heading to bed."

Duke nodded, turning another page.

"Yeah, I'm turning in just as soon as I finish figuring out what happens to the character..." he muttered, deeply immersed in the book.

Amber sighed, walking up to the stairs, her marbles that she always kept with her jiggling around in her pocket.

"I didn't even get past page 5," she grumbled, shoving her hands into her pocket.

Tea Gardner smiled as she turned a page in her yearbook, sitting on her stomach on her bed, a pillow propped up beside her. Next to her was Kiki, an Irish dancer who was staying in Domino and performing.

Kiki giggled, pointing to a picture of Tristan and Joey, both of whom were stuck in an inflatable pool ring during the class trip to the pool last year. She brushed a strand of her white hair out of her face as she smiled.

"Those two are so goofy," she commented, amused by their horrified faces in the snapshot.

Tea nodded in agreement, her brown hair swaying as she did so.

"Yeah, you'd think they were still in fifth grade sometimes," she muttered, turning a few more pages. "Yugi too, although he was never so silly; not even when we really WERE in fifth grade."

Kiki smiled broadly, looking over at Tea with her pale blue eyes.

"It must be so nice to have lots of friends like that," she commented. "Aside from my dancing troupe, I never really had time to make many life-long friends."

Tea smiled, putting a hand on Kiki's shoulder, her eyes wandering down to the dragon-embroidered choker the girl was wearing around her neck.

"Well, now you've got me, and Yugi, and all the others," she said supportively.

Kiki sighed, still smiling.

"Yes, but it is still nice to have history like that," she said longingly, seeing a picture of Yugi, Tea, Tristan, and Joey, all making goofy faces at the camera and holding up peace-signs.

Tea tilted her head to the side, still smiling.

"Well, history isn't always everything," she reminded the girl.

Seto Kaiba sat at his desk, browsing through his e-mail. After the incident with Mokuba's corrupt doctor and a visit from several demons to the city a few weeks before, things had quieted down in his life. Not that he was complaining.

The Millennium Rod had been stowed in his metal briefcase, which he left under his bed while he was at home. Other than that, and the fact that Priest Seto was still around, you'd hardly suspect that the teenager was involved in the Millennium Destiny.

"Working on that computer thing again?" Priest Seto asked, floating into the room, his body pale and tinged slightly blue since he was only a spirit visible to those with relation to the ancient magic.

"This computer-thing is my job, priest," Seto replied calmly, used to the priest's interruptions by now.

Seto had actually grown to like the ancient spirit. They'd gotten off to a rocky start, but now he and Mokuba acting like priest was just another member of their small family. Seto wouldn't admit it, of course, but he liked it that way.

"I'd lose money if I didn't keep things up-to-date," Seto continued, brushing his brown bangs out of his eyes and deleting a piece of spam e-mail.

Priest Seto nodded slowly, not really understanding how sitting in one place he could update anything, but then again, he didn't understand most modern technology. Instead, he chose not to pursue the topic.

"So, have you heard from the Pharaoh at all?" Priest Seto inquired, curious to see how the former Pharaoh was getting along during these quiet days.

Seto shook his head.

"No...I haven't seen Yugi lately," he replied absentmindedly. "What's Mokuba doing?"

Priest Seto sighed.

"He's just play his television games downstairs," The spirit explained, not quite sure how they worked either, but he wasn't going to bother asking again.

The explanation Mokuba and Seto had given last time had only succeeded in confusing him even more than he had already been.

"I wonder..." Priest Seto murmured, glancing over at the window.

Seto raised an eyebrow, turning his swivel chair around to face the ancient spirit, looking curious.

"Wonder what?" Seto inquired.

Priest Seto shrugged, feeling foolish.

"No, it's nothing," he replied with a sigh.

In truth, the spirit wondered that even if the seven items were brought together, would their combined powers restore the Pharaoh's memory? Or was there something that he, the priest, or Seto Kaiba had to do, since it had been the curse Yami Bakura invoked by using the Millennium Rod to wipe the Pharaoh out of history forever.

The nameless Pharaoh...

It will come back to him eventually, Priest Seto declared silently to himself, looking out at the night stars that were coming out in the velvet sky. Pharaoh Atemu and his life will be known once again...soon.

In a forest a few hundred miles from Domino, a lean man darted through the trees, easily, as if he were flying with wings rather than running on human feet. His face was covered in thick, blue face paint, and his clothes were brown and with torn edges. A necklace of teeth of some sort was strewn about his neck, and it rustled as he ran.

"Master," The blue-faced man announced as he slowed to a stop near a stone cave that had been cut into a mountain. "Master!"

Inside, a pair of green eyes opened calmly, sensing the man's presence in the cave. As the blue-faced man stepped forward into the cave, the smooth stone feeling much more soothing under his bare feet than the hard ground of the forest, a voice entered his mind.

You have returned, Mazai...

Mazai, the blue-faced man nodded.

"Yes, master," he replied loyally. "I have sensed those that you seek."

The green eyes softened, as if in delight.

Yes, so I have as well. I sense unbalance in their lives.

Mazai smiled.

"This is a good opportunity to claim what you seek then, is it not, master?" he asked.

The green eyes closed, letting the darkness swallow them in the room where the master was.

Yes, it is. The mysterious voice replied. Soon, very soon, everything will be in place for the ultimate rising of our tribe...

End of Chapter One

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