Chapter Three: Tickets

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Chapter Three: Tickets

Yugi sighed, sitting out on the bottom stair outside, watching anxiously as a truck rolled down the street, slowly and noisily. A few moments later, there was another noise, and Yugi jerked up to see a small car speeding down the road. Sighing, he let his head droop again.

"What's the matter, aibou?" Yami asked curiously, looking down at his reincarnated self. "You seem anxious."

Yugi blushed, looking up and nodding with a smile.

"Yeah, well, I'm just waiting for that package Madam Christina said she was going to send us," he muttered looking up again in time to see an old station wagon roll by. "I've been wondering about it ever since that phone call a few days ago..."

Yami nodded, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes..." he murmured absentmindedly, his mind off elsewhere, thinking about the items once more.

How was he to know when the time was right? If all the items were located now, how much longer did he have to wait before they could be brought together? But then again, he didn't want to go off somewhere without this strange owner of the other dimension being put down first. He didn't want to leave Yugi and his friends in some sort of peril.

"There it is!" Yugi cried, leaping to his feet and running down the driveway as the mailman pulled up, shoving three letters and an envelope into the mailbox, Yugi immediately pulling them all out moving toward the envelope. "Thanks!" he called to the mailman, who had already begun to drive away, staring at Yugi strangely.

Yami blinked as Yugi tore open the envelope to reveal several tickets, all of which read the exact same thing:

"3 days, 3 Nights. Shinobi Forest Camping Grounds," Yugi read off, blinking. "I guess she wasn't kidding when she said we were going to go camping."

Yami nodded, looking out at the mailtruck in the distance.

"Apparently not..." he murmured, narrowing his eyes. "But why would she wish for you all to go camping at a time like this?"

Yugi looked up at Yami curiously.

"A time like what?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

Yami turned a bit red, and looked away.

"Nothing," he muttered, realizing his own thoughts about the Millennium Items were now even intruding into his normal conversations. "Camping."

Yugi shrugged and smiled.

"Well, I guess I'll call the others and see what they're up for," he declared, the tickets clenched in his hands as he hurried up to the Game Shop and flung open the door.

Yami floated after him.

"I see you all made it."

Bastet, the sleek-coated black cat looked down at the group of humans that had entered the Temple of the Gods in Egypt, her yellow eyes narrowed as she perched on top of a stone pillar.

Down on the stone floor below, Ishizu Ishtar bowed respectfully, her black hair flowing in front of her.

"Yes," she said calmly, her expression serene.

Shadi, the dark-eyed Egyptian man stood against the stone wall of the temple, the golden Millennium Key around his neck. Also in the room was an ibis-headed man, Thoth, the god of the moon, who was writing on his scroll, looking up only occasionally at Bastet.

"Good," Bastet declared, narrowing her eyes as her cat-tail flicked anxiously. "As you know, there has been a disturbance in the Millennium Destiny. Ishtar," she said hastily, looking down at Ishizu. "You are gifted with the sight, are you not? Can you see anything?"

Ishizu closed her blue eyes, her hands at her side.

"I can only see a small hole," she murmured, narrowing her closed eyes, thought creases appearing on her forehead. "Coming from the past. Like someone who somehow evaded the course of time, and instead defied that logic and has assumed a role in the present."

Ishizu opened her eyes, feeling a strange weight on herself.

"But that isn't what troubles me right now," she concluded, Bastet raising an eyebrow.

"Well what is, then?" she demanded, pacing back and forth now. "Don't tell me it's Domino, again," she added, rolling her eyes. "We've stationed Karim down there, along with that priest who just won't go, and Madam Christina as well."

Shadi nodded.

"Christina has Karim stationed at her home in case she gets a bit...wild," he explained, a smile almost appearing on his face, but it was too dark to tell. "She was always a free spirit, but sometimes that freedom is a bit of a weakness."

Ishizu nodded solemnly.

"I am aware of this," she replied. "But I feel that along with the snag in time, that seems to hover above several of the ones related to the ancient times, there is a strange cry in the Domino area. As if someone, or something, is desperately seeking freedom."

Bastet huffed.

"And what do you propose we do about that, Miss Ishtar?" she asked, eyeing Thoth, who was still writing on his scroll. "Send out the rest of our forces because of your vague premonition?"

Ishizu didn't look troubled as she simply turned around.

"What you do about it, Bastet, is your decision," she replied with a small smile. "I, however, will do what I feel is necessary. Good day."

With that, the Egyptian woman turned and walked out of the temple, leaving Shadi, Bastet, and Thoth alone. Shadi narrowed his eyes.

"That woman is a bit outspoken," he mused, raising an eyebrow. "But we cannot afford to overlook any threat at the moment, no matter how vague."

Bastet sighed, cringing.

"I'll decide what to do about it," she snapped, disappearing from sight.

Tea broke into a wide grin as she, Duke, Amber, Taerro, Bakura, Tristan, Joey, Serenity, and Kiki all crowded around Yugi inside the Game Shop.

"And there's enough tickets for all of us, and Kaiba and Mokuba if they want to come!" The spiky-haired boy declared with a smile, holding the faded tickets out for everyone to see.

Joey groaned, putting a hand to his forehead.

"Do we HAVE to invite Kaiba and Mokuba?" he sighed, leaning back in the fluffy couch. "I mean, the whole trip sounds like a great idea until you invite that snob."

Kiki tilted her head to the side, smiling mysteriously.

"He doesn't seem like that much of a snob," she murmured, thinking back to the brown-haired boy. "And his brother seemed nice as well. So did that spirit that hovers near them."

Yugi narrowed his eyes. Why could Kiki see Priest Seto? Only Millennium Item owners or fated possessors could see the ancient spirits, unless there were special circumstances, like Mokuba.

The thought was only vaguely in his mind as Tristan snatched up a ticket and squinted down at it.

"That old bat just gave the tickets to you?" he asked, astonished. "These things cost a fortune, you know. Shinobi Forest is supposed to be a very old and historic camp grounds. Usually only the really ritzy people or private schools go there for fields trips."

Duke rolled his eyes, smirking as he twirled a lock of his hair around his index finger.

"And how rich is Madam Christina?" he reminded the others with a grin.

Amber nodded stretching out on the other couch.

"True," she replied, suppressing a yawn. "Guess she's classified under the "ritzy rich" type, though not the "snobby rich." It's awfully nice of her to give us the tickets, though this is a little odd timing."

Yugi nodded, still smiling.

"May is still going to be a little cold outside at night, but other than that, we should be fine," he said, gazing down at his tickets once more. "The date is set for this Friday through Sunday, so if we're going to invite the Kaibas, we'd better do it soon."

Joey rolled his eyes again, grumbling as he took the remote control away from Taerro, who had been watching a Spanish soap opera and changed the channel.

"Hey!" Taerro cried, looking up at Joey angry. "I was watching something."

Joey yawned, changing the channel to a mindless cartoon show.

"This is more beneficial," he muttered, his eyelids drooping.

Tea chuckled, rolling her eyes.

"How so? As a bedtime story?" she asked, Joey too focused on the show or sleeping to reply.

Bakura chuckled as Taerro sighed, moving away from the TV and over toward the others.

Seto stifled a yawn as he typed feverishly on his laptop, leaning back in his desk chair. Priest Seto had gone out hours earlier, and Mokuba was playing video games behind him on the TV.

"Yay! Level twelve!" Mokuba declared, punching down at the buttons recklessly. "I'm going for a new record, niisama!"

Seto nodded absentmindedly.

"Mm-hm," he murmured, as the phone beside the desk rang.

Reaching over, he picked it up off the receiver and put it up to his ear.


"Kaiba?" Came a cheerful voice from the other end, and Seto narrowed his eyes, sitting up in his chair.

"Yugi," Seto replied. "What are you calling for?"

Yugi scratched his cheek as he thought of some way to word the invitation.

"Well, Madam remember her, right?"

Seto sighed, not liking the sounds of this.

"Yes, Yugi, I remember Madam Christina," he said in irritation. "What about her?"

"Well, she sent me," Yugi started, looking down at them in his hands. "For three days of overnight camping up at the Shinobi Forest. And we have some extra tickets, and we were wondering if you and Mokuba wanted to come along."

Seto blinked.

"Overnight camping?" he asked, raising an eyebrow, Mokuba's eyes brightening behind him.

The black-haired boy whirled around, now looking completely distracted from his video games.

"Can we go, niisama?!" he cried, looking excited.

Seto waved his hand down at the boy, who smiled broadly, trying to make him stop talking.

"Yeah," Yugi replied cheerfully, feeling a bit silly at having called now. "So...would you two like to go?"

Seto sighed, looking at the computer screen.

"Would we like to go...?" he muttered, Mokuba leaping to his feet and nodding.

"Yes! Yes!" he cried, Seto sighing again, seeing that he really had no choice in the matter.

Mokuba wasn't going to let him say no.

"Fine, fine," Seto muttered, opening his colander on the computer screen and resting the phone on his shoulder as he positioned his hands over the keys. "What day?"

Yugi smiled, giving a thumbs up to Taerro, Bakura, and Tea, all of whom had been watching him make the call.

"It's this Friday," Yugi replied. "We're going to take separate cars, and Mr. Taylor is going to chaperon, again. We come home Sunday."

Seto typed down the information, not liking the looks of it. A week of being outdoors, away from civilization, with Yugi and his friends. Sounded like madness to him.

"I'll see you guys then, I guess," Yugi replied, thinking of some good way to end the conversation.

"Fine," Seto replied. "Bye," he muttered, hanging up, Mokuba bursting out.

"YAY!" he cried, Seto blinking at him strangely. "We're gonna go camping, niisama?!"

Seto sighed, tapping on the desk.

"I suppose we are," he muttered.

End of Chapter Three

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