Whoa, this local ale is some good shit, I must say. Forget the old Zanarkand Zinger I used to take down: the alcohol content of whatever the hell this is must be a few times higher than that crap! Hot damn!

So, yeah, we're wanderin' away from Luca. What a dumb name. Luca. I can't read that and not think 'Puke-a'.

Man, that's a sad sack of a joke. Even Braska's shakin' his head at it. And Auron, hell, I can't do anything right to appease the almighty jackass in red. Why's he always walk around with one side of his coat hangin' in the breeze, anyway? He looks so stupid.

I've told him as much plenty, too, but he just shoots back with "put a shirt on". Why would I do that, dammit? It'd be a crime, depriving all the chicas of my nice chest. Besides, that'd cause extra drag in the water. Can't be the best with drag. You hear me?

Yeah, he's ignoring me again. Screw you too, buddy. Ahhh, forget it. . . I'm sure we'll get along some day. . . maybe. . . ah, who cares. Braska's decent enough I can just ignore Auron. Kinda quiet, though. Hardly a party animal, ya know? Was probably as much of a wuss as a lad as my own kid is. Constant cryin' and all.

Ehhh, maybe that's a bit harsh. Tidus can't help he's scrawny. That might help in blitzball, though. . . speed over strength might be his thing, who knows. . .?

Shit, this is some good. . . shit. Ahhh, it burns all the damned way down.

Don't shake your head at me, Auron. Pull your damned sleeve up. Hey, I'll yell if I want! Yeah yeah, here comes Braska to bring in the peace. I'll let it go and drink on my own, thank you very much.

Couldn't you have picked a flatter road? Jesus, my drink is tippin' all over the place. No, that's not my own damned fault! Shut up, jacket-ass! And don't push me on, I know it's getting' dark out, I'll move at my own damned paace.

Jesus, no respecdt at all for thhee big man here. You'd swear theeyh'd never heardsd of my pat. . . paten. . . paternted. . . what the heells' that damn word. . . my made up Jecht Shot! Christskswh almightish!

Aww, all outtttfa booze. Seeya boottle!

Shuttth up Braska, I'lllitter if I damneddswell want to! Ass.

Ooo, waaater. . . whoa, wha the hell are aaall thsose sparklylktthings? Pyreefles? Moonflowe? S'thaafdt when the moon pisses? Ha, joke! Limber uddsp, stiffds.

Whoaaho tipsy. . . thatanks guys, you hold me uupk, I'm good!

Chrrrists, some great baooze you gotss in Spirrsa!

Heyees, I see peokple! Ohsa man, lookit them all, wheast're they all waitingf' for?

Huhh, what';sa that bitrdg mouttfntain thihng over thereese?

Heeyh it'ss movinnnn. . .

Holsly shittfuccccshit, thaaatgs a hugeeass Fiend, christsit's gonan eat thosesw peoepl! C'mon myeyh trusssty swooord, chaaafrop;;wcharge!

Shusut upprp jacjkcet-ass I knowok whattt I'm donin'!