Okay okay, weird summary, weird topic. Allow me to explain a few things before you read.

My view on Transformers is that they are gender neutral, with certain characteristics that read as female or male to a human audience. Since that is so, and I have read about many ways of transformers 'intimacy', A friend of mine and I developed our own theories about it, and this story is the result of it. The idea was mine, but the intimate part was both of ours.

So this leads down to the fact that there would be girl/girl or boy/boy relationships in the TF universe and its not taboo. However, if you are absolutely against the idea in anyway, shape or form, then one could call this story a Yaoi one. It all depends on how you see it.

I will leave the rating as PG-13 for now, but it may go up later on after I have posted all the chapters and if people like this. Either way, enjoy!

Seduction by foe

1 – Infection

Soundwave worked. It was part of his role, of course, and it was his role to control communications. But he was also a sounds expert, and able to see into someone else's mind. Another thing that he prided himself on was the ability to create dangerous viruses.
Which was what he was working on now.
This particular virus was supposed to get into the Autobots CPU, and make their nightmares become realities. It would fry their CPU to ash, and Soundwave thought it was a brilliant plan. After all, he had thought it up himself.
As he was finishing the last part of the coding for the virus, a power surge shot though the computer console, corrupting the file. Soundwave was thrown back a bit from the shock, but recovered and stood up from his fall on the floor.
The blue decepticon then restarted the computer, and proceeded to continue work, but all of a sudden, the virus activated on its own. The wave machine next to the computer suddenly sent out a wave of radio energy, spreading all though the base in a matter of seconds, infecting most with the virus.
But what the virus now was was a complete mystery.

"Energon, energon, energon! That's all he ever thinks about!"
Currently, the red seeker known as Starscream the Air Commander was sitting at another console, in his quarters. At the moment, he was working on a project for his leader, Megatron, who was in the base somewhere. Still, he would rather be flying or doing something useful than sitting here typing.
"Stupid jerk," He grumbled, thumping at the keys in annoyance. "This is drone work!"

What was that?
Megatron currently stood in one of the hallways when he felt something. It was like a tingle though his body for a split second, before going, but it was enough to catch the Decepticon leader's attention. He did a system check, and found that everything seemed operational …
Except …
He had an insane urge to go to Starscream's quarters! What the hell?! His normal mind saw this as completely stupid … but ….
The Virus now had a hold over him. And because of the amount of hatred, and his ego, it was affecting him badly. Very badly.
He ran, not knowing what he was about to do.

The red seeker barely looked up when someone opened his door. There had been a commotion outside of his door … mechs running past, screaming and yelling. It was enough to irritate the Air Commander to no end.
"Whoever it is, go away or I'll …" He stoped short when he actually turned to see who it was.
"Oh! Megatron!" He gasped in surprise. His leader wasn't due to pick up his report for another few hours.

Megatron stood in the doorway, staring at his second in command. The virus in him had spread all though his body by now, and he found himself thinking about just how beautiful the seeker in front of him was. The vivid red of his armour stood out very nicely against the silver of most of his body, and the blue blended perfectly with it. But his wings … oh he loved how there was the bright purple insignia upon them, as well as the lines of blue, red and white …
The silver android stepped into the room, and Starscream was getting a bit unnerved by the intense look his leader was giving him. As Megatron stepped slowly into the room, Starscream stood up, staring back at him.
"Uh … is something wrong?" He asked, stepping around his chair into the open room.
"Hmm …" Megatron replied, stopping about a metre away from his second. "No … I don't think so, but thanks for asking …"
Starscream stared at him. Okay, this was definitely not normal Megatron behaviour.
"M – Megatron aaah!!" He cried as Megatron suddenly grabbed him, crushing the seeker against himself. It was then he did something totally unexpected.
Megatron clamped his lips over Starscream's mouth in a forced kiss.