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Chap 7 –

The Constructicons had given in to the inevitable.

That is to say, the Stunticons attempts to make out with them.

Now they were all on the floor as various moans and other sexual noises were emitting from them.

Scrapper observed the scene, or would have for longer had he not have fainted on the spot. In the meantime, Motormaster made out with Aviator.

That was when a huge blast echoed though the base. The Autobots had arrived.

The saner of the Decepticons ran out to meet them. This included Skywarp and Shockwave, and a reluctant Soundwave.

Then Skywarp saw Silverbolt, and colour started to rise in his face.


Silverbolt turned in his direction and then yelled out as Skywarp tackled him to the floor and started kissing him.

Shockwave looked disgusted. HOW could a Decepticon make out with an AUTOBOT for pits sake! But then … he saw Ironhide try to get it on with one of the cassettes and decided to hightail it out of there!

Soundwave, on the other hand, was staring at Blaster. The red cassette holder stared back, and in a split second there was a clang as they met in an embrace and started making out.

Optimus was on a mission. He stomped though the corridors and ran away from some deranged Decepticons trying to hump his leg. Eventually, he got to his nemesis' quarters and bashed the door down.

Megatron woke up with a jolt and nearly threw Starscream off the bed as he sat straight up. Optimus panted, and then gazed at the silver con, and a lust to end all lusts was sparked up between them like fires from hell.

Starscream watched as the two opposing leaders stared at each other like they had never seen anything more beautiful, and suddenly, Megatron leapt off the bed and tackled Prime to the floor. Starscream instantly hovered into the air as bits of armour went flying, almost as though they were fighting to be on the top. Starscream flew out of the room, unable to watch the two leaders kissing and bucking and Primus knows what else.

As he landed outside, he turned and saw Skyfire watching him …. And bawling.

"I thought you LOVED me Starscream!" He screamed, making Starscream cover his audios. "LOVED me! I WANNA HUG!!"

Starscream slowly backed away as Skyfire's optics turned hellish in anger. Then the chase began.


Starscream's optics nearly popped out of his head. He stopped, at turned around with a snarl.

"No one, and I mean NO ONE insults how well I preform!" He spat, glaring at Skyfire.

"Well then prove it ALMIGHTY Starscream!" He said with a cocky grin and a swagger of his hips.

Starscream nearly threw up. "Oh lord … I knew this virus makes most all weird, but this is too much."

He kept running with Skyfire shouting inane comments at him. He then ended up in the control room.

Where everyone had somehow ended up.


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