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This story doesn't really fit in with the X-Men Evolution timeline at all nor would I try to make it to. However, in this story, Gambit was an acolyte, and Magneto disappeared. Oh yes, and the first meeting with Gambit and Rogue and the card and the whole media thing still happened. Oh, and Evan doesn't exist in this story or he's off with the morlocks because I don't really need a whole bunch of characters to incorporate into the story, since this is really a ROMY story. Everything else is all A/U but in a beautiful way. Enjoy!

Author's Note: My story is officially done. I know this chapter is short, but honestly, it's really an epilogue. The sequel will be up soon but here's a summary of what's gonna happen. Someone loses control of their powers; a certain kitty is mad at a certain rogue after two years of avoiding a certain school; the perfect couple of the team is no more as a certain leader learns of a certain mutant's control of her powers; sinister deeds arise and are done foolishly; a tragic ending may be inevitable. That's just a taste of what I have in store for the sequel. I'll begin on it next week. Thank you to all my wonderful readers who have stuck by me. I dedicate this story to every single one of you. Much love and kisses to all you wonderful people! -angyxoxo

On with the story…

Somewhere I Belong

                The voices were gone.

                She was left alone.

                It was as clear as day.

                Her eyes flashed open and he hovered above her with the same worried look in his eyes; the one he always seemed to have whenever she was fighting her internal battles; the one that displayed the immense care and love he had for her; the one that made her realize that she wasn't that alone in the world after all.

                Without a word spoken, she got up and aimed for them. The two pretty lips of his and pressed her own against them. The kiss that they shared within her mind still lingered in her thoughts. The sensation of the kiss, albeit it wasn't an actual physical kiss, merely made her yearn for more. Since he was gone from her mind, the only option left was to kiss him in reality. A feat that could either kill him or make their relationship stronger than before.

                His eyes widened with trepidation as she continued to press her luscious lips against his. After a few seconds and feeling absolutely no life drainage, he took advantage of the situation and reciprocated with an intense passion. There was no reason or sense in his mind and he didn't attempt to find any. All he knew was that he could kiss her; he could touch the one person he loved more than anyone else in his life; and he was not going to be foolish enough to throw it away.

                After a few minutes of intense deep probing of each other's mouth, they pulled away long enough to breathe in a healthy dose of air. Though, as soon as they caught their breath, their eyes made contact once more and in an instant, they resumed their previous position without any words spoken.

                He gently laid her back down onto the bed as he settled on top of her. He held her close to him while his lips never left hers. His hands ran up and down her side while she yanked off her gloves to expose her hands. She lifted up his shirt and her fingers greedily traced every defined muscle of his body. The sensation of skin on skin contact was complete and utter ecstasy for her, as she made sure to touch every single inch of his skin.

                Deprived of touch for so long, she was determined to fulfill her long coveted desire, and he, well, he merely let her.


                Clothed in his black t-shirt that hung on her like a nightgown, she was looking out at the bright lights of the city while leaning against the window frame. A hand snaked around her as he came up from behind her and held her close to him. A murmur of satisfaction escaped her cherry pout as she breathed in the scent of musk and spices that he emanated.

                Words weren't spoken once more, nor did words needed to be said. The two simply enjoyed each other's presence and the revelation that had arisen within the past couple of hours. He hadn't asked her how she did it. She didn't explain how she did it. All they both needed to know was that she could control her powers now and that was all that mattered at the moment.

                He nestled his head in the crook of her neck while he kissed her ever so softly. A purr flowed out of her as she closed her eyes and relished in the touch of his lips. She knew that she would never get tired of his touch; that she could bathe in it forever if she could. For him, he was already drunk with the feeling of being able to make skin on skin contact with her. Her skin was as soft as he had imagined it; her skin was as smooth as he had imagined it; she was as perfect as he had always thought she was.

                Tightening his hold on her, he rested his clasped hands on her abdominal. She placed her hands on top of his as she leaned back against him while he rested his chin on top of her head. The two souls gazed out across the vast bright lights of the big apple while sirens could be heard from a distance. The beating of her heart matched the beating of his. At that very moment, they were completely in sync with each other. They were two halves of a heart that finally merged into one.

                "Remy?" She softly whispered.

                "Mmhmm?" He murmured in response.

                "Ah'm sorry ah didn't wanna…"

                "Ain't not'ing t'be sorry for, chere. Y' weren't ready, I wasn't ready. I never intended for t'ings t'go dat far. Just didn't want t' lose de chance of touchin' y', of feeling you." He stated quietly.

                "Me too." She agreed softly.

                "Remy? What now?" She asked.

                "Don' know, chere." He answered honestly.

                "Ya wanna go back t' the Insitute?" She queried.

                "Do you?" He directed the question back to her.



                "Not for a while."

                 "Me too."

                "Then, what now?" She asked again.

                "How about we let de fates decide?" He suggested.

                "Ah like that." She agreed.

                "Then it's up to de fates den." He solidified their decision.

                "Fates been doin' a pretty good job." She commented as a small smile appeared on her serene face.

                "Can't complain from over here." He added in while he smiled contently.



                "Ah love ya." She said.

                "Love y' too, Rogue. Always have…"

                "Always will." She finished.