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Chapter 1- Outcast

16-year-old Destiny looked around through ocean blue eyes, and then back to the piece of paper in her hand. She groaned. It was her first day of school, and already she was late. Of course it wasn't her fault, it was the school's. They had given her crappy directions.

She crumpled up the sheet and threw it into the trashcan nearby.

"Ok, so where am I?" she said frustrated. There was no sign of a school. She continued down the street. She saw a few girls walking up ahead. And they carried backpacks!! Destiny sighed in relief, she'd just follow these girls to get to class.

She ran ahead to get closer. Sure enough the girls lead her to a large high school. Tishitok High. Strange name for a school, at least it was where she came from. Recently though, she had moved to Japan with her mother and little brother. A new school, new house and new friends. Didn't sound too appealing to Destiny.

She walked up the stairs into the school. Luckily, there were signs pointing her to the office. She got a few strange stares, but she ignored them and continued ahead.

Destiny went in without knocking. A small plump woman, the secretary, looked up as she entered.

"Hi, I'm a new student and I'm looking for Principal Dickenson" Destiny said politely.

"Oh, hello dear, sit down here and I'll go get him" the gray haired woman gestured to a couple of armchairs and then went through the door behind her. Destiny dumped her school bag on the floor and slumped own into one of the chairs. They were considerably uncomfortable. She didn't have to wait long though, because the woman came back quickly.

"You may go in dear" she smiled sweetly. Destiny moved past her into the room.

An old man with white hair and round glasses sat behind a large wooden desk.

"Hello, I'm Mr.Dickenson. Welcome to Tishitok High School" he greeted warmly. Destiny thought his speech sounded rehearsed.

"Thanks, I'm Destiny Springfield, from Canada," she said sweetly. She learned a long time ago that being sweet and polite got you farther with teachers.

She smirked as a look of approval crossed the principal's face. This was way too easy.

"All right Destiny, I have your schedule and uniform here, if you need anything, I'll be here" Mr. Dickenson handed her a bag and a folder.

"Thank you" she responded quickly before exiting. She looked down at her uniform. She didn't need one at her previous school, she hated them so much. She trudged down the hallway to the bathroom, there was also a school map in the folder. She changed slowly and brushed her blonde hair with her fingers. Her mother said she was lucky to have straight blonde hair. Anna Springfield had blonde hair like her daughter, only it waved. Destiny thought her mother was beautiful though, the waves made her look younger and livelier.

Destiny left the bathroom and searched the school for her first period class, which happened to be math. Destiny was horrible at math, last year she had barely passed it with a 56%.

Eventually she found the math room, it was on the second floor. The bell had rung more than 10 minutes ago, but she didn't care. Either way everyone was going to be staring at her as she walked in.

Destiny took a deep breath and walked inside. The teacher who was writing some algebra equations on the board, turned to look at the intruder. Destiny sent her an apologetic smile, which of course was fake.

"I'm sorry, but I'm new here and I couldn't find the class room" Destiny put on an apologetic expression. She was good at acting; she only wished math had something to do with acting.

The teacher bought it and nodded, "Yes, Mr. Dickinson spoke to me about you, I'm Ms. Stokes why don't you tell everyone about yourself"

Destiny nodded. This was her least favourite part about switching schools, but she did it anyway, "Hi I'm Destiny Springfield and I moved here from Canada"

The teacher gave her a disappointed look as if she was expecting more. Destiny shrugged, "Where do I sit?"

"You can sit behind Kate over there" Ms. Stokes gestured toward a desk next to the window. She hurriedly went and sat down.

"Alright, as I was saying....." Ms Stokes droned on about algebra. Destiny wasn't listening though. She was busy studying the other students.

Kate, the girl in front of her, appeared to be very popular and slutty. She was wearing her skirt rolled up really high and her blouse was unbuttoned at the top. Behind her sat a bright red haired guy. But the person who interested her most was the guy that sat next to her. He had his eyes closed and his blue hair fell into his eyes. He appeared to be relatively tall and muscular. He was wearing a bored expression. If she had to summarize the way he looked into one word, it would be hot.

After class though, she soon found out she wasn't the only girl who found him attractive. Kate, and a few other slutty girls grouped around him. Destiny sighed and went the other way, of course he was popular. No body that good looking was an outcast.


Destiny made it through the day, barely. In every class she had to give an intro to herself. She had also discovered that the blue haired boy was Kai, and the red haired boy was Tala. Kai was in all her classes except for music. Tala was in her math, music and English class.

Destiny piled all her books into her new locker. It was small and had a big dent in it, but she was sure she could fix it up with some photos or drawings. She grabbed her almost empty bag and shut her locker. She turned around only to get run over by Tala.

"Hey, watch it" he called as he walked away. He stopped at a locker just a few down from her's. She rolled her eyes, he ran into her.

Destiny managed to get out of the crowded school without being plowed by anyone else. She walked outside only to come across Kate and her little girl group.

"Hi Destiny, wanna come over and do homework together?" Kate asked smirking.

"Right...so I can sit there and do your homework while you guys go to the mall or something..." Destiny said knowingly. At her last two schools there had been girls like Kate. Tishitok High was her sixth school. She had gotten expelled at one school for talking back to a teacher. Destiny though that was hardly fair. All the others were due to her mother. Sometimes they moved, sometimes they just went to a different school. Anna was weird that way.

"Ok, if you want to do that" Kate said. Destiny rolled her eyes.

"No, I don't wanna" Destiny answered calmly. Kate wasn't very smart.

"Come on Destiny, please. We can make you popular" Kate tried again.

"See ya" Destiny walked right past. She promised mom that she would pick her brother up after school.


Rikoshu Elementary was easier to find than Tishitok High. Destiny waited patiently on a bench in front of the pleasant looking school. Finally, the school bell rang and a few moments later students began pouring out the front doors. Destiny searched for her brother's blonde head among the children. She caught sight of him with a brown haired boy. Destiny smiled, he could make friends so easily.

"Tommy, over here" she called out. He saw her and ran over grinning happily.

"Hi Dessy" He used her nickname. Only two people called her Dessy. Her mother, and Tommy.

"Hey Tommy, how was school?" she asked. He put his hand through hers and began to babble about his day. Tommy was eight years old, but most people thought he was only around six.

"Did you make any friends?" she smiled down at him.

"Yea, Brian and Robby" Tommy told her excitedly. She laughed.

They turned on the main road. Destiny held his hand more tightly when they came to a stoplight.

"Look Dessy, I like that car" Tommy pointed in awe to a black Mercedes convertible. Destiny looked over at the car, and her eyes went wide. Kai was sitting in the drivers seat with Tala beside him in the passenger seat. Two other guys sat in the back. She turned her back on them, but it was too late. They already saw her.

"Hey, you" Tala yelled. She reluctantly turned back around.

"I know you, you ran into me in the hall" he said thoughtfully. She nodded scowling.

"Destiny, right?" he asked,

"yea" she answered bluntly.

"You wanna come for a ride?" he asked smirking.

"No thanks, I have to take my little brother home," she said sweetly. She started walking as soon as the sign read 'walk'.

"Hey, we can drop him off on the way!" she heard Tala shout. But she ignored him.

She walked home, her mood brought down. Tommy understood that she wasn't in a talking mood, so he stayed silent the whole walk. It didn't take too long to arrive at their new home. It was a pleasant little place. The little white house looked inviting, and Destiny dragged herself and Tommy inside.

"We're home!" she shouted as soon as they got inside. Anna walked through the kitchen door carrying a plate of cookies. Tommy grabbed some hungrily and Destiny snatched a couple quickly before running up the stairs to her new bedroom.

She put her shoes into the closet and quickly changed into baby blue pajama pants and a black tank top. She threw her black skirt in the closet along with the white blouse. She was going to spend the rest of the evening unpacking.

She set to work. First she unpacked all her clothes and hung them in the closet or folded them into drawers. She set up her computer and television next.

"Des, Supper's ready" her mother yelled up the stairs.

"Coming" Destiny yelled back, plugging in the keyboard and mouse before clambering downstairs.

She wolfed it down quickly, eager to finish unpacking. Her mother told them how she had got a job at a nearby office. Destiny was happy for her. Anna had her previous job for over five years. It was great she was able to find another so fast.

"Thanks for supper mom" Destiny said quickly dashing back upstairs.

Later, she had almost everything unpacked. All she had left were some posters. A lot of them were things she drew herself. It didn't take her long to put them up.

Finally she was done. She flopped down on her bed and stared at the ceiling. Already she disliked Japan, and she'd been her for less than a week.

"Dessy?" Tommy's voice interrupted her thoughts. She rolled over to stare at him.

"What do you want Tommy?" she asked cheerfully. Tommy meant a lot to Destiny, she wouldn't trade him for the world.

"Will you take me to the park?" he pleaded. She sighed, "Can mom take you?"

"No, she's busy working" he said quietly.

"Alright, GO put your shoes on" she climbed off the bed only to be charged by Tommy. He hugged her quickly before leaving to go get ready. She shook her head amusedly and went to get ready herself.


"Push me please Dessy" Tommy called from the swing. Destiny laughed as he struggled to make himself swing.

"I have a better idea" she suggested, "Why don't I teach you how to swing on your own?"

"Ok!!!" he said excitedly. She took the swing next to him and taught him how to pull on the chains and extend your legs. Soon, he was swinging on his own. Destiny went back to her drawing. She had two favourite things to do, sing and draw. Right now she was working on a picture of Tommy on the swing. It was looking pretty good.

"That's really good Dessy" Tommy said, startling her. She thought he was still on the swing.

She laughed, "Thanks Tommy"

"Can we go get ice cream Dessy?" he begged.

"Yea Dessy, go get him some ice cream" an annoying brunette teased.

Destiny whirled around to find Kate and her two slut friends. She had found out the black haired one was Chelsea and the red haired girl was Rose earlier today.

"What are you doing here?" Destiny asked, clear annoyance in her voice.

"It's a free world...Dessy" Kate laughed. Destiny growled at the nickname. Only her family was allowed to call her that.

"Go away Kate" Destiny growled. Tommy hid behind her.

"Why don't you leave, the little brat wants some ice cream" Kate smirked.

"Come on Tommy" she took his hand and left the park.

"Dessy, why are all the teenager people so mean to you?" he asked curiously.

She shrugged. She really didn't know, or care either. Kate was a stuck up bitch, and Destiny wanted nothing to do with her. Destiny ended up buying her little brother an ice cream cone before going back home.

Now she was lying on her bed gazing up at the ceiling again. She was already dreading going back to school. Unlike Tommy, she always had troubles making friends at school. She was people shy in a sense, although she had no problem talking back to teachers. But once you got to know her she was a great person, kind, caring and funny. She was also really pretty. Probably prettier then Kate, although she didn't realize it.

Instead she was now probably going to be an outcast again. In 3 out of 6 schools she was a loner, now it's 4 out of 7.

Destiny sighed again. Maybe she should put more effort into school. Friends and work. She laughed out loud. Like that would ever happen, school was just so hard.

Destiny fell asleep trying to figure out ways to make the next better. So far, she had nothing. Hopefully she wouldn't see Kate too much tomorrow....


I know this chapter is kinds boring, but I had to introduce Destiny and her family. The next chappie will be more interesting. I promise