Well…I was reading through this and realized it needs a lot of work. So I'm vamping it up a little and hope you guys like a little more this time. XD

"Stop it!" The shrill voice of a teenage girl shouted into the night. Though it was quickly silence by a much larger mans actions.

Serenity Wheeler's father crabbed her by the hair and threw her into the wall. She felt a jolt of pain go through her body, and her muscles tensed trying to prepare for another attack. She looked up as blood started to flow out of her forehead. Her father had already beat Joey out of consciousness, and the boy on the floor. There was no one there to help her.

She could see her father start to beat her head against the floor, but at this point it was as if she was an entire different person, she couldn't feel the pain any longer. She knew she was about to slip out of consciousness like her brother, and she was almost welcoming it. Then it suddenly stopped, she felt her father go limp and was dragged off of her. Joey she thought slowly as she slowly lifted her head. Joey then bent down and picked her up in his arms

"Hang on I got ya Seren." Joey said to her supportively. His muscles strained as he lifted her and adjusted her in his hold. He had woken up to see that his father had moved on to abusing Serenity. Now he couldn't have that happening. So he had gotten up and got and empty beer bottle that his father used on him and whacked his father in the back of the head with it. His father was knocked out immediately.

"Come on." Joey stated as he walked out the front door of their home. "We need to leave. We can stay at yug's house for tonight. I just want you to stay awake till we get there okay sis…?" He asked a bit rhetorically as he looked down at her. He wasn't the smartest guy out there, but he knew enough to be aware of the fact that it was better for people in this situation to remain conscience.

When Joey left the apartment it was raining. And heavily. How convenient Joey thought sarcastically. He felt Serenity go limp in his arm and he gasped a little. Joey looked down and saw that the rain had started to splatter the blood around her face. I should have wrapped her head before we left he thought. We'll both get sick in this weather… He finished and then got onto the road.

He hunched over to try to prevent the rain from falling on her face. "I'll never make it to yugi's. His house is still over a mile away…" He spoke disheartened and frowned a bit as he looked up the road. He could see distant headlights and went to cross before hand, but he wasn't moving fast enough. The car came upon him quickly and had to slam on its brakes to prevent from hitting him.

Kaiba was a busy man. That was a well known fact around the entire world. And regardless of constantly being bother by Mokuba because of his late nights, he continued to do them. He had a lot of work to get done, and there just wasn't enough hours in the day to do it all. So that is why Kaiba was put in the situation. He was on his way home from KaibaCorp around one in the morning. He was driving fast, a little anxious to relax in his bed, but was stopped when he saw someone slowly walking across the street.

Kaiba gave a grunt and slammed down on his brakes, stopping the car with a squeal. He looked out the windshield and got a picture of who it was walking out in the rain, and that they were holding someone. He recognized the blond hair and terribly posture. Kaiba grunted a little knowing who was in the teen's arms as well. "Serenity…I remember her from My Tournament…" He spoke softly. He then noticed that the both of them were looking rather terrible. And though he couldn't see Serenity as well, by the looks of Joey, they had been in some sort of accident. So he sighed and opened the door. Slowly he stepped out and looked over at Joey who didn't even seem to realize he was there.

"Get in." Kaiba used a very stern voice. He spoke loudly for two reasons. The first to be heard over the rain, the second to make sure that his point was taken. Even though he hated Joey, he'd looked terrible, and probably feel even worse, for just leaving them both there. Mokuba must be getting to me with his attachment for these losers… He thought to himself a bit sarcastically.

That's when Joey realized that there was even someone there. He looked over quickly and blamed the fact that he saw Kaiba there on the rain and that he was hallucinating. "Sorry I mistook you for a stuck up bastard with an ego problem." Joey stated and then continued walking, ignoring the man.

"I said get in the car...Mutt." He said again with more force. He wanted to make sure joey was aware of who he was actually speaking to. And he didn't like being disregarded in a way, and so was a tad bit angry.

"It is you Kaiba!" Joey yelled a little and then glared over at the taller man. "No thanks. I'd rather walk then take help from you." He said and then reached the other side of the street. He then paused and looked down at Serenity. She needed help. But Joey just couldn't bring himself to accept charity from Kaiba.

Lucky for Joey though, Kaiba wouldn't take no for an answer. "Look Mutt, it's raining, its 1:00 in the morning, you and your sister are bleeding, and both of you are in your pajamas. What you are doing outside is beyond me, but if you don't get in you'll both probably die, and then where would you be? Now get in the car!" He yelled the last part. He was sick of Joey's pride. He ignored the fact that his level of pride was even more than Joeys.

Joey didn't respond for a short while. His gaze kept going from Serenity back to Kaiba and his car. After a while he shivered a little and nodded. "fine…" He muttered and took slow steps back to Kaiba. "But I swear…if this is some sort of trick…" He said slowly though trailed off at the end.

Kaiba only chuckled a little from the remake as he started to sit back in his car, ignoring the fact that he was dripping wet. "Oh please Wheeler…what is it that you have that I could possibly want?" He asked mostly rhetorically, but he was a bit curious to see if Joey could actually come up with something.

Joey just walked up into the car in silence, ignoring Kaiba's question for the moment. He got in the passenger side, and closed the door after him. He gently shifted Serenity in his lap and then leaned back against the heated leather seats. That's when he finally responded to Kaiba. "How about friends." He answered, smirking a little in triumph, knowing Kaiba could get a come back for that.

And he didn't. Kaiba simply rolled his eyes a little and sped off to his mansion again. Seeing as he had some of the best doctors under his payroll, and the hospital was out of his way, he didn't intend to stop there. If Joey objected he would simply ignore him. He did glance over to the two siblings though, and felt a tang of pity. He looked forward at the road as he thought about them. I wonder what happened To them tonight… He thought to himself slowly before he caught himself caring about the two and quickly stopped.

I can't believe I'm doing this. He thought angrily leaned back against the driver's seat, clenching onto the steering wheel a bit tighter. Then put his mind back on the road, but not for long. Helping the Mutt and his sister. Its so below me. He continued ranting on his head. And he wondered why he hadn't been thanked. He knew that Joey disliked him, but he didn't think it was that strong. After deciding he didn't want to be ignored after his great act of heroism, so amazingly Kaiba tried to make a conversation.

"So what happened to you two anyway Mutt?" He looked over for a moment and frowned when he saw that Joey had fallen asleep and his head was drooping on Serenity's. I'll ask later. He thought rolling his eyes a little and looked forward.

It took about 10 more minutes more to reach his Manor. And after he had pulled in and stopped the car in his rather large garage, filled with expensive looking cars, he reached over and hit Joey's shoulder. "Hey. Mutt. Wake up." He ordered in his business tone, which was of course cold, and got people's attention.

Joey jumped and instantly put his arm protectively in front of Serenity. A habit he had developed over the years of the abuse the two had faced together. The action reminded Kaiba of how he would treat Mokuba if they were in a perilous situation. "Come on we're at my house, now get out of my car." Kaiba said and then got out of the car himself.

"Your house? But Seren needs a doctor moneybags. We need to go to the hospital." Joey immediately objected and shook his head quickly. "I'll drive her there myself if I have to." He continued and looked over at Kaiba as he got out of the car.

"Look.." Kaiba began softly. "The doctors who work for KaibaCorp are better than any other doctor you will ever have. Once we get inside I'll call them." He finished with his business nod, which meant no more discussion, and it seemed he got the message across to Joey.

Joey just glared at him for a minute. Mumbled something then picked up Serenity and got out of the car. He stood up and closed the door behind him with a kick, which earned him a glare from Kaiba. "That car owns more than your entire family fortune wheeler." He said, knowing that it was probably true. Joey gave a shrug and then continued inside the side entrance of Kaiba's Manor.