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Any way here's what happened last time.

"I love you." They said together.

"So Seto?"

"Yes Seren?"

"When the cops took Joey and me again, I was in your room-"

"WHAT?" He yelled at her.

"Just listen. So I was in your room because the last time I was there you totally freaked and thought I had gone into your closet, when I really hadn't. So I went back when you went to work that day but then it was locked, so then I went to your work and took-took your key card from your trench coat."

"So THAT'S why you went to Kaiba Corp. You wanted to break into my room to go into my closet. And why you had to get to my coat. Well that makes sense now. But you will not get into my closet. You don't want to go there."

"Why not? Oh please Seto. I really want to know why you don't want me there. Please it is so intriguing."

"But I'm not going to show you. So you might as well go to sleep. Good night." He kissed her cheek and walked out of the room and went to sleep himself.

"Oh that's what you think Seto. But I WILL find out what you are hiding from me. I will." She laid down and closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep. And for once in her life, be living in a place where she feels loved, where she feels safe.

Seto: That was a mouth full. But I'm never going to let them find out! Even if I have to die to protect my closet! I will!

Serenity: Seto stop being so melodramatic. It's just a friggin' closet. Get a hold on your self!

Seto: You're the one trying to get in! And your telling me to get a hold on myelf!

Everyone else: eating popcorn and watching the couple fight heads going back and forth like their watching a tennis match

Serenity: Ugh! Just get to the STORY!

AS: Sorry. Jeez Miss. PMS. Ok the last chapter! Hope ya'll like it.

The Closet.

Serenity woke up once the sun hit her face. She immediately remembered her mission and got prepared for it. She still had Kaiba's key card but, he would stay home today. It was Sunday. He doesn't work then. "Ok Ren. What am I supposed to do?"

How am I supposed to know? I'm just here to help you with your love life, and I've already done that. Now that you want to spy on your boyfriend, I don't know what to do.

'Great help Ren! I really needed to know that. And did you have to put it in such cruel wording?'

Yes. That way you might realize that this could terminate the relationship you have had a day! One day Serenity! What if he doesn't forgive you! Huh? What are you going to do then?

'Dunno. Make him forgive me I guess. He'll still love me, I know it.'

I hope you know what your doing.

Serenity got out of her bed and didn't bother to change out of her pajamas. Summer was soon and she was excited about it. And come Monday, she'd be able to tell every one about what is really going on. Between her and Kaiba, and her brother her and her dad. The truth for once sounded good to her.

She ran down the stairs and into the dinning room. Kaiba and Mokuba were already there and were eating fried eggs bacon and toast. They both smiled at her and Kaiba motioned for her to sit by him. "Hey honey. Sit here. Your brothers not up yet, and as you know I don't work today, so what do you want to do?"

"Anything is fine, but I'm kinda tired so if we could just stay here, I would really like it."

"Sure, if you want." He went back to eating, and Serenity jumped when the maid put food in front of her.

"Oh. Thank you Lauren." She said quickly.

"Of course Seren." That got Kaiba's attention. He looked at Serenity then the retreating Lauren, then smirked.

Serenity looked at him, "What is it Seto"

"I like it."

"What Seto?" Mokuba said feeling left out of the conversation.

"That nick name. Do you mind if I call you that?"

"What Seren? Of course not! I don't mind." She smiled at him.

Let's see how much longer he will want to call you Seren once he finds out you've been in his room and his closet.

'he'll like me just the same.'

What ever.

Serenity finished eating and walked over to Seto. "I'm going to go upstairs to catch up on some work. Bye." She kissed him on the cheek then exited the room.

Kaiba looked over at Mokuba who shrugged his shoulders and kept eating his fifth helping. Joey walked in looked at all the food then drove to the table. He quickly got a plate and filled it with food. Mokuba and Kaiba sighed and continued eating.

? with Serenity?

'Ok so I take a left up there than go three flights up? I think. I hope. Here it goes.' She started guessing as to where to go. 'Well at least the last time I wandered aimlessly I wound up in his room. It's bound to happen again.' She sighed as she neared the second flight of stairs.

She failed to noticed however the approaching table. She rammed her foot into it and knocked over the vase of flowers that were there. "Oh crap." She hurriedly pick up the vase and the flowers and put them back on the table. Then she kept going.


He heard a noise from a couple of flights up and looked around to see if Joey or Mokuba had heard it. Niether had and we3re still enthralled with their eating. Joey having caught up to Mokuba and now both were on their seventh helping. 'I know I heard something. It sounded like something was falling. Something expensive. I should go and fire whoever did it.' He got up from the table and started running up the stairs.

Mokuba and Joey looked up from eating to where Kaiba just was sitting then looked at each other than started eating again.


She heard running up the stair and decided to pick up the pace. "Oh crap if Seto Finds out what I'm trying to do, he'll hate me!"

Isn't that what I told you from the beginning?

Well yeah but…It's different when it comes from me.

I am you.

Right about that…Just kidding. HEHEHE!

Serenity one of these days, when I get my own body…

But you never will. So where is Seto's room?

Up this hallway second on the right.

Thank you.

She ran down the hallway and stopped when she reached the door. She looked at the intimidating drawings of Blue Eyes on the front. 'Why didn't I see these before?' She thought to herself. Serenity heard Kaiba walking up the hallway so she pulled out the key card and slid it in the slot. There was a beeping noise then an unlocking noise. She turned the handle and walked in. She quickly locked the door again.

"Whew safe." She walked over to the closet for the third time in her stay here and put the handy dandy key card up to it. She quickly swiped it in the slot and waited for the beeping and unlocking. (Insert Jeopordy Music here)

What seemed like forever to her, the door finally unlocked. She held her breath and turned the handle. When she looked in she saw…


He went to where he thought the noise was but only found a puddle of water. "They didn't bother to eve clean it up! Oh whoever did this is in so much trouble!" He looked up the hallway and saw his room. "Oh well I'll make them confess later. I'll read for now." He walked in front of the doors and reached into his pocket. No key card. (A/N: He has two Key-cards. One Serenity took and the other he left in his room. The one he used to go to sleep last night)

"Where is it? I have two." He jiggled the door knob to his room and slammed his fist into the oak door.

Serenity on the other side heard this and started panicking. "Oh crap he's going to kill me for being in his room again."

So you pay attention once the danger is real?


UGH! I can't believe you and I are the same person. I just can't.

Me either. BYE!

Serenity tossed the key under the crack in the door hoping Kaiba would just take it and leave but she's not a very bright girl. Since his goal was to get into the room in the first place.

"What the heck did I do that for? I'm insane I just sealed my fate." She hear the door start to unlock. She ran for the first place she thought of. Under the bed.

Kaiba walked in and stopped when he saw the closet open. His eyes widened then he looked towards the bed. Shrugged his shoulder and went to close it. He smirked than took off his shirt.

Serenity who was under the bed watching him started blushing insanely red. 'It's not even noon. Why is he changing?' She then saw him take his pants off. Leaving him only in boxers. She blushed even redder and saw him approaching the bed. He got on and started taking a nap. Then, she thought it was just a simple position changing to get comfortable put Kaiba's head stuck itself into view and he looked at her.

Her eyes widened and he looked at her in mock sweetness. "Hey Serenity. Would you mind getting out from under my bed? Your making quite a lump. And it's difficult to sleep."

She scooted to the other side of the bed and got out from underneath. When she looked at him, she smiled nervously and started for the door. "I'll be leaving now."

Kaiba got out of the bed and grabbed her wrist. Also noticing the reddening of her cheeks. "I want to know why you're here. And I want to know now."

"You'll yell at me if I tell you." She said simply.

"No I won't."

"yes you will. And you'll hate me and not love me anymore. And I don't want that."

"Serenity I will always love you. And I promise not to yell."

She sighed and started. "I came here to see what was in your closet that you were so worried about."


"You promised." She said wincing.

Kaiba sighed then and let go of her wrist. He looked at her and tilted her chin towards him. "Do you understand it?"

She shook her head. "Joey and Mokuba have told me a few things but not a lot."

He looked over at the closet than down at the girl in front of him. "I'll explain. There's no point in hiding it once you've seen it already." He picked up her wrists again and led her to the closet. When he got in front he took out the newly achieved Key card and slid it in. It opened to belts, paddles, books, cards, pictures, whips, and a stack of papers.

Serenity waited for him to start, it was obviously having an effect on him. "These are all the things my stepfather used to torture me with." He heard Serenity gasp but kept going.

"He would beat me if I didn't work hard enough, tell me if I stopped he would hurt Mokuba, drill into my head that if I was a Kaiba I had to act like it. And that meant being a ice cold machine. So I took. I turned into the man I hate most and I'm disgusted by it. I have everything he used to torture me with in here." He started going through a few things. All the pictures were of Gozaburo. Some of them portraits and some just little ones. Serenity was curious as to what the stack of papers were. She picked them up and started rifling through them

"Adoption paper?" She asked.

"Yeah. I decided when Gozaburo died that it was the cause of everything I went through. If I just hadn't been stupid that day and not take the first chance that popped up to leave Mokuba and I would still be happy."

"Your brother's happy as long as he has you Seto."

He looked at her. "How would you know?"

"'Cause believe it or not, Joey and I are a lot like you and Mokuba. I know I'm happy as long as I have my big brother with me. So I'm thinkin' Mokuba would feel the same."

"Maybe your right." He took the papers from her- gently- and put them back in the closet. He helped her up and the exited the horror zone. He took her hand and they started leaving his room. Then he remembered he didn't have clothes on for the most part. "One second Serenity." He ran back into the room and put his clothes back on.

She giggled at how scared she was before. It went a lot better than she though. "Seto?"

"Yes Serenity?"

"How did you know I was under your bed." She asked taking his hand again.

"In case you haven't noticed, your hair is very long and it betrayed you." They laughed and walked down the stairs.

Serenity looked down as the walked the steps back to their siblings. But Seto was looking at her.

'Ha Gozaburo. I proved you wrong again. Love is a wonderful and to think I almost went without it. All because of you. But I'm over you now. You were part of the past. And Serenity is my future. Serenity and Mokuba. They are all I will every need. And all I will ever love.'

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