Uzumaki Brothers

First off, no I don't Naruto. Wish I did, but I don't. Janus I do own, take him and I'll hunt you with wiffle bat. I swear, I'll do it. Oh, and yes, this is kind of a self insertion but it's kinda not in another way. Just incase your wondering, this is just how my brain thought of the story idea, so here it is. Pairings yet to be decided, I haven't thought about that part of the story yet. I see where my fingers take me, but suggestions are welcomed. Mention yaoi and I also come after you with the wiffle bat. Alright? Oh, and any other suggestions would be appreciated. This is my first fanfic, so just tell me how it is, alright? Oh, and in the story, Final Lotus is the third one of the series. The has to be some reason to open the Death Gate now.


'What a pathetic world this is. They rely to much on their precious technology. Ok, I admit, it is much more advanced than our world, but I can not believe that my brother left my only living relative in this world. Curse him. Just because Orochimaru found out about our bloodlimit...' A lonely figure walked onto a grassy field with two pointless metal structures with nets on either end. 'What could they possibly use this for I wonder?'
A group of young adults came running down from some glass covered, rectangular structures on a near by hill. 'Pathetic. Back home, by the time people are as old as these children, they are either dead or decent ninjas. This world is to soft. What ever did my brother see in this world...' A flying, yellow disk came flying at the figure, who deftly catches it in his left hand just before it would hit his head. Several of the youth came running up towards him.
"Hey, mister, that was a pretty good catch. Could we have our Frisbee back and would you like to play with us?" He glared at the boy who asked him.
"Fool," he quickly swiped his arm out, knocking the boy to the ground and making him slide several feet painfully. "I don't have time to play your silly little games, and I caught this thing, so I'll think I'll keep it." Several of the women and a couple of the guys rushed to their fallen friend. Several others stared at him, fists clenched.
"Why you!" One of them shouted, charging at the figure. He just chuckled and batted him to the side like he did the first. "Don't even try to fight me, I'm more powerful then you could ever dream," At this, the rest of the barely restrained guys charged him. He easily dodged the attacks, taking a swing or a kick here or there. As he just finished with the last of the guys, everyone was staring at him in fear except for one young man who was charging at him from one of the buildings. 'Something is different about this one, I can't place it though.'
"You! Why did you come here if you were going to start a fight?" He screamed, holding one of the wounded boys. "If you want a fight, leave my friends out of this and fight me."
"Very well, boy. Let's see what you got." He got in a fighting stance for the first time. He looked at the boy and opened his eyes in shock. 'What!?! He just opened the first Gate? How? Chakra doesn't exist in this world, yet how can he use it? Without training no less?' Barely dodging the boys first attack brought him out of his monologue. They started dancing, a punch here, and a faint there. It almost looked as if the were even in power and skill. Yet neither had landed a punch. 'I think I need to get serious with this fight. Let's see what he thinks of Jutsu.' With that, the figure preformed several quick hand signs. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Suddenly, twenty copies of him appeared. The boy's eyes widened in shock.
"What did you just do?" He shouted, dodging the attacks from the bunshin. "I have to try it." Suddenly, the boy vanished. The figure looked around and couldn't see him. He felt a very hard kick to his rib cage, knocking him into the air. 'Hmm, he landed a hit, and it hurt too. Mustn't misjudge the boy,' He suddenly felt a presence below him. 'What? Is this...' "I'm sorry, sensei," the boy whispered, barely audible to the figure. "You're mine." The figure tried to move, but something seemed to be tying him up. He glanced at his body only to see long bandages wrapping around his body. 'This is..!!! I have to focus my chakra to soften the blow, or it may kill me before I find my nephew...' Focusing hard, he felt him start spiraling downward. 'Please be enough, please...' "Initial Lotus!!!!" The boy screamed as he jumped off the figure before he impacted with the ground. All copies instantly vanished. The boy skid to a halt about ten feet away, panting hard.
"I never knew it would hurt this much. I didn't mean to kill him, but..." The figure slowly pulled himself out off the crater. "Boy! Where did you learn how to use the Lotus? My assumption must have been wrong. Chakra does run through some people here, but they are rare. For that, I will rip you and your friends here to shreds. I will not be derailed from my task!" He charged the boy, intent to kill all evident on his face. The boy stood still, rage evident on his features.
"You, will not hurt my friends!" He shouted. Suddenly, this great blue aura surrounded him. "Death Gate, open!"
'What! He can open the Death Gate! How does he even know about it? How...' realization flashed on his face. 'This is him, this is my nephew. No one else here knows of chakra, yet he somehow does innately. And the only other person that I've ever known to open the Death Gate was my brother before he died fighting Orochimaru. I have to bring my nephew back alive; it was my mission. I have to trust the door, it is the only way. It will cost me my life, but as soon as he opened that gate I was dead anyway. ' The figure rapidly preformed couple dozen hand seals as the boy pummeled him. He finished the last seal and was just about to perform the jutsu when he heard a fear shout from the boy.
"Final Lotus!!!"
"Bloodline Limit: Gate!!!" A large portal opened below them just before the crashed into the ground. The boy's legs crashed into the man, who instantly coughed up a quart of blood. 'This boy is truly of my clan. It is sad that he is the only one left. I just hope that his mother's family will take care of him, when we return home.'

A matching gate opened up over a huge mowed down field. The man and the boy crashed into the ground, making the few teetering trees to come crashing to the ground. An old man in a black ninja outfit caring a small bundle hurried to the scene. He quickly saw the man was not long for this world.
" nephew...of the...4th..." The older man looked around, and saw a small child in a pile of unusual cloths unconscious next to the now dead man. He slowly picked up the child and held him in his left arm, after shifting his other bundle to his right. In a flash, five masked figures with tattoos on their left shoulders appeared in front of the old man.
"Hokage-sama!" They said in unison, looking at the man behind him. The Hokage slowly stood up.
"Tell no one of this. Collect the body and everything else. Report to me with everything you find. Dispose of the body properly afterwards. His headband says he is Leaf, so treat him as such. Find out who he is. Go." The five masked figures vanished, along with everything but the crater and the boy in the Hokage's arms. "Nephew of the 4th he, he said." Both children in his arms opened their eyes. "I believe it. The resemblance is uncanny. They have the same hair and eyes. Only visible difference is that Naruto has his whisker birthmarks. Naruto will need the support, and if I what that man said was true; they shall be raised as brothers. The Uzumaki brothers..."