Chapter 18

Just so you know, all the new names were generated using Rum and Monkey's Japanese name generator have enough problems coming up with English names for characters, let alone Japanese.

We walked from snow to dirt. I looked around. We made it to the other side! I fell to my knees, knocking some dried blood off my shoulder. I was so tired. I heard everyone else fall to their knees as well.
"I don't believe it. There really is another side to the Western Mountains." I glanced up at Ino.
"All we need to do know is find some food, considering we ditched nearly all of it to lighten our packs." Sakura replied, putting her hand through her unkempt hair to try to straiten it.
"Well, we really should get going," Tenten stood up and stretched. "We really don't know what to expect over here." Everyone started to slowly stand. I tried but my legs wouldn't move. I tried to lift my arms off the ground but they wouldn't move either.
"True, we need to be careful here. It might be wise for us to remove our headbands for the time being." Temari said. Everyone nodded and started to remove them. I tried again to move but couldn't. What was...
"Janus-kun? Are you alright?" I saw Hinata's feet. I tried to move my head again but couldn't. I felt everyone's eyes fall on me.
"Hehe, I don't think so, Hinata. I appear to have fallen and I can't get up. My body refuses to move." I said, my voice barely more than a whisper. I soon found myself on a makeshift stretcher being carried by Hinata and Tenten. Temari came and stood next to me.
"Looks like the run from the last couple of days took more of a toll on you than I thought. Come on, I'll lead for a while now. You just get some rest. And when we finally find someplace to rest you are going to let us look at those wounds of yours." I chuckled quietly as I felt myself lifted up and carried along. I felt myself drift quickly to sleep.

I was running. They were following me, I could feel it. I turned behind me and saw nothing but two eyes, two yellow, snakelike eyes. I started running faster. I looked down at my feet. I wasn't moving. I turned around to see the eyes closer. I kept running faster. Images started floating into my mind: Konoha on fire, my friends being killed one- by-one, dozen of demonic minions of Orochimaru, then Orochimaru himself, Sharingan glowing in his eyes, the Kusanagi dripping blood in his right hand and two heads hung lifelessly in his left. They were both blond but one had whisker-like marks on its cheeks.

I gasped and sat up. I looked around. I was in a dark room. I quickly glanced around. The girls were nowhere in sight. I got out of bed and noticed I was in a hospital gown. I looked around for my clothes. I quickly donned them and snuck out of the room, onto the windowsill. Where was I? I have to find the girls, they will know. I jumped onto the roof of the hospital. Strange, the town looks unusually familiar but not at the same time. I started jumping between rooftops, being as careful as I could. I landed on a large roof in front of a large cliff the town was built up against. I then noticed someone else on the roof with me. I got in a fighting stance and put my hand around the Kusanagi.
"You don't need to us that, Janus-san." An unknown female voice replied. The figure turned around revealing a tall woman with long, blond hair wearing a large cloak with flames around the bottom. I stayed put ready to draw the Kusanagi. I heard her laugh as the roof of the building lit up. I saw a glowing blue ball appear in her hand. I gasped.
"The Rasengan?" I said in awe.
"I see you know the technique, interesting. Looks like Temari's story was true after all."
"What story, who are you!" I shouted, frightened. Why do I even try, she could kill me with that.
"I thought that it was unusual, hearing the same far fetched story from the five girls that brought you here but now that you seem to know of a technique I created myself having never met me and from being unconscious from what the girls say was about a week I think I believe them now."
"Shoot, another week I could have been training. They are probably so far ahead of me now..."
"The friends you're looking for? Let's see, Jiraiya, Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Chouji? We've sent out search parties three days ago but nobody has found anything yet." I looked at her again. She smiled kindly. I stood up and removed my hand from the Kusanagi.
"Sorry. It's just, I woke up in a strange place and the girls weren't in sight, I promised Tsunade that I'd protect them and..."
"It's all right. They're safe. I paid for them to rest in a local inn, so they should be alright. You should go back to the hospital and get some sleep."
"I've gotten enough sleep the last couple of months. I need to train more to keep up. That and I don't think I can find my way back to the hospital, I was to busy trying not to be heard." She laughed.
"I couldn't sleep either. Hey, I was wondering. Do you think I could get a look at that sword of yours?" I shrugged and unsung the blade and handed it to her. She pulled the Kusanagi out and swung it a few times quite skillfully. "Good weight, very sharp blade but the sheath seems to have been built rather hastily compared to the sword."
"Because when the Kusanagi came into my possession I kind of didn't have a sheath for it so that was the best I cold come up with."
"Ah, I see," I thought she was going to ask how it came into my possession but she didn't. "Are you any good with it?"
"No, not really. I haven't had very much sword training and I didn't have the opportunity to get lessons before the, umm, incident." She nodded, placing the Kusanagi back in it's sheath.
"How 'bout this, dawn will come in a few hours so in the mean time, do you want me to teach you some things for it? I've needed to sharpen up my sword skills as well."
"I'd really appreciate it..."
"Call me Endoh."
"Endoh then." I followed Endoh down into the building below.

I copied Endoh's moves. This kata was a lot harder then the last few she had taught me. Finally we finished it when there was a knock on the door downstairs.
"Enter." I looked over. Is she some sort of clan leader or something?
"Endoh-sama, you have a..." I short blond figure came streaking into the room.
"Endoh-sama, Janus-kun disappeared!" Endoh looked over at me. The girl's eyes followed them. When they landed on me she looked shocked but that quickly was replaced with a look I had grown to fear.
"Umm, morning Temari-chan." I said, slowly backing away. She walked towards me, her ears steaming.
"Don't you 'chan' me after what you did." She reached behind her, taking out her fan.
"Don't destroy my training room." Endoh called from behind her.
"Your room wasn't my target." Temari replied, I continued to slowly back away.
"Umm, Endoh-san, where is the back door again?"
"Over there by the exit to the lower floors, behind Temari-chan." She replied, putting her sword away.
"That's what I was afraid of." My back touched the wall behind me. An evil grin appeared on Temari's face. I gulped.
Ten minutes later I limped downstairs followed closely by Temari. Endoh followed her, laughing.
"I told you that you should have gone back to the hospital but did you listen?"
"You were the one who suggested that I train with you when I told you I didn't know my way back!"
"Baka, you should know." Temari said as we walked outside. "Don't you know anything?"
"Obviously not, why." She turned me around to look at the huge cliff from before. I gasped. There were four faces carved on it, similar but different than the four faces I was used to. The obvious reason was that the faces were all female.

"So," I took another bite of ramen. "You're trying to tell me that somehow one of the towns on the other side of the Western, I mean Eastern Mountains is a town identical to Konoha save certain events of the past and that everyone's sex is different?" Temari nodded. "So, which major events were left out of this town's history that were in ours?"
"Well, the biggest ones I know of were the attack of the Kyubi and then the attack of Orochimaru. It actually seems that this town's Orochimaru is the leader of the hospital you were staying at. Her healing powers rival Tsunade-sama."
"So the fourth Hokage is still alive here?" I said. Endoh started waving her hand.
"I'm the fourth, pleased to meet you." I looked between her and Temari.
"You're kidding." They both shook their heads. I drained the broth out of my bowl. It's surprising how much a trip through some cold mountains could make ramen you've had your entire life taste so good. "Why?" They both shrugged.
"I'm currently having the towns historians look into it but it will take time to find out anything at all. I suspect some one in the past somehow tied our towns together with some jutsu that could be wearing out but its only a theory right now." I nodded, that was probably the reason.
"So, has everyone met the other them?"
"Mostly, there is still one person though who hasn't." I coked my head.
"You." I looked at her strangely.
"She's telling the truth. I know everyone in the village and you are your brother just aren't with us. We have no Uzumaki's here. It's the other mystery that made me doubt Temari's story."
"Do you still?"
"No but I'm still curious about it." At that moment a girl about our age with blond hair in to pigtails latched onto Endoh from behind. I looked behind her to see a dark looking girl with black hair, a boy with pink hair, and a older woman with long, slivery hair with her forehead protector lowered over her left eye. I did a triple take between them.
"Kumiko!" Endoh said, fazed only slightly by the girl's sudden latching to her back. She giggled. I was watching them in shock.
"Mom, I just wanted to say good morning before I left to go training today. I was on a mission till last night and you weren't around when I got back." She looked over at Temari and me. "Oh, good morning." She released Endoh. "I'm Kumiko, pleased to meet you." Temari shook her hand.
"Good morning, Kumiko-chan, I'm Temari and this is Janus." They all looked at me and finally saw the shock on my face. This can't be... "Janus- kun...are you..." She stopped talking when I stood up.
"I need a mirror, now!" Everyone quickly said they didn't have one. "Fine, I'll make do without. But promise me you won't slap me from what I'm about to do." They looked at me funny and nodded. "Alright." I put my hands together. "Sexy no Jutsu!" A puff of smoke appeared around me. I looked down. Good, clothes were still on. I looked back up when the smoke cleared and everyone gasped, save the dark girl who just looked at me funny.
"Umm, Janus-san, how come you look like me?" She said. I sighed. That's all I needed. I canceled the jutsu and reappeared as myself.
"Endoh, do you have another daughter? Twin to Kumiko?" She shook her head.
"No, Kumiko's an only child. He father died on a mission shortly after she was born." I dropped my head and sat down. "Why? What was that jutsu?"
"It's a modified version of henge that my brother Naruto invented. He calls it the Sexy no Jutsu and uses it against other guys to defeat some of then easily like some of his instructors who are perverts. The only person it has never worked against was me but it didn't stop him from trying. It's just that, that was the face he always seemed to use."
"So, do you mean to tell me that we just found the other Naruto?" Temari said. I nodded. "Naruto is the son of the fourth? No wonder he is so strong."
"Yeah but what scares me is where did I come from then? I thought I was Naruto's brother.

I watched the setting sun from my perch on the female third's nose. I didn't feel like going to my spot. It wasn't really mine. I sighed and let my back fall back along the nose, my feet swaying off the edge. It was then that I saw Kumiko looking down at me from above. I quickly sat up.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you." I heard a shy voice from above me.
"What do you want?" I asked, watching the last bit of sun flicker under the horizon.
"I wanted to know what Naruto was like." I sighed. "If it's a problem I can always ask later." She said. I remained silent. I heard her footsteps echo on the rock face as she started to walk away.
"Loud." She stopped. I scooted over to the right side of the nose she took a seat on the left, back almost to me. "He was the number one, loudest ninja in the village. He did it to get attention for the two of us. We grew up with out parents and everyone hating him and pitying me because of him."
"Why was that?" She asked, again quietly. She seemed so different than the person I thought was my brother.
"It's something you'll have to ask him about when you meet him."
"Oh, ok. What team is he on?"
"Originally it was the same team you are on. Kakashi, the Copycat Ninja was their jounin. Sakura and Sasuke were on his team. I'll introduce you to Sakura later, she came with me. I don't think you want to know Sasuke though."
"I bet he's cute. I can just imagine Asuka would look like as a guy."
"Don't even think about it. He's been tainted by dark powers and was nearly lost. He might be fully under Orochimaru's power now and we don't even know it. It really frightens me to think that Orochimaru might have a Sharingan user under his control."
"But we have them here to, so it will be alright. Yamashita is the leader of our ANBU and is undefeated."
"So I see Itachi didn't go mad and murder his entire clan save Sasuke here, that's good." Kumiko gasped. "Yeah. Our village has had it's fare share of problems the last twelve years, ever sense the Kyubi attacked."
"Which is something I have really wanted to ask you about, considering the other me died in the fight." We both looked up, cracking our heads together. I stood up, rubbing my head; I looked over at Kumiko, who was blushing slightly.
"Oh, it's alright, Kumiko-chan. I understand. So, Janus-san, what do you know about the Kyubi. And it's alright to tell me in front of my daughter, I'll only tell her myself later." I sighed. Well, here goes.
"I don't know everything about it, but this is what I do know. Twelve years ago, the Kyubi appeared near town and started rampaging. Hundreds of Leaf Shinobi were killed in the fight. The fourth Hokage went there with Naruto and used the Fuuinjutsu Shikifuujin to seal the spirit of the Kyubi in a child, Naruto. That was why he was feared as a child and I was pitied. They blamed him for the deaths of their loved ones at the hands of the Kyubi." Kumiko looked saddened.
"I'm so sorry"
"It's alright, it's in the past. Besides, it wasn't your fault." She smiled slightly.
"I'm surprised," I looked back to Endoh. "That you know about the Fuuinjutsu Shikifuujin."
"I got a hold of our village's Scroll of Seals a few month's ago and read it. During my pretest for the Chuunin Exam I nearly killed myself and the Third with it."
"Really now. I'm impressed that you could even perform it."
"You're not the only one."
"True. You two better come along. I'll buy you both dinner. You don't want Temari-chan to start thinking you're cheating on her now, right Janus-san?" I blushed and I noticed that Kumiko turned a deeper shade of crimson than I did. Was she developing a crush on me or something? That would be weird. Oh well, I was hungry and free food is free food.