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Leo orbed in after Chris yet again. He couldn't help but think that if Chris wouldn't have wanted to be sensed and followed, he would've blocked Leo by now. Encouraged, Leo walked over to where Chris was sitting on his bed. He sat down next to him and they both just looked around in silence, Chris munching on crackers noisily.

"You wanna talk about it?" asked Leo.

"No." said Chris, looking away.

Leo looked at Chris out of the corner of his eye. He felt so powerless; most dads would have experience talking to their sons after 22 years; but he was feeling very much out of sync, talking to his son before he was even born –no, conceived.

"Hey... wanna go catch a couple of drinks?" asked Chris, suddenly, turning to look at his dad.

Leo looked at him skeptically. A couple of days ago, before knowing that Chris was his son, Leo wouldn't have minded hanging out with Chris as friends. But now that he saw Chris in a different light, he was feeling quite overprotective of him.

"How about you get some rest instead? Stop thinking about your mother, I think it's been making you overstressed. I'll talk to Phoebe and Paige; put the plan off for a while longer."

Chris looked at Leo gratefully.

Leo held his look for a second and orbed out, leaving Chris to contemplate his choices. The whole family telling Piper who Chris really is would probably overwhelm her; she'd freak out. Not that she wouldn't freak out in any case, but the less drama, the better. 'Maybe dad and I should be the only ones to tell her. Besides, she'd feel really uncomfortable knowing that everyone knows that dad and her have to conceive me.' Chris recoiled at the thought and tried not to visualize anything. He then chastised himself for his childish behavior. He really did have to worry about the whole being conceived business. What if because of him coming here and everything, another child would be conceived? Chris rubbed his temples and grabbed another bottle of beer. Before he knew it, he'd drowned 8 entire bottles.


Leo, Phoebe and Paige were walking down the stairs. They'd just finished discussing Chris. Leo told them what Chris was going through and they compromised to put off telling Piper, for now. Phoebe promised she'd make some major efforts to keep this secret from Piper.

Piper looked up in surprise as the three of them entered the kitchen, looking quite weary.

"Good morning Pheebs! Hello MOM!" she teased, turning towards Paige.

Phoebe nearly burst out laughing, but managed to stay serious at the warning glare Leo was giving her.

Piper soon became suspicious at the atmosphere in the room. They were all trying to keep something from her; she could see it in their body language. She didn't understand; what else was there to tell besides the fact the Chris was her nephew?

Piper coughed. "Leo, feeling better?" she asked, trying to stir up a conversation.

Leo looked up quickly. "Huh? Oh, that, oh, yeah, feeling better." he said quickly, before dropping his eyes and resuming the munching on his toast.

Everyone was eerily quiet as they read the paper, chewed on their nails or stirred their coffee.

Piper gave Phoebe a searching look. The latter was making tremendous effort not to make eye contact with her sister. She was quite tempted to try to see how obvious Chris' resemblance to Piper would be now that she knew who he was.

Leo, on the other hand, was worrying about Chris. He shouldn't have left him alone. What if he did something to hurt himself? What if a demon came after Chris? He would be a very easy target for a darklighter, what with him being so distracted and all...

Paige was the only one who appeared to be composed. But appearances can be deceiving. If you looked closely enough, you could almost see her brain hard at work. She was trying to put together a plan to maybe find out how Piper would take the possibility of Chris being her son. Maybe she could ask it, in passing, just a small question... 'Piper, it's so weird that Chris is my son! Because if he looks like anyone, he looks like you!' thought Paige... 'Nah, too obvious. Chris would kill me.'

Piper put down the dish she was washing impatiently. "Alright, you three, spill it, what aren't you telling me? This whole atmosphere reminds me of when I was pregnant with Wyatt and you were trying to keep demon attacks a secret from me!"

They all looked up at her in surprise at having their thought interrupted. Phoebe took the opportunity to look for any body parts Chris might've gotten from his mother.

"He's got her face structure..." she mumbled excitedly under her breath, looking at Paige pointedly. Her sister gave her a look that said I'll-kill- you-if-you-say-one-more-word.

"Excuse me, what did you say Pheebs?" asked Piper suspiciously.

"She said that he's got your nurture. He as in Wyatt. He's being nurtured by you." said Paige quickly.

"I thought you were a good liar!" whispered Phoebe fiercely to Paige whilst Piper turned to look at her ex-husband inquiringly.

"Not helping, Phoebe!" hissed Paige back.

Meanwhile, Leo had started talking about Wyatt's first words as a baby as an attempt to avert Piper's attention. Pretty soon, both parents were caught up in deep conversation about their first-born, exchanging fond memories of his first diaper change, the first time he said "mama", and so on.

Suddenly, they all jumped as a loud rumbling was heard and they turned to see a demon looking at them through the window in the kitchen.


Chris was walking drunkenly towards his bed, a big smile plastered on his face. He was as drunk as a man could be, nearly walking into the wall as he tried to lie down. He couldn't remember who he was, where he was, or when he was. Everything was a big mess in his head. He wasn't thinking clearly, he was seeing things. He heard a voice calling to him. It was his mother. No, now it was his father. Or was it Phoebe? Chris couldn't tell. He orbed towards the voice, half expecting to land in the middle of a demon attack in his drunken state. He wasn't surprised to find himself being flung to the floor the second he'd orbed in, a fireball going over his head. Chris stayed down throughout the entire attack: he vaguely heard Piper yelling that her powers didn't work on the demon; he saw Paige orbing away, probably to the attic to look for a vanquishing potion. Phoebe was trying to attack the demon from behind but he sensed her in the last second. Chris vaguely wondered where his father was; then he assumed he took Wyatt somewhere to keep him safe. It was a shame really, since Wyatt could obviously kill such a demon in the blink of an eye, literally. Chris finally passed out; the last thing he saw was Paige orbing in with a potion and he heard the screams of the demon as he erupted into flames.


Piper let out a sigh of relief. "Great potion, Paige." she said.

"I second that." said Phoebe.

"Thanks. Hope I didn't take too long." she answered.

"We handled him well. But what's up with this guy?" she asked, turning towards Chris, who was now lying on the kitchen floor, unconscious. Piper walked towards him, recoiling at the smell of alcohol emanating from her 'nephew's' prone form.

"That Chris is gonna get it! He bailed out on us so that he could go get drunk!" exclaimed Paige.

"Poor guy, give him a break, he's been through a lot today." said Phoebe, jumping to her nephew's defense.

"He has? What's he been through? Mind sharing?" asked Piper curiously.

"Oh, you know... the usual stuff. Trying to figure out who turns Wyatt and all." lied Paige.

"Well, help me get him on the couch, will you? Let's wake him up. Phoebe, can ya think up some spell to make him sober again, I don't want my nephew waking up with a major headache tomorrow." said Piper.

"Piper, that's personal gain." opposed Phoebe.

"I don't care, he's my nephew, magic owes him, he's trying to save the future isn't he?" retorted Piper.

Phoebe snorted in amusement, going over to a drawer to get a notebook and a pen.

Meanwhile, Piper managed to get Chris' attention by wiping his forehead with a wet towel. His eyes fluttered open slowly after a while.

"Mom?" he murmured.

"No sweetie, it's your Aunt Piper. Your mom's over there." she said, pointing at Paige who was pacing nervously.

"Aunt Piper?" Chris asked, confused. "Is this an alternate universe?"

"No, Chris, this is the real world. Piper's your aunt, I'm your mother, remember?" hissed Paige nervously, giving Chris a pointed look, her eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

Chris looked at her in confusion, the alcohol still draining his senses. He closed his eyes and started laughing suddenly.

"What's so funny?" demanded Paige.

Chris gasped for air, trying to get the words through his laughing fit: "Paige thinks she's my mother... mom, are you all under a spell?"

Piper raised her eyebrow in suspicion, feeling something inside of her jump when Chris called her mom. She suddenly noticed that Chris had Leo's eyes as she looked into them. Piper brushed her suspicion away forcefully, although she heard a little voice in the back of her head saying "You know they're hiding something from you. And why would the alcohol make Chris suddenly believe that she, Piper, was his mother?"

Phoebe was mumbling in a corner, trying to come up with a spell: "I now call upon the power of three, to make my nephew sober... sober as a tree? Piper, I can't come up with a rhyme right now!" she exclaimed exasperatedly.

"Oh, alright! Let him suffer the consequences of his actions! He'd better have a bad hangover tomorrow, teach him not to drink!" retorted Piper, suddenly feeling very irritated at everyone around her, including Chris. What were they hiding from her? Was Chris really Paige's son? Had she gotten it wrong? Why did Chris insist that she's his mother? So many questions and no answers...

"Sweetie, we should call Leo. He'll take care of Chris." said Phoebe quickly, noticing the change in Piper's temper.

Piper nodded absent mindedly, still thinking furiously.

"Leo!" called Phoebe. The Elder orbed in with Wyatt in his arms. He looked around quickly to ensure the demon was gone.

"Can Leo even heal drunkenness? We've never tried this before, have we?" asked Paige, addressing the room at large.

"We haven't, have we?" asked Phoebe, looking at Leo inquiringly. Her ex- brother-in-law was now walking towards Chris quickly.

Chris stopped giggling to himself and looked up when he saw Leo.

"Hi, dad!" he said drunkenly.

Leo froze, his eyes going wide. Phoebe gasped and Paige's jaw fell open. They all turned to look at Piper, wearing identical expressions of dread.

Piper whirled around sharply. For a split second, she thought that Leo and Paige were going to have Chris TOGETHER in the future. She almost fainted at the thought, and then realized it was an absurd idea. She knew Leo and Paige better than that. But then, that would mean that... that Chris was...

Piper stood rooted in her spot, taking in everyone's reactions as she felt her heart sink and then leap right back to its place, beating very quickly. She was right then; Chris was her son... Hers and Leo's son... Piper clamped her hand over her mouth in shock and made to sit down, only there was no chair behind her, so she fell on the floor heavily.

Leo, coming back to his senses, ran towards his ex-wife and helped her up. He offered her his hand but she didn't take it. She was looking at him as though not really seeing him. Leo coughed uncomfortably and laughed, trying to cover up Chris' slip up.

"Yeah, he, uh, he calls me dad sometimes. As in Wyatt's dad." he said swiftly, remembering how Chris had tried to cover up when he'd found out.

Piper turned to look at Chris, who still hadn't registered what was going on. He was now staring blankly at the ceiling, a big smile plastered on his face. Piper felt her head spinning.

"This can't be..." she whispered, turning to look at Leo, fear and confusion evident in her eyes. Leo stopped trying to make up excuses and offered Piper a forced smile. He felt his heart sinking. How could he ask this of her... how could they have another child if he was still an Elder? 'She must really hate me right now...' though Leo, his strained smile transforming into a grimace.

Piper's eyes filled with tears and she looked down hastily. Paige and Phoebe, noticing this, walked towards her quickly. Feeling them surrounding her, Piper whispered: "This is too much to take in..."

"I know sweetie, we know, we felt the same way when we found out..."

Piper tried to clear her head. Chris was her son, her second son. Leo was the father. She had never felt so many things at once in her life. She was happy, she loved Chris, Wyatt wasn't going to be an only child... but his dad wasn't going to be around, and she was going to be a single mother of two... Chris was HER son... she was going to give birth to him and watch him grow into the man who was now sprawled on the living room sofa. She was going to be his MOTHER. Chris was her SON.

"Piper?" asked Leo gently.

She didn't look at him. It would be even more painful to look at him now that she knew they were going to have another baby. Piper got up suddenly without looking at any of them. She wiped her eyes hastily and walked towards the stairs.

"I need to... I need some time to think..." she muttered, her voice cracking, and they heard the door to her bedroom slam shut. Leo looked down and Paige and Phoebe exchanged worried glances. Chris, oblivious to his surroundings, started singing under his breath. No one in the room could make out what the melody was; it sounded like grunting to them.


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