Teresa knew Ryan was miserable. He never said anything. He didn't have to. She had hoped that he would get used to being back in Chino, and everything could go back to the way it was before he took off for Newport and the Cohens the year before. But it didn't, because Ryan wasn't the same person who left. Teresa knew he didn't want to be there. He wanted to be in Newport, not in Chino, and he wanted to be with Marissa and the Cohens, not her and her mother.

But Ryan was in Chino, and he was working hard to help support Teresa and her mother. He worked his old construction job from eight until five and then would go over to the local diner and work six to midnight busing tables and washing dishes. A fifteen hour work day, six days a week. Ryan's only day off was Sunday, and on that day he would sleep late and then drink beer and smoke cigarettes in front of the television all day. So Teresa finally got her wish, Ryan was back in Chino. But she never saw him, and when she did, he was so miserable, he had nothing to say.

As far as she knew in the two months since he had been back, he hadn't talked to anyone in Newport. The Cohens had called, a lot, but Ryan was always at work. Teresa didn't think he ever called them back. Not that he said anything. She only knew because there were never any Newport Beach numbers listed on the phone bill.

It was a hot day in mid July when Teresa got up to get ready for her waitressing job. Ryan had already left, naturally. She noticed he was leaving even earlier each morning, most days before she even got up. She didn't know why, but she hoped he was getting over time for it. She was still thinking about it when she went into the bathroom, and noticed a little bit of blood. It wasn't much, and it wasn't even bright red. It was kind of brownish, which Teresa thought was odd. She didn't have any cramps, so Teresa figured it wasn't really a problem. Since they really couldn't afford for Teresa to see the doctor regularly, she went to work instead.

Later on that night after she helped her mother clean up from dinner, Teresa noticed a little more blood, and began having some slight cramps. Nothing serious. Definitely nothing like she had seen on television. She knew most miscarriages happened in the first trimester, and she was past that and into her second. So Teresa didn't think she was having a miscarriage. She figured she was probably just working too hard.

She took the next day off, even though they really couldn't afford it, but she thought it would be better if she rested. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The bleeding continued, and her cramps started getting a little stronger, despite trying to rest. It was around noon when Teresa realized it would be a good idea to go over to the clinic to see what the problem was. Since no one else was home, she drove herself. She still doubted that it was anything to be too concerned about. She was in her second trimester, and she had been feeling really good. Fact was, she had been feeling great. The morning sickness had past, she was finally able to eat anything she wanted and not be bothered by it, and she noticed that her chest no longer bothered her. It wasn't sore or swollen like it had been in the beginning. She had heard that a little bleeding was relatively common during pregnancy, especially when the pregnant woman is on her feet eight hours a day as a waitress. So Teresa wasn't too worried about what the doctor would say.

Six hours later, Teresa returned home, and she was devastated. She could still hear the doctor. "Fetal demise". What a nice, technical term meaning nothing more then my baby is dead, Teresa thought as she entered her empty house. Her mother and Ryan were both still at work, so she was still alone. Except now, she was more alone then before. Now, she didn't have her baby. It was gone, too.

And as Teresa lay on the bed thinking about everything that happened, she realized that she had just lost more then her baby. Teresa had been in love with Ryan since they first met, when they were eight. He was only in Chino because of the baby, and now that there wasn't going to be a baby, he wouldn't stay. She knew once Ryan found out, he'd have no reason to stay. He'd go back to Newport, and she would lose him again.

Suddenly Teresa was much more upset about losing Ryan then she was about losing the baby. She knew the baby wasn't Ryan's, and she knew he knew it, too. But if she could get pregnant again, then this time it would be Ryan's baby. The doctor had told her that she had to wait at least two months before trying to get pregnant again, but Teresa knew she couldn't wait. Unfortunately, she just wasn't sure how she was going to get pregnant again. Ryan hadn't so much as looked at her since he moved in.

As she thought about it some more, she realized that maybe if she could convince him that they should get married then maybe he'd be more willing to make love to her again. That made the most sense to Teresa. She wouldn't tell him about the miscarriage. Instead, she would tell Ryan that they should get married for the sake of the baby. Then she would get pregnant again, but this time, it would be his baby. Then he would stay in Chino. Teresa decided to wait until Sunday to talk to him. It was only Monday, she would have the whole week to think about it and work out all the details. She'd talk to him first thing Sunday, and then they could start making their wedding plans. Maybe then Ryan would finally be happy.