by squidward


SUMMARY: Ron has always hated Crookshanks. What will happen if they switched bodies? Will he hate him even more or will he just enjoy the pleasure of being always cuddled by Hermione? Totally R/H!


DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter.


Chapter I: Power of Words

"I'll strangle you to death, you silly cat!" Ron roared as he jumped to catch Crookshanks, who accidentally (but Ron was insisting that it was deliberate) ripped Ron's Potions essay into halves. Crookshanks quickly ran away from Ron's furious, ready-to-kill hands and jumped into Hermione's arms.

"Give that cat to me, Hermione!" Ron bellowed. His face was livid and the veins on his temple were throbbing dangerously.

"Ron, what are you so mad about?" Hermione asked. She just arrived and was completely oblivious to what had happened.

"That cat," Ron pointed an accusing finger to Crookshanks, who groaned angrily, "just sabotaged my homework!" he showed Hermione the torn parchment.

Hermione stared at Ron's 'sabotaged' homework. It was dappled with cat's footmarks. She looked from the parchment, to Ron, to her cat and back to Ron. "Oh Ron, it was an accident! Crookshanks never meant to-"

"ACCIDENT?!" Ron shouted angrily, and gave Hermione a look that she was being incredulous. His voice was shaking slightly, "That slimy cat ruining my almost finished homework an accident? Are you kidding me?"

"As if Crookshanks would do it intentionally!" Hermione snapped. Her face was as red as Ron's. She was glaring at him as if saying that even a little child could say that what she was saying was pretty obvious. "He's just a cat Ron, for Merlin's sake!"

The people around them started to laugh. Although listening to Ron and Hermione's bickering was as natural as breathing for Gryffindors, it had never failed to give them entertainment at most times. Harry, however, was sick of it, so he just sank on one corner, far from Ron and Hermione, and buried his face on his Potions book.

"Huh! Stop treating him like an ordinary cat Hermione! You're already petting a nasty little beast and you don't even know it!" Ron glared at Hermione, who was already turning purple in anger.

"Will you just leave my cat alone!? You're always judgmental about him ever since! You're so immature!"

"I will leave him alone if he leaves me alone first!" Ron spat. Hermione glared at Ron. She was clutching Crookshanks so hard that Crookshanks squealed in pain.

"If you hand me that cat I'll save you the hassle of strangling it to death," Ron hissed through clenched teeth.

"Just quit this kid's play Ron! I don't see why you have to dislike Crookshanks that much!"

"Hermione I don't dislike him. I hate him!"

"He's not doing anything bad to you!"

"Not doing anything?! Yeah, he just turned my Potions essay into rubbish. He didn't do anything, honestly!"

"I said it was an accident! He's just a cat! When will you ever listen?!"

"I'll listen when I see that cat roasted!" Ron barked. Crookshanks was squeaking in pain, struggling to be released from Hermione's grip which was getting tighter and tighter every minute.

"Will all your problems disappear when my cat gets roasted?!" Hermione retorted. They were staring dangerously at each other a complete stranger would never dare to guess that they were actually bestfriends.

"You bet!"

"Huh! If that'll happen then Crabbe is a genius!" Hermione yelled. "I wish you and Crookshanks swap places for a day, that will tell you how horrible you've been treating him!"


Before Ron could retaliate, a ball-sized, marble-like thing smashed his head, throwing him face flat on the floor. He fell with a loud thud making him unconscious, and Hermione let out an earsplitting shriek.

"RON!" Hermione and Harry shouted and the same time, and the two darted to Ron's direction. There was a commotion and everyone in the common room panicked. Ginny threw her homework away and hurried to her brother.

"What happened?" Ginny asked, but Harry and Hermione were busy checking Ron's head.

"It hit him," Dean said, who came to the scene and was now studying the thing that knocked Ron. It was an unusually large Remembrall. Harry, Hermione and Ginny looked at it nervously.

"Who throw it?" Harry asked angrily to the surrounding curious crowd. Neville slowly raised his trembling hand. Everyone's attention turned to Neville.

"I'm sorry. I was practicing the Engorgement Charm on my new Remembrall. Then I tripped on Trevor and slipped my wand and before I knew it that thing already knocked Ron out," Neville explained apologetically.

"Let's just bring Ron to the infirmary," Ginny said and she pointed her wand on Ron's body and made it float in mid-air. She directed it out of the common room and Harry and Hermione followed her. Hermione absentmindedly carried Crookshanks, who already passed out because of Hermione's grip. Neville, confused on what to do, made up his mind and followed them too.

"I hope he'll be alright."

"Don't worry. It's just a common injury. He'll be okay soon," said Harry, though the worry in his voice wasn't convincing at all. He, Neville, Hermione, and Ginny were sitting on either side of the unconscious Ron.

"I'm really sorry about this," Neville muttered.

"It's an accident. It's no one's fault," Ginny said.

"Oh Ron," Hermione was watching Ron with great anxiety. She was feeling guilty about their row. "If I just dropped our argument then he could have evaded it."

Just then, Ron started to stir. Hermione's voice woke him up. "What happened?" he mumbled, his vision still blurred. But no one answered him. He blinked hard to improve his visibility, but he still couldn't see well.

"What happened?" Ron repeated more loudly. Still, no one answered. He turned around his head reluctantly for his face had been resting comfortably on a soft cushion. But what he saw made his jaw dropped.

He saw his body lying on the bed.

It took quite a while for Ron to recover from the shock. He looked around and saw Harry and Neville watching his unconscious body. When he turned sideways he saw his sister looking at the bed too. Ron panicked. Is he dead?

"Crookshanks, be still," Hermione murmured but Ron could feel her breath touching his face. He looked up, blushing, and gulped when he saw Hermione. Her face was so close to him. She looked so anxious about something. Ron was puzzled at this close proximity when an arm pulled him closer to her. Just then he realized that she was actually embracing him. He looked down again and his burning face bumped on the soft cushion.

Where the heck is he? Ron's eye caught the glass on Hermione's back. He was expecting to see his own reflection – which undoubtedly would be as red as a tomato – but it wasn't. Instead, he saw Crookshanks looking back at him. Ron winked, and Crookshanks winked too. What was that silly cat doing there? Ron scratched his head, and so did Crookshanks. Ron's heart started to race. Ideas were starting to formulate in his mind.

He slowly looked at his hand. He nearly passed out again when he saw that it was covered with ginger fur. He touched his cheek and felt it was furry too – he even felt some whiskers.

Blood started to rush on his face. This explained why Hermione was so close to him. He was too busy thinking about how close Hermione was to him that his mind processed the scene slower than usual.

Slowly, comprehension dawned upon him and when he finally put the last piece of this little puzzle in place, he let out a loud roar, but what he heard was not his voice. Instead, it was a cat's shriek.

"Crookshanks, be quiet!" Hermione hissed, but her voice was still gentle.

Ron's mind started to swirl. He was inside Crookshanks' body! His face started to burn again. He realized that the 'cushion' he was referring to was actually Hermione's breasts!


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