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Kagome crouched behind the short wall that separated her from the three story droop, on the other side; her breath was rapid, her fists clenched, and the sound off her heart beating seemed to drown out all thought. 'come on Souta get out of there now', the dark haired girl felt her mind scream at her older brother 'please Souta just run, please Souta please your all I have, oh gods please just run' Kagome felt her eyes burn and water, the scene before her blurred as tears came forth. She forced the tears back while blinking rapidly to set the scene back in focus.

The dark haired boy stood tall, and proud, his eyes held no fear but a strong determination. He was itching to look up to were he knew his younger sister sat in the shadows hidden, and safe.

"So traitor any last words" said a man with long greasy hair tied back in a braid.

"Come on Hiten stop playing and get this over with"

"Calm down brother I'm just having some fun" said Hiten while letting an evil smile play across his lips.

"This may just be fun and games to you, but let me warn you, my death will be revenged" Soutas words were cold and emotionless ringing clear throughout the night.

Hiten looked Souta up and down, then gazed into his fearless eyes "you have courage I'll give you that, but your still a nobody, with no family our friends to revenge you, so don't waist our time with pitiful threats when there's no one to carry them out for you"

"Face it Souta your into deep there's no way of getting your self out now. You've crossed the line it's over........ But his lord is forgiving, so if you give back the money we may reconsider"

Souta shook his head "No, the money is gone"

Hiten shrugged "to bad"



Kagome sat up with a start. Eyes red with tears and throat still sore from the scream.

Kagome sat still panting for a phew moments before turning her gaze to the clock by her bed that read 6:00am. Groaning deeply, she silently slid out of her bed and walked across her bed room to her dresser.

20 minutes later Kagome emerged from her room fully clothed in a pair of sweat pants and blue tank top. Her hair tied back into a messy pony tail.

Kagome was a young woman in her early 20s. She lived in a two floored apartment; some were near down town Tokyo, Japan. She hadn't made it through university, not because she couldn't, hell she had been the smartest girl in her class, all the teachers loved her, but no, university had taken up to much time, she had other things to do, and thanks to her dear brother Souta (god rest his soul) she could go through her hole life without having to work, if she balanced her money right; but Kagome had plans for the money her brother had paid for with his life, oh yes she did. Ever since that day on the roof, at the age of ten when she had witnessed her brothers death, she had sworn she would have revenge. So since then she had primed and shaped her body into its best physical shape. She had also study hard in school, for she knew that her enemy was no fool, she was ready for them, yes...... she was as ready as she could ever be, all she needed was to fined them, and bring them to their end.

Kagome rolled her neck across her shoulders, then gave her arms a quick stretch before moving her feat into position. With a flash she shoved her fist forward into the punching bag with extreme force, first her right then her left, her pace quickening steadily with every punch. Till she lunged forward grabbing the swinging bag tightly. Kagome rested her weight on the bag her breath coming in short pants, as sweat dripped from her forehead, she sighed, then with one last punch made her way upstairs for a nice cold shower.

"Hey Kagome!"

Kagome turned at the sound of her name "Good morning, Toushi how was you weekend off?"

The old man smiled his mustache twitched, and his eyes gleamed beneath his white hair "It was wonderful, me and the miss's had quite the vacation"

Kagome smiled at the man before her "I'm glad" she said, while actually meaning it as well.

Toushi had taken her in at the age of ten, two weeks after the incident. He and his wife ran a gym, and also gave out lessons on self defense, witch Kagome had been egger to learn and had mastered almost all that her teacher had known by the time she was 16.

'He's like the grandpa I never had' she thought, as she fallowed him into a large red brick building, and up a flight of stairs that led to the gym.

Kagome made her way around the equipment handing out towels or replacing them with knew ones. 'Just another day at the gym she thought'

"Hey ....Kagome.... towel!" Kagome turned to see the aerobics teacher waving her hand while stepping up and down a stool. Four people stood behind her mimicking her every move.

Kagome nodded throwing the girl a towel.

"Hey could I get one of those to" Kagome turned around coming face to face with a girl her age with black hair tied back in a high ponytail and pink eye shadow, her chocolate brown eyes, were empty at the moment, and her face was stern.

"Yeah sure" said Kagome handing the girl a towel "New here?" she added.

The girl looked up from her towel a small smile grazed her lips "is it that obvious?" she asked.

Kagome smiled, upon seeing the girls face lighten "No, the only reason you stand out it because people that come to this gym have either never been here before or have been coming to this gym on a daily base for years, and we don't get that many newcomers"

"Really whys that?" the girl replied with milled interest.

"Well as you've probably noticed we're not the well known" Kagome indicated to the less then half full gym.

The girl looked around "Yeah I see what you mean" she said with a smile. "It's a very nice gym thought, what's the owner's name?"

"Toushi, he and his wife run this place" Kagome said. She didn't like this convo, but of coarse it was her job to be friendly to customers, and answer any questions they might have.

The girl watched as a small frown swept across the other girls face 'she looks as bored as I am' she thought to her self 'Shippou must have done his research wrong, she doesn't look like a criminal at all it even say's she's clean in her record'

"Umm.... Is there something wrong?"

Sango (the girl) jumped as Kagomes voice pulled her from her thoughts. Laughing Sango shook her head "No, I just got lost in my own thoughts as usual" suddenly Sangos eyes widened "Oh I completely forgot, my name's Sango"

Kagome laughed "and I'm Kagome, if you ever need anything don't be afraid to give me a shout"

"I'll hold you to that" Sango smiled "so Kagome, you know how to fight?"

Kagome nodded her head "A little" she lied.

"Care to join me for a round in the ring?"

Kagome looked up at Sangos offer. Should she, she shouldn't risk having other see who strong she truly was; but then she could always let Sango win, 'why not'? "Sure"

"Great! You just lead the way"

Kagome ducked as another punch came her way, she quickly dove under the girls arm twisted and came up from behind, but Sango was just as good as she was and spun around into a knelling position arms crossed in front of her face as Kagomes foot made contact, her arms burned for a bit, but once the kick was deflected she was back on her feet again.

'Man this girls good, I've used every move I know on her, and I've barely landed a hit' Sango gasped as she dogged a punch, but felt her breath leave as a waiting knee collided with her stomach. Sango fell to her knees panting, and utterly spent "you......win"

Kagome lay stretched out on her back concentrating on slowing down her breathing 'great job Kagome, what happened to letting her win?' but Kagome knew what had happened, right when she realized that Sango was a good fighter, she couldn't let down the challenge, and had fought back with equal force.

"So Kagome" said Sango as she lay down next to Kagome "Now tell me the real truth.... How good of a fighter are you?"

Kagome smiled "fine I won't deny it, I'm the best"

Sango laughed, while swinging her leg over, and plopping it down on Kagomes stomach with a loud flop.

"Hey" Kagome protested, all thought her eyes danced with joy, for it a very rare occasion when one fids both a new challenger for a good fight, and an instant friend in just a day's time.

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