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Rick leaned back and closed his eyes, as he waited for his partner to come back, his stomach growled, in anticipation of a savory chocolate covered donut with sprinkles on top. The air was thick tonight and laden with something, he wasn't sure what, but he felt restless and weary. Of late all gang activity had dropped to substantially lower levels yet if you asked around the office each man would say it wasn't that it had dropped it was that it had gone quiet. Those gangs were up to something, he could feel it, and although nothing big had happened he could sense it. Yes, things were happening and the only reason why no one could really tell is that the things that did happen were so covered up and warped that even if you had an inkling you still couldn't get it, it was as if they could see the vale, and the dark shadow that lay beyond it, yet they couldn't know what it was till the vale dropped and by then Rick knew it would be to late. It was almost like the calm before the storm, something big was going down but no one knew what when or how it was goanna go down.

"Ok, I got one regular coffee milk and sugar and one chocolate covered donut with sprinkles"

Rick smiled in delight "Thanks man….. Its quiet tonight isn't it" his partner nodded in agreement.

"To quiet"

"Yeah….. Just like the calm before the storm"


"Sango can you get me an estimate"

"You got 20 men blocking your way"

"There holding us back with just 20! Well this is just fucking pathetic, where's Maidy and Rin?"

"One sec… Rin what's you stat"

"Just got through we're on our way to the main"

"Good Sessh needs you right now"

"Ha! The great Sesshoumaru needs his girls help, you better tell him that I'm never goanna let him live this one down"

"lol oh I'll tell him all right ….. Sessh she's coming and also, she says she's never goanna let you live this one down"

"Oh for fucking sakes if you counted the number of times I had to save that woman's ass-WHAT!"

"Sir were through"

"Good then charge you idiot leave none alive... Got to go Sango"


InuYasha held up his hand as he and Kagome came to a halt, dropping to his knees he took a quick glance around the corner, "ok I have to guards, both demon, Sango can you get a visual?"

"Yup, let's see here…. It doesn't look good you could take them down easily but I don't see how you could do it silently the hallways at least 50 paces so a charge wouldn't work, and there's a distress call button right on the wall…… wait….. Kagome there's a door next to you, it has seven bodies three human the rest demon by the looks, and I'm thinking a disguise, you two think you can handle it?"

Inuyasha glanced up at Kagome, and smiled at her playful smirk, man did he love his woman "Consider it done"

InuYasha watched as Kagome slowly counted down, at one he flung the door open, and charged sword ready with Kagome by his side.


"So Ginkotsu how'd you come to be in Sesshoumarus gang?"

"By being the best"

Sue laughed softly "Yeah right, if you were the best Inuyasha would have picked you up, he has a way of doing that"

"That's funny so dose Sesshoumaru, also Inuyasha always goes for the young ones, while Sesshoumaru goes for the more experienced ones"

"Excuse me"

"What it's true"

Sue glared at Ginkotsu "Maybe it is, but then the young always rise to defeat the old"

"HA now you're just being plain arrogant, you think Inuyashas gang could even stand up to Sesshoumarus, Inuyasha himself is only half demon face the facts we're better"

"You have got to be kidding InuYasha's gang is flawless he's honed each and every one of his members into a death machine, and although we may be young we've had way more experience then Sesshoumarus gang has, we see battle almost every other day, and you can't deny that, and even though he may be half demon I've herd about the brothers fighting before and from what I've herd Inuyasha was well beyond able to hold his own"

Ginkotsu growled, it was true there was always something going on with Inuyashas gang, the prince of crime never stood still for long.

Sue sighed "Lets not talk about this"

"Yeah, its not like a war would brake out between the brothers, they've had problems in the past and although they won't admit it there're to close now to get into one"

"Yeah not to mention that if a war did happen the results would be-"


Sue nodded "It would probably mean the end of Tokyo as it were"


The two sat in silence for a while "so do you have any idea what we do now"

"Nope, you'd think we'd be ordered to get our asses out of this tunnel considering we're surrounded by explosives"

"ha ha yeah….." Ginkotsu turned to look at Sue, as one they both jumped to their feet "Relocate?"



"Maidy I need a status on your location"

"Ah this place is like a fucking labyrinth, one sec Sango can you give me a read"

"Yeah hold on hold on, okay what the fuck turn around and take your fist left I mean right go right! From there just fallow the sounds of gun fire and you'll find them"

"Great! I'll be there soon sir"

"Hurry Maidy"

Rin pulled on Sesshoumarus sleeve to grab his attention "This isn't working babe, no amount of men is going to help us get up there"

Sesshoumaru growled in frustration, it was true. The remnants of Narakus gang had retreated to the second floor, their position completely enabling anyone form getting up the stairs without being killed "we have enough men we could try charging them"

"That's suicide"

"We'd make it"

"We'd lose too many men" that was tru and ech of his men had been years in the making.

Sesshoumaru growled in fustration "What we need is for me to get up there, I could make it. That would be all we'd need to get through"

Rin grabbed a hold of Sesshoumaru "You are not taking that risk not while I'm here, you know I'll fallow if you try"

He didn't doubt it, he knew she'd fallow, she always did.

"Wait, Sessh the elevators"

"There down"

"So would that stop a fine pair like us?"

Sesshoumaru smirked then leaned forward to lay a passionate kiss on his mate "Lets do this" 'Hold on little brow we're coming.'"Maidy take charge, we're going up the elavator shaft"

"Ok sir"


Miroku fell to his knees sweat poured down his back. He could here the sirens off in the distance; 'shit more cops and lots by the sounds of it' "Sango I've got a shit load of cops on the way, I CAN'T HOLD THIS BARRIER FOR FOREVER"

"Just hold on Miroku, I'll send a small group you're way, Sesshoumarus almost through"

Miroku sighed; his brain throbbed with the sheer effort, "Hurry!"


Kagome tightened the belt as much as she could but it was still no use "why don't you go and take care of those two, they'll notice that I'm a girl anyways it could raise suspicion" InuYasha nodded with a smirk and left the room.

'Man dose he ever look sexy in uniform' thought Kagome sighing. Gratefully Kagome shrugged on her old clothes and shoved InuYashas into a bag. The end was drawing near she could feel it, and she feared the uncertainty of it.


"Sesshoumaru were are you?"

"We're on our way right now. The first floor is secured along with most off the second"

"Hurry Mirokus in trouble I'm taking a small group with me to help him out Inuyashas orders and my insistence, more cops are on their way"

Sesshoumaru smirked, that was just like Sango she probably told Inuyasha that she was going to help Miroku rather then ask.

"Just one sec Sango we're here open up"

"Thank god, I'm leaving I told Inuyasha that you'd be in charge"

Sesshoumaru shook his head "Nazuna and Kohaku can handle surveillance on there own I'll leave two of mine to help, me and Rin are going to help Inuyasha and Kagome, Kagura since your not doing anything and I don't trust you, you go with Sango, and you five you go as well, Sango set up snipers in the building to keep the cops busy while we get everyone out, now move"

Sesshoumaru turned to Rin "Ready?"

Rin smirked, and with a flick of her hair was out the door with Sesshoumaru on her heels.


The room was empty except for two people, a woman pail as silk, with black hair that fell to the ground and swirled around her feet her eyes lowered never flinching as she gazed into what appeared to be a crystal ball, and the other stood with his back facing them, dressed in armored finery. Both appeared neither alarmed nor frightened by their presence, which she could tell annoyed Inuyasha some what.

"Well well Naraku we meet for the last time today" growled Inuyasha his claws poised and ready to kill, Naraku raised his hand, and the door from witch they came slammed shut instantly.

Inuyasha seemed unfazed by the action however Kagomes eyes darted over to the dark miko in the corner, it had been her who had shut the door, and Kagome found herself wondering what other powers the miko had.

"Enough of this!" Inuyasha growled as he lunged forward.

"Inuyasha wait!"

The room shook sending both InuYasha and Kagome to there knees, Kagome glanced up at the dark Miko, her crystal ball was glowing dark red. Quickly Kagome put up a barrier as a wave of red flooded the room, surprisingly she felt no impact from the attack and the red haze quickly subsided.

"ARGH!" Kagome tuned her head towards InuYasha who lay groveling on the flower his hands grabbing at his hair as he yelled and screamed in pain. Kagome rushed to his side, his body was writhing out of control "Inuyasha!" that was why she had felt no impact not only had the attack been aimed at Inuyasha but it was not an attack to wound the body but an attack to wound ones mind.

Kagome felt the rage within her boil. Shit! She could here Narakus laughter, she couldn't defeat the two of them alone, yet she would need time to release Inuyashas mind from the dark mikos grasp.

Another wave of red shot out from the crystal, Kagome braced her mind and body, she felt it burn as it hit her, her brain struggled with its power only for a moment before defeating it.

"Impressive" Naraku sneered "yet sadly you are thoroughly out numbered and your lovers time is running out his mind will soon crack, and to think defeated by such a small attack and so quickly to, I had been hoping for a bit more of a battle, but then Inuyasha was always week when it came to the mind"

Now Kagome was pissed but she wouldn't let him get the better of her, silently she slipped her hand beneath Inuyashas head, through their connection she began calling him back to her, it wouldn't be enough to free his mind, but it would be enough to stop it from braking. "Don't underestimate him" she said in an icy tone "go on and make your prude remarks, he'll be laughing while he rips out your beating heart"

"You think so" he smirked.

"Oh I really do"


Sango ran to Mirokus side, she had already ordered the snipers in place, and she could here the sounds of gunfire form the police below. "What do you need me to do" she asked desperately.

"Place your hands over mine and lend me your strength…. Good, now chant with me"

Sango proceeded after Miroku, a tingling sensation slowly spreading throughout her body, 'please god let this end soon' she prayed.


"This must be it" the two came to a stop at the end of the hall way. To guards lay dead on either side, obviously Inuyashas handy work, "You ready" Sesshoumaru asked as he turned to Rin.

"As ready as I'll ever be"

He nodded before braking down the door and rushing into the room.

"Sesshoumaru RIN!" Kagome yelled in relief at the sight of them, she was crouched on the floor holding Inuyashas flailing body close to her "DISTRACT THEM QUIK!" she screamed.

The two didn't waist time Sesshoumaru drew his sword and went straight for Naraku, while Rin let go a steady round of bullets in the mikos direction.

Kagome only hopped it would be enough 'hold on Inuyasha I cant do this alone'


Inuyasha ran for his life cutting down the monsters as he went, yet it didn't matter they just kept rising again, swarming at him, yet he didn't fear them, it was the shadows he feared they came at him draining him tearing his flesh, he could here their screams in his head he could feel their claws at his eyes, their teeth at his tongue, he screamed in pain but his mouth filled with blood making him choke and splutter he could here laughter and taunts, and a cold wind that chilled his spine. god save him please.

His mind was pounding with the sheer intensity of it, all thought had escaped him, only pain remained. He was lost, trying to find his way blindly out of the darkness but he had no guide to show him the way.

Then it came a light oh what a light, and a presence calling him, and a voice, a voice so sweat it sounded like heaven its self. He fought his way desperately towards it, towards it familiar warmth, towards its safe embrace, he new it, it was there, Kagome, oh Kagome, his life, his love, his savior.

"InuYasha open your eyes"

He obeyed and his eyes fluttered open. There was silence as he stole a minute in time to stare into her eyes. He drew upon her strength her warmth her courage and beauty. Then he leapt to his feat rage consuming him, as his world went red.



"Kagome what did you do!" Rin said as she knelt at her side, her gun proving all but useless against the miko's barrier

"I brought him back yet his rage consumed him almost the instant I did, don't worry he won't harm us lets focus on defeating the miko!"

"What can we do I can't get through that fucking barrier"

"Wait" it hit Kagome hard, the crystal! "Rin I have a plan, I'm going to charge the miko and brake her barrier while distracting her as well, when you see her barrier drop I want you to shot, aim at her crystal ok, and don't miss, you've got to shatter it understand!" the noise in the room was defining as the battle raged between Naraku and the two brothers.

"Right" said Rin, she was the best shot Sesshoumaru had and Kagome was counting on her.

Without hesitation Kagome charged, while summoning her power, and attacking, the miko blocked it easily, and sent out an accouter attack which Kagome matched, all the while drawing nearer and nearer, the miko seemed to realize this and sent out an even stronger wave of attacks, yet Kagome brook through them all and quickened her pace through sheer determination. She was so close now; the miko seemed to panic and for the first time drew her eyes away from her crystal to stare at Kagome in fright. That was her chance Kagome pulled a dagger from her side, and with a surge of power plunged it into the barrier, shattering it, she heard Rins gun fire and the miko scream as the crystal shattered and fell to the floor flooding the room with light as the power within it vanished into nothingness. Kagome turned with lethal agility her dagger still in hand and in one swift motion slit the mikos throat with delicate ease.

"No!" Naraku screamed, as he ran towards Kagome in rage.

Kagome breath caught as an eerie silence filled the room all eyes lay on Naraku.

"Hugh" his eyes were widened in shook as blood suddenly spewed from his mouth, it happend all as if it were in slow motion, he looked down in frightened disbelief at his chest and found Inuyashas hand plunged straight through his ribs holding his still beating heart in hand. Naraku razed his gaze to Inuyashas, in astonishment.

"Not laughing now are we" growled Inuyasha with a smirk that made blood run cold.

His eyes blazing red with anger and his face tight with sick satisfaction Inuyasha tore his hand from Narakus chest killing him instantly.

All eyes watched as the so called great Naraku fell dead to the ground.

Kagome ran to Inuyasha and kissed him passionately.

"Kagome no he's still not himself!" Rin yelled in warning.

But Kagome didn't care, and when she pulled away to look into Inuyashas eyes, bright amber gazed back at her "We did it he's dead" she smiled her eyes stinging with tears of joy. It was as if time itself were standing still.

"I can't believe its over" Sesshoumaru said his sword dropping to the floor.

Rin laughed allowed and with a huge hoot of joy ran towards Sesshoumaru and jumped into his arms.

Kagome laughed as Inuyasha raised his hand to wipe her tears away then kissed her once again. "It's done"


Kagome smiled as she herd the thunder of the explosion behind her, she tightened her grip on Inuyashas waist as they sped by the world on his bike, a weightless calm seemed to have consumed her.

Had this really all happened it seemed so unreal when she looked back at it all, she had been a scared little girl bent on revenge, a revenge she never thought she could carry out and now here she was. Naraku was dead and so were the men who had killed her brother so long ago, and now look at her lover and soul mate to the most deadliest crime lord in Tokyo Japan, and what did that make her? The most deadly woman in Japan she supposed. It was all so surreal, to perfect to be real, but it was. and for some unknown reason she began to laugh to anyone she would have appeared insane as her body shook with the sheer force of her laughter, she wondered if Inuyasha thought her mad, but then she felt his body tremble and to her delight she realized that he was laughing to. They had done it they had defeated Naraku their only enemy, the city was theirs, and she only hoped that it was ready for them.


The end


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