Love Between Two

By Utsukushii Ryu

Okay, hey everyone. I know it's been a long time since I've put up a story, but here's one. This is my first "Code Lyoko" fanfic, and I won't take very kindly to criticism.

Anyway, this fanfic will either be a yaoi or a shounen ai between Orrick and Od. I don't care if I spelled their names wrong so don't say anything...

Well, hope you enjoy it.

Chapter One

"Hey, Orrick!" Orrick turned his head, successfully hiding his surprise, to see who had startled him. Standing next to him with a smile on his face was Od.

"Oh, hey, Od." He leaned against the wall, and stared up at the clouds passing by. Od tilted his head slightly to the side, his smile slipping slightly.

"What's wrong?" Orrick turned his head to look at Yumi with Theo sitting together on the benches. He scowled.

"Everything." Od looked at the couple, frowned slightly, before leaning back on the wall beside the brunette.

"Yumi and Theo?" he asked, rubbing his head in slight confusion. "What about them?" He received silence. "'re not too happy about them being together...are you?"

"Gee, am I that obvious?" asked Orrick, sarcasm evident in his voice.

"'s better than him being with Sissy."

"Is it?" Od slapped his friend lightly on the back, catching him by surprise once more.

"C'mon, Orrick! You're never satisfied!" he said, grinning. "Him being with Sissy is dangerous, thus it makes you unhappy. But then him being with Yumi is also dangerous because of Xana, which also makes you unhappy. It also drives you almost insane by jealousy!" Od's smile slipped slightly as he said this. Orrick let a small smile settle on his lips as he turned to face his friend, forcing the grin to return.

"You sound jealous, Od," he teased, making the blonde blush slightly as he withdrew his arm.

Ever since he told Orrick about him liking boys, he's been jabbered by a ton of teasing by the brunette.

Od covered Orrick's mouth with his hand as he looked around nervously. Chills ran down Orrick's back at the contact, confusing him slightly. Finally satisfied that no one was there, Od withdrew his hand, as a wave of disappointment wash over the other boy.

"Orrick! Someone could've heard you!" Od said quietly, looking around once more. "What if Sissy overheard? She'd exploit it to, not only the whole school, but the whole city!" Orrick raised an eyebrow at Od's inexistent denial of being jealous, but smiled nonetheless.

"Ok, ok," he said, shaking his head. "I get the point. Sorry, man." Od rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, that's what you always say." Od stood up properly, followed by Orrick, and he started to walk down towards the cafeteria. "So...the dance is this Saturday," said Od, his arms behind his head, as he walked beside his friend.

"Yeah, so?" asked Orrick, shoving his hands into his pockets. Od looked over at him.

"Who're you gonna ask?" he asked. "Yumi?"

"I guess."

"Well, good luck." Orrick looked at his friend.

"Why's that?"

"You're gonna need it," Od answered, sighing. "Just make sure you ask before Theo does." Orrick stared at the ground, and began to shuffle his feet. Od looked back and saw that Orrick was falling behind. He smiled slightly, took a deep breath, before running back, and slinging his arm around Orrick's shoulders. "Stop depressing about it! It's no fun hanging with you when you're like this!" Orrick smiled at him.

"Thanks, Od," he said.

"Man, am I hungry," Od said, rubbing his stomach for emphasis. He grinned at Orrick, before beginning to run. "Race you to the cafeteria!"

"Uh!" Orrick cried in surprise, before grinning and running after him. "No way! By the time I get there, the dessert's gonna be all gone!" Od looked back and laughed.

"Well, you're gonna have to deal with it!" Orrick smiled, before running faster.

"Quit pacing," Od said, rubbing Kiwi's stomach affectionately. "You're making me dizzy."

"I can't help it," Orrick said, sighing, before plopping down on the bed next to Od. "I'm nervous about asking Yumi."

"Well, you better hurry," Od said, shaking his head. "I just saw Theo walk down the hall towards Yumi's bedroom."

"What?!" And with that, Orrick upped and ran out the door. Od watched him leave, sighed, before looking down at his dog. Kiwi stared up at him, before whining slightly. Od smiled slightly.

"Heh...I sure wish Orrick would do that for me..." Od fell back onto his bed, and closed his eyes. "I guess I could always stick to dreaming."

Orrick skidded to an immediate halt as he reached Yumi's bedroom. He bent over to catch his breath, before standing up. The door was ajar, and he heard voices coming from inside.

"So...uh...Yumi..." he heard a male voice say.

"Yeah? What is it, Theo?" asked Yumi. Orrick scowled, before leaning in to listen.

" you..." He heard Yumi laugh politely.

"Would I, what?"

"Would to...go to the dance...with me?" Orrick's eyes widened, and dread filled his heart.

"Sure, I'd like that." Orrick shut his eyes tight, before running down the hall. Od sat up as he heard hurried footfalls head his way, and rushed to his door. Down the hall, he saw Orrick hurrying his way.

"Orrick? Wha—?" he didn't get to finish his question, for Orrick had ran right into him and knocked him to the ground. He landed on his butt, but blinked in surprise to find that the brunette was holding onto him tightly, and that his shirt was getting wet. Od's eyes softened, as he lay a reassuring hand on his friend's back.

"...Od..." Orrick managed to say between his tears. "...Theo...Yumi..." Od wrapped both his arms around his friend in a comforting manor.

"She said yes...didn't she?" Orrick managed to nod against Od's shirt, before fresh tears began to spill. "I'm so sorry, Orrick..." Orrick finally let go of his friend, pulled back, and began wiping away his tears.

"Sorry, Od," he said quietly. "This has nothing to do with you...and plus, I got your shirt all wet..." Od waved away the apology, and smiled.

"Hey, if it has to do with you, then it has to do with me," he said. He stood up, winced, and rubbed his butt. "Now what you really have to apologize for is knocking me to the ground."

"Sorry." Od grinned, before extending his hand.

"Heh, I was just kidding. Here, need a hand?" Orrick grabbed his wrist, and smiled.

"Sure, thanks."


What do you think? Do you like it? Hopefully. I want to be an author, so I'm practicing. Well, next chapter will come soon. Don't worry.