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Chapter 4- Unknown Post

Every night in his room, Draco could hear Hermione crying. Well, it wasn't really his fault anyway. So why would he be feeling all this guilt? And besides, ever since first year, he has tortured her, so why would he back down now?

He watched her every move since then, trying to make another plan to break their friendship. She went to breakfast earlier than the usual time, had lunch with Lavander and Parvati, and had dinner in their common room. He loved what he was doing, slowly and slowly, he is becoming like his father and he is cherishing every second of it. Soon, the Dark Lord would come and choose him to be his heir, a right choice.

For the whole week, Hermione avoided both Harry and Ron. 'She must feel dirty, for once. Not being able to even be with Ron.' Malfoy often thought. But for that whole week, only once did they have a fight.


Friday, 9:00 in the evening.

Malfoy walked in the dorm. He was drenched it rainwater as he laid his broom in a corner but immediately dropped it as he heard someone screaming at him.

'What the hell do you think you're doing, Malfoy?' Hermione demanded.

'Uh... Placing my broom down?!' he said unsurely.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she folded her arms and tapped her shoe on the floor.

'What?' Malfoy asked.

'Don't what me! I know you know what you did.' she hissed.

Malfoy gave a confused look then sat down.

'Why don't you sit down with me, I'll calm your nerves.' he said with a malicious grin as he slung his wet hair back and tapped the seat beside him in his couch.

'Do you actually think that I'm that stupid to sit beside a vile creature like you?' she asked with her hands placed on her waist.

'You know, git, that that detention you gave Ron was clearly uncalled for.' Hermione continued.

'Well, it was past his curfew and I was just doing my duty as the Head Boy.' Malfoy said.

'But he saved my life.' Hermione reasoned out.

'No, he didn't. Then why is that Potter still alive?'

'You know,' Hermione said in much frustration, 'I don't even understand why I try to have a decent conversation with you when clearly, a chatterbox with no brain like you wouldn't be able to processes any sentence and even say a sentence which is clearly not senseless and most of the time isn't an insult nor hurful to others.' she said as she went towards the couch in front of Malfoy and sat down.

'I'm sexy.' Malfoy said.

Hermione looked up to him with a face retorted.

'What? You thought I couldn't make any sensible sentence? Well, that one is sensible AND also true at the same time.' Malfoy said with a smirk.

Hermione laughed out loud.

'What?' Malfoy asked.

She didn't take heed to Malfoy's question and laughed the hell out of herself. She even tapped the couch as she laughed harder and held her stomach.

'Hey! Stop that this instance and tell me what are you laughing about!' Malfoy demanded as pure irritation now showed in his eyes.

Hermione stifled her laugh and stood up. She went towards her room.

'You know Malfoy, for once, I learned why girls like you.' Hermione said, her back at Malfoy.

'Finally! How long did it take you to realize that I'm clearly the sexiest person alive in the world? Why are you still laughing?' he demanded in a hard voice.

She turned around and said, 'You clearly are a joker. You certainly do know how to make girls laugh! Excuse me if you will, Sir Narcissistic.' she did a curtsy and went inside her room.

'Conceited creature.' Mione mumbled to herself.

'Narcissistic... Narcissistic?' Malfoy asked himself quite stupidly.

'Narcissistic! Oh! That piece of mudblood filth! Narcissistic? Me?' Malfoy said to himself angrily and he grinded his teeth.

'Why that mudblood!' he cursed out loud.

'Can't think about anything but being sexy and VAIN! May I add.' Hermione said, huffing as she got her towel and went outside once again.

Malfoy sat there, annoyed with Granger. She's starting to learn how to fight back with Malfoy, on how to get into his nerves and he was clearly not amused with it.

Hermione saw Malfoy, pissed at her as she walked past him.

He glared at her as she went towards the lavatory.

'Don't glare, Malfoy.' she said, rolling her eyes.

'You wouldn't look SEXY anymore if you glare.' Hermione made a pitiful face at him and snickered as she got inside the bathroom. She was strating to get control in their arguments. Finally! After five years of brawling with him, it surely pays off.


Hermione turned the shower off. The hot water made mists throughout the bathroom and she liked the sight of it. Well, frankly, the reason was quite childish. She usually walks straight to the mirror and draw stuff in there. Childish, right?

She held her eyes closed as she reached for her towel. She wiped the water droplets in her face and made dry of herself. She wrapped the towel in her hair and tried to reach for her bathroom robe. She only reached for the cold steel of the towel holder.

She forgot to bring in her robe.

She slapped he forehead.

'Hermione! How stupid can you get?' she asked herself mentally as she wrapped the towel around her.

She walked towards the door and peered out.

'Great... Just great...' she sighed.

Malfoy sat outside in his couch, eyes closed in his Quidditch robes. He was obviously thinking about something, as his brows met at one point. Hermione thought.

'What to do... what to do...' Hermione said to herself.

'Should I call him and tell him to go away? Fat chance he'll do it... I'll tell him to get my robe inside my room... Maybe not, he'll just do something devious. Umm... I'll just sneak out... His eyes are closed anyway, so I'll just be very quite.'

Hermione slowly opened the door, hoping not to make any sound and slowly and quietly as she can, crept towards her room.

'Okay... Slowly now...'

Malfoy flinched.

Hermione froze.

He didn't open his eyes.

She continued to walk as Malfoy suddenly opened his eyes.

'Granger?' he said.

Hermione jerked back and sped off towards the bathroom and peered out the door.

She gave out a nervous laugh as she smiled at the Slytherin.

He grinned.

She rolled her eyes.

'So, what were you doing?' Malfoy asked as he looked at Granger.

'Trying to get into my room?' she said.

'So I guess you forgot your bathroom robe, didn't you?' he asked as his grin grew bigger.

'Yes, so if you could please be a good Head Boy and go to your room until I get into mine.' Hermione said.

'But I'm not a good boy.' Malfoy replied as he made a pouted face that turned immediately to a smirk.

'Well then, could you at least get my robe in my room.' Hermione demanded.

'Quite annoyed, aren't we?' Malfoy asked as he stood up and walked towards Hermione's room.

'It's by the closet to your left when you get in.' Hermione shouted when Malfoy went inside.

Hermione regretted what was happening. The least thing she wanted was Malfoy going in her room.

He emerged a few moments later outside and walked towards Hermione curiously.

Malfoy tried to peep in to see Hermione in a towel but was immediately blocked by her hand and the robe was quickly snatched from his grasp and the door immediately shut.

'Well that was rude.' he muttered as he sat down.

He took off his Quidditch robe and top immediately when he realized he was soaked all over. He might catch a cold and he wouldn't want that.

He sat back down and looked at his hands. There, he held a thin square package that he got from a white owl tapping at Hermione's window when he got her robe.

Malfoy untied the knot and ripped off the brown paper covering the thing inside.

'What's that?' Hermione asked as she stood behind Malfoy, drying her hair.

Malfoy looked up at her and showed her a transparent case with a shiny round flat object inside.

'I didn't know a selfish and asshole pureblood like you would have a cd.' she said curiously.

'Drop the insult, could you please. I just did you a favor awhile ago.' he said as he held a note in his left hand.

Hermione stared at him.

'And besides, it's your. A white owl was by your window when I got your robe.'

'Why the hell did you get it?' Hermione demanded angrily as he sat beside him and got it.

'Well, it's raining hard as you can see and the owl was drenched all over.' he informed her.

Hermione just stared at the cd. Who could have probably sent her this?

'Does this come with a letter?' she asked Malfoy.

Malfoy opened to her a folded paper. It only had one line in it.

So you think you're loyal and great, do you?

She stared at it and read it a couple of times. She was lost in her thoughts. She recieved an odd letter days ago about the Room of Requirements and then, this? How odd can it get? She was immediately pulled back to reality when she felt an arm rest around her.

She quickly stood up and Malfoy fell to her side of the couch. He groaned at this.

Hermione was supposed to shout, 'What is the matter with you? You self centered, malicious, egotistical bastard' but immediately closed her eyes and just said, 'Could you please, for heaven's sake, place a shirt on?'

'No.' Malfoy said.

Hermione grunted as she walked inside her room, Malfoy quickly followed her.

'What is that thing?' Malfoy asked.

'It's a cd.' Hermione said.

'Yeah, I know... You told me earlier, remember?' he informed her.

'Just... Just wait and see, okay. And now, could you please just shut up for a moment!' she demanded.

'Geez, woman! All you had to do was ask.' Malfoy said as he leaned at the door post and stared at Granger.

She kneeled down on the floor and got a thing. He didn't bother asking because she might turn her into a ferret or something. It was attached to a cord which he supposed was to be plugged into something, but what? Hermione just got her wand from the desk and whispered a spell and it immediately sparked to life. She opened a lid in the top part odf the mechanism and placed the cd in it. And then, music started to come out of it.

As the intro started playing, Hermione stood up and said, 'It's an Evanescence song!'

'Huh?' Malfoy sounded.

'A muggle rock band.' she said bluntly.


perfect by nature

icons of self indulgence

just what we all need

more lies about a world that

never was and never will be

have you no shame

don't you see me

you know you've got everybody fooled

look here she comes now

bow down and stare in wonder

oh how we love you

no flaws when you're pretending

but now i know she

never was and never will be

you don't know how you've betrayed me

and somehow you've got everybody fooled

without the mask

where will you hide

can't find yourself

lost in your lie

i know the truth now

i know who you are

and i don't love you anymore

it never was and never will be

you're not real

and you can't save me

somehow now you're everybody's fool

Malfoy listened intently to the song, then he realized what that was about. A person who was deceiving everyone around him. He was supposed to tell Hermione about that but as he looked at her, she was already shaking.

Malfoy didn't cringe. She was shaking because she was crying.

The song ended and a voice was heard. It was Potter's.

'One word for you Hermione. Malfoy.' The recorded voice said.

Hermione cried even more on the floor as she kneeled in front of the music producer box.

Malfoy reached for the knob and closed the door. He leaned his back to it.

'Finally, my plan is starting to take action. Thanks Potter!' he smirked.

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