Xander Stumbled as he left the mansion and growled in pain as his arm was jerked out of socket again.

With a tired sigh he focused on the flames as he slowly forced his way into a hypnotic trance before jerking his arm back into place.


Xander blinked as his vision slowly swam back into focus on the image of an angel. "I thought you where keeping the fire spell up." He rasped through his dry throat as he reminded himself that forcing his own shoulder back into socket was a bad idea.

"I felt you scream." Tara whispered as she slid a needle into his arm and slowly depressed the plunger.

Xander gritted his teeth against the pain as the synthetic blood jump started his vampiric healing.

As the wounds started to heal he nodded at the questioning look his wife was giving him. "She's at peace now," he said as Tara nodded in understanding.

"And Spike?" she asked as she steadied him as he forced his way to his feet.

"Burning in hell if I justice is served." Xander growled as he slowly headed for their car.

Helping him along Tara felt his strength return until he was walking under his own power by the time they returned to the vehicle. "Where are we going now?" she asked as Xander stowed the weapons before the two got in the car.

"Six of the vampires that were in there were from Damian's clan, we need to make sure he keeps a closer watch on his spawn." Xander said as he pulled the car onto the deserted streets and headed for the warehouse distract.

Nodding in understanding, Tara watched the last of Xander's wounds heal before looking out at the houses that swept by in a blur.

The job wasn't done yet, and it wouldn't be done for a long time to come.

Behind them the magical fires finally consumed the mansion and destroyed even the ash that was once William the Bloody.