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During class, to say that Nina was nervous was an understatement. She couldn't concentrate at all, her hands kept fidgeting, and she kept on thinking of later in the afternoon. Finally, the long awaited bell rang. Nina rushed to get her things packed and waited for Ayu who seemed to pack a lot slower than usual. Suddenly she gasped.

"Oh no!"

"Nani? Daijobu, Ayu-chan?"

"It's just...I forgot Tetsu and I were going bowling today, and ice cream was tomorrow! Oh gomen, Nina!"

'I ought to get an Oscar for this! Damn, I'm good'

Nina didn't know what to think. One part of her was jumping for joy that it'd be just her and Tsujiai. Another was panicking that it'd be just her and Tsujiai. Another was mad at Ayu for making the date and leaving her so it'd be just her and Tsujiai.


"Relax, Nina. Just go on with it anyway. You two already told your parents you'd be going out after school, so why waste this opportunity to get to know Tsujiai-kun better? Besides, if Tetsushi and I were there, we'd just be in the way, you two wouldn't talk all that much at all and you know it!"

"But Ayuuuuuuu--"

Meanwhile with the guys...

Tsujiai put his bag down back on his desk and turned around to glare at Kaji.

"You and Tateishi planned this, didn't you...?"

"No, both of us just forgot we had promised to go skating with each other today!"

"Yeah right, you two BOTH forgot you had to go skating (which is impossible, cuz you never forget a date with her), you two BOTH remembered you have to go skating today (don't you DARE say it was intuition or I'll slap you), and you BOTH are ditching me and Sakura (which isn't like either of you at all cuz WE'RE YOUR BEST FRIENDS!!!!)"

Kaji started sweating.

'Damn...he's good...'

"Look, I'm sorry, but I had promised Ayu we'd go do something she wanted to do today and she wanted to go skating. I promised her, and besides, think of this as an opportunity to get to know Sakura better. I know you like her more than 'just a friend' and don't you dare deny it or I'll slap you."

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Tsujiai rubbed his eyes. True, this gave him the opportunity to be alone with her and get to know her. True, a promise is a promise, and he was sure Ayu would get mad if Tetsushi broke one. True, he did like Saku---scratch that. True, it'd be a nice way for both pairs to get to know each other better. Fine, he'll do it.

"Alright, I'll do it."

"Yatta! Thank you so much Hiroki! You have no idea how much I'm thanking you for saving me from Ayu's wrath!" Kaji said, laughing nervously.

'If she heard that, God save me from her wrath...'

"Yeah, yeah..."

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