Chapter 1


The sun rose like a giant fireball over the horizon. The forest rang with the sounds of Mankeys and Pidgys greeting the morning. Other than that, the world was quiet.

Mewtwo stood on a cliff above the forest, looking at the rising sun and the world below. It was his home, his kingdom, but he owned none of it. But he didn't mind it much.

As long as he didn't have to associate with humans he didn't mind it at all.

He watched the sun rise in the sky. The higher it got the smaller it looked. He suddenly felt lonely. Of course you feel lonely, he thought to himself. You are the only one of your kind.

He thought back to the day he had first opened his eyes. It was such a long time ago but it still felt like yesterday. It was too painful to forget.

He'd woken up in a lab on an unnamed island with at least twenty scientists had crowded around him. The tallest scientist had explained everything to him. How he was only a mere copy of the ancient pokemon Mew and he had no purpose. No one understood him at all.

He shook his head, disturbed by these memories. He wished he could make himself forget like he had done with humans and other pokemon. But he knew he couldn't and had to live with these memories for the rest of his life.

He looked back at the horizon and decided to fly around a bit to clear his head. Using his powers he was soon airborne. The feeling of flying was the only thing that made him feel totally free, it was his feeling of control.

He saw smoke rising from close by and flew lower, curious about what it could be.

As he got closer he saw flames shooting up and realized something was on burning. He stopped over the fire and nearly choked on the smoke. He landed on the ground a short distance from the fire and stared at it in fascination. He saw it was a building of some sort. A house? he thought.

His eyes turned light blue as he stared at the flames in curiosity. He heard the screech of car tires and saw a limo and a van drive quickly away from the burning house. The cat-like pokemon noticed a logo on the van but didn't pay much attention to it. He was too intent on staring at the burning house for some reason.

Suddenly he heard a sound and floated closer to the house to find out what it was. He stopped and stared an a tall figure making it's way out of the flames.

It was a human girl with black hair, and a green sleeveless shirt, and blue jean shorts. On her feet was a pair of red and white sneakers. Around her neck a yellow stone hung from a gold chain. Her face, hair and cloths were covered in ashes.

He watched as she stumbled and fell. The flames surrounded her and she screamed. It was a horrible, nerve shattering scream.

Mewtwo couldn't watch it any longer. He had to help the girl. Even if she was human.

The pokemon flew through the yellow and orange flames searching for the girl. He saw her lying on the ground covering her head with her hands trying to protect it from the flames.

He flew up to her and picked her up in his arms balancing her weight with his powers. He started to fly out of the fire. Once he was far enough away he set the girl on the ground.

The black haired girl stood up staring at him. She looked back toward the fire and screamed. "My mother's still in there!" before she tried to run back to her house.

Mewtwo grabbed her wrist to keep her from running back into the flames.

"Let me go!" she ordered trying to wrench free. "I have to save my mother!"

Don't be stupid!!

He didn't let go. He knew her mother was already dead, but he said nothing. He just kept a tight hold on the human girl's wrist even though she kept struggling.

A few minutes later the flames died and all that was left of the girl's house was the frame and a few wisps of smoke.

The girl's eyes filled with tears and she sank to the ground, crying.

Mewtwo stood there staring at her. He knew if she had gone back into that house she would be dead as well. For some reason he reached over and put his hand (or paw whatever) on the girls head. A simple comforting gesture.

Suddenly the girl stopped crying and stiffened. She quickly scrambled to her feet and glared at him angrily. "This is all your fault!" she shouted, pointing an accusing finger at the pokemon.

(What?) he asked surprised by the girl's attitude.

"It's all your fault my mother's dead!" she answered, her dark green eyes flashing. "If it weren't for you my mother would still be alive!"

(If it weren't for me you would be dead,) he pointed out.

She ignored him. "It's all your fault he destroyed my house and killed my mother!"

(What do you mean?) he asked staring down at her. (Why is it my fault your mother's dead?)

"My mother told me about you," the girl answered her voice full of malice. "She was there when you were born. She told me how you tried to kill everyone who was there because you couldn't hold your temper. She escaped and told me everything that happened."

He stared at her, not sure what to think of this information. Somebody had actually lived through that explosion? It was hard to comprehend.

She looked away. "I was only six at the time," she glared at him again. "And I would have been an orphan if you had killed her then!"

(That doesn't explain why you are blaming me for this happening to your house,) he said.

"Giovanni found out that my mother survived the explosion and came here because he wanted my mother to help find and capture you or, if that wasn't possible, create another one," she replied clenching her fists. "My mother, who is a pokemon researcher, said 'no'. Giovanni got angry and ordered his goons to lock me and my mother in the basement. Then he ordered them to burn down the house with us still locked inside."

She glared at him for the third time.

For some reason he backed away.

"If it weren't for you, Mewtwo, my mother would still be here and my life would be normal," she snapped.

He looked down at her, (It wasn't my fault!) he objected.

"Just leave me alone!" she screamed angrily. "I hate you!"

His eyes flashed blue in surprise and anger. The pokemon was beginning to regret saving this girl. She was nothing but an ungrateful brat.

Then she pulled out a pokeball and stared at it. She clenched her fist around it muttering. "This is no use to me now," she said to herself, pretending he wasn't here. "I'll never be able to show my mother any of the pokemon I'll catch."

She threw the ball away from her. It rolled on the ground and stopped in front of Mewtwo. The ball opened up and before he even knew what was happening, it sucked him in.

The girl hear the sound of sucking. She looked over at her pokeball and saw the little light on the front of it blinking then it stopped. She looked around for Mewtwo but didn't see him. Had he flown off? If he had good riddens but that like told her another story. Curious, she picked the ball up and stared at it for a moment. She then threw it on the ground and it opened.

Mewtwo popped out. His face had a funny look on it. Like he was surprised on how easily he was caught.

She reached down and picked up the ball. "Now look what you've done," she accused, realizing what had happened. "You made me waste my only Master Ball!"

(It wasn't my fault!) he argued, glaring back at her. (You threw it at me!)

"Shut up!" she ordered. "I did not throw you intentional!"

(No, I will not shut up!) he said defiantly.

The girl stared at him in surprise. Why hadn't he obeyed her order? I thought all pokemon obeyed their masters after they were caught...

She glared at him. The pokemon's face held no expression as he stared back. He seemed to be mocking her about the fact that even though she had caught him, he didn't have to listen to her.

She sucked in a breath, held it, and let it out a long, frustrated sigh. Great, just great!

Mewtwo watched her, wondering what she was thinking. He could tell she wasn't happy that she had caught him and he wasn't too thrilled at the idea either. He knew now he couldn't go where he wanted or do what he wanted. He was owned by someone. The very idea made him sick.

The girl stared at the ball a moment longer then she shook her head and began to walk away. He followed her. Not because he wanted to but because he knew he had to.

"Leave me alone," she growled as the pokemon floated beside her.

(Do you think I don't want to?) he asked.

"Errrr..." she muttered. "I wish you would just go away!"

(Well I can't,) he said.

The girl said nothing and they moved along in silence. After a moment he grabbed her shoulder bringing her to a stop. "What?" she asked, glaring at the faded purple pokemon with annoyance.

(You know, since I'm gonna be stuck with you for the rest of my life you could at least tell me your name,) he answered looking down at her with his big purple eyes.

She stared at him, her eyes cold. He could tell even without reading her mind that she didn't want to tell him. "I'm not going to tell you," she said after a moment. "If you want to find out my name why don't you just read my mind with your prying powers and find out yourself."

She was mocking him. Mewtwo knew as well as she did that he could not find out peoples names that way. Stupid human.

(I can't find out that way,) he finally said.

She sneered at him. "Well too bad then," the girl said with a mocking smile.

Then the girl turned around without another word and began walking again. Mewtwo was getting really steamed at her attitude and decided to teach her a lesson. Using his mental powers he made a rock go into her path. She didn't see it and tripped over it falling flat on her face.

"That rock wasn't there a moment ago," she muttered as she got to her feet.

She cast an accusing look at her pokemon but he kept his face blank and totally innocent. As he he couldn't possibly be responsible for a rock coming into her path. She stared at him suspiciously then began walking again.

He made the wind blow and a few pieces of not so ripe fruit, from a tree she was walking under, fell on her head.

She glared at him again, rubbing her head where the fruit had hit it. He kept his face expressionless. They began to walk again. Or at least the girl was, Mewtwo floated behind her. Every once in awhile he made something come into her path to cause her to trip. He was going to find out her name one way or another and teach her a lesson in manners as well.

After a few more 'accidents' the girl lost it. She turned to him and ordered angrily. "Stop that right now!"

(Not until you tell me your name,) he answered staring down at her.



The girl tossed her hair angrily and began to walk again. Mewtwo made a tree vine fall out of a tree and hit her in the face. She angrily thrust the vine aside and gave him a warning glare.

He didn't feel threatened at all.

After doing it a few more times the girl screamed, picked up a rock, and pelted it at him. Mewtwo easily made the rock fly back at her. She ducked and it hit a tree.

She stomped up to him and brought herself up to her full height, about a foot shorter than himself, and said with a warning growl in her voice. "Do that again and you're going back in your pokeball."

He didn't want her to do that so he muttered defiantly. (I'll be good.)

She seemed satisfied and they began to walk again in silence.

After a few minutes the girl stopped to rest in a clearing.

Mewtow looked up into the sky and, using his powers, began to make it rain. She quickly ran back under the trees but by the time she reached where the pokemon stood she was soaked.

"Funny how a clear sky can suddenly become cloudy and begin to rain," she said to herself, looking right at Mewtwo as she spoke.

He just shrugged, acting like he had nothing to do with the sudden down burst.

A few hours later the sun went down and the girl, finding a match in her shorts pocket, started a fire. She sat down by it and began to stare into space. Silence stretched from seconds to minutes. Mewtwo stood close by, watching her with slight curiosity. She looked so sad.

I wonder what it's like to lose ones parents, he thought. Maybe she's grieving and that's why she's being so nasty.

He decided to try to make her like him. Not because he cared about her, she was too bratty for that kind of thing, just so that this whole ordeal would become more pleasant. If he was going to be stuck with her, he didn't want to be owned by a grouch.

Mewtwo mentally picked some apples from a nearby tree and brought them over to where he stood. He then began to break them. He grunted as he used his powerful brain to put pressure on the fruit.

The girl didn't even look up, even though the sound was pretty loud.

When he was done he floated one of the apples over to her. She stared at it like it was the ugliest thing in the world. (Are you hungry?) he asked bobbing the apple in front of her face. (I got something for you.)

"I'm not hungry," she said glaring at him and pushing the apple away. "Why don't you just eat it instead?"

More determinedly he floated it back in front of her face. She pushed it away again and cast the pokemon a dark look. "I said I wasn't hungry!" she growled.

He knew better and more apples joined the first one. The girl pushed them all away, but they just came back like a bulking group of mosquitoes. One of them bumped into her forehead.

"Get away from me!" she screamed at the fruit, getting to her feet and rushing away from them.

Mewtwo made them follow her and orbit around her head like a group of planets. She ran around screaming. A small smirky smile crossed his face. This was actually amusing.

After a moment she stood by the fire panting, but the apples still floated around her head. "Oh, all right," she murmured grabbing one of the apples and biting it.

She looked coldly at Mewtwo. His smirk remained on his face and he made sure she ate most of them before he floated the rest away and back to the pile he had created. When she finished the last bite she stomped up to him and demanded. "Why did you do that? I told you to leave me alone!"

Mewtwo just stared down at her, his face blank.

She shook the Master Ball threateningly in front of his face. "Don't do that again or you will go back in here and I mean it!"

(Tell me your name and I won't,) he answered staring down at her with his eyes half closed, his smirk now a serious face

The girl angrily thrust the Master Ball back in her shorts pocket and sighed, clenching her fists. "I don't answer to you," she hissed. "I own you, not the other way around. Whether you obey me or not you are mine and trainers don't submit to their Pokemon, understand?"

(I understand,) he answered. (But other trainers tell their Pokemon their names whether they like them or not. I still want to know your name.)

Her face turned red and finally she said unwillingly. "It's Karen."

(Now that wasn't so hard was it?) he asked satisfied.

"Shut up," she ordered turning away from him and sitting in front of the fire again.


Karen shook her head and stared at the fire, not wanting to say anything more.

Mewtwo floated up to her and stood beside the girl. He looked down at her face. He saw in the fire light that she was crying.

He felt obligated to comfort her but decided against it. She would probably yell at me again, he thought staring into the sky.

There was a long silence.

Suddenly they heard a rustling in the nearby bushes and they looked in that direction. The Pokemon floated over to them to investigate but saw nothing.

Weird, he thought.

That's when he heard a shriek. He looked back at the fire and saw a Rhydon getting ready to charge at Karen. (RUN!) he shouted at the girl.

She sat there frozen in fear.

Mewtwo saw the thing charge. On a new instinct he flew as fast as he could up to her and stood in front of her protectively. Using his powers he stopped the other Pokemon in its tracks and threw it back into the woods with a psychic blast.

He looked down at Karen. She was staring at him in disbelief. "You saved me," she said. "After the way I acted you saved me."

(It was nothing,) he answered staring at her. He wondered if she was going to say something else like "I'm sorry."

Instead she got to her feet and brushed herself off. "Well, I guess you kind of had to since you are my Pokemon after all," she said.

(I saved you from that fire and I wasn't your Pokemon then,) he pointed out.

"Yeah, maybe," she said brushing her hair back into place. "But you know you didn't have to."

(But I did,) he said pointedly. (And you didn't even thank me. You just got mad at me and started blaming me for your mother dying.)

She looked up at him with a slight change of character on her face. "I'm sorry about that," she said. Her green eyes filled with tears. "I didn't mean what I said. I-I guess I'm just upset over losing my mother."

(It's all right,) he said though he wasn't sure it was. (I understand.)

Karen put out the fire and yawned. "I guess I'm tired," she said embarrassed.

He looked at her. (Get some sleep,) he said. (I'll protect you.)

She lay on the ground. He looked away from her.

"Mewtwo," he hear her say.

He looked back down at her.

"Thank you."

He didn't reply.

Authors note: I don't have much to say really but since I only saw the Pokemon movie with Mewtwo in it twice I might have made him out of character. Don't be mad at me for this. This is my first attempt at a Pokemon fanfic so I'm new at it.