A/N: Right-o, this is just something to keep me amused while the rest of my brain goes vacationing on planet Writer's Block. [Urk, I hate that planet.] The idea popped into my head when I found that a theater in my area was running a show called Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical. Yes, really. Jekyll does a duet with himself. I'm serious! [I still want to go see it, just out of curiosity!] Anyway, on to the music!

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Period. Oh, the song is Hey, A Movie from The Great Muppet Caper

[We, the audience, find ourselves in a very dismal alley. Suddenly the alley is flooded with light and the music begins! The Nemomobile comes around the corner, carrying the League]

[The car stops, and the League disembark]

Quatermain: There'll be spectacle

Mina: There'll be fantasy

Sawyer: There'll be daring do

And stuff like you would never see

All: Hey! A movie!

Yeah! We're gonna be movie

Starring everybody

Nemo: And me!

Sawyer: There'll be heroes bold

Skinner: [sneaks up on Mina with a mischievous grin] There'll be comedy

All: And a lot of fuss

That ends for us real happily

Hey! A movie!

Jekyll: We can watch it all develop

Starring everybody

Hyde: [in Jekyll's head] And me! [Jekyll shudders]

Nemo: We'll take the world

And set it on its ear

Sawyer & Quatermain: Come on join in

We're gonna start right here

Dorian: There'll be crooks and cops

There'll be villainy [grins]

All [except Dorian]: But with us on call

We'll fix it all real easily

Dorian: Yeah, right. [The others glare at him]

All: Hey! A movie!

Sawyer: Wow! It's gonna be terrific

Starring everybody

Mina: And me!

Skinner: There'll be mystery

Nemo: And catastrophe [something explodes in the background]

All: But it's all in fun

You paid the money wait and see

Hey! A movie!

Dorian: Is there any way to stop it!? [The others glare at him again]

All: Starring everybody



Quatermain: And me!

[Big finish! The Fantom's tank comes smashing through the alley, and the League scatters until the next scene!]

A/N: My God, I have no life. Anyway, this fic is just pure folly, so if you hate it, I don't care. The next time my brain takes a vacation; this'll be what I work on. Oh joy of joys.