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A Different Way To A Perfect Ending

                Examining him thoroughly, a mixture of joyous and relieved tears dispelled from her eyes. Physically, he was seemingly fine. Emotionally, he was seemingly fine. Being no older than two years, he could not comprehend the seriousness of his abduction. Nonetheless, she couldn't keep her arms from wrapping around his little body as she pressed him against her own while murmuring soothing sweet nothings into his ear.

                In the distance, she heard a loud rumbling and then a gigantic crash.

                She would have continued to ignore it if it wasn't for the fact that the little boy in her arms asked, "Remy?"

                That was when she was brought back to reality. Frantically flying out of the Blackbird with child still in hand, she was now looking at a caved in hole with her solemn teammates standing around it – all gazing at the mound, none too sure about what to do next.

                "Remy?" She queried as she scanned the area intensively and flew straight to air, still with her child in her arms.

                It was Storm who would take the initiative to fly right next to the worried white-striped hair woman. "Rogue, please come down with Jeremy first." The weather goddess requested calmly.

                "Where is he?" Rogue ignored the question to ask her own.

                "You might hurt the child. Please join us on the ground first." Storm requested once more.

                Reminded of Jeremy and then realizing the altitude she was flying at, Rogue settled back to the ground where the rest of her teammates were gathered. Grasping Jeremy still, she asked her teammates in a trembling voice, "Where is he?"

                "He's gone, Rogue. I'm…we're sorry." Jean finally spoke up, while all the others looked away from Rogue.

                "No…. he's not gone. Ah don' care. Ah'm not losing him again… we're not losing him again!" Rogue said and slipped Jeremy into Jean's arms. Then, she flew to the mound of debris and began digging through it, tossing pieces of all sizes over her shoulders.

                "Ah'm not gonna leave ya again, so ya ain't leaving me." She mumbled as she worked hurriedly.

                A steady hand landed on her right shoulder and gave her a tight squeeze. "Darlin', there ain't no use. He could never survive that." A rather soft gruff voice said.

                Whipping back and slapping his hand away with her arm, she snarled through her tears, "Don't give me that bullshit! He's alive! Ah know he is!"

                Shaking his head slightly, he was speechless – not a word came to mind. So, instead of responding, he began digging through the rubble with his unbreakable claws. Rogue quickly turned back to the task at hand, and the rest of the team quickly joined in on the rescue mission.

                One hour.

                Two hours.

                Three hours gone.

                And she was still frantically searching and rummaging through the massive pile. However, she was the only one. The rest of the team had given up hope. Even if they found him, he would have died due to the lack of air. There just didn't seem to be any chance of finding him alive.

                "Meine schwester, he's gone." Kurt stated quietly as he walked up behind his sister.

                "Kurt, ah don' need that right now." She dismissed him and continued to search.

                "Jeremy's tired, it's time to go home now." Kurt advised gently.

                "Kurt, ah said ah don' need that right now. Take my baby home then, make sure he's okay, but ah'm coming home wit' his daddy." Rogue stated stubbornly.

                Not quite sure of what else to say, Kurt simply turned around and walked back to the rest of the team.

                "Don't do this to me, Cajun. Not when we're so damn close…" She mumbled as the tears she held back for the last few hours, came tumbling down her cheeks.

                Flying around the area, she began digging at another section. "Our baby needs ya… ah need ya…" She murmured as she threw huge pieces of steel away.

                Then as quiet as a mouse, she heard a light gasp from beneath her. Doubling her efforts, she cried, "Remy? Remy? Can ya hear me?"

                Another gasp could be heard, this time louder as she dug feverously. "Oh god… please be okay."

                The breathing got louder as she threw away the rubble quicker. Then, she saw it – a hand gripping a piece of jagged wood.

                "REMY!" She cried and ripped through all the debris. Within seconds, she saw him. He was lying in a hole and breathing heavily. His other hand was rested on his bleeding side and his eyes were closed. She snatched him quickly and flew him out of the hole. Laying him down carefully on the ground, the rest of the team gathered around the two. Rogue brushed the dirt and hair away from his face as her own tears fell and landed on his cheeks.

                "Remy? Can ya hear me?" She asked softly.

                Slowly, he opened his eyes and as soon as she saw the pair of rubies staring straight into her own emeralds, relief was heard all around her. "Thank god you're okay. Don't do that t'me again." She muttered and stroked his cheek with the back of her gloved hand.

                With tremendous difficulty, he opened his mouth and said slowly, "I… knew…y' wouldn't…leave again."

                "Never again, sugah. Never again."


                Dressed in a yellow sundress, she walked down to the medical lab with a vase of flowers in hand. When she reached the door, turning the knob ever so slowly, she slipped into the room. Like usual, he was sleeping with extensive bandages all over his body. For the past three days, he had been in a coma, but she was grateful that he was for the other possibility was something she knew would be completely unbearable.

                Placing the vase on the bedside table, she took a seat in the chair next to his bed. Feeling a slight groove in the back of the chair, she smiled slightly at the fact. For as long as he had been down there, she had basically been there alongside with him. There were the odd hours she would pull herself away to sleep for a couple of hours on a bed or to take care of their son. But most of the time, she sat herself beside him, waiting for him to finally wake.

                Often, she would bring Jeremy with her who would spend an hour sitting quietly with her or he would play softly on the floor with the toys he brought with him. This morning, however, she had left Jeremy in the care of his uncle so she could have some time alone with her love. Touching him softly on his pale cheek, she kissed him lightly on the forehead.

                The sensation of her lips on his skin was incredible and she merely wished that he was awake to feel it too. It would seem that she was about to get her wish in a matter of minutes.

                Stirring slightly, he moved his head towards her. She pulled her hand back in surprise as she watched him cautiously. Once more, he moved his head slightly to the left as his hands closed up slowly. Not saying a word, she continued to watch him in amazed silence.

                Gradually, his eyelids lifted exposing his vibrant scarlet orbs. Blinking a few times, he adjusted his eyes to the yellow fluorescent light. "Rogue?" He queried in a low faint voice.

                "Remy, you're awake." Rogue stated joyously and took his hand into her own.

                "I t'ink so…" He said.

                "Let me get ya some water." She said and let go of his hand. Pouring him a glass, she quickly returned to her seat beside him. Pressing the button that raised his bed, he slowly tipped his head back as she brought the rim to his lips and poured it in gradually.

                He gulped it down and she placed the glass on the bedside table.



                "Have y' always look dis beautiful?" He asked as he focused his eyes on her. She was practically glowing, and her hair was held back up in a simple up-do where loose strands of white escaped and framed her face. To him, she looked like an angel.

                She giggled lightly and said, "Ah'm glad ya haven't lost your charm."

                "Chere, we do have a son, right?" He asked out of the blue in a dead serious manner.

                Tears lined the corner of her eyes, as she replied, "Yeah, we do."

                "So, it's not a dream, right?"

                "No, sugah, he ain't a dream."

                "Good den. He'd been a pretty good dream t'ough, but I'd like t'have de real t'ing."

                Holding back the tears, Rogue didn't respond as she leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Pulling back from him, he looked at her with complete astonishment.

                "Since when can y' do dat?" He asked utterly bewildered.

                "For some time now. Got a lil' friend that helps me wit' it." She answered and lifted up her wrist to show him the bracelet.

                "Well… can y' do dat again?" He asked, still not convinced that such a simple bracelet could control her powers.

                Leaning in again, she kissed him lightly on the lips once more but slightly longer than before. When she broke the contact, he smiled meekly at her. "Let's do dat again."

                Chuckling at his blunt request, she responded, "We'll save some for later. So, how are ya feelin'?"

                "Can't really feel anyt'ing… how much morphine did Hank give me?" Remy asked curiously.

                "Considering the damage… quite a bit." Rogue replied.

                "Well… dat's good. How long have I been sleepin'?"

                "Three days straight."

                "Feels like forever."

                "Yeah, it does, sugah. We're glad you're back though. Couldn't be back soon enough." She commented.

                "Can I see him soon?" Remy asked.

                "Ah think he'll like that. Ah'll bring him down for lunch later, okay?" Rogue suggested.



                "I want t'be a famille, chere. No more bullshit. No more games. Just une famille." Remy stated strongly as he attempted to sit up straight.

                "Remy… there's still so much…"

                "We'll work 'em out. But life's too short t'keep hurtin' de ones we love. And I don't want t'hurt y' anymore, chere. I just wanna love y' and Jeremy and dat's it." Remy interrupted her with his determined point.

                Unsure of what to say, she was rendered speechless because she knew that his proposal wasn't as simple as that. There were still so many unfinished conversations, and problems that needed resolutions. So, instead of answering, she simply leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

                That was a good enough 'yes' for him.


                With the basket of clean clothes carried against her waist, she walked towards the bedroom when she happened to stop mid-step.

                "I'm Jeremy."

                "Papa's Jeremy."

                "Non petite, okay fine. You're Jeremy."

                "Non petite, okay fine. Jeremy's Jeremy."

                Making a left instead of a right, she turned into the living room and dropped the basket onto the ground. Leaning against the entranceway, she continued to watch her boys converse.

                "Non, petite. Listen t' Papa carefully."

                Placing his hand on his forehead, he saluted his father firmly and said, "Aye aye, Papa!"

                Rogue smiled at her son's playful attitude, and Remy said once more, "Repeat after Papa, I'm Jeremy."

                "Papa's Jeremy." The boy stated strongly in a serious manner.

                Rogue giggled at the interaction as Remy looked at her with a defeated face. He fell back onto the carpet as Jeremy chuckled with her mother. She walked over to him and seated herself next to beaten Remy. "Ya wanna tell me what ya were doin', sugah?"

                "Ohh… just tryin' teach."

                "Elaborate please."

                Hesitating, Remy replied slowly, "Teaching him not t'speak in t'ird person."

                Rogue burst out laughing upon hearing his explanation. Between her fits of laughter, she managed to comment, "But y' speak in third person all the time."

                "Remy… I know, but it ain't healt'y t'learn proper English dat way, non?" He replied as he closed his eyes.

                Jeremy crawled over to his father and climbed on top of his abdominal. Placing a chubby little hand on each of his father's face, he pressed his hand together and Remy's mouth opened to resemble that of a fish. Remy flickered his eyes open and stared into the green on black eyes of his son. Then, Jeremy stated loudly, "I'm J'remy!"

                As soon as he said it, the little boy giggled and rolled off his father's stomach. Rogue joined in on her son's laughter as Remy realized that he had just been had by a two and a half year old.

                "Why y' lil…." Remy said and quickly sat up straight. He snatched the giggling boy in his hands and began tickling him all over. "Papa'll give y' somet'in' t'laugh about… trickin' me like dat."

                The boy squealed with laughter as he tried unsuccessfully to fight off his father. To no avail, he quickly gave up and screamed, "Je suis desole! Je suis desole!"

                Remy immediately stopped tickling when he heard his son speak French. That simple act never ceased to amaze him of how incredible it felt to father a child, especially such a good-natured boisterous child like Jeremy. Sometimes, it was still hard for him to believe that this child had his blood running through his veins.

                Wrapping his short little arms around his father's muscular neck, Jeremy gave his father a big wet smack on the cheek. "Je t'aime, Papa." The boy said, for he knew that those were always the right words to say to his father in any circumstance.

                "Je t'aime aussi." Remy responded and gave his son a kiss on the cheek as well.

                "Give Momma a kiss before she needs t'fold some clothes." Rogue requested and held her cheek out to her son. However, Jeremy was a tad too slow as Remy gave her a big wet smack on the cheek instead. She scrunched up her face as she wiped her cheek. Glaring at Remy, he merely gave her a wink and turned back to their boy who was smiling as mischievously as his father.

                Rogue rolled her eyes and didn't bother responding to either of her boys. Feigning annoyance, she was actually extremely happy to know that Remy and Jeremy have been getting along so well the last couple of months since Remy assumed his role as Jeremy's father. It seemed that they were actually becoming a family, and that perhaps, this time she and Remy would finally get it right.

                "Momma! Wait!" The boy said and struggled to get out of his father's grasp. Remy let the child down and Jeremy ran towards his mother. She looked down at her boy with a curious brow arched, and asked, "What is it, baby?"

                "Got pretty present." Jeremy responded and began digging around in his pockets.

                He pulled out a marble, a penny, a used up tissue paper and an old lollipop that he tried to put back into his mouth, but Rogue took it away from him swiftly.

                Remy joined them now, as he looked at their boy with curiosity too. "What y' got dere, petite?"

                "Wait…oomph…almost…oui!" He said and pulled it out of his pocket.

                Presenting it to his mother, Rogue gasped at the sight of it. It was a round cut diamond ring and Jeremy grinned proudly while he held it up. "Pretty, Momma?"

                "Very, sugah." Rogue said in awe.

                Digging through his own pockets, Remy's eyes bulged as he realized that he was missing a certain piece of jewelry. "Why y' little t'ief!" Remy said and picked up the boy.

                Jeremy was giggling once more while Remy tickled him and took the ring from him.

                Rogue cleared her throat loudly and the boys stopped their horseplay. Recalling what he needed to do, Remy dropped his son on the floor and cleared his own throat. Getting down on one knee, he took Rogue's trembling hand into his own. "Dis is so not de way I planned dis, chere. It was supposed t'be romantic." He began.

                "Don't care about that stuff at all, sugah." Rogue responded as tears began falling already.

                "Well, den… I love y'. Spent too much time wit'out y'. I don't wanna waste anymore. Marry me, chere and make me de happiest homme alive." Remy said, keeping his speech short but oh so sweet.

                "Ya bet ya bottoms ah'd marry ya! Yes, Remy! Yes!" Rogue agreed enthusiastically. He slipped the ring onto her finger and stood up to kiss her passionately. With her arms around his neck, and his arms around her waist, the two pulled back for a few moments to enjoy the pure bliss of the moment.

                "Ah love ya."

                "Je t'aime aussi."

                Kissing her again, Remy was interrupted by a tugging at his pants. Without much of a look, he picked up Jeremy and Rogue kissed him happily on the cheeks. Seeing the jubilant smiles on his parents' faces, he turned to Remy and asked, "Family now?"

                "Family always."

- La Fin-