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Hiei:Just nod your head and walk away.

I am not you...

I am not you...

I am not you...


"I AM NOT YOU!!" Jeremy screamed as a course of electricity ran through his body. Pain filled his veins and tears splashed down his face. He choked, and blood came up.

"Yes...we are one in the same...They are not like you...like us..." A cool silky voice whispered. "We are different special...We are beautiful creatures...those under us should be bowing down at our feet...."

Jeremy squeezed his eyes shut.

"I'M NOT LISTENING! I'M NOT LISTENING!" Pain etched over his skin, and inside his body again. "Oh foolish human child! Here I am offering an alliance, a chance to make you powerful, and even give you Aelita...BUT YOU THROW IT IN MY FACE!"

More blood.

Moor electricity.

More burning pain....

"Aelita would never forgive me if I agreed to this, my friends would be killed, all I love would die...and I could never...forgive myself!!" He gasped out, a cry echoing from his lips.

"It hurts so bad...Please...stop...."


Painful screams were heard, along with sobs, and the ever lasting angry voice. Eventually both voices would die away and start up again within an hour. This continued for what seemed like days.

"Why...Why human are you so loyal to them, when they don't even know I have you."

"They're my friends my family...can't betray them...it'd kill me...."Jeremy gasped, death seeming the crawl its way over to him.


"You'll never win."

"Why?" Xana asked eyes narrowed.

"You don't have friends...no one who cares for you...no one who will help you when your in pain..." Jeremy gasped out, "No one to comfort you....make you smile...You have no one!"

Xana went silent.

He listened to the soft wheezing of the child's lungs and waited. "You have no one....even when I die...I'll have them..."

Xana chuckled, "Boy...your death date is today...where are these friends?"

Jeremy placed his hand on his heart, "Here..."

He let his hand come back on the floor, "Sad...even...even if you win you'll always be alone."

His breaths came out ragged, and sharp, "You'll always be alone."

His lungs collapsed, and he gasped for breath unable to receive any. He tried hard, but in the end, his skin went cold and lips blue.

Xana listened to the silence, to the death...Humans were so strange. Was that where they drew their strength? From each other? From this friendship?

"I'll never win...because I'm alone?" He asked himself, unable to answer. Alone he had failed so many times, and with them all working together, they had won many times...

Was this insignificant worm right.

The truth of that small phrase stuck with him. He couldn't shake it off, and in the future, with every bitter defeat he remembered what his victim's last words had been. And how right they were.

Finally one day he'd lay at three angry children's feet, a sword raised above his head. "This is for Jeremy...our firend....you killed him when he was all alone...but we were there with him, so he was never alone. You are alone! You were born alone, NOW DIE ALONE." The sword came down...

'You'll always be alone.'