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Kaerizaku: Kanshu


Angels and Mistakes

I see them looking at me; I hear the whispers. They act as though one word will break me completely. Too late.

I thought it would be easy, that if I did it there would be no one to answer to, but I underestimated my friend. That baka is too stubborn to let me go. And in a way I'm glad. I need that shoulder to cry on, now more than ever.

I had thought I was alone, that no one could understand me, but there stands my dear friend, my guardian angel; my own personal angel to lend me strength and guide me through the darkness. We stand together in the storm and when one strays, the other searches without rest. There is no way to describe what we mean to each other. In the years to come, there would be those who would see our invisible bond to each other, making us closer than blood relatives and would call us homosexuals for our lack of interest in the other sex. What could they possibly know?

For now, the figure sits beside my bed, holding my hand, helping me through my grief, piecing my life back together yet again. It's all wrong. It shouldn't have happened this way; I should've died too, but instead I only killed my baby.


Three Years Later, A Gentlemen's Wager

"There, those two," he says expectantly, pointing discreetly to the pair sitting under the tree.

"What about them?"

"Don't tell you don't think they aren't attractive," sarcasm now. "I've asked around, everyone who knows them, or at least of them, can't recall either of them ever having a boyfriend. However, very few think that they're lesbians, as they've shown no interest in females either."

"What is your point?"

"If they've never had boyfriends, that would make them, theoretically, virgins."

"What is your point?" Boredom began to seep into the monotonous tone.

"My point is how would you like to make a bet?"


They stood in silence watching the two women talking.

They were completely oblivious to the world around them, so involved in the discussion that both failed to notice the figures sneaking up behind them. The silver-hair boy and his comrade grabbed both girls, only to find themselves looking at the sky, reflecting on the pain in their heads from the contact with the ground. Over them stood the black-haired girls, lecturing them for their complete stupidity, soon joined by another woman.

Through this all, the two men stood watching, observing the females, their remarkable likeness to each other, but in no means anywhere near that of the shorter of the two and the woman who joined in the fray.


"First one to get one of them in bed, proving beyond all reasonable doubt that she is at least bisexual, at most heterosexual, wins."

"Too easy."

"Alright, you want a challenge, how about a month deadline."

"A fortnight, loser pays winner juugoman yen-"

"Juugoman... Are you joking?"

"-minus issen yen for every day it takes to get her in bed."

"Oh, you are good. Deal." Hands shook, sealing the wager. Eyes returned to watching the marks now preparing to leave. They stood planning, unaware of the knot they were about to unravel.


First Impressions

"What were you thinking?"

"You know better than to sneak up on us!"

The two young men sat on the grass being chided by their 'victims'. Kagome and Sango paused to breathe when they noticed Kikyou picked up where they left off, berating her boyfriend specifically. Exchanging a glance, they shrugged and began to gather their books.

"You truly are weak, otouto, to let a female defeat yourself." The somber voice startled everyone.

They turned to see two young men; one with a sedate expression, eyes sparkling with humor, the other, with no expression whatsoever, eyes equally blank.

"Sesshoumaru," said otouto growled. "To what do I owe the displeasure of your presence?"

Silver eyebrows rose. "Why InuYasha, I'm hurt that my little brother- "


"- would be so rude to me." Golden eyes narrowed, "It makes me ashamed to call you family. Oh wait, I was already."

"InuYasha, perhaps you should introduce us to your brother," Kagome intervened before her friend lost his temper.

"Hai, InuYasha, introduce us to your lovely friends," the black- haired companion of Sesshoumaru spoke up.

Disgruntled at being outnumbered he spoke, "Minna, this is my older, half-brother Nishikarakikoushi Sesshoumaru and his friend-"


"Gee, Sesshoumaru, love you, too," came the mumbled retort.

"- and mine, Kobayashi Miroku. This is Higurashi Kagome, Matsumoto Sango, Chimiookami Kouga, and my girlfriend, Nidozaki Kikyou."

Miroku came forward, caught Sango's hands in his, and, gazing at her with the utmost sincerity, said, "My dear Sango, watashi no ko wo undekudasai."

Three things happened at once: Sango retracted her hands from Miroku's grip and slapped him, Kagome whacked him upside the head with a particularly heavy textbook, and InuYasha's fist made contact with Miroku's crown. The poor, abused male sank to the grass unconscious.

"Where did you find this hentai?" Kikyou queried.

"I've known him since grade school," came the younger brother's reply. "He asks every pretty girl he meets that question, though why he asked Sango, I'll never know. Just kidding!" This was said as a murderous looking pair advanced on him.

"As I said before, you are weak and a coward to boot."

"You'd be scared too if you knew how strong and violent those two are."

"This Sesshoumaru is stronger than any female."

"Oh really," Kagome said. "These females are not as helpless as they appear."

"I meant no offense, I only spoke the truth. The truth also happens to be that I, Sesshoumaru, am stronger than any male."

"Right," Sango drawled. "All hail the mighty and revered Sesshoumaru- sama!"

"Oh kami! He's so wonderful," Kagome dreamily gushed. "Sango, catch me." She fell bonelessly into her friend's arm in a faint. InuYasha burst out laughing at the annoyed look that flashed across his niisan's face.

"How does it feel, Sesshoumaru, to find girls who don't fall all over themselves to please you?"


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