Name: Rogue


Title: Tortured Hearts Installment:

Summary: Cole and the gang go to Tennessee to visit Jesse, Zee and his sisters, who have been staying with Josephine. Cole thinks Joey is an immature child and too young to be taking care his sisters.

Classification: Cole Younger/ OFC

Rating: PG13 as of right now

Spoiler: If you haven't seen the movie yeah spoilers.

Warning: May be some character deaths later.

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that is familiar with American Outlaws. Do you think I would be writing this if I owned Colin or Scott. I do own the Younger sister's names and characters profiles and Josephine Montgomery, Nathan Jackson, and Jimmy Potter.

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AN: This is my first American Outlaws fiction so please be nice. Her are some things you should know before reading it.

-This is set 6 months after the movie.

-Jesse and Zee are married and live in the Millers Hill, Tennessee (don't know if it is a real place)

-Cole, Bob, Frank, Tom, and Clell are still robbing banks..

-Everything else will be revealed in the story.

-Everyone who died in the movie is still dead.


Josephine Montgomery looked up at her father as he climbed onto his black mare, Midnight. He was a tall man and stood at 6'5 with red hair and emerald green eyes. He wore his Union blue uniform.

She stood at 5'7 and looked nothing like her father. She had curly auburn hair past her shoulders and deep crystal blue eyes. Her father said she looked exactly like her mother.

Joey, as most called her, had tears brimming in her eyes knowing her father would probably not return to her. She lost her mother at the tender age of five and didn't want to lose the only parent she remembered.

"Now Josephine," her father's Irish accent interrupted her thoughts, "if I don't come back..."

"Don't talk like that, Pa," Joey said tears falling now.

"You make sure you have that Gold hidden in our spot. You can live on that till you find a husband."

"Pa, I'm only 14," she pleaded. "I don't want a husband."

"You listen to me now, I have tried to raise you like a young lady but you make it hard some times. Just promise me this one thing, please."

Joey saw the pleading in his eyes and nodded, "I promise Pa."

"That's my girl," he said. "See you soon." He rode off.

That was the last Joey saw of her father. She had gotten the letter from one of his men. She had cried for four days straight and didn't eat or move. When she slept, she usually woke up to cry again until she fell asleep.

When she did get up she transferred her gold into U.S. funds and started her new life. She decided she didn't need a husband though she had lots of suitors but no one she wished to marry.

And then there was the last suitor, Nathan Jackson, the man that made her swear no men were good. He had told her flat out that he wanted the wealth he heard about. She swore from then on out, no one would enter her heart. Ever. She was convinced she could only be loved for her money.