Fade by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: Another Haku fic.

Disclaimer: Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto


"We didn't know way back then/ What brothers we really were/ Letting the time pass quickly /And watching it go/ But we stood together/ And we made each other strong/ We tried to comfort ourselves when the nights were long/
And we held back the tears /When they needed to flow/ But where we once
stood lie only footprints in the snow"

-Footprints in the Snow, by Vertical Horizon.

Perhaps it's all too sudden.

Perhaps it was meant to last longer, that I might see you once more beneath clear skies..

But all that's gone now.

Faded moments grin from those brighter days, taunting the barren wasteland that is the present world. I turn from these mocking images with apathy, for all is still now.

All is frozen, not with the soft-edged splendor of snow but with the stark sharpness of ice. I feel my shell wilt about me as my mask finally crumbles..

And the world hits my face.

Dark with snow that cannot fall, the sky covers my eyes as the distance grows between us.

I've failed you now, broken and incomplete. I cannot stand to remain here still and useless..

I was so happy.

Do you remember how it was?

Someone needed me.

Do you need me now, Zabuza?

Spare me the response. I've figured it out on my own.

My thoughts become more and more insignificant by the moment. In a way, I can feel all of my being falling to messy shards of unwanted space.

Tell me, Zabuza, why do I still breathe?

I am not being used.

I am the same as I was when you found me, you know.

Still, cold, unmoving, unwanted.

Tell me, did I ever really help you?

Did you keep me out of pity?

Someday I'd like to ask you that.

And give me a moment, perhaps, to prove myself again.

Remember, all tools rust without use.

And do remind me to look at the snow if it ever comes. I've always wanted to see it once more.. it's been a while since my childhood, the last time I really looked at the snow..

That was around when I met you.

Joy was returned to me when I saw those two things: those first few snow flakes, and. you, standing above me with that detached acknowledgement..

And that snow..

I ask you again, Zabuza, to alert me if the snows come.. I want that feeling again..

To be wanted, needed. one last whim before my heart is incapable of feeling..


Disclaimer: Well, I think that this is a slight improvement over my last Haku fic, but I'll let the readers decide. Was this successful characterization? Was it another dry work? Tell me, for criticism is the best gift an author can receive. Also, wasn't that song quite relevant?