Season Finale- Till death do us part…

I may have been in many dangerous situations before, but nothing comes close to this. The situation is critical, this is the hardest battle I have ever fought… against enemies holding powers I could have never dreamed imaginable. Not only are these Super Fiends more powerful than ever, but with the knowledge that there is a Chosen One among them… it's almost like they're unbeatable. But yet… no matter how dark the situation gets, I will never give up. More than anything, even more than becoming a Pokémon Master, my friends are what I treasure the most, and this is their time of need. So long as I draw breath I shall fight to protect the people I love… I will never back down…

Ash Ketchum

(Location- Grim Void)

"Ugh… those idiots! What do they think they're doing!" Ebi exclaimed, "Are they trying to get themselves killed?"

"What do you mean?" asked Brock

"The more they provoke Grand Dreamer, the more he'll lash out at them! Just because Ash and Misty didn't get eliminated right away has made them cocky enough to think they could insult this guy and walk away unscathed!" Ebi gripped his knuckles tight, "Don't forget, if anything happens to those two, then it's all over for the rest of us! Have they forgotten that already?"

"I don't think they're provoking him simply for the fun of it, I think they might have a plan." Said Tracey

"Maybe… but whatever it is, they're taking a big risk." Said Ebi. Making the Fiends angry was NOT a smart thing to do… stuff that incurs their wrath like calling Twin/Grand Dreamer by his funny-sounding initials… or making a wisecrack about Sky Render's haircut were the sort of things that could get you killed.

"Excuse me, you wouldn't happen to be talking about the Super Fiends, are you?" somebody asked

"Um, yeah, we are. Why?" Brock answered, he didn't turn around

"Because I suspected it was the work of a Super Fiend, or in this case, two. I didn't know for sure, but now I've got confirmation" the guy explained

"Uh-huh, for all the good it'll do ya… even if we were out there then…" Brock said as he turned his head to look at the guy, and gasped. It was someone he never expected to see "Gary? Gary Oak?!"

"Yep, it's me" Said Gary, "And you're Ash's friends, aren't you?"

(Location- Marble City)



Grand Dreamer used the mind burn version of his attack and Ash threw an element capture ball, capturing the attack. The ball changed into a silvery colour, meaning it was now a psychic-attack ball.

"You think you can stand against ME?!" Grand Dreamer shouted

"That seems to be what I've been doing this whole time GeeDee!" Ash replied

"GRRRR! STOP CALLING ME THAT! GRAND DREAM!" Grand Dreamer shot the gigantic beam. Ash jumped on the QuickSilver and sped upwards, out of the way

"You have to be quicker than that!" Ash stuck out his tongue, and Pikachu who was riding on Ash's shoulders made a face at Grand Dreamer

"Oh, so it's an air battle you want! Fine with me!" Grand Dreamer jumped into the air and levitated himself so he was at the same level as Ash. Both stood four stories above the ground, "GRAND DREAM!" Grand Dreamer shot the attack, but Ash manoeuvred skilfully and evaded it

"Thunderbolt!" Ash shouted. Pikachu climbed to the top of Ash's head and jumped

"PI-KA-CHUUUUU!!!!!!" Pikachu fired the electric attack

"AH!" Grand Dreamer moved to the side, and the high-voltage bolt nearly hit him. The lightning hit the wall and left a small, scorched crater, "That was close…!"

"SILVER BULLET!" Ash shouted


"AGH…" Grand Dreamer gasped, his breath knocked right out of his lungs. Ash had used that nitro boost in the air to gain the speed, and tackled him HARD in the gut, "Gah… GRAND-" the moment he spoke, Ash grabbed him and started hitting him with his fists, keeping him from speaking!

"No you don't!" Ash shouted, not letting him call out his attacks, "All your attacks are psychic! They're not designed for close combat! All I have to do is hit you before you can use your attacks!" he continued to beat him up, "Ebi was right, between the two, you are the weaker one! Transformed or not, you're pathetic up close!"

"GRRRAAAAAGH! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Grand Dreamer tried to fight Ash off, but Ash was far stronger than him

"It's over…" Said Ash. Grand Dreamer badly bruised and beaten, and couldn't even stay in the air, but he didn't fall, because Ash grabbed him by the front of the shirt. The QuickSilver started to go higher, till they were at the same level of the tallest buildings, "Make one move and I'll drop you! Ash growled "Our friends that were sent to the void, tell me right now how to get them back!" Ash commanded him, but no response, "Answer me!" he yelled. Ash then noticed something, Grand Dreamer was muttering something under his breath! Ash then looked in horror as he saw Grand Dreamer pulled out a glowing Tarot Card! "NO! I CAN'T LET HIM-" Ash's fist flew towards Grand Dreamer's face, trying to stop it…




Ash was sent flying and crashed into another building. Ash started to fall from the air, but he quickly straightened him self up and raised back to the level he was fighting Grand Dreamer. The super fiend smirked as he floated in the air, fully healed and in one hand holding a card "Weren't expecting such a powerful punch from a weakling like me, Ketchum?" Grand Dreamer sneered.

"That was you?!" Ash exclaimed. "That's not possible!"

"Oh really?" Grand Dreamer smirked "Not if I have one of these!" Grand Dreamer held up the card… 'La Rétribution Féroce' "Fierce Retribution! The card took away all the damage you inflicted on me, and gave me the strength to give it to you! The whole time when you were beating me up, you might as well have been hitting yourself!" Grand Dreamer laughed, "GRAND DREAM!"


From the ground, Misty was watching in horror at the battle going on, "Come on Ash! You can do it! I know you can!" She kept saying it, but she felt so useless, because there was nothing she could do to help

(Location- Grim Void)

"The rumours are true! Ash is challenging the Super Fiends!" Gary crossed his arms

"More than that, he actually wins" Said Ebi, "The number who have challenged and fallen in the face of the Super Fiends is beyond count, but Ash Ketchum is probably the first to challenge them to this degree!"

"I know" Said Gary, "A lot of those people challenging the fiends are pokémon masters, but none of them ever won. But still… from what I've seen, the fiends are strong, but not invincible, so how come they never lost?"

"It's because the fiends fight in battles using the Rupture Battle rules" Said Ebi

"Rupture what?" Asked Brock

"It was the way people used to fight in battles in the past, when people would jump straight into the action along with their pokémon. They were unpredictable matches, and anything can happen…" Ebi explained

(Location- Marble City)

"PIKACHUUUUUUU!" Pikachu attacked Grand Dreamer with lightning

"HM!!" Grand Dreamer created a psychic barrier, blocking the electricity, "You should really learn your place you little rat! PSYCHIC HOLD!" Grand Dreamer glared at Pikachu. Pikachu was all of the sudden immobilized, trapped by his psychic power! "Now you know how it feels like to be paralysed while flying! Now to show you how it feels to be paralysed when FALLING! HA!" Grand Dreamer shouted as his hand shot forwards and a blow of psychic energy threw Ash backwards. Pikachu was thrown off Ash's shoulders and started to fall to the ground

"PIKACHU! NO!" Ash screamed

"PIKACHU!" Misty ran forwards and jumped, catching Pikachu before he hit the ground, "Don't worry, you're safe" Pikachu was shaken big time. Misty looked up at Ash and called, "Ash! I got him! This is it! Don't hold back anymore!" Misty called upwards

"Wasn't gonna…" Said Ash as he started cracking his knuckles

(Location- Grim Void)

"There were many fighters who have trained their bodies, beyond what we would consider human. Mastering the art of fighting, hand to hand or with weapons… some even attained the power to control the elements" Said Ebi, "In the present day, there is little need for people to train to such extremes, and the number of fighters with this sort of power has diminished. The Super Fiends consist of some of the last remaining people like that… and they are quite exceptional even among those standards. Some of them train pokémon, but even without their assistance, the team consisting of less than ten individuals has the power of several thousand men."

"Whoa…" Everyone stared at Ebi. "Humans stronger than pokémon… I never thought that was possible…" said Gary, "I guess human beings aren't as weak as we were always made to believe, and Ash becoming like that…"

"No…" Said Ebi, "Ash Ketchum… is far beyond that level…" he straightened his glasses, "You know how among Pokémon, there are ones we deem 'Legendary'? Well, the same rule applies to humans…" he explained. "Over the course of history, there have always been individuals, whose strength is unmatched by anyone, whose abilities will take them higher than everyone, whose power could change the world itself. They are… the Chosen Ones."

"Chosen Ones?" Everyone stared at Ebi

"I think heard about this" Tracey spoke up, "Back in the Orange Islands, when we were on Shamouti. The locals called Ash the Chosen One…"

"That had little to do with it. The festival in Shamouti, though it honours the Chosen Ones… sadly it has become commercial." Sighed Ebi, "There are all sorts of legends regarding the Chosen Ones, some say they are people who have been granted this power by the gods, others say that it is the earth itself that acknowledges the individual and given them power. Whatever it really is remains a mystery… but in this generation there are two Chosen Ones… Ash Ketchum and Sky Render"

"Hm…" Gary looked down, "Neither of these sounds like levels I can or would try to attain… training my body so hard I can control the elements. As for Chosen Ones being acknowledged by the gods and the spirit of earth… it all sounds so…"

"There are plenty of things in this world that can't be explained by science. Most people don't believe in the existence of spirits and gods, which is why even I have been practically exiled from the scientific community" Said Ebi

"Ebi, tell me more about these rupture battles." Said Gary, "Let's see if I could use any knowledge of it to my advantage"

"They were nicknamed Rupture battles, because they were more violent than any pokémon match today. People stopped having those because the sorts of serious injuries they received. That's when they started using only pokémon to fight, and the old rules were pretty much forgotten" Ebi explained, "People who fight by the regular pokémon battle rules can't win against a rupture fighter, because there is practically no rules, the human could just jump in, and run past the pokémon and take out the opponent trainer, or even order his own pokémon to do it" Said Ebi

"Then that's cheating!" Tracey exclaimed

"Cheating only applies to games, hence league-sanctioned pokémon battles… but in the real world, this is what you'd call fighting, pure and simple. You'd think the Fiends would restrain themselves and put all their power to waste by NOT fighting, just so they could play by the pokémon league's rules? These are people with strength that surpass even Level 100 pokémon, and they're not gonna waste their abilities by obeying the pokémon league."

"Hmm… Super Fiends" Gary said to himself, "After fighting those Team Rocket guys and Missingno gang, Ash sure has moved up in the crime fighting business"

"You have no idea," said Ebi, "How about you?"

"I've also taken up crime fighting, and I'm pretty well known…" Said Gary "While Ash takes on people like the Super Fiends, I fight against criminal rings and stuff. You know, counterfeiters, drug dealers, smugglers, terrorists, mafias… you name it. I've gotten strong, and busting up criminal rings is nothing new to me. But for Ash to be fighting them… a group that even I wouldn't dare challenge… but somehow, I know he can do it."

(Location- Marble City)

"MAXIMUM AFTERBURNER!" Ash charged forwards, riding on the QuickSilver through the air as he chased Grand Dreamer who was also flying at a high speed

"GRAND DREAM!" Grand Dreamer shot a small beam behind him at Ash. Ash swerved to the right and missed it. "GRAND DREAM!" He shot it to where Ash was, but Ash swerved to the left. Grand Dreamer shot another beam and Ash moved to the right. This pattern continued to repeat itself, left-right-left-right-left-right-RIGHT!


"WAAAA!!!" Ash screamed as the beam hit him full in the stomach. He began to spin out of control, "STOOOOP!" He screamed, causing the boosters to turn down and the QuickSilver was slowing down, but he was still spinning…


"AGH!" Ash exclaimed as he crashed into an alley, hitting a bunch of garbage cans, "Ow…" he groaned. "GRRR… why you…" growled

"What's the matter Ketchum?" Grand Dreamer called downwards and started laughing. Ash looked pretty bad right now. He was badly bruised, sweating, bleeding and cut all over from all those hits he had taken. "It's a pity! I was hoping you'd put up more of a challenge! GRAND DREAM!" Ash jumped on the board and moved to the left, missing it… but Grand Dreamer shot it again, hitting him dead-on in the chest. Ash and the QuickSilver fell to the ground after he had been hit.

"Ungh…" Ash struggled to get up. He unbuckled the QuickSilver from his feet so he could get up and walk, as well as he placed it on his right arm. Ash was breathing heavily, dazed, wobbling and struggling to stay on his feet. He nearly collapsed, but his instincts kept telling him not to give up. Ash struck a fighting stance

"(Whew…)" Grand Dreamer sighed as he landed, wiping some sweat off his forehead "Well, it's been a long night, but this is getting old. Time to finish you off!" Grand Dreamer aimed his hands forwards and hit Ash with a small burst of energy, throwing him back "I could read your mind like a book, Ketchum!" He said as Ash got up, "There's nothing you can do! I know all your moves, all your strategies! You may have the edge up close, but I'm not gonna let you get anywhere near me! Sure, go ahead and try! You can barely stand up, much less move around!" Grand Dreamer taunted him, "Don't worry about breaking your girlfriend, what's her name… Misty's heart when you're dead! I'll compensate her for it with a free trip to the void!"

"NO YOU WON'T!" Ash shouted as he charged forwards at an amazing speed, which even took Grand Dreamer by surprise


"AGH!" Grand Dreamer was sent flying when Ash swung his right armoured arm and slammed him. "Ow…" Grand Dreamer looked at Ash, who was charging madly at him, "GRAND DREAM!" This huge beam slammed Ash and sent him flying and crashing into the wall. The beam ended and Ash got right back up and charged again. "GRAND DREAM!" Grand Dreamer shot the beam again at Ash, only for him to get back up "DAMMIT! GRAND DREAM!" He shot them again and again, but Ash kept getting up and charging. Grand Dreamer was gasping for air, he was wasting all his energy and not doing anything! "WHY WON'T YOU STAY DOWN?! GRAND DREAM!!!" He shouted as he fired the next beam


These two sounds echoed throughout the city. Ash stood there, his head facing down, and without looking up, he swung his right arm and hit the beam, sending it crashing to the side

"WHAT?!" Grand Dreamer exclaimed, "N-no…" he gasped… that boy… where is he gaining his strength from?! "That's impossible!"

"Well someone forgot to tell me that!" Ash smirked as he ran forwards


"AGH!" Grand Dreamer exclaimed when Ash uppercutted him

"It was also because you're starting to weaken! Your attacks are losing strength and each one you do is weaker than the next!" said Ash as he took a fighting stance

"(DAMN HIM! HE'S MAKING A FOOL OUT OF ME!)" Grand Dreamer cursed to himself as he got up, "(What can I do to beat this moron?)" he continued to think. When he said the word 'moron' an idea sprung into his head and he started laughing

"Uh… I believe I'm the one who's winning, right? What have you got to laugh about?" Asked Ash, but Grand Dreamer was laughing even more hysterically, "Hello? GeeDee?" Grand Dreamer didn't even seem to notice that Ash called him by that embarrassing name, "Man, this guy's gone crazy. HEY! GEEDEE!"

Grand Dreamer definitely heard this one and stopped laughing. He didn't seem angry about being called GeeDee, instead he was smiling unpleasantly, "Ketchum, you are a formidable opponent. The amount of damage you can sustain and continue to fight is remarkable, almost unnatural. But while your body may be tough, your mind is very weak! Now, with everything I got, get ready to feel the burn! The Mind Burn that is! HAAAAAA!" He roared…

"AH…" Ash gasped, as a wave of psychic energy flew forward. The ground was cracking, windows shattered… and Ash immediately dropped to his knees in pain, clenching tight onto his skull and screaming in agony…

"HAHAHA!" Grand Dreamer laughed, "Nothing will save you now! I will destroy your mind… suffer… and DIE!" He shouted and forced more power into the mind burn

"AH… AAAHHH…!!! GRRRR…!" Ash teeth were clenched tight and he slowly got up. His head felt like it would explode, and his brain was on fire. Almost nothing would be able to keep him up, but there was one thought that sustained him

"YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHEN TO GIVE UP DO YOU?!" Grand Dreamer shouted and maximized the force of the mind burning attack

"RAAAAAAARGH!" Ash shouted as he ran forwards and slammed Grand Dreamer with all his strength, sending Grand Dreamer crashing HARD into the wall. Grand Dreamer groaned and fell to the ground, that hit did a lot of damage. Ash felt the attack fade away, and leaving no lingering pain

"How… could an idiot with such a weak mind survive that? You should have been dead by now!" Grand Dreamer struggled to get up

"Your attack was aimed only at my head!" replied Ash; "You were planning on harming Misty and throwing her into that stupid void! My last move wasn't under the control of my brain, but my body was acting from my heart!"

"GRRRRR… NO… I… REFUSE… TO BE…" Grand Dreamer growled, "DEFEATED! GRAND DREAM!" he shouted as he aimed to shoot the beam directly into Ash's face. Ash flinched, but opened his eyes. Grand Dreamer looked really stupid standing like that, because no beam was coming out "NO! IT CAN'T BE! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!" Grand Dreamer screamed

Ash knew what it was immediately "I get it! The weakness! Ebi said you got more powerful, but not stronger or more skilled! When transformed into Grand Dreamer by the power of one, you gained powerful new attacks, but that's all! Using these attacks has nothing to do with your own strength, but rather your mind, and it hasn't improved one bit from before you transformed! Basically you are Twin Dreamer using moves that cost too much energy to fight guys like me! And now, you're out of power! Physically you're too weak to fight!" Said Ash, "You lose!"

"You figured all that by yourself Ash? I'm impressed!" Misty and Pikachu appeared

"GRRRR…" Grand Dreamer was enraged, "It's not over yet…" he pulled out the deck of tarot cards, "I still have the trump card up my sleeves! FATE SHUFFLE!" the cards glowed as they shuffled themselves. He pulled out the top card and looked at it. Grand Dreamer sneered as he turned it to show to them 'Rugir Du Lion' "The lion's roar… perfect!" He took a deep breath and let out the most fearsome roar you ever heard. The blood-curdling scream acted like a shockwave. It shook the buildings, cracked the ground and shattered windows. Ash, Misty and Pikachu were thrown back and slammed into the wall from the explosive roar. "Heh!" Grand Dreamer laughed. Ash, Misty and Pikachu got up, but they were really shaken from the attack

"W-W-Waaaaaa…" Ash trembled

"W-Watch out… H-He's u-using a-another one…" Misty held onto him


"FATE SHUFFLE!" Grand Dreamer shuffled the cards again and pulled it out and held it over his head, but there was no reaction, "Hmm?" he looked at it, "what?!" He exclaimed, as the card flew out of his hands "NO!"

The card flew over to Ash and Misty. It was glowing bright, so they could see it. 'La force de l'amour' "La what?" Asked Ash

"Dammit! Out of all the cards, I had to pick up the most useless card I could ever have picked!" Grand Dreamer cursed, "And why did my transformation come with that one anyways?!"

"Ash… I think I get it" Misty looked at it, "La Force De L'Amour, I don't know the full definition, but I know forces means strength, and amour means love! But He's not in love with anybody, and therefore it wouldn't work for him, so…" Said Misty

"…it is coming to us!" Ash exclaimed. He turned his head and looked at Misty, and Misty turned her head and looked at Ash. They gazed into each others eyes, the card began to glitter. Colourful sparkles appeared in the air, surrounding Ash and Misty. The colourful lights began to circle around them, faster and faster. Both of their hearts were beating fast, but knowing they would be together gave them newfound strength, their bodies were re-energized and all their wounds were completely healed!

The sparkles faded and the card stopped glittering. It floated in the air, and Misty picked it, "Thanks!"

"NO!" Grand Dreamer growled, "HOW DARE YOU!" He snarled, "I WILL NOT LET YOU WIN! FATE SHUFFLE!" He screamed as he shuffled through his deck of cards. Just a card, any card will do! "AHA!" He grabbed the random card and held it high… the card that read 'Justice'. "PREPARE TO MEET YOUR DOOM!! IT IS TIME FOR MY JUSTICE! GO!" He shouted and the Justice began to glow. Out of the sky, a pillar of golden energy shone down… on Grand Dreamer! "WHAT?!" he exclaimed

"You tried to use the card that stood for Justice against us!" said Ash

"You should be happy! You wanted your Justice, and here it is!" Said Misty

"N… NOOOOOOOOOO!" Grand Dreamer screamed. The earth trembled once more, as the shining light completely enveloped Grand Dreamer. The light changed its shape to a ball around his body, keeping him from moving…


"AAAAAAARRRGH!" His voice echoed throughout the lands. The explosion covered the entire city, but nothing was broken or moved by the explosion. The only one that felt the blow was Grand Dreamer, "How… could I… lose?" those were the last words that left his mouth. His power had been drained completely, and he was heavily wounded. Grand Dreamer collapsed to the ground, defeated… the same silver glow that turned him into Grand Dreamer surrounded his body for a few seconds, but vanished along with the silver cape, crystal ball pendant and the rest of the Grand Dreamer costume, leaving the defeated Twin Dreamer in his regular attire face flat on the floor, "S… Sky… I-I've failed…!" his senses faded. He blacked out. The powerful Super Fiend, the psychic warrior Twin Dreamer was defeated!

The card 'Justice' slowly descended from the air, and Ash caught this one. He turned to Misty and smiled, "Well I guess we won!"

"And we both know who the credit goes to" Misty smiled brightly

"Not Misty…" said Ash

"Not Ash…" said Misty

"IT GOES TO THE BOTH OF US!" The two cheered, jumping up and down, hugging and laughing happily

Ash held on to Misty's hand, and Misty held back. The events that have just passed here have brought them closer together. Suddenly the two of them went very red "Um… why did that 'amour' card work on us?" Asked Ash

"Because it wouldn't work for a scoundrel like him" Said Misty

"Maybe… but if the card symbolises love, and worked only for the us…" said Ash, going even redder

"Uh…" Misty started going red

"Could it have to do with… us?" Asked Ash, "Does it reflect feelings that you and me have?"

"All I know is that it only works for two who love each other!" Said Misty, gasping at what she just said

"Then that means…" Ash's heart started beating, as well as Misty's. Everything went silent as they looked into each other's eyes "Could we really be…" Ash asked "…in… love?"

Ash and Misty looked at the ground, their faces burning red. They both knew it was unavoidable now. Misty finally spoke up "Ash?"

"Yes Misty?"

"Do you…" Misty paused "Do you love me…?"

The question made Ash jump. He nearly fainted from the question, but he straightened himself up. Closing his eyes, he took a breath… "Misty…" He held her hands firmly. "It took me too long to realise this." He said calmly, looking into her eyes, "Yes… I do… I love you… with all my heart!"

"Oh Ash…" Misty smiled, tears gathered in her eyes. She jumped forwards and hugged him tightly "I LOVE YOU TOO!"

Ash was a bit surprised, but he calmed down and wrapped his arms around her. They could feel each others heartbeats So many things were going through their minds

"(I can't believe it! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me! Ash loves me… he really loves me!)" Misty thought to herself, resting her head on Ash's shoulders

"(Oh man… this is the single happiest moment of my life…)" Ash thought to himself, and looked at Misty

The two embraced each other, followed by their first passionate kiss. It lasted for an entire minute before they let go. Both of them were extremely red, but it was wonderful.

"I love you Misty"

"I love you Ash"

(Location- Grim Void)

"Way to go Ash… way to go" Gary smiled. Grand Dreamer's been defeated, and Ash is with Misty! Gary sighed and reflected on the past. Both he and Ash have really come a long way, and they have matured greatly. Gary was no longer a self-absorbed conceited person and is now a formidable trainer, highly intelligent and a great adventurer. Ash was no longer a loudmouth idiot… well not a loudmouth anyways, but he was also a formidable trainer, a great adventurer, a fighter, and now he even has a girlfriend, "You've really been growing up Ash, we all have…"

"They did it!" Ebi and Amaebi cheered

"(Sniff…) That was so beautiful!" Jessie and James cried

"After all this time, they finally said it!" Said Brock

"I just love happy endings!" Said Meowth

"Uh guys…? I'd really hate to be a killjoy, but… um… isn't that Chaos Reaper still around?" Asked Tracey

"Ah don't worry!" Said Ebi, holding up the EbiDex; "If you'd look at this thing, you could see that he's locked up safely in the vault!" He said proudly and looked at the map screen on the EbiDex "That's strange. I wonder, how come this thing isn't showing his location in the vault? And how come the door's wide open, and looks like a vampire's been savagely beating and slashing at it until he tore the thing right off its hinges? And how come it's showing Chaos Reaper running through the city, and ready to spread unprecedented chaos and destroying everything in his path while currently heading in Ash and Misty's direction?" Asked Ebi, "URK!" He suddenly realized what was going on

"Um… this isn't a good sign right?" asked Gary, "Because if they lose, then will we be stuck here forever?"

Everyone sweatdropped as they watched Ebi lay out furniture around his area on the void. Ebi placed a sign that said 'Home Sweet Void' before seating himself in one of the comfy chairs and reading a newspaper

"By the looks of it, yes" Tracey sweatdropped

(Location- Marble City)

"Um, Misty?" Ash asked rather embarrassed

"Yes Ash?"

"You have no idea how happy us being together has made me, but you know what would make me even happier?" he asked

"What is it Ash? Come on, you can tell me" said Misty

"I can't breathe" said Ash

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Misty let go, letting Ash breathe again

"Whew… thanks…" said Ash as he looked at Misty "Wow… I can't believe I never noticed how beautiful you look."

"Oh, thank you!" Misty blushed at Ash's compliment

"Yeah… things are so great. I've never been happier. I never though this day would come…" Ash said as he put his arms around her, "I wanted to tell you a long time ago, but all of those times, I spent fighting, and we've never been alone together long enough to…" he stopped and turned to his pokémon, who were all sitting there watching the scene, "Hey! I said don't need any witnesses for this! RETURN!" he called them back into their pokéballs. "Pikachu, do you mind? We'd like some alone time?" Pikachu sighed and walked off, "Now where were we?"

"You were saying how we were never alone long enough to tell each other how we felt. I mean, it's really hard to believe it. Me and you, girlfriend and boyfriend… I wonder how everyone's gonna react when they find out about this?" asked Misty

"Yeah, I wonder… just better hope my mom doesn't find out about this otherwise…" Ash stopped. He felt his trainer instincts kick in. The trainer instincts have always served him well, and saved his life many times, because it never failed and always told him when there was- DANGER!

"Pikachu!" Pikachu ran back into the scene, trying to warn them of something

"ASH KETCHUM!" a loud voice shouted, making them both jump. Floating in the air a few metres in front of them was a ghostly dark grey transparent figure, nearly impossible to see. It landed on the ground and then it regained its solidity and colour. Standing in front of them was Chaos Reaper!



Ash and Misty jumped back, Pikachu's cheeks started sparking.

Chaos Reaper was not in a good mood, "Stuffing that explosive in my mouth and detonating it was not very nice, and doing the 'nutcracker' with that hammer was most unpleasant." He spoke coldly. Chaos Reaper continued "You were already on the last straw when you turned the lights of the city back on. They really burn, you know? But you just had to go out and hit me with that beam and then lock me in that vault with more explosives!" Chaos Reaper spoke in an angry tone, "The only thing holding me back from ripping that door out of the way was fear of those painful explosives. When that tarot card that defeated GeeDee was used, he wasn't the only one hit. Though the vault did protect me from the power-draining effects, the explosion still knocked me over, onto one of those balls, making them all blow up in my face. It was painful, very painful indeed…" he growled, "I have spent a lifetime in the darkness, living with horrors you could not even begin to imagine… and yet, after all you've done, the once fearless Super Fiend of the darkness now has a phobia…" He growled even louder

Ash, Misty and Pikachu backed off nervously

"You've insulted me… too many times… you are beyond redemption…" he snarled, "I'LL KILL YOU BOTH!!!!!" he screamed as he charged forwards

"MOVE MISTY!" Ash pushed her to the side, "WAAA!"

"BLOOD WHIP!" Chaos Reaper lashed at Ash with the blood-soaked black whip


"AHHH!" Ash screaned in pain when the whip hit him on the shoulder… that hurt a lot more than it should have… it wasn't a normal whip!!

"DIE! RAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!!" he snarled and charged forwards, fangs and claws bared

"SILVER BULLET!" yelled Ash. The QuickSilver on his arm shot forwards at a high speed, but pulled him as well "WAAAAA!" Ash slammed into Chaos Reaper at full force, but the super fiend didn't even feel it. "WA!" Ash moved his head when Chaos Reaper used Blood Slash, narrowly missing it from tearing his head off, but it still grazed him on the side of the cheek. "Oh yeah?! TAKE THIS!" Ash pulled out a nitro ball in his left hand and swung it towards Chaos Reaper's face, but the vampire grabbed Ash's wrist, keeping the ball from touching his face "GRRRR…" Ash struggled

"Give it up, weakling" Chaos Reaper growled as he flipped Ash over his head and slammed his body to the ground, but kept Ash's hand still to keep the ball from detonating. "You are very stupid indeed. Detonating it in my face wouldn't kill me, but it would have definitely blown your hand right off" Chaos Reaper grabbed the nitro ball out of Ash's hand, "Let's see how you like getting these blown up in YOUR face!" He snarled as he held it in his hand and swung it down, towards Ash's head…

"SILVER BULLET!!!!!" Ash screamed immediately, before the ball could touch him. The QuickSilver pulled Ash out of Chaos Reaper's grip.

"AH!" Chaos Reaper exclaimed as he hit Nitro ball against the ground!


"AAAARGH!" Chaos Reaper screamed as the ball exploded in his hand. Though it didn't harm his body very much, it was still very painful and he was extremely shaken up by it

"Heh! It may not be the weakness that came with the transformation, but these nitro balls work really well! YEAH!" Ash and Misty high-fived each other

"GRRRRR…" Chaos Reaper growled and got up

"Wa!" Ash looked at him, "Here Misty! Take this and stand back!" He passed her the transceiver phone. Ash stepped towards the Super Fiend

"Heh…" Fighting Ash wasn't what he had in mind "BLOOD WHIP!" Chaos Reaper shouted as he lashed at Misty with the whip

"EEAAAH!" Misty screamed as the whip hit her and threw her back

"MISTY!!!" Ash screamed, and turned to the one who attacked her, "Why you… GO!!!!" Ash threw his pokéballs, releasing his entire team

"You have got to be kidding" Chaos Reaper was unimpressed

"UNISTRIKE!!!" Ash shouted…

Before the pokémon could move attacks, Chaos Reaper dashed forwards, "MORTAL REAPER!" With a sweep of his scythe, all the pokémon screamed as the unholy weapon passed through them, banishing them to the void before they could attack, "It doesn't matter how powerful your attack is, as long as I don't give you the chance to use it it's useless!" shouted Chaos Reaper

"NOOO!" Ash screamed… this was not supposed to happen! All his pokémon…! He was fighting alone now! Ash looked up, "WA!" Ash exclaimed as Chaos Reaper whipped at him with the whip. Ash quickly raised his right arm just in time to defend the attack, "Huh?" he sweatdropped and looked at the QuickSilver, "eep"

Chaos Reaper wasn't hitting him with the whip. Instead, it had wrapped around his arm. "COME HERE!" he shouted as he pulled the whip, pulling Ash up close

"Waaa…" Ash said in terror as he looked at the vampire's face, but shook off the fear and aimed his arm upwards, "SILVER B-"


"ARGH!" Ash took a heavy blow on the face. Chaos Reaper wasn't gonna let him say the words and break free

Chaos Reaper held Ash still and opened up the QuickSilver compartments. Though the QuickSilver was indestructible from the outside, the same thing couldn't be said for the insides, "Where is it you keep those damn balls? Is it in here?" He said as he tore a bunch of circuits out of it, "Or is it HERE?" He ripped out more circuits and wires, "Here it is!" He exclaimed as he grabbed the nitro ball transporter and tore it out. Gripping it tight in his cold hands, he crushed it to bits

"STOP IT! SILVER BULLET!" Ash shouted, but no response. The nitro ball transport system was gone, and so was the nitro boost that was used for Silver Bullet, "NO! You broke it!"

"And that's supposed to make me feel bad?" Chaos Reaper sneered

"LET GO!" Ash shouted as he started flailing his arms madly, but Chaos Reaper didn't feel the hits, "ACK!" he gasped as Chaos Reaper's hand shot up and grabbed him by the throat, cutting off his air

"Ketchum… you don't have to worry about any Mortal Reaper attacks, because banishing you to the Grim Void is a fate too good for you, and rather than hack you up with my scythe, I just thought I could do that anytime as Goth, but as Chaos Reaper, I'll tear you apart with my bare hands!" Chaos Reaper smiled evilly.

"(Wheeze) don't forget… (Gasp) when I fight, I never fight alone!" Ash grinned

"ICE PILLAR!" They heard Misty's voice shout. Chaos Reaper turned his head to the side and saw the huge pillar flying towards his face


That high pitched-sound rang through the air. Chaos Reaper was quicker than the eye. He reacted immediately and sliced the ice pillar before it could touch him "too slow" he said plainly and tightened his grip on Ash's neck. Ash struggled as hard as he could. He punched, he kicked, and anything to break the iron grip…! The pokémon were all attacking Chaos Reaper back, but he didn't seem to feel them. "MORTAL REAPER!" still keeping his grip tight on Ash's neck, he moved and swiped at them, banishing them out of existence.

"YOU LET HIM GO RIGHT NOW!" Misty screamed. Enraged that this villain was trying to harm the one she loved, she charged forwards, swinging the heavy sledgehammer


"ARGH!" Chaos Reaper shouted. The blow from the hammer was as strong as the UniStrike! Chaos Reaper groaned, but didn't loosen his grip on Ash's neck. Chaos Reaper was dazed, he was staggering, and he was hurt badly… "grah… you…" he straightened up, shaking off the dizziness, yet the pain on the back of his head was intense, "DO NOT INTERFERE, GIRL!!!!!"


"AAAAAGH!" Misty screamed. Chaos Reaper slammed her with his fist and sent her crashing into a wall. She hit her head and blacked out…

"N-no… m-m-Mistyyyyy…" Ash coughed, his vision was fading. His arms and legs stopped moving. The world had turned black, and everything was… over?

(Location- Grim Void)

"ASH! MISTY!" Brock and Tracey screamed

"YOU CAN'T LET HIM WIN!!!" Amaebi, Jessie, James and Meowth yelled in horror

"ASH! USE THE POWER OF ONE! IT'S THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN WIN THIS!!!" Ebi shouted as loud as he could. "IT'S OUR ONLY HOPE!!!"

"Ash… no…" Said Gary "I've known you since childhood… we've been like brothers, always working together, always thinking alike… until we started that stupid feud… but deep down you're still my friend Ash… and I'm saying this now, don't give in to him! Don't let him win! Get up! GET UP!!!!!!!"

(Location- Ash's mind)

Though Ash's mind was going blank he could still hear those voices, but barely "(Huh? Voices?)" Ash was still alive, but he couldn't think straight, "(Those voices… yes, I know them… they belonged to my friends…)" out of the blackness, the image of his friends came into his mind, "(My friends… we've been through a lot together… and then there's Misty…)" The image of Misty came into his mind, "(Yeah… she was a great person. No wonder why I fell in love with her… I really wanted to share a long and happy life with her… going out… growing up… maybe even get married to her someday…)" he let out a deep sigh, "(But it's all gonna end right now? Like this?)" He started to feel anger, "(No… It can't end this way… I'm not ready to go just yet! I have too much to live for to die right now!)" He felt strength within his heart, "(Everything I had worked so had to get… my friends, my pokémon, Misty's love… I risked everything to get where I am, and I will not let anyone take that all away from me! Not now, not ever!)"

Suddenly, Ash saw a blinding flash of golden light, shining bright light that cut through the darkness. Ash saw the light, and he knew what it was. As he approached it, he felt strength in himself. He felt all the loyalty of his friends, the love from Misty, and the hope of all of them combined. It strengthened him… he felt it surging through his body… IT WAS TIME TO FIGHT!

(Location- Marble City)

"Heh… looks like the wimp's finally passed…" said Chaos Reaper, "that was much tougher than I thought it would be, but either ways… I won" he smirked, "You may not be as fragile as a regular human, but you're still… hmm?" something caught his eye. For a second he saw Ash's finger twitch, "Feh… I must be seeing things… Hmm… why does he feel so hot?" Wondered Chaos Reaper, "Argh… not just hot… burning!" He gritted his teeth, it hurt just to touch Ash! "What!?" Chaos Reaper gasped. It was Ash… he was moving! And not only that… the QuickSilver on his right arm was starting to glow, the wounds on Ash's body were healing… he was alive! "NO…! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" Chaos Reaper exclaimed

"Oh yes it is…" Ash spoke slowly. His eyes were closed, his right armoured arm shone bright gold, and his body was radiating with incredible energy…


"AAAAAAAGH!" Chaos Reaper screamed as Ash hit him in the face. The strength and power was incredible. Chaos Reaper was practically sent flying by the blow

"You amuse yourself by tormenting the innocent… you prey on their fears and toy with their lives" Ash spoke quietly as Chaos Reaper got up "Such wickedness… such evil…" his shot open, "SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO EXIST!!!!"


Chaos Reaper took the full blow and was sent crashing through several walls before painfully hitting the ground "Agh… Ash Ketchum… he's a Chosen One…! He has the power of one…" Chaos Reaper slowly got up and raised his scythe, "Doesn't matter. I am also strengthened by the same power… and now that I know this kid can fight back… that's it, I'm not holding back" he smirked

Ash struck a new fighter's stance. Once that showed great confidence and hope. Chaos Reaper was charging at him, and Ash was ready to fight!

NAME: Ash Ketchum

WEAPONS: QuickSilver

CLASS: Hero, Pokémon Master, Level I Chosen One


(Location- Grim Void)

"Ash stands a fighting chance now!" Ebi smiled, looking at the EbiDex scanner "Go Ash! Show us… the true strength of a Chosen One!"

"GO ASH!!!"



All of Ash's friends were cheering for him. Every one in the void, even those who didn't know Ash cheered him on. He had everyone's support, and their hopes riding on his shoulders. It was up to Ash. The fate of all his friends, as well as the lives of countless others were in his hands

(Location- Marble City)

"BLOOD SLASH!" Chaos Reaper slashed with his hand.

Ash tilted his head to the side, avoiding the hit

"BLOOD SLASH! MORTAL REAPER! BLOOD WHIP! BLOOD FANG!" All these moves Chaos Reaper used them again and again, Ash dodged, blocked and deflected every single hit. Chaos Reaper couldn't even touch him. "MORTAL REAPER!" Chaos Reaper swung the scythe once more…


"What?!" He gasped, there was a bright flash of light as the blade ricocheted off Ash!

"Your power has no more effect on me." Ash smirked, "HAAA!!!!"


Ash uppercutted the demonic Super Fiend HARD, and sent him flying high "AAGH!" Chaos Reaper clenched his jaw as he was shot into the air "S… so… strong…!" he growled as he landed, he pulled out his whip "BLOOD WHIP!"

"HA!" Ash caught the whip in his hand. Chaos Reaper tried to pull, but the Super Fiend's strength level didn't compare to Ash's. Ash yanked the whip hard, pulling Chaos Reaper up close


Every single hit Ash delivered to this vampire was a powerful blow that sent him flying. Ash had the elemental advantage as well

"There's no way…" Chaos Reaper was gasping for air, "T-too… strong…!" He knew Ash was too powerful… he had to try something different… "Lurking Death…!" he suddenly phased into a ghost and flew into the air, looking down at his opponent. Chaos Reaper growled, he knew there was no way he could defeat the Chosen One… he must outsmart him! "RAR!" He abandoned the cover of the lurking death and dove down, attacking with his scythe and claws.

Ash deflected these hits easily, but he did not catch onto Chaos Reaper's plan… "HA!" Ash shouted, striking at Chaos Reaper

"LURKING DEATH!" Chaos Reaper shifted to the ghost form and passed right through Ash… "I HAVE YOU NOW!" He solidified to his normal state, right behind Ash!

"WA?!" Ash looked and could see him, but it was too late!

"IT'S OVER FOR YOU!" Chaos Reaper grabbed him by the arms, and before Ash could try to break out of the grip, Chaos Reaper opened his mouth "BLOOD FANG!" he sunk his fangs into Ash's left shoulder

"Ah…!" Ash's eyes opened wide as he felt the fangs sink into him… "AHH… AAAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!" he screamed in agony

"Ungh…" Misty started to stir… "…Ash?" she opened her eyes and got up. Rubbing her head, she looked to the side and gasped at the sight she saw

"L-LET GO!!! STOP IT!" Ash was screaming and twisting and trying to shake Chaos Reaper off, but Chaos Reaper wouldn't let go "I SAID LET GO!!!!!!"


Ash hit the vampiric Super Fiend, sending him crashing through the walls, "Agh…" he dropped to his knees, tears were gathering in is eyes. That was the most painful thing he had ever felt in his life…!

"It's over for you…" Chaos Reaper got up, licking his lips, which were stained red with blood and smiling, content with the pain he had inflicted. Though he had taken a painful critical blow, the damage was done. "The venom has entered your bloodstream… and the infection has begun!"

"Agh… AGGH! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Ash screamed. He was in tears. The pain on his left shoulder was starting to hurt him even more

"Heh-heh-heh… I've given you my special venom!" Chaos Reaper laughed evilly, "As the poison flows through you… your body will rot and decay! Don't you see? You are dying on your feet, one piece at a time!"

"No…" Ash stared in horror at his shoulder. He could see the wound… colour was fading away, and it was spreading painfully down to his left arm…! "Ebi will know what to do… when we get him out of that dimension, he'll help me. I'll find a way to get him here… no matter what!" Ash struck his fighting stance

"How amusing!" Chaos Reaper laughed

"RAAAAAAAAARRRGH!!!" Ash shouted, charging forwards. Chaos Reaper smirked


"AGH!" Ash was sent flying when Chaos Reaper uppercutted him

"It's no use, your strength is diminishing. Your power level has already dropped to below that of mine, and is fading fast! And speaking of which, the infection is doing nicely as well!" Chaos Reaper laughed as he pointed at Ash's left arm

"Ngh…!" Ash was sweating, as his left arm hung there uselessly, there was no colour left in it and he could not feel or control it. His left arm was dead…

"Your fate is sealed, nothing will stop the infection!" Chaos Reaper laughed

"GRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Ash screamed, casting aside his fear and pain, and charged once again towards Chaos Reaper.


The Super Fiend punched him again and sent him flying. Ash was getting critically weaker! "Don't you get it?! There's not way you can win! You can't even touch me!" Chaos Reaper shouted, "Your strength is now down to the level before you used the power of one! There is little time left!"

"No…!" Ash fell to his knees. The pain was indescribable, as he could feel his insides deteriorating… more and more of his body was dying… every second he merely existed was agony… he wanted it all to end…! Tears were flowing down his face… it was hopeless.. "There's nothing I can do…"

"You're wrong" said Misty. Ash turned around to see her

"Misty…" Ash covered his face, "Don't look at me! Please go! It's too late for me! Run, save yourself! I don't want you to see me die!" he was crying


"Snap out of it!" Misty gave him a serious look, "I can't believe you. You are giving up just like that? You, the chosen one, with the hopes of all those people, are giving up? You should be ashamed of yourself!" She glared at him, and tears were flowing down her face "Please Ash… don't give up. Do this for our friends… do it for me… hurry…" she looked at him in the eyes

"Hmm…" Ash closed his eyes… "(Whatever I do now… it's all over for me… I can't win against that man, he's simply too strong…)" but another side of him disagreed, "(Am I really going to give up? Right now, I'm fighting… I'm fighting for my friends…! They're all counting on me…!)" Ash clenched his knuckles tight… "(This may be the end for me, and whatever choice I make… I'm done for… but at least I can agree on one thing…)" he slowly stood up, "Until I can save my friends, I refuse to die"

"You've got to be kidding! Your body is almost dead, not even a glimmer of hope, less than a minute to live and you still wish to fight?!"

"Heh… well if I have a minute to live, then it's all the same to me, eh?" Ash smirked, "I won't even need a minute to take you down!"

"Hm… a warrior to the end?" Chaos Reaper scowled, clutching his scythe, "Then we shall end it in one final blow!"

"Hmmm…" Ash closed his eyes and spoke "You are a twisted man… dark and evil… nothing but a monster… You attack my friends and the innocent people… why? What could possibly justify such actions? You keep speaking of me standing for the destruction of the world… yet you judge me as you commit these despicable actions?" Ash paused, "No reason… no honour… you define the evil I am fighting against… and I will defeat you… BECAUSE I'M A CHOSEN ONE!!!!"

"HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" The two of them shouted, charging towards one another…


This sound rang throughout the lands. Even those in the void could hear it. No one dared to speak. No one dared to breathe. No one knew who was the victor…

Standing there was Chaos Reaper with his scythe, and Ash Ketchum with his glowing QuickSilver arm. They had seemingly run right through one another and struck with their final attacks. Both of them were stood perfectly still… suddenly, Chaos Reaper's legs began to wobble…

"Ugh…" Chaos Reaper collapsed to the ground. His body glowed black for a second, and then the fangs, the claws, the bone armour and cape vanished, leaving him as Goth in his regular outfit. Even his scythe has gone back to the regular level it once was. Goth, the Super Fiend wielding the power of darkness has been defeated!

"Heh…" Ash managed to laugh a little… The glow on the QuickSilver faded, and the clips holding his arm to the QuickSilver shattered, causing the damaged weapon to fall and hit the ground, the shining sphere rolled out. Ash turned his head to Misty. He closed his eyes and smiled "Hey Misty… did you see that? I did it… I won…" as he uttered those words, his legs gave away and he also collapsed…

"ASH!" Misty ran forwards and caught him before he fell, "Ash…" she spoke quietly as she rested him gently to the ground

"Heh… Misty… I can't believe I did it… who'd have ever thought it was possible?" Ash opened his eyes and spoke weakly

"Ash… yes… you were amazing" Misty smiled, but tears were in her eyes

"Not just me… you too Misty. You're even more amazing… you know how much I love you…" Ash smiled, "You mean the entire world to me…"

"Oh Ash… I love you too…" Said Misty

"You have no idea how happy that makes me feel every time you say that…" Said Ash weakly, "When I'm with you, everything feels like it will be alright… everything seems brighter… everything's happier…"


"At least this way I will die happily…" Ash said as he closed his eyes…

"Ash! No!" Misty exclaimed, "That can't be!"

"I'm sorry Misty… you don't know how much I regret this… all the things I will miss… I guess I was destined for things other than being a pokémon master…too bad… I'm gonna miss teasing Brock about his eyes… or lack of… heck, I already miss Team Rocket's stupid motto…" He spoke in a hushed tone; "I guess I'm a little young to say this… but you… I wanted to wait… until we were old enough… to get… ma…" he coughed, he couldn't go on. "Don't cry Misty… even dead… I'll be waiting for you in the afterlife… goodbye… M-ist… y…" those were the last words that left his lips. His head dropped to the ground, he wasn't breathing anymore.

"Ash…?" Misty shook him "Ash!" tears were welling up in her eyes, "No… please… no!!" She shook him, but he didn't move. His heart wasn't beating. Ash Ketchum was dead. "NO…! ASH…! AAAAASSSSHHHH!!!"

(Location- Grim Void)

Everyone in the Grim Void had heard what the two were saying, and they were all stricken with grief

"I can't believe it… he's… Ash is…!!" Tracey couldn't finish

"After so long, they have admitted to each other how they truly felt… but now…! It… it's just not fair…! IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!" Brock screamed

"I have seen many tragedies in my journeys… but nothing came close to this" Ebi's head hung low, as he tried to comfort his sister…

Everyone in the Grim Void had been cheering Ash on, but the cheering has turned to mourning. Quite a lot of them were crying. Jessie burst into tears while James tried to comfort her, also struggling to hold back his tears as well.

The only one who didn't look sad was Gary. As a matter of fact, he was leaning back casually with his arms crossed. He was smiling. If there really was a tragedy involving Ash, then he'd have been crying, but he knew something that they didn't. All the time he knew him, Gary Oak had learned never to underestimate Ash Ketchum…

(Location- Marble City)

"How… can I go on?" Misty asked herself. Her tears have not stopped yet, "I'm alone…" she said to herself. "We were supposed to be together, forever… why? Why did this have to happen?" she asked herself, "WHYYYY!?!?" she screamed and burst into tears.


"Huh?" she looked left and right, hearing a strange glittering sound. Wondering where the sound was coming from. Then she remembered where, and reached into her pockets and pulled out the card 'La Force de L'amour'. "This card… it strengthened us… it was what made us realize that we love each other…" she stared at it. "What?" it began to sparkle… and flew out of her hands. It remained there, floating in the air, the same colourful sparkles that healed them the first time circled around them… At the same time, the card that Ash had picked up, the card simply known as 'Justice' also moved into the air. Suddenly, the Shining Sphere flashed bright, glowing fiercely… and the two cards shattered! Breaking into countless bits of light…

The twinkling bits of light fell slowly like snow… as the Shining Sphere continued to glow, the same glow began to surround Ash's body… he began to shine like the sun, as the light from the cards was being absorbed into his body. Ash began to stir…

"Ash…?" Misty wiped the tears out of her eyes

"Ungh…" Ash sat up and rubbed his head. He turned to her, opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was… "Misty?"

"Ash…!" Tears gathered once more in Misty's eyes

"MISTY!!!" He cried out as they embraced, but this time they were crying tears of happiness. They were together again, and it would remain that way, forever. They gazed into each other's eyes, their arms wrapped around each other, they engaged themselves in a long and passionate kiss.

As the kiss ended, there was a roar of applause. Surprised, both Ash and Misty looked up to see the entire city, all the people cheering, and at the front were their friends and pokémon. The sky started to brighten, as the sun was rising, ending the long dark night.

"YOU DID IT!" Brock, Tracey and Ebi ran forwards

"YOU'RE HEROES!!!" Amaebi and Team Rocket ran forwards.

They all lifted Ash and Misty up into the air.



The celebration lasted from the beginning of the dawn until late at night. Though lots of the city had been heavily damaged, no one could resist celebrating to all the music in this momentous occasion dedicated to Ash and Misty. As night came, the city was still full of music and festival lights, and Ebi was setting up a fireworks display… and speaking of Ebi… "AAAAAH!" Ebi was searching around frantically

"What's wrong?" Amaebi asked as she walked by

"I just fixed the QuickSilver! I put it right there, but now it's gone!" Said Ebi

"Never mind that right now! Everyone's gathered around the centre of the town!" Said Tracey, "They want Ash and Misty to step up and give a few words!"

"Um… where are they anyways?" asked Brock

"You won't find them here" they heard a voice. They turned around and saw Sky Render. He looked unusually happy, and he was holding up the heavily injured and unconscious Twin Dreamer and Goth on his shoulders, "I saw them run off holding hands, before Ash jumped onto that QuickSilver thing and she jumped along with him and they left. Probably to find some peace and quiet, as well as a little privacy! And speaking of leaving… I'd better go too!" Sky Render finished, and leapt to the top of a building and out of sight, carrying his fallen comrades

"Well there he goes" Brock said as

"Should we follow them? After all… we ARE angry at them"

"…" Everyone paused for a minute… "NAAAH!" they all said at the same time

"You know, this whole experience has really been exciting" Gary stepped forwards, he had finished setting up the fireworks, and now he just had to wait for the time to light them, "I've only been fighting against regular guys, but never any REAL super villains. I've been getting kinda bored lately and my life could use a little change. And also, since Ash and me are friends again, I'd like to know when he gets back, that if I could tag along? We've got some catching up to do"

"Speaking of groups, don't you think it's about time ours got back together, Ebi?" Amaebi stepped forwards, "We originally split up so the Fiends wouldn't find us, but with Ash along, there's no need to hide! I'll travel with you, while looking for our old friends! This team's short on females anyways! And hey, we might find Tobiko too! You'd really like that, RIGHT Ebi?" She nudged him

"Sure, whatever…" Ebi crossed his arms and looked away, in an attempt to hide the redness on his face. Quickly he changed the subject, "Hey! You know there's a dance going on right now? Come on, we could use a little fun!"

"YEAH!" They all cheered

(Location- Oasis)

"Not bad for our first date, eh Misty?" asked Ash. He and Misty were sitting on a large boulder, holding hands. No one had followed them; they left their pokémon behind and came here alone.

"Absolutely perfect" Misty smiled. This place was beautiful. Up in the sky, the stars were twinkling and the moon was full. When they looked down, they could see their reflections perfectly in the crystal clear waters of the Sapphire Oasis, and all the plants growing around this area certainly added to the scenery. Everything was so peaceful, and was quite a change for all that fighting. They could see the city perfectly from here. It looked quite nice with all the colourful lights of different colours. They could hear the music from here. "Hey! Listen to that!" Misty exclaimed

The dance music ended and it sounded like the last song was being played. It was a calm slow dance. Ash smiled as he got up. "Hey Misty" he said as he stepped down from the rock and reached up with his hand, "May I have this dance?"

"Heehee…" Misty giggled and held Ash's hand, letting him support her as she came down from the boulder, "You're such a gentleman"

Even from where they were, they could hear the music clearly. They danced together to the slow music, and relished every moment of it. Their faces were only a few inches away from each other, and they both engaged themselves in a long and beautiful kiss that seemed to last forever. Finally the song ended and the festival was ending. Ash and Misty sighed as they let go, gazing into each other's eyes and smiled. All of the sudden, a loud popping sound echoed throughout the sky, making them both jump. They looked up to see that a fireworks display was starting.

"Hey Misty! Come on!" Ash regained his playful side and ran to the boulder.

"Hey wait up!" Misty called as she ran to catch up with him. Ash had climbed it and reached down for her hand, pulling her up.

They enjoyed the fireworks very much. Each one was more impressive than the last. After several minutes, the display ended and the city quieted down. Bit by bit, the lights around the city were turning off and people were going. In the end, the lights all went off and the only lights left was the one shining from the moon

"Hmm…" Ash sighed, looking up at the stars… he remembered the battle that took place, and the one who set it all up, "(You knew the outcome was gonna be like this, didn't you Sky?)" he wondered, "(Heh… no, I'm not gonna thank you for this… but because of this, I now understand the true meaning of strength… and I will use this strength to protect the people I love…)" he looked to his side

"Brrrr…" Misty started to shiver.

"Are you cold Misty?" Asked Ash. The wind blew, and he started shivering himself. The desert was very cold at night and they didn't have a fire, but there were other ways they could keep warm. "Misty, come here" Misty nudged closer to Ash, and he pulled out a blanket from his bag. It was a bit small, so they had to cuddle together to make room. Both of them were warmed right up. They continued watch the stars, they until they could stay awake no longer. They fell asleep in each other's arms, keeping each other warm in the coldness of the night. Where will things go from here? We don't know. What will the future have in store? Is this the end of the story, or just the beginning? Only time will tell…

And so ends Volume 1 of this story. With the power he holds and his friends by his side… what new challenges await Ash Ketchum? It is a long, steep road ahead, and many treacherous obstacles litter the path… but Ash will not falter, and he will continue his journey to the top. The story isn't ending, this is only the beginning. I humbly thank all of the readers who have supported me as I wrote this story, and Season 2 is coming soon. I would also like to give special thanks to Pikachic13, KawaiiKero86, Charizard, along with my proof-reader 'The Ultimate Trainer' as well as my right-hand man 'The Tensai' Satoshi 'Vash' Kuwabara III, for without their support I doubt I'd have gotten through this fic! Keep an eye out for season 2! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to email me anytime!