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Chapter 1: The New Naota


Time has passed for Naota he is now 17 and still trying to cope with the lose of Haruko you would think all things would be better for Naota when she barges back into his life.

Haruko! Haruko no! don't leave.(alarm clock goes off). Naota wakes up startled.Kamon comes running into his room.

"Naota-kun are you okay", says Kamon.Naota says he's okay in panting gasps.

Naota gets dressed he puts on a black hoodie on and torn pants.He checks his pockets.

"Damn I'm out of cigarettes", he says in a irritated voice.Naota takes Haruko's guitar and straps it on.

"Nothing ever happens here anymore well the band's waiting", he thinks to himself

"Hey dad I'm going out for a while",said Naota.

"Kay, Naota-kun", mutters kamon while he's busy with his minizines.

[on a planet off in space]

"Atomsk! I found you now I will have your power no one else will have it!", says Haruko in a enraged voice as she swings the twin-necked guitar that she took from Naota.

Atomsk dodges the swing and swings around and slams her into the ground with one of its hands.Atomsk trys to stab haruko with his beak she narrowly escapes.

"Oh no! my left arm it's broken".she tries to use her right hand but she's no match for atomsk. She jumps on her vespa and sets a destination and it takes off as Haruko lays on it unconscious.

[Back on earth]

"Hey Naota you made it I didn't think you'd carry your ass out here",says Shizani.

"Ya I showed up so W'sup",says Naota.

"Nothing' I'm having a problem with the amplifiers but don't worry I'll get it ready before the show", says Shizani.

"okay I'm gonna get set up in the back", says Naota.

Naota walks away.

"oh,hey watz up rasanki are you ready with the drums", says Naota.

"Yes I'm set up, says rasanki.

"well okay I'm going to go set up too",says naota.

"Well hurry up the show starts in 45 minutes okay",says rasanki.

[at naota's house]

A vespa with haruko on it comes flying into the bakery."Holy shit! what the hell", says kamon as he dives out of the way of the oncoming vespa as the dust settles he's surprised at what he sees.

"Ah,Haruko-San what are you doing here".but he doesn't get an answer.

He takes her to the hospital kamon is pacing outside of a waiting room.A nurse walks out and kamon run up to her.

"is haruko-San okay",asks kamon.

"Yes she's okay she has a broken arm and a mild concussion and a few bruises and scratches on her I suggest you take her home and let her lie down she might wake up tonight".says the nurse.

"Kay", kamon says with a worried voice. He drives her home and lies her in the top bunk in Naota's room

[at the club]

WASPS! WASPS! the crowd cheers as Naota,Shizani and Rasanki appear on stage.Shizani starts playing his electric guitar.Rasanki starts playing the same beat with his drums but slightly faster.

"This song is called {COME BACK TO MY SIDE}",says Naota .Naota takes his Bass and starts playing the same beat and starts to sing.

My one true love was a passin dream never to become reality.

But you and me we were always meant to be.

So why did you ever have to leave?

You left me here for someone else

You broke my heart, abandonded me

Despite all this I still dream that someday you'll come back to me


Did you ever have the same dream

That you and me could really be!

Not just another fading dream

But I guess this can never be

I'm sure you forgot me instantly

How is it so easy?

I could never do the same.

Never to take away the pain

What if I was to end this life

Would the pain cease to be.

These are my final thoughts of life made as I unsheath this knife

Naota and his band walked off the stage. "that's a really good song the crowd always cheers the most when we do this one",said Shizani.

"Well, whatever I'm going home I'm tired",says Naota.

He gets home. "dad 'I'm home".

"Kay Naota-kun Oh that's right i almost forgot we have a visitor she's in your top bunk sleeping", says kamon

"Uh!",naota groans as he walks up the stairs.

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