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V5BS (A/N: Which stands for Vardonian 5 Battle Ship) is the class of cruiser that Naota and Haruko are currently on at the moment. The name of this specific ship is the Recosia and when seen will be shown as V5S Recosia (A/N: Vardonian 5 Ship Recosia)

Chapter 15: Morning Pandemonium


V5S Recosia Personal Quarters

A light flickered in a dark room, moments later completely turning on. Haruko woke up with a yawn and looked over at the sprawled out Naota.

"Hee hee, this will be perfect", Haruko said in her mischievous voice of hers. She carefully aligned her foot to his head.

"Haruko, stop it!" Naota whined in a half asleep voice as Haruko pulled her foot back. She giggled with a slight satisfaction.

"Is he asleep again", she pondered. Lifting her head giving her a better look at his face. Her face turned red with anger

"How dare he ignore me?" She thought to herself. She brought her leg back and with a small smile on her face she flung it into his face.

"Oww!" Naota whined looking up at Haruko awake now.

"What'd you do that for?" he asked.

"Other than me just feeling like it" she played with him. He frowned at her.

"Well, quit it!" he said.

"You should learn how to have some fun once in a while Takkun" Once again she aligned her foot and kicked him hitting him in the ear this time.

"Oww that hurt damn it!" he said yelling at her.

"You don't have to be so mean, Takkun", she said giving him a pouty look. He sat up in the bed

"Me, be mean? You're the mean one Haruko, kicking me; besides what are you going to do if I'm mean?" Naota asked challengingly with a sly smile.

"Oh you'll see", she said walking into another room. Naota watched her disappear into the room with a confused look on his face, when she returned his face turned to fear.

"What…what are you going to doing with that?" Haruko stood at the front of her bed with her twin-neck guitar.

"Rah!" Haruko crashed the guitar into the bed as Naota dived out of the way.

"Are you mad, Haruko?!" Naota yelled looking at the demolished bed. He looked at the crazy look in her eye.

"Oh crap", he said.

"I'm gonna kill you", she yelled as she started shooting at him. Naota took a quick dive behind a couch.

"Stop it Haruko". Naota attempted a dive toward his Rickenbacker guitar, but retreated with Haruko's accurate shots.

"Haruko! You're going to blow my Fucking head off!" he screamed at her from behind the couch.

"If I'm lucky my Takkun", she replied.

"Don't make me go red on your ass", he yelled just before Haruko blew the couch away leaving him totally defenseless.

"Guess I don't have a choice", he thought as he powered up and quickly for his guitar and ending up in Haruko's face before she could react.

"Boo". She snarled and swung her guitar at him and he blocked.

"Oh it's on Takkun", she said.

V5S Recosia Command Center

A red alert alarm blared in the command center.

"What the hell is happening?" Lieutenant Sandrez asked a soldier working at a console.

"Check the area for Medical Mechanica ships" Captain Oceal said to the same soldier.

"No ships sir, it seems its coming from our guest's personal quarters", the soldier said.

"What?" Sandrez said dumbfounded.

"Put the security camera of that room on the main monitor", Oceal stared at the monitor. As the screen turned on the image of haruko and the red Naota with his guitar fighting each other appeared.

"Bed troubles?" Sandrez commented making a few of the soldier's chuckle.

"Sandrez get a squad down there, bring them to me", Oceal said.

Outside the room in the corridor

"This is the door up ahead", Sandrez yelled to the firing squad behind him. Haruko and Naota slammed through the wall to the floor in a daze.

"What in the hell are you two doing", he yelled to them.

"She started it", Naota said with a following smack in the head by her.

"Come with me you two!"

V5S Recosia Command Center

The squad walked in to the Center with Haruko and Naota.

"I would like to know what the hell you were doing", Oceal snapped. Haruko and Naota looked at each other.

"Well?" he asked.

"We were having a little fun recreation", Haruko said as Naota smacked his forehead with his hand.

"A little fun recreation? That caused over twenty thousand Vardonian credits!".

"You know what I know how to solve this, instead of your fifty thousand Vardonian credit reward you'll get half of that" Oceal said satisfied.

"Good job Haruko", Naota scolded.

"Whoops", she said grinning.

V5S Recosia Corridor

1 hour later

"And over here we have one of the many training rooms" Sandrez said. Haruko, Naota and the lieutenant walked down the empty hallway all looking equally bored.

"Tell me again why we must do this", Haruko whined.

"I told you because Captain Oceal thinks this will keep you two out of trouble, which I don't see how, I'm surprised something hasn't blow up again", Sandrez said.

"This is your fault Haruko you and your psychotic episodes", Naota said to her.

"Oh blame me, Takkun", she said crossing her arms.

"You smashed the guitar through the bed", he said.

"Bed troubles", Sandrez stated at Naota.

He blushed furiously as Haruko laughed.

"It was not, you jerk, she kicked me in the head", Naota said pointing at Haruko with a frown on his face.

"Sure, whatever you say Nandaba", Sandrez said. After a moment of silence Sandrez spoke up again.

"And we have the armory to the right", he said.

"Let's go in there", Naota said.

"Hell, why not?" Sandrez said opening the door, and walked in motioning for them to follow. Naota's jaw almost dropped to the floor.

"Look at all the weapons I think I've died and gone to heaven", he said.

"Yea, I know isn't it great", Sandrez agreed.

"I will never understand a man's obsession with guns", haruko said still bored.

"Holy shit, check this out", Naota said nearing one of the guns.

"You stay away from that", Sandrez said stepping in front of him.

"Come on, I won't shoot it", Naota whined.

"There's no way in hell will I let you touch a Vardonian Disrupter after what you did to the ship", he said, at that moment an alarm went off being temporarily silenced by a voice over from Oceal.

"Everyone to their battle positions, this is not a drill the planet Nareth under the control of Medical Mechanica has fired upon us!" the voice over ended followed by the blaring of the alarm.

"I think things just got interesting"


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