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No Guts No Glory

It had been about six months since the guys had pulled their little singing act. Naruto had changed a little he had turned sixteen and was now able to ask for a girls hand in marriage. Not that Naruto was in a hurry to do something like that. Naruto was on his way over to see Hinata through the window of course. He had not worked up enough courage to talk to Hiashi Hyuga about dating Hinata. He would sooner take on Orichimaru and all of his lackeys first. 'god I miss her' Naruto thought ' maybe Iruka was right about her'


"So then since you have spent so much time with this girl what are your plans together?" Iruka asked.

"Nothing much right now Master Iruka we're only fifteen" Naruto said

"And Next year you will be at the age where you can ask for a woman's hand in marriage" Iruka said and Naruto blushed "You do realize that don't you?"

"Of course master Iruka its just I don't want to think that far down the road" Naruto said "Especially since I would need the approval of her family"

"I really wouldn't worry too much about that" Iruka said "If you love her do you care?"

"It's not that, I am worried that her family will disown her though" Naruto said looking down at his feet. Iruka stood up and looked at his former student. 'He has grown so much since I first began teaching him' Iruka thought 'he has become a man before my very eyes'


Naruto had reached the Hyuga household and started to climb up the tree. He peeked inside to see Hinata laying on her bed reading a book. Naruto lightly tapped on the window. Hinata looked over to see Naruto's smiling face in the window. She opened it and Naruto hopped in and kissed Hinata on the cheek. Hinata blushed. "So what shall we do tonight? go out or" Naruto said and put his right hand on her right cheek (AN: not on her face. Muhahahaha) "Or shall we stay in"

Hinata broke out of his seductive hold and took a step back. "ok whoa boy heel " Hinata teased "I think it would be nice if you met the family"

Naruto looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. All the color drained from his face. His grin faded. "Hinata?" Naruto said

"Yes Naruto" Hinata replied


"Naruto calm down" Hinata said "Its not that big of a deal"

"NOT THAT BIG A DEAL?" Naruto continued "MY HEAD ON A SILVER PLATTER IS NOT A BIG DEAL?" Naruto was freaking out. He took a deep breath and began to talk again "okay I am sorry about that but your family is important. Your important. But me I am common street trash. I have no nobility nor do I have a high position in the ninja rankings"

"Well you are a Chuunin now so its not as if your low ether" Hinata said "And your planning on becoming a Jounin anyways I mean am I right?" Naruto nodded and hugged Hinata close. He kissed her forehead gently then he looked deeply into her pearl white eyes.

"okay Hinata we'll talk to them but not tonight" Naruto said "Lets just go out for a walk okay?" Hinata nodded. Naruto went out the window and jumped down to the ground level.

Hinata went downstairs to walk out the door but Hiashi was sitting in his chair "Hinata where do you think you're going?" Hiashi asked "Its dark out"

"Just for a little walk father" Hinata said "I'll be back before its too late"

"Be back before nine" Hiashi demanded "and don't dawdle on your way home ether"

Hinata nodded and walked outside. Then Hinata's mother Sayuri walked over to Hiashi. "So when do you think She's going to tell you?" she asked.

"I don't know but I wish she would be more honest with me" Hiashi said "maybe if I promise not to kill the boy on sight"

"Would you really do that to your best friends son?" Sayuri asked

"If the fourth were still here of course not" He said "But now that he's gone who knows"

Sayuri laughed and hugged her husband "Maybe you should 'catch' them in the act?" She said "See what Naruto does".

"That sounds like a fairly good idea" Hiashi said "I'll wait for their good night kiss and then I'll scare the crap out of them both. Reminds me of my younger years"

-End chapter 1

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