KP: Here it all comes to a head

IPF: the epilogue

Kuwabara: if you want more of this story read the Kids of Glory

No Guts No Glory Epilogue

"I'M WHAT?" Sayuri asked looking at Tsunade.

"You're pregnant. Congratulations" Tsunade said and Sayuri looked as if she was going to go insane.

"I came here because I was getting sick in the morning and all this time I thought I had the flu. Now I find out that I am pregnant, I don't know whether to jump for joy or weep for shame" Sayuri spoke

"This is a good thing" Tsunade said in a firm tone "trust me."

"I need to speak to someone" Sayuri said looking down at her feet

"Oh you mean Neji" Tsunade said and Sayuri's head snapped up "don't act so surprised I may be old but I'm not blind"

"But it was supposed to be a secret" Sayuri mumbled "it could ruin his reputation"

"After he hears about this that's going to be the last thing on his mind"

"I need to see him soon" Sayuri said softly "but I don't want to go home just yet. I'm worried how his family will react"

"I'll have Neji come here immediately" Tsunade replied and then he turned to see Kakashi standing in the doorway.

"Hey I need to talk to you for a minute" Kakashi said

"I'll be right back okay Sayuri?" Tsunade asked and the girl nodded. They walked out of the hospital room and into the hallway. "Okay what is it Kakashi?"

Kakashi handed Tsunade a piece of paper and spoke "here is my resignation" Kakashi spoke "I will be leaving Konoha soon"

"YOU'RE WHAT!" Tsunade shouted. Kakashi stood with emotionless eyes as if he didn't care what was going on around him.

"I'm leaving the leaf" Kakashi replied "And the paper you are holding is my resignation."

"You can't just leave!" Tsunade pleaded "We're backed up as it is! We need experienced Jounins!"

"What was the point of the Jounin exam if you're not going to promote any?" Kakashi asked "Lee, Shikamaru, Naruto, hell even Ryu are all good choices to be Jounins. I'm no longer ended here and I would rather not be here anymore"

"You're running from bad memories and your fears Kakashi" Tsunade said sighing "that is just plain cowardice"

"I'm not going to play games with you Tsunade I'm leaving with my daughter tomorrow after the funeral" Kakashi said and headed for the door

"And where may I ask are you going?" Tsunade asked

Kakashi stopped and faced Tsunade "I don't know but anywhere else is looking good" with that Kakashi left the room and headed outside where his daughter was waiting. She looked up at her father with sad eyes. Kakashi smiled trying to cheer her up but Miyuki just looked back down. Kakashi sighed and sat next to his daughter. "I know you miss her. I miss her too"

"Do you think mommy is happy wherever she is now" Miyuki asked

"Of course she is" Kakashi said smiling at his daughter even though he felt his heart wrench inside "she was a very good person and they say everything you do on earth will be remembered when you go to heaven"

"Why did she leave you then daddy?" Miyuki asked

"Because I'm not a good person" Kakashi said "In fact I am a very bad person but let me tell you something I'm willing to change for you and your mother"


"Yeah I promise" Kakashi stood up and took off his headband and handed it to Miyuki giving her a view of his Sharigan "that is my promise that I am a changed person I want you to hold on to that for me okay Miyuki?" His daughter nodded "Good now come on lets go home"


Kiba was standing at the gates with Shino. "We failed The Jounin Exams Shino and we lost Hinata forever. What else is left here?" Kiba asked his friend

"I don't know my friend" Shino said "But I can't believe she chose him over us"

"That was her decision and I don't hold her responsible" Kiba said "But Naruto…damn him! Why does he get to have the greatest girl in the village around him? He was dead last"

"People have a way of changing" Shino said "If they want something bad enough"

Kiba looked down at the dirt "The only thing keeping me here is my grudge against Naruto" Kiba said "Me and Akamaru will leave the leaf"

"Why? When?" Shino asked "To what purpose do you have to leave the leaf"

"To get stronger" Kiba said "we're leaving today after the funeral"

"I have confidence in you my friend" Shino said "but I need to talk to Neji he says he'd like me to do him a favor of some sort"

"Huh he has been acting weird lately" Kiba said "Ever since he was with that Sayuri girl"

"Forget it I will see you again my friend" Shino said clasping his hand tightly "May you always get stronger-"

"-Never weaker" Kiba finished hugging his friend before leaving. Shino stayed around the gates thinking. Then he heard a dark voice behind him "you know you don't have to let Naruto win"

Shino turned around and removed a kunai. "Kabuto! Give me one reason not to remove your head where I stand!" Shino demanded

"Because I have a proposition for you Shino" Kabuto responded

"You have nothing I want!" Shino responded.

"Oh but I think I do" Kabuto responded "don't you want Hinata for yourself?"

Shino suddenly began to twitch "DON'T TEMPT ME! DAMN YOU!" Shino shouted

"But you see you can have her for yourself" Kabuto said "I can promise you that"


"But its not impossible" Kabuto spoke "it's very simple if you follow my instructions. I wont ask very much of you"

"What do you want from me" Shino asked with a whisper his conscience fading

"Only to spy and report to me" Kabuto said "more than likely you won't have to kill anyone"

"Can you promise me Hinata?" Shino asked "and her safety?"

"You have my word Shino" Kabuto replied smiling holding out his hand. Slowly Shino reached out and took it. Thus the first of Konoha's began his road to darkness.


"So let me get this straight" Naruto said speaking "I need to go and get Tykiei Kazuka who lives in the sand because the family doesn't have any other relatives"

"Unless you want to raise them yourself" Tsunade pointed out

"Fine I'll go with Gaara after the funeral tomorrow" Naruto said "Is there anything you want me to do before I leave granny?"

"Besides the fact I want you to stop calling me Granny?" Tsunade asked and Naruto raised an eyebrow cockily "I need you to tell Neji something"

"Why do I need to tell him?" Naruto whined

"Because Sayuri can't"

"Why would Sayuri need to tell him anything?"

"She's late idiot"

"Well then where does she need to go?"

"No not that I mean she's LATE!"

"Right so where do I take her?"

"YOU IDIOT! She's late for her period"

"Ah that's nice what does that mean?"

Tsunade was steaming with frustration now and Naruto still looked puzzled "It means she's pregnant dunce!"

"Ahh I see…WAIT A SEC? YOU MEAN TO SAY SHE'S" Tsunade nodded "AND NEJI'S" Tsunade nodded again "TOGETHER?" Tsunade nodded once more. "WHY AM I ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW!"

"Actually you're the first to know beyond me and Sayuri" Tsunade responded

"Oh well then never mind" Naruto said "I'll see you later" Naruto said and headed out the door. He reached Neji's place without much effort. The Hyuga member was sitting on his couch dosing off. "Hey wake up!" Naruto called and Neji threw a kunai at Naruto in reflex. Naruto instinctively caught the blade and twisted it around his finger. "Your slipping Neji" Naruto smirked "not to long ago you would have nailed it"

"Naruto?" Neji spoke puzzled "What are you doing here?"

"Simple I have to deliver a message" Naruto said

"And that is?" Neji asked

"You're going to be a father" Naruto spoke and Neji fainted. Naruto thought about it for a moment then he realized he delivered his message and there wasn't really a good reason for him to stay at that moment. Naruto turned and left Neji sprawled on the ground unconscious.

Naruto left Neji's place and headed for home. His thoughts were clouded with Ken and Rin's images. He began to wonder how the hell he was going to protect his children.


"DAMMIT!" Naruto shouted and he left to see Ken lying next to his wife holding her hand tightly. Tykiei Ken was lying in the middle of the field bleeding through his green flak jacket. A kunai was embedded in his chest. "Naruto…" Ken whispered "Promise…me, Promise me that you'll watch my family" Ken began bleeding from the mouth.

"Shut up" Naruto said "you'll be fine Hinata will be here and she'll take care of you just quit talking."

"I promise" Naruto said as Ken's life began to drain away and all that was left of Tykiei Ken was a lifeless corpse. "I promise you Ken no one will ever harm your family it's my oath as Uzamaki Naruto!" Naruto then broke down and fell to one knee crying.


'I plan to keep that promise' Naruto thought as he reached home. He opened his pack and began to throw his clothing and small precious possessions inside of it. He heard the sound of his door opening and he spoke without turning "what is it Hinata?" Hinata froze hearing that cold voice of his.

"Are you alright?" Hinata asked "You haven't been the same since Orichamaru's invasion"

"I don't want to talk right now Hinata" Naruto responded coldly

Hinata noticed his pack and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder but the Jounin brushed it off "Where are you going?" Hinata questioned her fiancé

"The sand"

"When will you be back?"

"When I feel like it alright! DOES THAT SATISFY YOU! JESUS CHRIST!" Naruto was shaking with anger. Hinata silently placed her arms around Naruto and squeezed tightly. Naruto suddenly relaxed and remembered who he was talking to. He squeezed back and whispered into her ear softly "I'm sorry I'm just so angry about what happened. I'm not mad at you and there is no reason for me to be yelling at you"

She stifled a sob as she buried her face into his chest. "You're such a jerk!" She spoke into his chest hitting it with her left fist. Naruto stroked her hair gently and pulled her close.

"I know I know I messed up. Forgive me?" Naruto asked looking into her tear-filled eyes.

"You're lucky I love you" She said before she added "baka" Then Naruto smiled.

"I love you too" Naruto replied "anyways I'm leaving tomorrow and I really don't know when I'll be back"

"You better hurry back" Hinata said softly before muttering "Baka" yet again


Neji woke up on the floor of his home wondering what the hell happened. Then suddenly it came to him in a huge rush. 'Oh shit!' Neji thought 'I gotta go to the hospital now!' Neji jumped to his feet and sprinted out the door and down the street.

Neji managed to reach the hospital and he ran to the front desk "IamlookingformygirlfriendRinshunSayuriwhereisherroomIaminahurrypleasehelpijustfoundoutshespregnantandimgonnabeadaddyandimreallyworriedand-" The girl behind the desk held her hands up in confusion

"Hold on your speaking way too fast now could you please rephrase that so I can help you?" She asked politely

"Sorry. Do you know where Rinnshin Sayuri is?" Neji asked "she was supposed to get a checkup today"

The girl looked at a pad of paper with a list of names on it. "She's in room 108" She said and looked up to see that he was already gone. Neji skid to a halt as he read the room number 108. He slowly opened the door to see Sayuri sitting there with her hand on her stomach.

"Hey" Neji spoke softly almost whispering "How are you doing?"

"I'm okay" Sayuri responded in the same tone while sitting up "I missed you"

"I wasn't gone that long" Neji responded "so we're gonna have a child of our own huh?" Neji said this smiling and Sayuri broke into tears cupping her face in her hands. Neji sat nest to her and placed an arm around her pulling her close doing his best to comfort her. "Hey don't cry. It's okay we'll make it through this"

"I am so sorry Neji" She spoke through her sobs

"Sorry? For what? You've done nothing wrong. As a matter of fact you've been perfect" Neji said while kissing the top of her head.

"But I've caused dishonor for you and your clan" Sayuri spoke no longer sobbing but with tearstains streaked across her cheeks "I've caused so much trouble for you. You are probably furious with me"

"No you haven't. I may be a little scared but you could never anger me. You're too perfect" Neji said kissing both of her tearstained cheeks then he wiped the tears from her eyes softly with his gentle touch "Besides I'm just as much at fault as you are. Besides I would say it was worth it"

"You mean it?"

"Of course I do. If I could do it all over again, I'd make the same choices in a second. Wouldn't you?" Sayuri nodded and Neji smiled "I thought so. I guess we're going to be parents"

"I'm so worried about what kind of a mother I'll be" Sayuri whispered "I don't want to ruin this for our child"

"Trust me you'll do fine. I can't think of anyone who is more kind, sweet, or gentle" Sayuri smiled for the first time since being in the hospital and hugged the Hyuga boy as tight as she possibly could.


Lee finished packing his things inside his home and slung his pack over his shoulder. He made a promise and he intended to keep it.


Lee continued to pull-ups in the living room. "Lee why do you work so hard?" Tenten asked

"To be the best" Lee responded continuing "And I guarantee that I will win the tournament"

"What if you don't win?" Tenten asked "What if you actually lose the tournament? What will you do this time? Will you do a million sit-ups or will you run around the village a hundred thousand times? What are the criteria to make sure you win?"

Lee stopped and looked Tenten deeply into her onyx eyes. He smirked at her his eyes as the appeared to be staring into her soul. "WHEN I win this tournament I will ask for your hand in marriage. And for you to be mine forever. If not then I cannot face the shame of failing you" Lee said softly before kissing her cheek. "I will leave the leaf for one entire year if I should lose the tournament."

END FLASHBACK Lee remembered the promise and he was a man of his word. He walked out the door of his home and headed for Tenten's place. He figured the least he could do was say goodbye to her before he left. He knocked on Tenten's door with his battered fist and she came to the door. She was still as beautiful as ever. She had a simple black tank top on with white pajama pants. She smiled at the sight of the Genuis of hard work at her door.

"Hey Lee what brings you here?" Tenten asked

"I thought I should say goodbye before I left" Lee responded

"Why are you going on a mission or something?" Tenten questioned

"No I am leaving the leaf. Like I promised you" lee spoke looking down at his feet in shame.

"Promise? But Lee you didn't lose at the tournament" Tenten spoke

"Ah but I didn't win ether" Lee said "and Itatchi made a mockery of my skill. He made me look like an amateur."

"So what?" Tenten asked now irritated "you didn't lose the tournament and there is no way in hell you are leaving the leaf for a year. I'll kick your ass before that happens"

"Tenten I failed you" Lee said softly "how can I face you now after that"

Tenten lifted his chin and placed a full kiss on his lips. Lee looked a little woozy as if he had just won a million bucks. "Will that change your mind?" Tenten asked

"I'll think about it" Lee said smirking "but then there was the other part of the promise I haven't taken care of?"

Tenten smirked and Lee got on one knee "so then how about Tenten, will you marry me?" Tenten jumped into Lee's arms and began kissing him furiously on his neck and face.

"Of course I will you moron. Now you can't leave the leaf and your poor lonely fiancée." Tenten said smirking

"I guess not." Lee responded "Damn if only I had a ring"

"Lee…do you really think I would marry you because of a ring?" Tenten asked

"Well no. But it's important. And if anyone deserves something special its you"

Tenten smiled "you're the sweetest man I've ever known Lee" The black haired girl leaned forward and kissed Lee full on the lips and draped her arms on his neck. "I love you"

Lee wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "I love you too" Lee whispered "When do you want to get married?"

"As soon as possible if that's okay with you"

"I'll have to check my schedule"


"So what is it exactly you want me to do Kabuto?" Shino asked suspiciously

"Simple I want you to put this in Naruto's drink" Kabuto said holding a vile with a rosy red liquid inside "Then this one…" Kabuto held up another vile with a blue liquid inside "in any girl of your choosing"

"What does it do?" Shino asked

"Simple it manifests ultimate lust" Kabuto said and Shino's eyes widened "the logic of the mind will cease to work and the body will suddenly be attracted to the other user of the opposite drug"

"Interesting" Shino said curious "but what good does this do?"

"Ahh once Hinata finds out that Naruto has slept with another woman she will leave him" Kabuto said smirking "he will be heartbroken and weak. Then we will strike! Naruto will be all alone again and he will be easy prey."

"But won't this hurt Hinata?" Shino asked

"What's more important? Ask yourself this question: is it better for her to have a short period of sadness or a lifetime of misery? You will be there for her when he is out of the picture. Trust me Shino I am a master of manipulation"

"All right Kabuto when do you plan on taking action?"

The next day

Jin stood in front of the river in which his father and mother were about to be sent down the river in flames. It was the greatest honor as a warrior to have your body burned when you were in the next life. It was a sense of pride and accomplishment but no one felt happy. They had both died short-lived lives accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time. Ken had defeated Orichamaru a feat not even the third Hokage could accomplish. Jin's brother Shiro stood by his brother's smile with a small frown on his face. They were currently under the watch of the fifth. She was a "nice Lady" according to Jin.

The Children of the Wolf as they would later be called we very alone in the world on that day. They had lost the two most important people in their lives. Now all they had was one another. Jin sighed he had to grow up fast. He no longer could enjoy his childhood and had to watch out for what was left of his family.

Jin then saw a young girl approach him with short silver hair. She smiled at him as best she could while he had an emotionless look on his face. "Hi" The little girl said "My name's Miyuki, is it your mommy and daddy that died?" Jinn nodded and Miyuki took his hand smiling "I know it hurts I still hurt really bad because my mommy is dead too. But my daddy says she's happy because she's in a better place now and she'll never be sad again. Maybe it's the same with you and your mommy and daddy"

Jin looked at her with hope on his face "you really think so?" Miyuki nodded "My name is Jin! And I'm gonna grow up to be a strong ninja like my dad was and I'll be the greatest the village has ever seen!"

"I hope you do Jin" Miyuki said "oh I gotta go my daddy is probably looking for me" Miyuki turned and ran back into the crowd until she saw Kakashi leaning against the wall of a building. "Hi daddy" Miyuki said and Kakashi smiled.

"Hello Miyuki, come on lets go" Kakashi said motioning her to come along.

"Where are we going daddy?" Miyuki asked

"I don't know honey but it will be a lot better than anyplace this village has to offer" Kakashi said

Jin sighed and looked back at his parents fading forms. Naruto watched Jin from his spot on a village rooftop. "Sorry I messed up kid but I promise to make it up to you" Naruto turned from the scene and left the area. He returned home where his stuff was all packed. There was an unexpected guest waiting for him by his door. "Shino? What do you need?"

"Hello Naruto I simply need to accompany you to the sand" Shino said

"What why?" Naruto asked puzzled

"There's some business I need to take care of so I figured I might as well leave with you. Safety in numbers you know" Shino replied

"Yeah that makes sense" Naruto said "look I just need to get my stuff from inside and meet up with Gaara and the others then we can go"

"Good I am anxious to leave" Shino replied

Naruto grabbed his things and left with Shino. The two began to walk the streets of Konoha to meet Gaara and the others by the gate. "So what is it that you have to do in the sand Naruto?" Shino asked

"I have to try to fix a mistake that I've made" Naruto said cryptically but Shino already knew the entire story. He didn't care ether his objective was to simply get Naruto to trust him. "But what about you Shino?"

"Well I Ahem" Shino cleared his throat "I have to deliver something and there are some people I want to meet"

"Oh well that's good, it's good to have extra company anyways" Naruto said as they reached the gates.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye to Hinata?" Shino asked

"I told her I was leaving last night and I know how much she hates goodbyes even if they are for short tine" Naruto said before sighing "she really is to good for me"

"You got that right" Shino muttered under his breath before speaking up "So is it true that you and Hinata are officially engaged?"

"Yeah isn't that great!" Naruto said smiling before seeing the sand-nins and waving wildly "Hey Gaara!"

'Same old Naruto' Gaara thought smiling before waving back "Hello Naruto" the Kazekage greeted.

Naruto stopped in front of Gaara and looked to see Aki and Temari leaning against the wall gates. "By the way while you're here who's in charge of the sand village?" Naruto inquired

"Kankuro is." Temari interjected "which gives us all the more reason to hurry back. By the way what's bugboy here doing?"

"Shino is going to accompany us to the sand because he has his own business to take care of" Naruto replied "Shall we go then?"

Gaara nodded and the group left. Hours blew by as the group traveled across the fire country. The four remained silent for the most part all eager to reach the wind country with great speed. Before they knew it they had reached the village of the hidden sand. The group headed to the Kagekaze's office. Within the office there was a sleeping Kankuro at the desk in white robes with the hat tilted on his head. Gaara walked over to the desk and slammed his right fist onto the desk and Kankuro snapped to attention.

"Whuzza?" Kankuro mumbled

"First of all you're supposed to be on call 24/7 while I was gone" Gaara began holding up one finger "Second you were supposed to be keeping everything organized" Gaara was referring to the messy office "Finally THOSE ARE MY ROBES!" Gaara shouted and Kankuro stood up.

"What robes? Oh you mean these robes. Well let me tell you something funny story about these robes" Kankuro began to mumble and Gaara advanced "Well maybe not a story more of a…a…uh hey look at the time I have to go!" Kankuro sped out of the office quickly and Gaara sighed frustrated.

"Welcome back to the hellish job of babying the sand village" Gaara mumbled to himself as he took a seat in his chair behind the desk. Then he opened a drawer with files in it and began to skim the names. Then eh set a file on top of the desk. "Here you go Tykiei Kazuka, everything on him, location, techniques, the works. Do what you want with him Naruto I am not in the mood to deal with anything"

Naruto nodded and took the file before leaving. Shino left with Naruto while Aki moved behind Gaara and began to massage his shoulders. Then Temari spoke up "I'll just leave you two alone" Then she left the room as well. Temari quickly caught up with Shino and Naruto. "I can't stand those two!" Temari exclaimed

"I thought you were happy for Gaara?" Naruto said puzzled

"I am but those two lovebirds get extremely annoying after a time" Temari replied

"I have an idea, Temari" Shino said and both Naruto and Temari turned to Shino "Can you tell me where the local tavern is?"

"Yeah sure, I was thinking about headin over there anyways" Temari replied

"You commin' Naruto?" Shin asked

Naruto scratched the back of his head and grinned "I don't think that Hinata would approve of me drinking"

"Come on Naruto, live a little" Shino pushed then he frowned "I get it your pussy whipped"

"I AM NOT!" Naruto protested

"Prove it then. Just one drink" Shino said grinning

one hour later

The bar was crowded with people. The three shinobi were sitting next to each other in the back at their own table with their respected drinks. "Hey let me get the next drink" Shino said as he stood up and walked up to the barkeep holding up two fingers. The bartender nodded and handed him two new mugs filled with liquor. Shino took the drinks and he quickly dropped the liquid in each mug then he smiled to himself. Then he handed the mugs to Temari and Naruto.

"Hey Shino didn't you want another drink?" Naruto asked

"Nah I've had enough" Shino replied as Naruto and Temari shrugged and downed their drinks. Naruto felt strange and his body felt almost out of control. He then looked at Temari and his entire body felt a shockwave course through his bloodstream. "Naruto are you okay?" Shino asked why don't we get you somewhere to stay for the night"

Temari nodded her head even though she wasn't feeling well at the moment ether. "Naruto do you have any money?" Temari asked and Naruto violently shook his head. Shino shrugged "What?"

"I have a place to stay but it's a friends and he doesn't have any room for anyone else to stay" Shino said "Why don't you let him stay with you"

'NO!' Naruto's mind screamed 'I can't do that! NO! Stop yourself just say no!' unfortunately his body refused to listen and he nodded his head slowly even though every fiber of his mind knew better. Naruto followed Temari home alone. Temari reached her apartment and opened it and turned on the light. "You can stay on the couch for the night or you can have the bed if you want and I'll take the couch."

"No" Naruto replied "I'll t-take the c-c-couch and you have the b-b-b-bed." Temari placed her hand on Naruto's forehead and his body's temperature shot through the roof. "Uhhhh Temari what are you doing?"

"I'm checking your temperature. You never stutter about anything" Temari spoke gently Suddenly Naruto's hands took a life of their own and snaked their way around Temari's waist. Temari stiffened in protest "Naruto I don't think-" Temari was cut off by Naruto's lips pressing against hers. Temari reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss. The night went downhill from there.

The next morning

Naruto woke up with a major headache. He sat up and rubbed his forehead. He suddenly noticed he was not in his room. He then noticed he was not dressed. Finally he noticed the blonde haired girl in the bed next to him. 'Oh my god what the hell have I done?' Naruto thought to himself feeling a typhoon of guilt flush through his body. 'I…have…failed…Hinata.' Naruto sat on the edge of the bed and broke into tears with his face in his hands.

'Well, well, well the little boy has become a man' the dark voice of the Kyuubi mocked

'Burn in hell fox!' Naruto replied

'There's the boy I know. Now that your done bitchin' its time for you to accept responsibility'

'Up yours. Why the hell should I even talk to you'

'Because of the mistake you made, now you must face the consequences. And I'm not even talkin about what your mate will do t you'

'Then exactly what are you talking about fox?' Naruto asked

'Let me make this easy for you. When you reproduce, so do I'

Naruto froze his entire body shivered with fear 'are you saying that Temari is pregnant?'

'Yes' Kyuubi replied a little too happy for Naruto's taste 'I'm a little glad that at least one of my kits will be born of a strong Kuinochi'

'Wait a second are you saying that Hinata isn't strong' Naruto suddenly shook his head 'that's not the point. Are you saying that another one of you things is going to be born out of Temari?'

'Yes and no' the fox replied

'What's that supposed to mean?'

'My energy merged together with your sex cells and Temari's sex cells a moment after life was created. And it was merged with your child' Kyuubi explained


'Meaning, like you, your child will have a demon fox sealed within him or her.'

'Well that's terrific isn't it?'

'Its different than with you and me though'

'How so?' Naruto asked puzzled

'Well I was sealed inside of you after you were born therefore giving me natural resistance to your body and our chakra was often separated for I was locked in a cage unable to anything. But you see this one will not be sealed inside your child and their chakra will often be together instead of apart.'

'So in other words he will be like me only stronger?'

'You have no idea kid' the demon fox said in a dark voice then he broke into a fit of dark laughter.

'HEY FOX I'M NOT DONE TALKIN YET' Naruto shouted but the voice of the Kyuubi had vanished 'stupid fox'. Suddenly Naruto felt motion from behind him and he turned to see Temari getting up. The buns in her hair were let down an they fell just past her shoulder blades. "Oh shit it wasn't a dream" Temari said out loud

"I'm sorry" Naruto said "I…I have no excuse for my actions"

"Don't worry about it. I wasn't myself last night ether. I have a feeling that something needs to be checked go sit in the living room for a minute" Naruto put his clothes back on and complied. Temari appeared a few moments later with a book in her hands. She motioned for him to sit then she quickly formed series of seals with her hands quickly before placing her hands on his shoulders. A black aura swirled around him before disappearing altogether. "Just as I thought"

"What are you talking about Temari?" Naruto asked

"Someone tampered with our drinks last night" Temari said plainly

"But how the only people who touched our drinks last night were Shino and the…Barkeep"

"That's wha I was thinking. Nether you or I exactly have a low profile anyone could have gone to that bar and paid off the Bartender to slip something in our drinks."

"Alright question time is now!" Naruto said smacking his right fist into his left palm

"Wrong" Temari said and Naruto looked at her puzzled "Well…uhmm…with last night you do realize that…I may…have gotten pregnant" Temari finished in a low voice.

'Damn that's right she doesn't know yet' Naruto thought.

"Look even if I am pregnant no one has to know about this. It wasn't your fault and there's no reason for you to lose your relationship with Hinata because of this"

"JUST SHUT UP!" Naruto said in an angry voice that shocked Temari "I am not so low as to abandon a woman who has my child! Its not just yours its mine too! And if I have a child I want to be there for it"

Temari smiled "Yeah I think so too, that is if I am pregnant"

"Something tells me that you are, knowing my luck" Naruto said in a low voice "a true double edged sword" Temari frowned and she flipped to a different page in the book before performing another series of seals and then stopping. A blue aura surrounded her.

"What color was the aura?" Temari asked

"It was blue" Naruto replied

"Then I am pregnant" Temari said softly "Your going to be a father"

"Alright then let's go kick the shit out of a bartender!" Naruto exclaimed little did ether of them know a small bug was listening in on them. The bug suddenly flew out the window and to the roof of the apartment. Straight to Shino's right index finger.

"So my little friend where are they going next?" Shino asked

a few hours later

Both Naruto and Temari returned to the bar they were the night before both dressed and freshened up from the night before. They both began searching the area until they found the body of the barkeep stored in the back room obviously dead.

"Obviously whoever set this up didn't want us to find out who set us up" Temari exclaimed

"Terrific we're back to square one" Naruto exclaimed

"I was afraid this would happen" a voice from behind spoke and they both turned to see Shino. "I thought someone might try something underhanded on us last night. What happened? I realized this morning that your illness was probably caused by some sort of drug"

"Well something did happen last nigh" Naruto said

"You didn't go into a killing frenzy or something did you?" Shino asked

"No I just…uh well…I…uh" Naruto began to stutter

"Nothing major Shino don't worry about it" Temari said for Naruto.

"Yeah look I have to go check on this Kazuka guy I'll see you later" Naruto said as he turned away from Shino and Temari. Naruto needed time to clear his head. He noticed the short house in the place of the address Naruto was looking for. He walked up to the door and knocked on it. Shortly after a man about five foot six answered the door. He had short black hair and brown eyes. "Are you Tykiei Kazuka?" the man nodded "Then your coming with me. Get packed we're leaving in two hours"

"Wait a second!" Kazuka yelled "what's going on?"

"Your brother is dead" Naruto said coldly "and your coming back to the leaf"

"Ken…is dead?" Kazuka asked "When is the funeral?"

"It already passed" Naruto responded

"Then why should I go back to the leaf?" Kazuka asked

Naruto grabbed Kazuka by the front of his jacket and stared him in the eyes "I'm not in the mood, your coming to take care of nephews and your niece even if I have to drag you back kicking and screaming" Naruto spoke in a cold voice and he tossed him back. Naruto started to walk away and then he spoke again "you have two hours to prepare to leave"

Naruto walked own the streets rubbing his temples frustrated with his present situation. Suddenly Naruto was knocked down by a wave of sand. Naruto flew and smashed into a wall. Naruto stood back up to see Gaara no more than fifty feet away with a cold look in his eyes. "Naruto…you bastard!" Gaara said coldly

Naruto held up his hands in defense "Wait Gaara I can explain-ugh" Naruto was cut off by another wave of sand smashing into his right side. "Gaara it was an accident! I didn't mean it!"

"Oh is that all my sister is to you? An accident" Gaara said furious as he put his hands together forming another seal as another large wave of sand chased after Naruto. This time Naruto leaped over the wave of sand and then he ran at Gaara.

"I tried to reason with you Gaara abut you don't want to listen!" Naruto yelled as he removed a pair of kunai while running at the Kazekage.

"What will Hinata think?" Gaara questioned and Naruto stopped dead in his tracks as another wave of sand crashed into Naruto. "You're a failure Naruto!"

Naruto slowly rose to his hands and knees. His entire body was hurting from the waves of sand crashing into him. Naruto stood up and waited for another wave of sand to crash into him and it did HARD! Naruto stood again and again, each time the waves hammered him harder and harder. This continued for twenty minutes before Naruto stood again with his lip bleeding and his right arm hanging out of socket. "Are you done yet Gaara?" Naruto asked emotionlessly

'What the hell? Why wont he stay down! Damn him! He could at least apologize!' Gaara thought 'I guess I'll have to stop for now'. Gaara stood up and walked over to Naruto. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"I wouldn't know. Listen Gaara I am sorry about what happened but I was drugged. Do you really think I would cheat on Hinata?" Gaara remained silent. "That's what I thought"

"You are going to take care of this child or I'm going to personally kick the ever living shit out of you understand" Gaara said and Naruto nodded

"Listen I have to go soon" Naruto said

"You can't leave the sand village! Not now!" Gaara shouted frustrated

"Gaara, I'm coming back but I have to go home and take care of some things first" Naruto said and turned away. Shortly after Naruto returned to Temari's place. He gently knocked on the door. Temari answered. "Umm…hi"

"Hi" Temari replied "Come in"

Naruto walked in and then he turned to look her in the eye. "I have to go now but I promise I will be back soon"

"But what about our child?" Temari asked softly

"I promise I'll be back as soon as possible" Naruto said "I already promised you I wouldn't ever abandon you or my child. I understand what it's like to be alone and I don't want that for you. I am very sorry that your child will be born with a man who doesn't love you"

"That's alright I didn't expect you to or anyone else for that matter but I always did want a child of my own. But I do want more than just friendship out of this"

"How about kinship then" Naruto replied smiling "I'll be like your other big brother and ill take care of you until you have the baby and if you ever need me beyond that I'll be there for you then as well"

Naruto walked out the door and headed back to Kazuka's home. He knocked on the door and Kazuka answered with his bags packed. The two began their journey.

"So what's your problem? Girl troubles?" Kazuka asked

"You have no idea" Naruto replied

"Well why don't you tell me?"

"It's a long story" Naruto replied continuing on

"Well in case you didn't notice we have a long journey and plenty of time to kill"

"Alright where do I start? I guess it all began one day when I was sixteen. All I did was sing a song…"

one day later: Konoha

"Good luck my friend" Kazuka said as they reached the gates of Konoha "Kami knows you need it"

"Thanks" Naruto replied as he walked down the streets of Konoha and Kazuka headed in the opposite direction. Naruto walked to the Hyuga household and knocked on the door. Hinata came to the door and smiled before leaping into his arms hugging him tightly. Naruto gently removed her hands from his body and placed them at her side.

"What's wrong?" Hinata asked "your gone for two days and I don't even get a hug?"

"I don't think you'll want to hug me after I tell you this" Naruto replied

"Why what's wrong? Please tell me" Hinata requested.

"I…I…made a mistake" Naruto said "I…dishonored you beyond anything I could have ever done and what I'm about to tell you will hurt you so much, I would understand if you don't want to be engaged to me anymore"

"Naruto there's nothing you can say that could ever make me hate you" Hinata replied "I promise I'll love you forever"

"Don't make promises you can't keep Hinata" Naruto said softly before sighing and continuing "I went to the sand to find Kazuka. Before that though I went to a bar with Shino and Temari. After few drinks I was feeling kind of sick so Temari offered me to stay at her place for the night. Then I…I kissed her and…one thing lead to another…and…well I slept with her. Then I got her pregnant."

Hinata had a look of horror on her face "Out" she said softly

"Hinata please let me finish" Naruto said

"GET OUT! NOW NARUTO!" Hinata shouted and Naruto slowly turned away from her

"Even though you hat me, I will always love you" Naruto said softly before walking away. Hinata went up to her room and broke into tears. She couldn't hold it in. she fell apart emotionally and hugged her knees to her chest.

Naruto on the other hand wandered back to his apartment and collapsed on his bed. Shortly after Naruto heard a knock at his door an he left to answer. Naruto opened the door and there was no one outside. He closed the door and he turned around to receive a punch in the jaw. Naruto was caught off guard as he was attacked by a ninja completely covered in all black (like the ones you see on TV). The ninja had no symbol on his body that signified what country he was from. The ninja struck again with a kick to Naruto's gut then a knee to the face of the young shinobi. Naruto fell back onto his rear. Naruto noticed there were three other ninja's now in his apartment. "Great why don't I just post a sign on the front of my house saying 'assassinations are here!'?" Naruto said sarcastically then he smiled "I've been in a bad mood lately I could use some anger management anyways".

Naruto stood up and held his hands ready. He ran forward and threw a powerful right hook connecting with the nose of the first ninja sending him flailing back. A second ninja tried to club Naruto in the head but Naruto sidestepped it and countered by hitting the ninja in the back with his heel in a spinning back kick. A third ninja tried to kick Naruto in the right side but Naruto dropped his arm down and blocked with his forearm before countering by spinning 180 degrees and smashing his left elbow in his chest. The ninja staggered back a step and Naruto ran at him and jumped into the air planting a flying dragon kick in the face of his opponent knocking him out cold.

The other ninja's stared at him with fear. "What's with you guys I'm just getting warmed up" Naruto said smiling cockily.

'this doesn't make any sense' the first ninja thought to himself' he was supposed to be grief-stricken and weak!' Naruto took a step forward and all the ninjas took a step back in fear.

"What are you scared? That's just pathetic!" Naruto exclaimed as he quickly removed a set of shuriken and threw them at the ninja. The three remaining ninjas dodged and threw a set of shuriken of their own. Naruto dodged then suddenly appeared in front of all three of them with his arms crossed relaxed "too slow" Naruto said as he jumped into the air spinning his body around kicking them all in the face with his right foot. The ninjas fell onto their backs and sprawled across the apartment floor. "Jeez here I was thinking I was gonna get a challenge" Naruto said smirking. Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder and Naruto snapped his elbow into the opponent behind him. He noticed it was another ninja as he flailed and fell. "What? There are more of you guys? Damn!" Naruto saw there were more and more ninja's filling his apartment. He punched one in the jaw with a left hook then he clubbed him in the neck with his right forearm. Then Naruto pivoted his right foot and drove his left leg hard into the side of another ninja sending him flying across the room and through the table.

"Get him!" a ninja shouted and the crowd charged at him

Naruto smirked "alright lets go if you think you can handle me" Naruto said as he kicked his window open with a powerful sidekick then he jumped to the roof. The swarm of ninjas followed him. He removed a series of shuriken and kunai and he launched them at the wave of ninja. The group parted away from the weapons like the red sea. Then they all continued to charge Naruto. "Bring it on bitches" Naruto said smirking.

The first ninja was taken out with a powerful crescent kick to the head. The ninja flew out of the way and Naruto hammered an open-palmed strike into the solar plexus of another ninja and he flew back several feet. By now the ninja's were circling him. A ninja charged from behind Naruto and Naruto placed both his hands on the ground to elevate his legs into the air as the smashed diagonally into his chin sending the ninja flying. Two ninjas put their hands together quickly and formed a series of identical seals and spoke "GOUKAYUU NO JUTSU!" they both unleashed a powerful fireball at Naruto. Naruto leaped into the air and countered the attack with one of his own.

"KAGE BUNNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Naruto cried and four copies of himself appeared. They all landed on the ground before taking on the large crowd of people.


"EXCELLENT!" Kabuto said from his chair in a secluded room "our plan is nearly complete. Well done Shino"

"Thank you Kabuto. Now for my reward…" Shino said letting it hang in the air while he stood near in the shadows.

"Yes yes of course we will not let anyone harm you or your love interest" Kabuto said smirking "as well as any sort of support you request"

"Now sir I have sent a platoon of your men to take care of Naruto. He should be eliminated soon."

"Ah yes once that is taken care of I must finish with completing my revenge" Kabuto said in a malicious tone

"Revenge?" Shino said puzzled "I thought you only wanted Naruto dead. Who else do you want dead?"

"The descendents of Tykiei Ken" Kabuto said coldly suddenly Kabuto heard something in his earpiece.

"SIR! We are in pursuit of the target" a voice of one of the ninjas rang in Kabuto's ears "we have him cornered downtown Konoha. Orders?"

"Wait for me to get there; I will make sure he dies a slow and painful death." Kabuto responded before standing "you stay here Shino I will make sure he is finished now!"

"We will wait for you sir" the voice responded then it shouted in fear "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?"


Naruto stood on the roof of his apartment with the Rasengan in his right hand. "I guess our all gonna go down together punks!" Naruto cried as he slammed the Rasengan into the roof and the entire apartment began to collapse. Naruto leaped out of the way as the majority of his opponents fell within the debris of the roof. A small group of his ninja's remained after him.

'Damn they just don't know when to quit do they?' Naruto thought to himself as he leaped into the streets. Not many people were there and the ninja's spared no expense in attacking him in broad daylight. Naruto turned around and continued leaping back while at the same time throwing a cluster of shuriken. Three other ninja were hit and fell out of the chase. Naruto turned around and continued to flee. Naruto suddenly skid to a halt seeing Hinata standing in the middle of the street. "Hinata! GET OUTTA HERE!" Naruto shouted at her

"Why" The girl asked coldly and Naruto froze with shock.

"Because those ninja could hurt y-ugh" Naruto felt a sharp pain pierce in his back. Naruto fell to his stomach groaning in pain. A group of Kunai and shuriken were embedded in his back. 'Cowards attacking from behind'. "Hinata help me" Naruto gasped in pain "please"

Hinata's/Kabuto's cold glare turned into a smug look. "Why don't you just die already Naruto? I hate you and I wish you were dead!"

Naruto's blood ran cold. 'She-she hates me? But I thought she loved me. She can't hate me this much. Even after what happened. If she of all people hates me I must deserve to die' Naruto thought as tears streamed down his cheeks

'KID GET UP!' the Kyuubi's voice shouted in his head

'What for Hinata hates me, I don't want to live anymore' Naruto thought 'just let me die'

'Unfortunately for you kid that's not your choice anymore GET UP!' the Kyuubi demanded

'What are you talking about fox?' Naruto questioned

'You have son now remember?' Kyuubi asked

'Oh shit! I do! Dammit I can't die here! Not now!' Naruto thought as he forced himself to his feet. Blood trickled down his back to both his arms and down his legs.

'That's the spirit kid!'

'Then there's the promise I made to Ken! Rin! Jin! Shiro! Anna!' Naruto got his legs working again and he began to run. Where he didn't know he just started running blindly. He knew the ninja were still pursuing him but he didn't care. He needed a plan. Naruto saw a large house in front of him and he made his way towards it heading for a window at the top of the house. He noticed the tree next to it looked strangely familiar but he didn't think anything of it until he suddenly felt a powerful blow in his back and he was headed for the window headfirst.


Hinata was still sitting on her bed feeling a little better about the confrontation with Naruto. She sat up on her bed then suddenly CRASH! A bloody body crashed through her window. Glass was spread all over the bedroom and the victim was obviously injured. Hinata kneeled down to turn the person over only to recoil in shock. "Naruto?" Hinata asked puzzled

"Hey Hinata" Naruto gasped "I knew you wouldn't hate me" Then Naruto's vision got blurry before he fainted from exhaustion and injury.


Naruto woke up with his vision hazy. He saw Hinata standing over him. He sat up before wincing in pain. "I'm sorry" Naruto whispered softly. He also noticed he was on the couch in the living room of her home.

"you're an idiot you know that" Hinata said angrily "you go further with another woman than you've even gone with me and you expect everything to be okay. On top of that you got her PREGNANT!"

"yeah well I thought I should be upfront about it" Naruto said weakly

"HOW CAN I TRUST YOU!" Hinata shouted "YOU WERE GONE FOR NOT EVEN THREE DAYS AND YOU CHEATED ON ME!" Hinata broke down in tears again

Naruto leaned over the edge of the couch and placed his hands on Hinata's shoulders. "Because I made a promise alright. I promised that I would watch over Ken's children until I was six feet under because he did the same for me! And if I don't have you then I can't keep that promise" Naruto finished softly

"What are you saying?" Hinata asked looking at him through her tear-filled eyes

"I'm saying I can't go on unless I am with you, I may as well be dead. Hinata I don't want to spend my life with Temari. I never did. I want to spend my life with you, ask anything of me and it will be done"

Hinata sat there and she thought about it for a while finally she looked back at the man she loved and she spoke "I want you to abandon Temari and her child" Hinata said

Naruto froze with shock and fear. "Hinata…I…I'm not my father" Naruto said and Hinata looked at him puzzled "I want to do anything for you but…I made a mistake and I need to take responsibility for it, that means I need to be there for that child. I can't be like my father, as good a man as he was, I can't abandon a child of my own flesh and blood. I'm sorry I think I'll go now" Naruto ignored the pain throughout his body and he stood up. Hinata rose with him and looked him dead on in the eyes "Hinata…I'm sorry I wish I could-" Naruto was cut of Hinata put a finger to his lips and smiled.

"you made the right choice" Hinata said smiling

"You! You tested me!" Naruto said freaked out and Hinata smiled even wider.

"if you were willing to abandon a child of your own I KNEW I couldn't trust you now or ever again, I needed to know the man I fell in love with was still there" Hinata said still smiling "but if you EVER go near another woman ever again, I will kill you!" Then Hinata draped her arms around his neck and pulled herself into a kiss.

"Hinata I don't want there to be secrets between us ever" Naruto whispered after she let him go from the kiss "which means that I must tell you something else that may have you leave me forever"

Hinata stared at him puzzled "you admitted to being unfaithful what could you possibly do to me that's worse?" Hinata asked

"It's not what I did, its what I didn't do, its what I haven't told you yet" Naruto said "Hinata sixteen years ago a demon fox attacked the village slaughtering everyone in its path. Hundreds upon hundreds fell at the claws of this beast. Only one man stood before this beast as a challenge that was the fourth Hokage, and it's said that he destroyed the demon fox and in the end lost his own life"

"Naruto everyone knows this story, what's this have to do with what you've done?" Hinata asked

"because you see Hinata, he didn't kill the Kyuubi, he sealed it away inside the body of a young boy. The son of the Hokage"

Hinata put a hand to her mouth "Oh my god" Hinata whispered

"Now I know if you hate me now and I will leave if you still want me too, but I felt that at least you should know that before continuing our relationship" Naruto said and Hinata wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him tightly "Hinata…I don't think you understood the story let me start over"

"I understand…god you poor soul" Hinata whispered kissing each cheek as if Naruto were her son, someone to be protected "no wonder everyone exiled you. My god I can't believe you went through all that torture all those years my god, you're a saint"

"And you're an angel" Naruto responded "for loving a monster like me"

Nine months later (IPF: Why nine months later? KB: you'll understand when your older IPF: Oh yeah the baby! Kuwabara: try babies)

Neji was pacing. Back and forth throughout the hospital hallway. Good and bad thoughts flowed throughout his brain. A cry came from the hospital room and Neji jumped to attention. Neji headed back to the room until he heard the cry from inside "IF HE EVER TOUCHES ME AGAIN HE'S GONNA DIE! AGGHGHGHGHGH IT HURTS! DAMMIT!" Neji eased away from the door as if a nuclear explosive was inside. He was almost sure she didn't mean what she was saying due to the baby, almost. The minutes passed like hours as time continued. He thought back to earlier in the day.


Neji was holding Sayuri's hand as they walked down the path in the village. Neji smiling smugly as he usually did lately until suddenly Sayuri stopped froze still. Neji turned puzzled "Is anything wrong?" Neji asked

"I think my water just broke" Sayuri said quietly. Neji jumped a foot in the air

"WHAT?omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodo-" a smack echoed throughout Konoha.

"Neji get a hold of yourself I need help getting to the hospital I need you to get me there" Sayuri said "no more talking just nod and move" Neji nodded and picked Sayuri up bridal style and began running to the hospital and despite going faster than 60 miles per hour Sayuri did not feel a single bump or movement of discomfort. Neji stopped once reaching the hospital and walked into Tsunade's Office.

"Hello Neji what can I do for you?" Tsunade asked leaning back in her chair

"Sayuri. Outside. Baby" Neji said and Tsunade jumped out of her chair

"Bring her in already you moron!" Tsunade yelled before you could blink twice they had Sayuri on a hospital bed in a room. She was going through serious labor pain.

"Neji hold her hand" Tsunade instructed and Neji did so only to hear the sound of his bones being crushed.

"OWWW!" Neji yelled

"YOU THINK YOU GOT IT BAD!" Sayuri yelled at him "Its just your damn hand imagine your most sensitive par of your body being ripped in two!"

Neji crossed his legs tightly in fear. "Neji maybe it would be better if you were outside" Tsunade said and the shinobi didn't waste a second leaving the room.


Neji shook of these thoughts and noticed the screaming had stopped and had been replaced by the crying of a small child. Neji burst through the door to see Sayuri holding a small child bundled in a white blanket with dark black hair like his father. Sayuri looked up at him and smiled while shushing the baby. Neji smiled back and sat down in the chair next to the hospital bed. Sayuri held out her son to her lover before asking "want to hold him?" Neji nodded and took the small child in his arms "that's your son right there I bet he'll grow to be big and strong like his father"

"He's so tiny" Neji said softly cradling the child in his arms and the child was suddenly quiet "what should we name him?"

"I don't know I was thinking Tsunai or Raku." Sayuri said "what do you think?"

"What do you think of Rio?" Neji asked and Sayuri smiled

"I like that Rishun Rio" Sayuri said

"Rishun? Yeah I think he shouldn't carry the Hyuga name anyways, its nothing but a burden." Neji said before handing the child back to his mother.

"Look he even has your eyes Neji" Sayuri said and Neji looked to see the light purple eyes within the child. "I bet he'll be a lady-killer just like his dad"

"I hope I am because I have a lovely woman with me" Neji said softly in her ear. Neji smiled again before moving to the hospital bed and sat next to Sayuri. He noticed something wrong with her so he put his arm around her shoulder. "What's wrong?" Neji asked

"Neji…I love you but-" Sayuri was cut off by Neji.

"I love you too" Neji said stroking her shoulders

"Please let me finish. I love you…but I don't think you should be with me" Sayuri said and Rio began to softly cry again

"WHAT? WHY?" Neji asked outraged standing up from the bed.

"because you know that most powerful members of the Hyuga clan will see this as a show of shame to the clan"

"I couldn't give a flying fuck what they think!" Neji replied

"Well I do" Sayuri said in a strong voice that shook Neji up "they might use their power to eliminate you"

"you think I'm scared of death?" Neji said coldly and Rio began to seriously cry now.

"No but I am" Sayuri replied "I don't want you to die and if you stay with me then you will almost surely die. AND WHAT IF THEY COME AFTER MY SON!"

"So…you want me out of your life" Neji asked softly

"Yes I do…if you don't I will report you as a stalker." Sayuri said and Neji looked her right in the eyes.

"no you wont" Neji said "but…if you truly want me out of your life…I will leave you but I want you to promise to take care of Rio for me…and please don't tell him who his father is…he'll have enough trouble growing up without me there to support him. Sayuri remember this I hate you"

Sayuri began to cry softly but then Neji continued "but I will always love you even if I hate you now you always be in my heart." With that Neji walked out of the room and Rio continue to cry in a loud voice but this was only the beginning of tears shed by this family.

Two weeks later Sand Village

Naruto sat in the Kazekage's home restlessly with his bride to be sitting next to him on the couch. For umpteenth time that afternoon Naruto sighed.

"Naruto I'm sure the baby is fine" Hinata said

"I know but I can't stand waiting. I can't even be upstairs with the mid-wife what kind of lame bullshit is that" Naruto said pacing before stopping "I'm still surprised that you came"

"did you want me to stay in Konoha?" Hinata asked

"no I didn't say that I'm glad you came but I'm still surprised that you aren't going crazy that my child and isn't yours is being born and your patient as hell about it"

"well I have to be. I mean we're going to have to live with this so we might as well get used to the idea. Besides that kid is gonna be my step-child anyways and I'll still love him like one of my own" Naruto smiled at her and noticed Gaara walking down the stairs.

"I can't understand why my sister can't have a child in a normal hospital" Gaara grumbled before speaking to Naruto "Go ahead and see her. it's a boy by the way" but by the time Gaara finished Naruto was already up the stairs and opening the door. Hinata remained in her seat and looked down at the floor quietly. "He still loves you its just this is his son" Gaara said softly "I'm sure my sister wouldn't mind if you went up there" Hinata shook her head.

"No this is their moment not mine" Hinata said "even if it hurts so much."

Meanwhile upstairs Naruto just opened the door. He saw a small child in Temari's arms. "Hi" Naruto said softly and Temari looked up smiling.

"Hi" She responded timidly "umm do you want to hold him?" Naruto nodded and handed the child over to him. Naruto noted that his son had the same blue eyes as him and some stringy blonde hair atop his head. "he looks like you"

"nah he's too cute to look like me at all" Naruto said cradling the child gently "Temari…I…thanks a lot"

"for what?" Temari asked confused

"For bearing my child, I thank you" Naruto said looking at her "I would like to have him visit me or vice versa"

"Yeah how about he sees you every weekend?" Temari asked

"What? We live in different countries" Naruto said

"oh yeah. How about every other month" Temari suggested

"okay" Naruto said "until he becomes a Genin then he can decide for himself what to do. He'll be an adult then"

"Come on Naruto we both know that even though your technically an adult as a Genin that your still a child"

"so are we still children?" Naruto asked "I mean even though we are chuunins we're only seventeen."

"Naruto I want my son still in my home until he's at least sixteen." Temari stated

"alright you've made your point" Naruto stated

"so…what are we gonna name him?" Temari asked

"Tora. Uzumaki Tora"

Some years later

"Lee" Rock Tenten said to her husband softly watching him slowly stir in bed. "Lee" she spoke louder and there was nothing but a soft moan. Tenten put her hands on her hips in an angry position "LEE!" Lee jumped out of bed stumbling in front of his wife in nothing but boxers. "Come on you have to get going"

"Is it time already?" Lee asked groggily as he watched his wife nod "crap!"

Lee jumped up and ran to the shower. Tenten sighed standing in nothing but her white laced nightgown. Tenten walked over to the bedroom next to theirs and shook the boy lying in it. He had long black hair in a ponytail. "Gai" Tenten spoke "It's time to get up" the boy sat up and groaned "aww mom do I hafta?"

Tenten smiled "I swear your just like your father in so many ways" Tenten spoke while hugging her child tightly "now hurry up and get ready"

Rock Gai headed to the shower as his father walked out wearing his green spandex with his Jounin jacket over it. "morning' Gai" Lee said looking down at his son

"Mornin dad" Gai said and walked into the bathroom while Lee walked into the kitchen and grabbed a carton of orange juice and chugged it quickly.

"how many times do I have to tell you not to drink out of the carton?" Tenten asked

Lee smiled and placed the carton down sheepishly "at least a dozen" Lee said smiling then he leaned over and kissed his wife on the cheek "I love you"

She closed her eyes feeling the warmth on her cheek "I love you too" Tenten responded "don't work those kids too hard"

"okay I'll see you tonight" Lee said smirking as he headed out the door. Lee continued and headed down the street until he reached the academy. Rock Lee walked in with a big smile on his face and opened the door to his cell. Three shinobi stood in there.

The first was a short girl, who was staring out the window, with blue hair tied up into a ponytail by her headband and it went down to her shoulders. She also had crystal blue eyes and a black bracelet on her right hand. It was Amara Mya. The boy sitting next to her was tall with black spiked hair and sunglasses on. He was wearing a white shirt with a black jacket slung over his shoulder. He wore his headband lightly on his forehead above his shades. Lee knew this one all to well Rishun Rio. The village scandal. The boy was constantly pitied and looked down upon that made the boy sick. Finally the last boy was doing one-handed push-ups. The arm behind his back had his headband tied around his bicep. He was wearing a tight sleeveless shirt with blue wind pants. But this boys most unique attribute was his eyes. One eye was crystal blue and the other was a piercing silver. Wolf eyes. Tykiei eyes. Tykiei Jin soon to be the wolf of the Tykiei clan.

"I am Rock Lee! I will be your teacher!" Lee said doing his nice guy pose with his thumb out and his teeth sparkling.


Wave country was a welcome time of peace for Kakashi and his daughter. She had grown to be very beautiful like her mother. She had most of her facial features but she had silverfish hair like her father and green emerald eyes as well. Her father had changed considerably. His hair was matted down and his mask had been removed. Although it was now covered with a silver beard.

Miyuki hadn't expected to end up in the Wave Country after they left the leaf all those years ago. Miyuki sighed and sat down in a nearby chair and watched the sky. She was restless and she couldn't explain why. She wanted something but she didn't know what. It was like playing twenty questions with yourself. She noticed Inari walk out of the house and sit next to her. "What's up?" the older boy asked. Inari had grown as well. Taller and thicker body with shaggy black hair. He also had a samurai sword at his side. Ever since Naruto and the others had left the first time Inari had begun to train himself so he could protect the village just as his father once did.

"Nothing much" Miyuki responded "Have you seen father?"

"Yeah he's inside with Mom" Inari responded and Miyuki walked inside the house to see Kakashi kissing Tsunami on the neck. Tsunami was giggling trying to get away from him so she could make breakfast. When Kakashi and Miyuki had arrived they were welcomed in open arms for Kakashi's help given to the village. Three months later Kakashi asked tsunami to marry him. Eight months later they were married and Miyuki became Inari's younger sister as he was her older brother.

Miyuki sighed at her fathers antics and cleared her throat. Kakashi stopped and looked at his daughter "what is it Miyuki?" Kakashi asked with his arm still wrapped around Tsunami's waist

"I was just wondering where the kunai's are" Miyuki responded

"In the weapons cabinet in the back first drawer" Kakashi replied before placing another kiss on Tsunami's cheek. Miyuki turned around and headed to the weapons cabinet. She opened the two shudder doors to reveal a series of swords, Sais, an other assorted weapons. She then opened the first drawer underneath the shudders. She withdrew many kunai and shuriken. Then she opened the door beneath it. There was a Kodachi in a brown sheath with white bindings around the handle. She withdrew that and looked at the object next to that. The headband. Her fathers ceremonial leaf headband. The headband was abandoned the day they reached the wave country. Kakashi swore to never take it again. She took the headband and wrapped it around her bicep.

Miyuki was leaving the wave. She had finally made up her mind and nothing was going to change her mind. She walked back out the door without a word. She headed down the street. "that's your style isn't it? Just leave without a word" a voice said and Miyuki turned around to see a man she had never met before. He was tall in a brown overcoat which covered the lower-half of his face. He wore sunglasses and had shag black hair on the top of his head. She also noticed the headband. Leaf. The same as her fathers. "you truly are your fathers daughter" the man continued

"Yeah, and who the hell are you?" Miyuki asked none to politely

"Forgive my lack of manners" the man said "the name is Shino and I'm here to show you your destiny"

"yeah right tell me another one Santa" Miyuki mocked

"Seriously I have a job offer for you" Shino spoke while reaching into his coat "you are asked with your expertise to take out Tykiei Jin"

The name rang a bell but Miyuki couldn't place it off the top of her head "yeah right give me one good reason I should even consider your offer" Miyuki stated before turning and began walking away without waiting for an answer

"how about a name" Shino spoke and Miyuki froze "I know you don't like being in the shadows of your father's glory, you want to make a name for yourself. Your first step is taking this guy out, let me make this clear, this guy is no pushover. He is very skilled and could probably take out most Gennins with a snap of his wrist. That's why we got you, because for some reason we believe you might actually live up to your fathers name, Hatake Miyuki"

Miyuki turned around and faced Shino "you have my attention. Who's the hit again? Tykiei Jin right?" Miyuki took the picture from Shino and looked at it. "not half-bad looking"

"well its good that your attracted to him cause your first step is getting close to him" Shino said

"why not just give me vile of poison and take him out like that" Miyuki said snapping her fingers

"because revenge is dish best served cold. We don't want to just kill him we want to make him suffer" Shino said "besides he's not that easy to take out"

"Wait a second your using me for a pair of legs? Are you kidding me?" Miyuki was insulted by the reason she was being hired.

"hey nobody has even heard of you, how else do you plan getting your hands on a job this good?"

"Good point" Miyuki said handing the picture back "when do I start?"

Days later

Jin walked down the street with his friend and teammate Rio. "so your father left you when you were young?" Jin asked

"Yeah he's a real bastard" Rio responded "I guess I just wasn't good enough for him"

"what about your mom?" Jin asked

"he would have never left because of her…I mean she's…a very good person with few faults"

"no I meant what does she think about him?" Jin questioned

"oh I can never really tell she never gives me a straight answer when we talk about him. Half the time its positive then its negative" Rio said confused just then a girl with silver hair ran right into Jin. He fell onto his back with the girl collapsing on top of him.

"Are you okay?" Jin asked the girl who lay atop of him with his arms around her feeling the warmth of her body against him.

"yeah I am now" the girl said looking at Jin "who are you" Jin looked into her eyes and shook his head quickly before clearing his throat. "oh I'm sorry excuse me" the girl stood up and stuck her hand out "my name is Momentaru Miyuki and you are?"

"Tykiei Jin" the Gennin responded with a gulp he had faced women before without batting an eye but this one turned his insides to Jell-O.

"your pretty cute" Miyuki said smiling "what are you doing this weekend?"

a few more years later

"WHAT!" Naruto asked Tsunade

"we want you to take on these three as your pupils" Tsunade said

"but I cant teach yet! I'm still learning myself!" Naruto said

Tsunade sighed "we all must begin our roles earlier than we want to" Tsunade said

"easy for you to say your Hokage!" Naruto yelled

"here just take this envelope it has info on your new students and their styles. You must meet them next week at the academy to begin their training" Tsunade said and cut Naruto off before he could negotiate "this is not discussable"

Naruto took the envelope and grumbled to himself "only one month and I'll see Tora again, I wonder what that kid is up to anyways, (sigh) now I have three more punks to worry about"

Naruto returned home to see his future wife waiting inside. "hey" Hinata said waving a little

"hey" Naruto whispered back wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her close. He kissed her softly on her lips before whispering in her ear "how was your day?"

"Fine" Hinata responded "you?"

"could have been better" Naruto responded "I have been assigned three new students"

"Yeah" Hinata whispered looking into his eyes

"Yeah" Naruto responded before laying a light kiss on her lips.

"so who are they?" Hinata asked

"I don't know"

"You don't know?" Hinata asked

"Yeah I don't know" Naruto responded holding the envelope up "I haven't checked yet"

Hinata let go of him and took the envelope from him "well then what are you waiting for?"

"I don't know" Naruto said before taking the envelope from her and opened it he read the contents briefly and smiled

"What is it?" Hinata asked "Is it someone we know?"

"you could say that. Tell me if any of these names ring a bell. Tykiei Shiro, Tykiei Anna, and Yingchi Kai"

End of Epilogue

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