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"Oh god Sheba! He's gonna kill me!"

"Don't panic! If he smells fear, you have a worse chance of getting with her!" Sheba hissed. Piers gulped. He was trying to gather up the courage to ask Felix something very big. Something so big, he thought Felix might actually take out his Sol Blade and slice off his head for.

See Piers had been admiring Jenna for some time now. Her fiery personality. Her concern for others. He even thought she was beautiful compared to some other Lemurian women. She was friendly toward him, and Piers had one thing after matching these together. He wanted to take her out to a restaurant and impress her. He wanted her to notice him. So, the Water Adept was going to ask her older brother if it would be all right for him to ask her out to dinner.

"Sheba, he's gonna slay me on the spot! Maybe I should just give up!" Piers whispered. Sheba shot him a glare.

"Of course not! Do not give up! Believe in yourself! You'll never find another girl like Jenna ever again!" Sheba said.

Sheba had noticed Piers acting funny around Jenna. His constant stuttering, his clumsy ways and even his attempt to say something, but turn around and say something completely different. She had wanted him to get with Jenna.

"You are wrong! Maybe I'm too old for her. Maybe she won't like me because I have blue hair. What if she doesn't like me because I'm her opposing element?!" Piers said, doubting himself. Sheba smacked a hand to her forehead.

"Just shut up, and get in there!" She yelled, shoving him into Felix's room. Piers stumbled to the floor, and looked up. He saw the Earth Adept reading a newspaper, which only made things worse. He was drinking coffee, and had his boots on the table comfortably. Felix brought down the newspaper to smile at the Water Adept.

"Hello Piers. How are you this fine morning?" Felix asked, sipping some of his warm drink. Piers gulped.

"He knows, doesn't he?! He is playing dumb with me!" Piers panicked in his thoughts. He stood up, and tried hard to look serious. "Felix, I have to ask you something." Piers said. Felix raised an eyebrow, bringing the newspaper up to cover his face. "Great! Now I won't be able to see his expression! Show much for look and run..." Piers thought. Felix was still clueless yet smiling.

"Go ahead." He said. Piers took a deep breath, and coughed nervously.

"May I take Jenna out to dinner?" Piers asked, calmly. Silence. The newspaper was slowly lowered, and Felix looked up to have his brown eyes full of rage and hatred stare at Piers.

"Excuse me?" He asked. Piers flinched.

"I have been developing feelings for your younger sister and well... I want to take her out to dinner in the next town we sail to." Piers said. Felix glared at him.


"Run! Run like the wind! Don't ever look back!" A little voice in Piers' head screamed. Felix reached for his Sol Blade. Piers nervously took a step back. Felix smirked. "Sheba, you liar! Sure, he won't kill me! You pinochio!" Piers' thought. Felix got up, and began to walk toward him.

"Now Piers... you know how I feel for my sister being with a suitable man..." Felix said, getting in front of Piers. Piers gulped. Felix suddenly patted Piers on the back. Piers looked up at him confused. "I think my sister would do well with someone I feel we have known for quite some time. But, you do anything wrong and..." Piers whimpered as Felix pointed to his Sol Blade. "Understood?" He asked.

"Yes sir!" Piers said, bowing. Felix shrugged, and smiled.

"In return... you have to... tell me how old you are!" Felix said, grabbing him. Piers gasped. Sheba ran in giggling. Piers shot her a distrusting look. She smiled.

"What?! What is all this?!" Piers demanded. Felix smiled at Sheba who was in a giggling fit.

"Sheba told me everything. I had all ready decided to say yes, but Sheba wanted to know your age in return." Felix explained. Piers glared at them both.

"And if I said no?" Piers asked, smirking. He frowned when Felix glared at him.

"You want a date with my sister, right? It'd be a shame if I suddenly decided that you weren't good enough." Felix said. Piers sighed.

"Okay... I'm..." Piers was about to say his age... (0.0) Before a certain Fire Adept walked in.

"Hey! We're reaching land and you're leaving all the work to me?" Jenna demanded, glaring at them. Piers blushed, Felix coughed, and Sheba had suddenly grown interested with the ceiling. Jenna groaned, and went back to the top deck.

"Wait! Jenna! I have something to ask you!" Piers called, running after her. Felix smirked. Sheba nudged him, causing him to look down on her.

"You forgot to tell him that there's another couple joining them." Sheba said, slightly blushing. Felix coughed nervously once more, and looked away.

"I didn't want to ruin things. And anyway, we're simply going to spy on them. I wouldn't call it a date Sheba. I'm too old for you." Felix said. Sheba grew a hurt expression. Felix walked out, dying to see how it would go.

"Jenna?" Piers asked..........

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