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"F… Felix…?" Hama whispered, violet eyes terribly wide.

That soft brown hair… those gentle rich brown eyes… it could only be one person… her question was correct. Standing before Hama was her runaway groom, Felix.

"Hama… it's me… Felix…" He panted, cheeks red from the cold and from running so much. Clapping her hands to her mouth, Hama stared at him. "Hama…?"

"Oh Felix…" Running to him… Hama held a relieved smile… until her violet eyes suddenly lit up in hate. "You jerk!"

Through the cold and silent night, a loud 'SLAP' could have been heard echoing throughout all Contigo.

"I… I deserved that." Felix sighed, rubbing his sore cheek.

"You bet you did! How… how dare you…!" Hama whimpered, her light violet eyes watering. "How could you have left me…!" At seeing the tears, Felix shamefully looked away.

But when he gained the courage to look back up at her, his eyes had darkened with what could have been anger.

"It was for you own good."

Maybe it was the way his voice had spoken this so harshly… or the way he had worded it. Hama could only stare at Felix bewildered. How could running away on their wedding be for her own good?

"Felix… what did I do… to drive you away?" She whispered. Instantly, Felix's heart sank. She didn't drive him away… Saturos did… "What did I do wrong?" The only thing Hama could have possibly done wrong was fall for a used to be wicked man like him.

"I was with a few killers when he first met…" Ok, so Saturos and Menardi weren't exactly killers… but it was the best word he could find for them at the moment. "If I stayed with you… they probably would have killed you. I…" His serious and strong tone slowly began weakening with every word. "I couldn't afford to lose you…"

"So you shattered my heart and ran?"

"Better than you being killed." True… but Hama's heartache probably could have killed her… "Hama… even after all this time… I still love you. I understand clearly if you… don't want me back in your life. But just know that I'll never stop loving you… and that I'm sorry for everything I did to hurt you…"

He was sincere, and Hama knew that. She could tell by his shaky voice as he spoke.

"Oh Felix…" Without further warning, Hama suddenly flung herself towards Felix. Her arms looped around his back and her face dug into his shoulder. "Don't you ever… ever leave me again…"

"Hama…" Gingerly, Felix wrapped his strong arms around her as well. "I don't plan on it…" He mentally noted 'until I have to go to the Mars Lighthouse'. "Do you… still love me?" Felix questioned, pulling back to gaze down on her. Glowing light violet eyes met with his dark chocolate brown eyes… and Hama smiled.

"Yes… I do." Pulling her back, Felix smirked down on her.

"How about a kiss for old time's sake?" Felix chuckled. Her smile only grew bigger as she leaned forward slightly, and he leaned down toward her.

There lips barely apart… noses touching gently… eyes closing…

"Felix and Hama sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" A groan escaped Felix as he pulled back. The annoying girl's voice came from behind a house nearby… and sadly, Felix knew exactly who it was. "First comes love! Then comes Marriage-"

"Then comes your death!" Felix snapped, pulling away to go kill whoever was behind the house. Hama, who was completely taken back by the sudden anger in her lover- stood there smiling. He was still the same short-tempered Felix she had first met and fell in love with…

Running out from behind the house came a terrified Sheba, a nervous Piers and a angry Jenna… who had latched herself to Piers' arm.

"Don't hurt me!" Sheba whimpered, covering herself. "It was Jenna's idea, I swear!"

"D-Don't hurt Jenna! She's just mad because you couldn't even introduce your little sister to Hama!"

"You have a younger sister?" Hama questioned, violet eyebrows furrowing. Felix stood feet away from Hama yet feet away from the trio. His eyes were narrowed in irritation, but then again, who could blame him? "You never told me about your family…"

"You never told her about me?" Jenna snapped. Guilt began falling onto Felix's head like a boulder. Now Hama and Jenna were mad at him… "I'm your younger sister, Felix! You can't go marrying people who don't even know about your family!"

"All right… all right… I can explain…" Felix began, before 4 other people ran out from behind another house.

"You never told us you were going to marry Felix, Hama!" Ivan snapped. Hama's eyes widened at the sudden new visitors. The tired Isaac was leaning against Mia's shoulder, Mia as smiling warmly, Garet kept sending side glances to Jenna and Piers while Ivan looked just plain pissed off. "I can't believe you were going to MARRY that jerk!"

"Felix isn't a jerk, Ivan." Hama replied calmly.

"Felix!" Jenna cried, red-brown eyes burning with anger.

"Jenna…" Felix groaned, swiping a hand through his brunette bangs.

"Hama!" Ivan hissed, amethyst eyes flaring with fury.

"Ivan…" Hama sighed, irritation in her similar colored eyes.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Everyone turned their attention to the miffed Garet. "We're all tired… it's been a long day… why not we just argue about this in the morning?"

Felix and Hama exchanged glances and shrugged.

"Sounds pretty good to me." Hama whispered while Felix nodded in agreement.

"All right then! Hama, we're staying at your house." Ivan grumbled, storming his way toward his older sister.

"Felix, to the hotel!" Jenna shouted, marching toward her older brother.

"I'll see you in the morning, Felix." Hama managed to whisper, before Ivan grabbed her hand and nearly dragged her to his fellow warriors.

"First thing." Felix said, grinning at her… until Jenna yanked him by the ponytail toward her friends.

The next morning had not gone so smoothly. As a matter of fact, it began just like before. Jenna and Ivan furious while poor Hama and Felix had to put up with it all.

"How could you have never told her about me?" Jenna snapped.

"My parents were being held hostage up in Prox and my sister was alone all by herself in Vale? How could you have expected me to tell her that?" Felix shot back. No one noticed Isaac's sapphire eyes narrowing at hearing that. What exactly did he mean…?

"Hama, why didn't you ever tell us you were going to marry Felix?" Ivan bellowed, his voice sounding too loud for one so short. Hama sighed.

"It brought up painful memories… but now that we're together again…" Hama paused to glide over to Felix and embrace him tightly. "I can say it. Felix and I are-"

"Still going to get married." Felix decided answer, only making Hama grin in happiness… and Jenna and Ivan snarl in anger. Ivan never really had taken a liking to Felix, especially since Sheba used to like him –did she still?- and Jenna was still upset that the woman Felix was planning on marrying hardly knew a thing about her.

"So now that you know that, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have…"

"First, you kidnap your own sister. Then you betray us and go light the lighthouses. What the hell are you doing, Felix?" Isaac hissed. Mia and Jenna instantly sent a worried glance to him. Mia hadn't really seen Isaac this mad… and he only got this upset when Felix was brought up…

"We've been trying to avoid you." Jenna whispered. Isaac shot her a stunned look… which only made Jenna lower her eyes.

"You've been avoiding him even though he's been worrying all this time over you?" Ivan gasped… making Isaac's cheeks stain scarlet and Mia send him a hurt look.

"That has nothing to do with this. I want to know why you've been helping people like Menardi and Saturos." Isaac whispered, his embarrassment flashing to anger.

Sheba and Piers frowned at one another while Jenna and Felix couldn't even find the words to speak. So they had done a huge crime to help those too weird colored skin monsters… but it was for their parents.

"No one… died 3 years ago, Isaac." Jenna whispered, her voice barely audible. Of course this brought up anger in Isaac as all sorts of memories of his father flooded into his mind.

"Don't play dumb, Jenna!" He yelled, taking a step toward her. Protectively, Piers stepped in front of her, amber eyes ragging with what could have been equal anger. "You know as well as I do my dad died in the boulder accident!"

"No he didn't! He survived!" Felix shouted, his voice coming over Isaac's. The younger blonde stared at him shocked. "He's down with my parents in Prox! They're alive!"

"But… you're lying!" Isaac snarled, about to jump at Felix before Mia and Ivan fled to him. Both glued themselves to one of his arms in some attempt to hold him back. "I don't believe you!"

"It's true! There's not much more we can prove to you!" Jenna defended, trying to glare at Isaac even though Piers was in her way.

"B-But… how come he never came back home then?" Isaac whispered, eyes narrowed. Inside, he was battling with himself. Half of him kept telling him to rip Felix apart from joking around like that but his other half also told him to be happy about his father being alive.

"Let's just say Prox has its problems and is using them to get me to solve them. If you want to save them, you help us light the beacons." Felix simply put it, anger in his voice. He really wasn't in the mood to put up with Isaac's temper…

"But why would we do that? Isn't lighting the beacons bad?" Felix, Jenna, Piers and Sheba all rolled their eyes at hearing Mia's comment.

"No. See, lighting beacon will either destroy all of Weyward-"Isaac's party allowed their eyes to widen. "Or it'll stop the world from certain death at a much slower pace. If we don't light them, we die. If we do light them, we could still die, but it might turn about and save Weyward. We're willing to make that chance." Piers explained for Jenna and Felix.

"That's… sort of unfair…" Garet whispered. Piers rolled his eyes and shot him a look that clearly said 'Of course it's unfair, Garet!' "But why should we trust you?" Garet questioned.

"Because I'm with them and you better trust me!" Jenna snapped, looking from the grieved Isaac to the frightened Garet. Both gulped… it was still their Jenna. She hadn't changed one bit… "Believe us! You have to help us, Garet!" A spark of irritation shot through Piers' amber eyes as he heard Jenna call out only Garet's name.

"Only 3 beacons are lit. Because the Mars lighthouse hasn't been lit… the world is starting to freeze over…" Hama grimly whispered, catching everyone's attention.

"How come Agatio hasn't lit it yet?" Jenna whispered, turning to Piers with a confused expression. The amber eyed fighter looked just as confused as she did.

"I doubt he'll be able to light the beacon. I sense a strong force that will stop at nothing to make sure the beacon isn't lit…" Felix's eyes darkened. If Agatio's team wasn't there biggest threat… what was? "You'll have to team up if you want to save everyone in Weyward…" At this, navy blue orbs flashed to darkened brown.

A low growl came from both Isaac and Felix at hearing this.

"Please… Isaac…" Mia whispered. Isaac turned to her angry and confused. "Forget what happened in the past… for Weyward's sake… Felix wouldn't harm you…"

"If you go against me Isaac, I'll be more than happy to 'harm you'." Felix chuckled, a malicious grin on his face.

"Felix!" Hama snapped, changing his evil face into a bewildered one. "You two better get along…"

"Fine… but this better not be some trick of yours." Isaac lowly growled, holding out his hand. Without any emotion in his eyes or face, Felix took Isaac's hand and shook it.

"I… I understand you need to go again…" Hama whispered, taking Felix's other hand in hers. Now turning to her, Felix frowned. "I know… this time you're saving the world…" A warm smile crossed her beautiful features. "Please come back to me when you're done…"

"I promise…" He whispered, a smile coming to his face too. Ivan's eye twitched ever so slightly. "We have to get to the Mars Lighthouse as soon as possible…"

"I have one last present to all of you." Hama said, weakly smiling…

"WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SHIP!" Felix, Jenna, Piers and Sheba cried, eyes wide.

The 8 fighters and Hama had made there way to Atteka Inlet to see what looked like giant wings on their ship.

Sheba was grinning wildly, she thought it was amazing.

Felix and Jenna had their jaws dropped and brown eyes wide as ever. It looked cool!

But Piers tugged on his blue bangs as his eyes widened in dread. That was his ship and they had attached wings to it! How could they?

"Do you like it?" Hama whispered, standing in front of the boat with her usual smile in place. They nodded… except Piers who seemed to be frozen in place. "This will help you on your journey. Please… come back to me safely Felix…" Hama whispered, a sadness slowly surfacing in her eyes.

"Don't worry, Hama!" All ready walking up the ship were Isaac and his crew. "I'll try not to kill him on the way!" Isaac laughed, though Felix sent him a glare. That wasn't something they should be joking about…

"We'll be back soon, Hama! I'll be sure to bring him back in one piece!" Jenna giggled, walking up to the ship with Piers and Sheba. A grim smile came to Hama as she turned to her run-away groom.

He was going to leave her for the second time…

"Promise you'll come back?" She asked.

Those dark brown eyes went straight to her face as a cocky grin plastered onto Felix's face.

"Of course. I'm not ready to die or leave you." He chuckled. Saddened, Hama watched Felix turn to head up to the ship… tears stinging her light amethyst eyes… "Oh, just one thing Hama…"

In almost a second, Felix suddenly whirled around… and grabbed onto Hama's arm. Yanking her to him, Felix grinned as he leaned forward…

A soft muffled gasp escaped Hama when her favorite brunette swordsmen passionately pressed his lips against her, in a sort of possessive manner. But he made sure not to hurt her in any way. He was still her gentle yet possessive Felix…

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER!" Ivan cried. Laughing, Felix and Hama pulled away.

"Good-bye Hama!" He laughed, the kiss putting him on cloud nine. The bride of Felix smiled warmly as she waved him off as he ran toward the ship…

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