Moments by the Lady Arianrod

Kishimoto owns the characters.

A/n: Dan x Tsunade fic. I hope you like it


They would often lose themselves in hours of conversation before walking together, simply living side by side, sharing each others' energy. That was what they liked.

They would also fall asleep on many an evening, bodies casually draped on a half-made bed by an open window. They would feel the cool, damp night air on those nights after a day of wild rain. They would feel that air together, each giving his or her appreciation for each other and the beauty of the night in simple body language.

That's just the way they were.

It was one of those stories that just happens one day, where two people meet and click and fall in love. They couldn't really explain it at all, but they loved it. They lived for these simple truths, these fated moments.

Nothing else really mattered.

He belonged to her and she belonged to him. Tsunade could not imagine feeling any more complete than she did now with her forehead merely inches from Dan's.

He was unlike anyone she'd ever imagined as a young girl on the same genin team as Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Those days were still with her; she was still Tsunade. She hadn't changed for Dan but simply presented herself to him. He accepted her and loved her, and did the same.

The whole thing was so honest and simple that it was almost unbelievable. Tsunade didn't question it. She was complete. Dan made Tsunade the hub of his existence, devoting all of himself to her. He was always committed like that.

On those nights, she would let her eyelids close softy as she fell into the moment. She never imagined finding something like this, but for some reason, it was right.

This was her life.

And she wanted it to last forever.


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