I pulled my car into the first open space I could find in the hotel parking garage. I had just spent the last six hours in my car driving from Dallas to Houston. I'm glad I'm finally here! I don't think that I could spend another minute in that car without going stir crazy, but most of all I am excited to be seeing my first WWE live event! I had been a wrestling fan when I was a teenager, but stopped watching when I started college. A year and a half ago, I was flipping channels and ran across RAW. It was the episode where Shawn Michaels made his big return to the NWO. Seeing Shawn on the screen, I just had to watch. From that moment on, I became a wrestling fan again. Little did I know at the time, that in the next year I would be getting to know the people I was watching.

I had spent the last six hours reflecting on the changes that had occurred in my life over the past year. There had been many. Probably one of the biggest changes being finding out that Kevin Nash was the long lost brother that I never knew. Oh, I had always known that I had a half brother out there, but I did not think that I would ever know him. My dad had lost touch with his son when he divorced his first wife, and he had tried to find his son at various times over the years, but was unable to locate him. About six months ago, Kevin had called my dad and introduced himself as the little boy that had disappeared all those years ago. Kevin explained that his mother had remarried, and his stepfather had adopted him. The name change was the reason that my dad could never find him.

About a week after the phone call, Kevin and his girlfriend Trish Stratus flew to Texas to meet with the family. Boy was it a shock to walk into my parent's house and see two huge WWE stars sitting in the living room! Kevin and Trish were awesome, and we hit it off right away. After that first meeting we kept in touch with Kevin and Trish over the phone and through e-mail. Kevin and Trish both knew I had developed a love of wrestling again, and kept trying to get me to come visit them on the road—their treat. Kevin wanted to show off his 'little sister'. When I found out that RAW would be in Houston, I agreed to visit. Now here I am in the parking garage of the Hilton Hotel in Houston.

As soon as I turn off the engine, I jump out of the car and stretch out all of the kinks in my body. After enjoying being able to stand and walk around for a few moments, I gather my bags and make my way to the reservation desk. I was off in my own little world thinking about what would be happening the next few days, not paying attention to what I was doing. The next thing I know, I run into something that feels like a brick wall. I start to fall backwards, but before I could hit the ground, a pair of strong arms dart out and catch me before I hit the ground.

"Oh God, I am sooo sorry! I was off in my own little world daydreaming and I did not see you there! I should have been watching..." I start to ramble. I immediately look up and realize that the brick wall that I had run into had amazing blue eyes and long beautiful brown hair. I freeze as it dawns on me that I had run smack into Shawn Michaels and was currently in his arms in the middle of the hotel lobby.

"No problem sweetheart. I always enjoy helping a beautiful woman. What's your name beautiful?" Shawn says with a killer smirk as he begins to set me on my feet again.

I stand there a moment trying to regain my power to speak, but before I could say anything I hear, "Hey you pervert! Quit molesting my sister." I groan and turn around to see Kevin and Trish walking toward us. I smile and turn back to Shawn as they both come up to stand next to us.

"So, you are the Victoria we have heard so much about." Shawn says as his eyes rake over me. "There are a lot of people around here who think Big Kev had invented an imaginary sister. We were beginning to think that we were going to have to find him a nice padded room." "Tell me sweetie are all the things we have heard about you true?"

"Well now Shawn, you know that depends. If it was good, then of course it's all true...If it's bad then it's all lies!" I tell him in my best Texas drawl. "Then again, it depends on what bad things were said. You know us Texas girls, some of them could be true too." I add with a smile. Everyone just laughed. I knew I shouldn't be flirting with him in front of Kevin and Trish, but I just couldn't help myself. Shawn just had that kind of effect on me. "Now what kind of fun would it be if I spilled all of my secrets at once?" I laughed.

All of a sudden I hear Kevin clear his throat, "I'm sure that you're tired, and want to get settled," he says grabbing my bags and moving toward the elevator. Uh oh. I think I just put my foot in it. I can tell by the tone in his voice that he is none too happy. I glance at Trish who just shrugs and moves to follow Kevin.

"It was nice to meet you Shawn. Hopefully I'll see you again soon!" I yell over my shoulder as I hurry to catch up to Kevin and Trish.

The door to the elevator opens and I follow Kevin and Trish in. I stand there not knowing what to do. Do I ask Kevin if he is mad or do I let him be the one to bring it up first? Before I can make up my mind what to do, Kevin begins to speak.

"Look Vicks, I know you were just being yourself back there with Shawn and probably did not realize that you were sending out signals. It's ok with Shawn, but you need to be careful whom you do that with. There are some guys around here who might take it the wrong way."

"Kev, I'm 30 not 13! I know how to keep myself out of trouble. I admit I was flirting a little bit back there, but it certainly wasn't that bad. I am a friendly person who likes talking to people. I cannot change that. I don't go around throwing myself at men. As for these "signals" you are referring to, I don't know what you are talking about!" Just then the elevator door opens. We step out and head to our rooms.

"Vicks sweetie, I didn't say that you were going to throw yourself at anyone. I just meant that you do things that you don't realize, and it could be taken the wrong way by some people."

By the time that we had reached our rooms I was really hot. "Look Kev. I've been here less than 30 minutes and I've obviously made you uncomfortable. Like I said I can't change who I am. Maybe I just need to take a quick nap and then head back to Dallas." With that I slammed the door and left Trish and Kevin out in the hallway with shocked looks on their faces. Boy has this vacation turned bad and it just barely started.