Wind and Fire

Written by: hikari

Date: March 26th, 2004.

Disclaimer: Shaman King belongs to Hiroyuki Takei.


You are wind, calm and pacifying;

He is fire, aggressive and destructive.

You let your life be taken by the wind;

He lets fire burn his.

You are kindness, love, and safety;

He is tormenting passion, hatred, and madness.

You are serenity, happiness, and laughter:

He is rage, loneliness, and tears.

You are promises, smiles, and joy;

He is blazing flames, agony, and fear.

You are always changing, always surprising.

He lives under the shadows of what will not return.

You are my present, my future;

He is my past.

You are light… him, darkness.

You are wind, him fire.


A/N: A little 100 words challenge fic. Thought as an YohxAnna, where the itako speaks about the relationship between Yoh and Hao and the way they have affected her in a certain point of her life. Now, if you wonder about the phrase where Anna says: "You are my present, my future; he is my past," I think that this means that Hao is the representation of her life when she hated people, before meeting Yoh and he became her priority. This can also be a reflection about the Asakura brothers.

I wrote this more than a week ago, but I lost it among other fics (which was a huge trauma for me, believe me, I cried senseless…), so the date might not be exact.