Warning: Implied male/male and incest. Don't like, don't read. Simple.

Author's Note: This drabble was written in response to a challenge on LJ's sbrlglovesmack community. The requisites were it was less than 400 words, used two items from a given list and that the first line be "Oh, hell. I didn't mean it like that." The items I chose were 'leather manacles' and 'Regulus Black.' Everything belongs to JKR.

Since this is the first bit of fiction I've written in a long while, I thought I'd cross-post to see how people respond to it. As I want to improve my writing, critiques are highly welcomed. Thanks and enjoy!

"Oh, hell. I didn't mean it like that." Sirius rubbed a hand over his face, his voice incredulous. He couldn't make himself look at the young man standing before him in his living room. It was just too wrong. He instead looked down to where Remus was sitting on their plush couch. His lover however did not return his glance, but rather was transfixed by the leather manacles Regulus Black was twirling around his finger.

"Oh?" His brother's silky voice teased as it demanded attention. Remus' pink tongue darted to lick his lips. Sirius whipped his head about to look Regulus in the face, infuriated by the smug look. How had he managed to twist 'you should come visit us sometime' into 'you should come shag us sometime' was well beyond him.

"I was really thinking more along the lines of dinner," he intoned, unaware of how much his voice resembled his brother's. Regulus chuckled mischievously, brushing back his black hair with his free hand. He closed the distance between them. Sirius straightened his back, eyeing the other warily. These same smoldering orbs narrowed and then widened in shock as Regulus darted forwarded, clasping a manacle over his wrist. Sirius locked eyes with him as he heard another click, informing him that Regulus' wrist was now similarly adorned. The whimper from the couch went unheard.

Placing his free hand on Sirius' denim-clad hips, Regulus breathed huskily, "We could still do dinner afterwards." Sirius' breath caught in his throat. All hesitation was swept away, however, when Remus sprung from the couch and tackled them to the ground with lust-filled growl.