There are many different kinds of strength. He has all of them. The most obvious is his physical strength – his body is strong, true, stronger than most men's (though more fragile in his stone state) – but that's not what I meant.

There's his strength to love and trust. Even though I am so different from him, he believes that I would never betray him. True, he has more doubts about our relationship than I do, but he has been betrayed more in the past. And it is he who calms my fears while fighting his own.

Strength of courage. He is brave enough to face his own fears. I know he was afraid of telling Angela and the rest of the clan about our relationship. He was worried they wouldn't approve. I wasn't as worried; I think they knew about our feelings before we did.

Another is his mental strength: he won't let idle speculation or rumors sway him from his course. If he had, we wouldn't be together now. He cared what the rest of the clan thought, of course; so did I. But he didn't allow that concern about whether or not they approved to keep us apart.

Strength of heart. When he holds me in his arms, I feel so safe, like he'll never let me go. It's kind of a pun, but he is a rock; my rock, and I know I can always depend on him.

Strength of character. I am not sure he will ever come to completely trust Xanatos after all he has done, but he does realize that Xanatos is trying to change for the better…for his son. And he has never blamed either Alex or Fox for Xanatos' machinations.

Strength of will. Even after all the trouble it's caused him, he still considers magic like pretty much any other kind of power – it can be used for good or evil. It's just more often used to destroy. On the one hand, magic has been the cause of most of the clan's problems: one thousand years of sleep, Coldstone and Coldfire's predicament with Coldsteel, Demona's longevity and the Hunters…but on the other hand, magic has helped us immeasurably. Through Avalon's magic we traveled the world, discovered the clan's children, and other Gargoyles. Goliath no longer feels alone in the world.

But the magic that made this…possible… I know Puck was teaching Alex blessing spells, and the kid did give us one for our wedding, but…I can only hope that this is what that is.

And that Goliath has the strength of heart to accept this…

Placing one hand on her not-yet gravid middle, Elisa whispered, "You are my strength, Goliath. Don't fail me now."

As the sun sank down over the horizon, Elisa watched as the Gargoyles awoke from their stone sleep. Goliath gave a soft smile as he spotted her and Elisa knew everything would be all right.

The strength of their love could pull them through anything.