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CHAPTER 5 –Lose 1 Turn by JeroSan

At least, half an hour had went by already. Nanaka can feel the tension- but not alone because she and Ayananjou are stuck together- but it's for another reason- that is her "water door" can't "hold" it any longer. She can feel the pangs of "Nature's Call".

"Must......endure.....must endure.....". Nanaka kept on repeating to herself.

Of course this caught Ayanojou's attention. Placing down the book he was "pretending" to read, he glanced across her. Amused by the massive amount of beads of sweat dripping on her face, he finally got the courage to ask- normally.

"Anything wrong Nanaka?"

"huh? What? Oh nothing! I'm perfectly fine...hohohohoho!". She assured him. Deep own she's just too ashamed to admit she needs to go to the bathroom.

"Well, if you say so..." Ayanojou said then went back to his book.

"Man! Does he have to give up asking so soon? If he had asked some more I could have told him that I'm really having trouble here". Nanaka talked in her subconscious.

Then, little noises outside captured both of their attention this time. The two heard silent shuffling and even discreet whispering.

"Takeo.....do you think something good had developed already? It had been 45 minutes now since those 2 got locked in there". Sae spoke hiding by the side of their clubroom's door.

"There should be...... my magic can't seem to hold it anymore, soon once they try to open this door again- it might just flew open with ease". Takeo replied.

"I told you let's just find some heavy cargo to block the door so they can't get out until something happens instead of using magic to lock them inside". Sae remarked.

"No, magic's the best way... I mean you know Nanaka she can really pull some strength when desperate- she can easily kick away any heavy weight cargo". Takeo said in return.

Unknown to the two of them, Ayanojou and Nanaka can hear faintly some of their conversations, Nanaka and Ayanojou armed with their tupperwear cups had spied on their "small talk". "I told ya- those two planned all this!". Nanaka reminded him.

"ggrrrrrrrrrrr.......they won't get away with this!". Ayanojou said with fists closed.

"Nanaka- do you have your magic wand with you?".

"Yeah...I think so".

"Good! I've got mine too!....Now if you're thinking what I'm thinking!".

Together- the two victims of Sae and Takeo's plot, stood behind the door- with their magic wands and perfectly uttered the magic words......

"OPEN SESAME!!!!". (Sorry- I can't think of a better magic spell to say to open the door heheheheheh)

With that, the door slid open in a magical puff of smoke. When the view cleared, Sae was lying flatly on the floor- SURPRISED and DIZZY, behind her was Takeo who was trembling in fear.

"Nana...Naka?"...." Sae uttered.

"Ayan...hey!how are ya' doin'!?". Takeo managed to speak as well.

"Sae....you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE!!!!but before that I'VE GOTTA' RUSH TO THE BATHROOM!!!". Nanaka blurted out and frantically ran to the girl's C.R.

The rest of them groaned and had a SINGLE LARGE BEAD OF SWEAT at the back of their heads once Nanaka was out of sight.

"Sae....who ever gave you authority to pull up such trick on US?!!!!" Ayanojou broke in angrily.

"I...I...I'm Sorry AburatsuboKun..I...". Sae struggled.

"It's not her fault Ayan, the plan's entirely my idea". Takeo stepped in, in defense of Sae.

"Is that true Takeo?". Ayanojou asked him a bit hurt and still angry.

"Yes, I'm sorry....".

"Do you hate me this much to do this? Do you not like me at all to try and pull such a ridiculous plan? huh? Takeo?". Ayanojou continued with downcast eyes.

"Ayan what are you saying? Of course that's not true, you're a good friend to me- and I like you- Sae and I like you so much that we want you to end up with the right person". Takeo explained- now he's the one who's hurt.

"You don't know anything Takeo....". ayanojou murmured, fists closed and trembling.

"Ayanojousempai.....pls....try to understand..we just..". Sae butted in.

"BOTH OF YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING!!!!!". Ayanojou let out his anger.

"Ayan?....". Takeo uttered.

"Let me tell the two of you this- MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!". Ayanojou thundered in the hallways.

"What was that?". Nanaka asked herself inside the C.R. Thus, she rushed back to where the others are.

"Ayan... we can't do that! We are your friends and Nanaka's as well! We can't bear to let you go really far away- without being true to your feelings!!!! Can you take it lightly, to know that you'll leave someone who cares and loves you so much?!!!" Takeo lost his cool as well and shouted back to Ayanojou- his speech pertaining to Nanaka.

"You don't know what you're talkin' about!". Ayanojou snorted in a mocking glance.

"Sure we do, Sae and I knows even Akane....that you and Nanaka are in-love with each other! And you're just covering it all up by being cold coz' you're too afraid to face the truth". Takeo added.

"Is that so? Well let me tell you this straight Takeo! I HAVE NO FEELINGS WHATSOEVER FOR NANAKA- I DON'T LIKE HER!!!!!!". Ayanojou exclaimed fiercely facing Takeo and Sae.

Then they heard a silent yet painful gasp. Nanaka actually witnessed this part of their conversation the whole time.

Tears really formed BIG TIME on her astounded eyes, and then the tears without control poured down. She sniffed and her body trembled. Her hands clasped against her trembling mouth.

"Nanaka?". Takeo and Sae both said in chorus.

Nanaka- extremely and obviously hurt and humiliated, she automatically turned around and runaway from the rest of them. She was too quick that none of them were able to say anything to stop her.

"I've got to follow her!". Sae declared, tears forming in her eyes as well. But before she can actually go, Ayanojou grabbed her arm briskly.

"I'd go follow her".

After saying it, Ayanojou immediately left the two alone, and with great speed- went out of the school building and started his search for Nanaka.

She do not know where to go, she can't go back yet at their house- not with that flabbergasted face of hers. Her mother would surely notice, so will her little annoying brother.

She just kept on running, running and running. When out of breath she paused and cried dramatically near the park's fountain.

"Nanaka.....you baka!!!! Yes, that's correct... I'M STUPID!!!!". Nanaka accused herself.

"All this time.... All those things I thought were for real- were merely illusions and fantasies!!! The smile which he never easily give anyone but me were just my imagination, whenever he protected me I thought he cared a lot..... I though somehow at least even just a tiny bit in his heart- he'd think I'm special to him.... But nooooo.... I'm so STUPID to believe such lies!!!!". Nanaka spoke silently- talkin' to herself.

"Those were not lies Nanaka".

"What are you doin' here, why did you followed me?". Nanaka asked wiping off her tears- never facing him.

"I....I'm sorry... I didn't know you were listening back there...I...". Ayanojou pointed out.

"No, don't be, It's actually good I heard you say so yourself- at least now I know the truth".

"Nanaka.... I didn't meant what I said to Takeo...I don't know why I even said those words- I was just too angry at them..and...".

"Ayanojou-sempai....you don't have to make excuses I heard you clearly, and actually I'm still fortunate to know those things, coz' at least now I can finally move on and wake up from my fairytale filled dreams". Nanaka commented, still not facing him.

"Nanaka! Pls Listen to me!". Ayanojou demanded.

"Ayanojou-sempai, I'm sure you know when all is said and done- there's nothing you can do to take them back". Nanaka quoted, then she chanted a few magic spells and disappeared before him.

"Nanaka.......". Ayanojou spoke with the loneliest eyes.

Days then weeks passed- for all those times Nanaka never again showed herself to the magic clubroom, Takeo and Sae said their apologies- Nanaka accepted them, but she told them it might take a long before things go back to what they were between them. Ayanojou also had forgiven the two- he on the other hand still attends club meetings once in a while. No one ever dared bring up the "incident" again. Akane of course is not fully knowledgeable of this so she's not so much of a trouble. Sae however still feels guilty, but she just rides along with Nanaka with the happy-fine mask she wears, to avoid hurting her bestfriend again.

Finally, the senior class graduated. Sae and Akane attended, Nanaka made up an excuse and stayed home.

The night after the graduation, Sae phoned Nanaka.

"Takeo- was really good with his valedictorian speech...". Sae narrated.

"Really? Well you know him! That nerd is really good!". Nanaka commented.

"Uh-huh!.....Well ummmm Nanaka, I know I should'nt mention this but, are you coming with Takeo, Akane, and I to the airport tomorrow at 7 am?". Sae asked gently.

"Huh? Why? You three going away for vacation?". Nanaka replied innocently- pretending she doesn't know.

"No...Nanaka, C'mon, at least before he goes- we should all part ways in good terms, we're going to say fairwell to AynojouSempai since he's really going to USA tom".

"Oh, yah right! Look, I'm sorry I can't come with you guys.... Just say goodbye to him for me, k? We've got a family thing tom". Nanaka lied.

"So desu ne.........".

"Look, Sae I've gotta' go now and help mom prepare dinner, bye!". Nanaka finished, and placed down the receiver.

"Nanaka...why do you have to be so stubborn?". Sae said silently.

The next day- looked happy and gay. The sky is blue, birds chirping, the sun's high. Nanaka woke up, when the rays of the sun beamed on her face. It was past 7:00 am. Thinking, she knew Ayanojou is out of the country by now, remembering that his plane leaves at 7am as informed by Sae.

A sad and regretful expression formed on her lips. Tears threatened to fall again. But she breathed deeply, and then said to herself- that it's really NOW time to forget.

Grabbing her blue towel, she started to walk towards her bathroom. On her way, she passed by the telephone and saw that the answering machine was beeping red.

She pushed a button, to listen to the calls she missed.

Beep One! 6:30 AM...Message From Takeo:

Good morning Nanaka, this is Takeo, well.... Just wonderin' if you're coming to the airport with us.....I'm sure he'd like to see you before he goes. Well, I guess you're not still awake. But still, we're expecting you. Bye.

Beep Two!

6:00 AM.......Message From Akane:

Hey there Nana! Are you coming with us today? Oh plssss.....do....well, I've gotta' go and dress up..See Yah!

Beep Three!

5:55 AM......Message From Sae:

I guess you're not coming...otherwise you'd be awake by now. But Nanaka just incase you change your mind pls....come....I don't want you to regret it in the end. I care for you okay?...well, I've gotta go! Ja Ne!

Sae, shook her head in disbelief.

"My! Those three were persistent..." she was about to head to the bathroom finally, knowing that that's the end of the "missed calls"....when the machine beeped for the last time. She paused when she heard a familiar voice.

Beep Four!

4:30 AM......Message From Ayanojou:

Well....ummm...Hi. I'm sure you're still sleeping this time. Hehehehe, I woke up extra early to check my baggage before I proceed later to the airport and to at least try to leave a message for you. When you heard of this message- I'm probably gone then....I honestly am glad I met all of you. Most especially you Nanaka- you've changed my life, I regret that it was just now that I realized all this. But I want you to know that I lied to Takeo when I told I have no feelings for you- coz' that's not true. But I won't take back what I said – that I don't like you..that one is true -I don't like you... coz' actually, the truth is I Love You. I want to tell this personally, but I guess I'm too late now- I brought you so much pain already. It's impossible to gain your trust even your friendship back. I'm sorry Nanaka...well, Sayonara Nanaka......demo wasurenaide- Watashi, Anata wa suki desu...". (Good bye Nanaka, but pls..don't forget that I love you)

It happened again- she recalled all her moments with Ayanojou. Tears not ceasing to flow. She can't breathe. She went inside the bathroom then splashed cold water on her tear stricken face.

"Nanaka....in the end.. you're still a BIG IDIOT!!!!". Her thoughts told her.

But out of nowhere, she seemed to have heard a voice telling her it's not yet too late.

So, impulsively, she jumped into her brown cargo pants put a denim shirt on, and placed a white hooded sweater over her.

Hurriedly, she called for a cab. Telling the driver they're heading to the airport.

"What am I doing? It's past 8am now, surely, Ayanojou's gone!". The thought of it ached her heart.

"But....why do I still want to go to the air port? Naze?Naze?Naze?". She questioned herself out- the driver a bit freaked out.

At exactly quarter to 9 in the morning she arrived at the place. Faster than a speeding bullet train- she rushed inside- searching for a magenta haired upperclassman. Tears went loose.

Searching without direction, then realizing she's hopeless...she decided to stop, she paused by the waiting area. Shoulders slumped down- tears still continuously flowing, she can't help but blame herself.

Then she heard an announcement.

"Flight 11902- going to USA, sorry for the 2 hours daily, but pls. Proceed to the admission counter- within minutes....".

She didn't listen anymore for hope came back to her.

"He's still here! Ayan's still here!". She uttered.

She scanned the waiting area one more time- it's packed with people- perhaps all who had delayed flights. She can't find him.

"Where is he?....". She trembled.

Then she saw a glimpse of Sae.

She rushed towards that direction; she can here very familiar voices- Akane complaining that they waited long enough. Takeo saying some encouraging words.

"Nanaka?......" Sae suddenly interrupted Takeo and Akane's bickering.

"Where...where is...where is..". Nanaka struggled for speech- out of breath, panting and huffing.

"Sorry guys you waited long with me, now as informed by the officers I must board the plane thanks for....".

Ayanojou didn't finished his words....his heart seemed to have stopped when her frail body turned around and faced him- her face traced with tears, her body tired and desperate for air.

The world appeared to have stopped for them.

The others just stood in awe and anticipation.

Then, she made her steps towards him.

"Ayanojou... I'm sorry....I'm sorry for being stubborn and stupid...I...I...". Nanaka tried her best to speak.

"Nanaka...you came?". Ayanojou answered back- surprised to see her. Their faces inches away from each other.

"Yes, I came... but not to say goodbye.... I can't allow you to go....not without telling you that I.... I... well, you see I heard your message form my answering machine and I can't believe that you...you actually. Ayanojou even if you would never feel the same for me- my feelings for you never faded- not even once......I still.....I....". Nanaka can't control her outpouring emotions that she can't finish her sentences, tears kept in the way.

But Ayanojou reached out, drew her close him, and settled her wavering senses in a tight embrace.

"I got it.....". Ayanojou gently spoke, his eyes closed. Sae sniffed, so did Akane, Takeo struggled hard to fight back tears. Ayanojou dropped his suitcase and hugged Nanaka with both arms.

"Hush now...Nanaka...pls don't cry...". Ayanojou whispered in her ear, and slowly released her looking intently at her face and wiping away with the back of his hand the tears that were shed by her alluring eyes.

"but, they won't stop- I'm trying really...I am". Nanaka admitted then looked at his misty eyes.

The flight attendant called in again that the passengers needed to board the plane.

"Oh! You're flight...... you have to go now, right?". Nanaka asked sorrowfully.

"Would you want me to?". Ayanojou asked back- challenging her.

"Wh-what? What do you mean?".

"Would you really want me to go and board that plane?". Ayanojou dared once more a mischievous smile playing on his thin lips.

"Ayanojou? I don't get you....".

"Nanaka..... if you would want me to stay... all you have to do is ak..... and I will".

".......". Nanaka is lost for words.

Then Ayanojou held out his plane ticket and tore them into pieces.

Nanaka together with Sae, Akane, and Takeo widened their eyes in amazement.

Slowly, he walked again towards her.

"There's no reason for me to go..... coz' you alone defeated all those reasons...you're more than enough for me to stay". Ayanojou explained and once again engaged her in a tighter embrace.

It wasn't only Nanaka and Ayanojou who felt the love surrounding them, the rest of the magic user's club shared in that one blissful moment, that they ended up in one big group hug. (awwwwww......)

Extra: As the Mahou Tsukai Tai theme "Do More", played in the background, we'll see Ayanojou and Takeo at Tokyo University, both giving frequent calls to Sae and Nanaka. Sae and Nanaka on the other hand busily study for the Tokyo University entrance exams. They've got 3 new recruits as new members of the magic user's club. They've decided that Akane should be the next club- president- much to her delight. THE ENDOWARI

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