A/N – I needed to write something so I wrote this. It's un-beta'd so it's entirely my fault if it makes no sense. It's just a short piece of writing, different to what I usually write. Reviews make me happy inside.

When they closed a case without charging anyone, due to lack of evidence, it was always tough. Each one of them felt as if it were their fault – the killer walked free because they had obviously missed something.

Today had been even more difficult because of the brutality of the crime, and because Sara had become so involved that Nick was convinced she was obsessed. It wasn't unusual for Sara to feel emphatic towards the victims of the cases she worked, Nick had come to learn that and had even wondered about whether Sara had been a victim once herself. This case, however, had been terrible. 

Nick was meant to be working it with her but she had pretty much run the entire case solo, becoming more and more engulfed by the terrible facts and horrific details of the crime.

Grissom had to step in, in the end, which had made her furious. Though, Nick thought to himself, she seemed more furious at herself for getting so involved – and for allowing Grissom to see her that way.

She'd stormed out of the lab, obviously on the verge of tears, brushing violently past any innocent lab tech that happened to cross her path. Nick had followed her, not knowing what he was going to do but realising that she shouldn't be alone.

That was how he came to be where he was right now, glued to a spot in the parking garage – hidden by a thick cement pole.

The garage smelled of gas and the air felt thick and humid. It was dimly lit, however this did not keep Nick from seeing Sara sitting on the curb, knees pulled up to her chest, head down.  Nick had almost started to run over to her when he realised she wasn't alone.

Grissom was crouched down in front of her, his hands wrapped gently around the top of her ankles, body leaning in towards her. He was whispering her name, asking her to look at him.

Nick wasn't one to spy, really.  But in his fascination at what he was witnessing, he couldn't move.  So he watched and listened.

He heard Sara sniff and sigh as she raised her head to look at Grissom, and watched as they simply stared at one another. He saw Grissom raise one hand and brush the hair from her eyes, pushing it behind her ear. Sara took a shaky, deep breath and took hold of his other hand, grasping it tightly and bringing it to her lap. Grissom leaned in closer; resting his cheek to her temple and whispering something Nick couldn't quite hear.

Sara closed her eyes and Nick watched as she visibly relaxed into Grissom's embrace – so naturally that Nick suddenly realised that this moment was not a first for them.

Sara wrapped her arms around Grissom's neck, burying his face into her shoulder.

The moment lasted for a minute before Grissom leant back and looked directly into her eyes. He whispered something else before leaning in to kiss her gently whilst helping her get to her feet.

As they walked towards him, Nick flattened himself against the pole and watched them as they passed. They were no longer touching or holding hands – they were once again the Grissom and Sara that he had come to know so well, or so he'd thought.

They entered the Lab, a foot apart, oblivious that their secret had just been shared. Nick wondered how he was meant to react to this, seeing Grissom and Sara – together. Although he had the incredible urge to race in and share his findings with Warrick, he knew he couldn't betray his friends like that.

An odd sense of contentment and genuine happiness that at least two of his colleagues were not as lonely as he once imagined them to be came over him. He smiled, and followed them back into the building.

The End.