Title: "I Hope"

Author: silver

Written: May 11th, 2004 – May 12th, 2004h

Takes Place: Near the end of 7th year at Hogwarts.

Rating: PG

Summary: One shot…sort of a scene out of an ongoing story type deal. During one of the final, epic battles of the war, Harry has just defeated Voldemort, and has not yet returned to Hogwarts. The very night they learn of his victory, the school comes under attack by the last of the Dark Lord's forces. Ron and Hermione must step up to the plate and be heroes, and Ron must finally admit to the feelings he's been hiding from her for years.

Disclaimer: JKR owns it all…I don't.

Author's Note: Well, it looks like I wasn't able to quench my thirst to write PotterFic with just that one story ("Not As The Last Resort"), so here I am again. Once again I am trying very hard to keep from committing myself to a big, detailed fic, and am concentrating instead on one or two events in the middle of an ongoing story. And once again, I'm obsessing over Ron and Hermione. Someone stop me!