AN: My dear, beloved readers: please be warned that in this chapter there is material that some of you may find a little disturbing.


Remy walked quickly into the house when he arrived home and ran up the stairs, ignoring Tante Mattie's call for him to come to supper. He needed to call Rogue and let her know what had happened. There was something seriously screwed up going on here, and apparently she was the only person who would be able to get any answers out of this guy. Going into his bedroom, Remy pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number to Rogue's room at the home. It rang and rang, but there was no answer. Finally Remy hung up. She must be at dinner. That was okay, he could call her later. In the meantime, there was someone else he could call too. He dialed another number and let it ring, and this time someone answered.

"Xavier Institute, how can I help you?" A young man's voice asked.

"Ororo Munroe please." Remy said.

"Sure, hang on." The boy said. "Hey Auntie O! Phone call!" he yelled out.

"She'll be here in a second."

"Umm..thanks." Remy said, and waited. Auntie O?

Finally he heard Ororo's lovely voice. "Hello?"

Remy grinned and couldn't resist the opportunity to tease her. "Bonjour chere. Anybody ever mention you got a real sexy voice? You must give great phone." He said, glad that he was down here and she was up there, where she couldn't reach out to smack him upside the head.

Ororo gasped. "Remy LeBeau! You watch your mouth. What would that fiancé of yours say if she heard you talking like that?"

"Ah but Ororo, you know you love me too much to hurt me by telling her." Remy said, flopping onto his bed.

"And you'd better remember that too." She said.

"I do, I do." Remy replied, then sighed, needing to get back to business. "I got a question for you. I was curious. That friend of yours you mentioned, Forge. What does he look like?" He was already sure it was the same guy, just from the man's reaction earlier, but he wanted to be completely sure.

"He's in his forties, Native American, long black hair…why do you…Remy, have you seen him?" Ororo asked.

Remy let loose a breath, as her description matched the man he had seen. "Oui, chere. He's here in New Orleans. I don't know where he's been but I do know he's been hiding something from you. He says he knows Rogue. He's been following us for a couple of days. I talked to him today; I don't know exactly what his relationship is to her but he says he's a friend of the family and won't talk to anyone but Rogue." He continued on, explaining the events of the past few days, including the little episode at the mall.

"Remy…" Ororo said, shock in her voice. "I can't believe this. He's been missing for two years. No one's been able to find him. And now he just shows up in New Orleans. I don't understand what's going, but I do know who those people are that you ran into today. They're a mutant group called the Brotherhood, led by a very powerful mutant who calls himself Magneto. And you say they were after both Forge and Rogue?"

"Oui. One of them was saying that his father wanted to have a long talk with Forge. They also knew that Rogue's foster mother was dead, but they called her a funny name. Destiny. You know anything about that?" Remy asked.

"The father in question would be Magneto. His son's name is Pietro, but he goes by the code name Quicksilver. And Destiny was the code name used by Irene Adler when….." Ororo stopped for a moment. "Remy, we haven't been completely honest with either you or Rogue. There are some things we haven't told you about Rogue's mother. I didn't want her to find out this way, but I guess there's no helping it now. Raven Darkholme was also known as Mystique. She and Irene Adler worked for some time along with Magneto. His aim for years now has been to destroy humans and elevate mutants as the superior race. I don't understand what happened between him, Destiny and Mystique, or how Forge is involved, but we can't let the Brotherhood get their hands on either Forge or Rogue."

Remy was glad he was already sitting down, because as stunned as he was he wouldn't have been able to remain standing for long. What the hell kind of family had Rogue been born into? Mutant terrorists running around with code names, evil plots to destroy humanity; it all sounded like something out of a comic book. He didn't know what to make of this, but it increased his worry for Rogue. And all this time her only remaining family, her brother, had kept this from her. What a nice way to start out a family relationship.

"Why didn't you tell her about this?" Remy demanded, annoyed now with his friend. "Don't you think Rogue deserved to know this?"

Ororo sighed. "I'm sorry Remy. We should have told you both. But Rogue was just getting to know Kurt. How do you explain something like that to someone who is just discovering she has family?"

She was right, Remy told himself silently. What was Kurt supposed to have done, go up to Rogue and say 'Hello I'm your brother, and by the way, our mother was a terrorist'?

"I don't know." Remy said at last. "How do I tell her now though?"

"Don't say anything."Ororo replied. "I'll let Kurt know what's going on, and he will talk to her about it. He'll be able to give her more information about this anyway. I'll talk to Professor Xavier also. He'll want to know about Forge. Do you have any idea where he is now?"

Remy shrugged, even though she wasn't even there to see it. "No. I know he's somewhere here in New Orleans though, and I don't think he's going to leave anytime soon. He was pretty set on talking to Rogue; he even said he would get to see her soon, but I don't know how or when."

"I don't understand what his connection is in all this."Ororo said. "I wasn't even aware that he'd known Mystique or Destiny; he's never mentioned having met them. I hope you find him soon Remy, he's got a lot of explaining to do. Let me know if you hear anything, I need to go talk to Kurt and the Professor."

"I will. G'night chere." Remy said, then paused. "By the way, Auntie O? Since when were you an auntie?" he asked.

Ororo laughed. "That's my nephew Evan. He's my sister's child. He came here to the Institute after we found out he was a mutant."

Remy grinned. "Auntie O. I like that. I think maybe I'll start calling you Auntie O."

"Not if you value your life you won't." Ororo told him flatly.

"Have I mentioned that you're no fun?"

"Yes Remy, on several occasions. Goodnight Remy." Ororo said, and Remy found himself listening to the dial tone. He smirked and put his phone away, then went downstairs to dinner.


Saturday morning entered itself into Remy's consciousness via the insistent beeping of his alarm clock. Not bothering to open his eyes, he reached over and slammed his hand down on the offensive instrument, the force of it causing the clock to fall off of his nightstand and onto the floor. Sighing in relief at the silence, he buried his face half into the pillow again. His peace and quiet did not last long though, as a banging was heard on his door several minutes later.

"Hey Remy! Get out of bed!" Henri's voice could be heard on the other side of the door. Remy groaned, and lifting his head out of the pillow, responded with a comment that was definitely not meant for polite conversation.

"What you do with the gators is none of my business."His older brother retorted. "Now get up. If I've gotta be up, so do you. It's your wedding after all."

Remy sighed and opened his eyes. Lovely sunlight streamed into his bedroom, and he would have enjoyed it if it weren't the fact that his wedding rehearsal was today. An entire day wasted down at the cathedral, going over the ceremony, where everyone was supposed to sit and stand and all that other stuff, to be followed by a nice big group dinner with both families attending. That was sure to be an interesting time. Remy wanted to be sure that he was sitting far away from Julien, in case his future brother in law decided to poison him before the wedding. He definitely wouldn't put it past the little bastard.

Reluctantly Remy rolled out of bed and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. The water helped him wake up a little; being a night owl, he'd rather stay up until dawn than get up at dawn. It wasn't dawn of course, but it was still morning and Remy wouldn't mind mornings if it weren't for the fact that they took place before noon. Once clean, he got dressed and headed downstairs. In the kitchen there were lovely smells of bacon and eggs cooking, and on his way to the cupboard to get a coffee mug Remy noticed his family sitting around the table. Today's newspaper was already divided up, with Jean-Luc reading the news, Henri going over the sports section and Emil looking at the comics. Mercy sat next to her husband, with nothing but a glass of water in front of her. She was looking a little pale, and Remy suspected that she had probably been sick again this morning. It was a little long for a bug to be lasting, and he wondered what else was going on. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down next to Emil.

"Mercy." Remy said, looking over at his sister in law. "This twenty-four hour bug of yours is in its third day; you sure you shouldn't see a doctor?"

Henri took his attention away from the newspaper and looked at his wife, a question in his eyes. Mercy just shrugged and smiled weakly at him. "We might as well tell them." She said, then looked around at the rest of the family. "I'm going to have a baby."

Everyone just stared for a moment, surprise on their faces, then the congratulations began. The only people who didn't look surprised were Henri and Tante Mattie. Remy guessed she had probably suspected something already. Emil hugged Mercy and clapped Henri on the back.

"Congratulations!' He exclaimed, and sat back down with a grin on his face.

Jean-Luc got up and went over to his daughter in law, kissing her cheek. "Wonderful." He smiled. "Thank you for making me un grand-pere."

Emil snickered. "So does this mean we get to call you Gramps now?"

The Patriarch of the Thieves Guild looked at his nephew. "Are you sure you want to do that?" he asked, giving the boy a look that made him swallow.

"Um…maybe not." Emil responded.

"Wise decision." Jean-Luc said, and returned to his chair.

Remy grinned. "So mon frère, you finally made yourself useful, hmm?"

Henri just flipped him off, looking too happy at the moment to get into it with his little brother.

"So why didn't you say something sooner?" Emil asked.

Mercy took a sip of water before answering. "I wanted to be sure. We've been trying for a few months now, and I didn't want to say anything in case it turned out to be a false alarm. But it's true."

"You realize what this means, right?" Remy asked Emil.

"No, what?"

"Revenge. We're going to have a little niece or nephew to spoil rotten." Remy smirked.

Emil laughed, but an evil look came over Henri's face. "You know what else it means, right?" he asked. "Diaper duty."

Remy stared at him in disgust. "Diapers? You're kidding, right?"

Jean-Luc shared a look of amusement with his oldest son. "No, I think it's a good idea. If you want to have the fun then you should share in the work as well. It's only fair, yes?"

Mercy smiled. "I think it's very fair. Besides, it'll be good practice for you, when you and Belle start having your own."

"You're a cruel woman, chere." Remy shook his head. Everyone laughed and ate their breakfast, but he just chewed his food, lost in thought. Mercy was right. He and Belle were going to be expected to have a child, to help cement the union of the Guilds. Was he ready to be a father? Even more, was Belle ready to be a mother? He wanted to think so, but he wasn't sure. And even if she was, there was part of him that was saying that if he was going to have a child with anyone, he didn't want it to be with her. Remy couldn't let his cold feet get him in trouble though; Belle was suspicious enough of him as it was already. His wedding was in a few days, and it was too late to step off the path he was on, even if he wanted to. The only thing he could do was keep going, save his family and worry about the future when it arrived.


The cathedral was just the way Remy remembered it, from when Kurt had visited with Ororo for the first time. It had just been the three of them and Rogue, appreciating the music of a practicing singer, enjoying a happy afternoon. Today was a little different.

Now that the morning's nausea had passed, Mercy was feeling better and sat in the front pew of the cathedral, along with Tante Mattie. Technically neither one of them was part of the wedding party, but both families were expected to be here today anyway. Remy, along with his best man Henri and his groomsman Emil, were standing up front at the altar, while the fussy little man that Belle had hired to make the wedding plans, arranged and rearranged their positions until Remy was ready to shove him out a window. Belle and her bridesmaids, both of them friends and fellow Assassins, stood towards the rear of the church, deep in conversation with the priest who would conduct the ceremony. Remy found it a little odd, and more than a little sacrilegious, for an assassin to be married in a church, but then again God supposedly wasn't too fond of thieves either; besides, it was family tradition on both sides.

Meanwhile, Jean-Luc and Marius stood off to the side, neither of them talking, just keeping an eye on the whole thing, as well as on each other. And in the back sat Julien, with a look of dark disgust on his face that he didn't even try to hide. The young man hadn't said a word since getting here, but the way he watched Remy spoke volumes, and Remy knew that the only thing keeping Belle's brother from burying a dagger in his back was fear of his father. There had to be something that could be done about him, other than feed him to the gators, and that would just be mean to the gators. Belle wanted to send her brother out to run the west coast chapter of the Assassins once the unification of the Guilds was complete, but there were two problems with that. One, Marius still might decide to make Julien the head of the Guild instead of Belle, and two, Remy might not live long enough to see Julien leave town.

They went through the motions of practicing the ceremony, Marius walking Belle up the aisle; and even though she was just wearing jeans and a top, she still managed to walk as though she was actually wearing a long gown. Remy had to admit, she would be a beautiful bride. If this had been a few months ago, he would have been excited, anticipating the actual wedding day. The only thing he was feeling right now was boredom at having to go through all of this standing around and listening to the wedding planner give orders, and worry over what might be happening out there right now. Had Forge managed to get in to talk to Rogue? Had the Brotherhood managed to find Forge? There was just too much going on right now for him to be bothered with this, but there was no way he could tell Belle that.

Just when Remy was about to break out a pack of cards and play Solitaire, the wedding planner announced that they were finished. Remy gave a silent sigh of relief and pulled his hand out of his pocket, where he had started reaching for the deck. Belle walked over to him, with Julien following not too far behind.

"You were such a good boy today, Remy. I know you were bored." She smiled. The rehearsal had seemed to make her happy, and Remy was glad that she was in a good mood. Belle leaned up and kissed him, and he kissed her back. Despite anything else he might want, this was his future, and he had to make the best of it. He didn't want to spend his married life at odds with his wife.

"Good thing he wrapped things up when he did, I was thinking of getting a game of poker started with Henri." Remy joked. "So now what?"

Belle gave him one more kiss and stepped back. "Well I don't want to go to dinner looking like this." She said, pointing out her jeans. "Julien's going to take me home so I can change. We'll meet you all at the restaurant."

Remy was going to point out that she looked fine the way she was, but he knew it would be pointless. Despite her cold-blooded career, Belle was rather girly, and wouldn't go out to dinner unless she was looking her best.

"Alright, I'll see you there." He said, and watched as she walked off. Julien just glared at him before turning around to follow his sister. Remy sighed and went to join his family. Maybe it wouldn't be such a sin to give a gator food poisoning.


Julien drove home, listening to Bella chat about how pleased she was that everything was coming together so nicely. Frankly it made him want to rip out his eardrums. With the wedding day coming closer and closer, he had become more and more irritable, and it was all that he could do to not take it out on his sister. If she would just listen to him. She didn't have to do this; the Assassins had skill on their side, they could take out the Thieves in one fell swoop if his father just put his mind to it. Julien truly hoped that Marius would decide to turn over the Guild to him when he retired. It was still a possibility; despite the upcoming end of the feud, Julien knew that his father would never want to see a LeBeau in charge of the Assassins, which is what would happen if Bella gained control, as she would co-rule with Remy. If Julien took over there would be no need for a truce, as there would be no more Thieves Guild; he would put an end to them for good. He just had to hope that his father would see reason. And then, once the Thieves were out of the way, Bella's husband would have a quiet little accident. His sister would be upset, but there would be no way to pin it on Julien, and she would get over it in time. She may even come to thank him. And he would be at her side, not the way he secretly wanted to be, but that didn't matter as long as they were together. If only…

After they arrived at the house, Bella went upstairs to change while Julien went into his father's study to pour himself a drink. The bourbon was harsh as it went down his throat, and he welcomed the burn. Once the glass was emptied, he poured himself another. He didn't want to go to that restaurant and sit with the Thieves and pretend like everything was good and happy. His heart was breaking with a pain that was like acid in his stomach and he had to go there and pretend nothing was wrong. Well he couldn't do it, not anymore. He wouldn't do it.

When Bella came back downstairs she was lovely in a little red sundress, her golden curls loose around her shoulders. Julien appreciated the view for a moment. His sister always knew how to dress for any occasion.

"Tres joli." He said, giving her a faint smile. Bella grinned and spun around on her heeled shoes, showing off for him. So lovely. Why did life have to be so cruel as to have them share the same blood? They were perfect for each other.

"Thanks. Are you ready to go? They're going to wonder where we are." Bella said, picking up her purse from the front table where she'd laid it down when entering the house.

Julien followed her out into the foyer, steeling himself to disappoint her. "I'm not going."

Bella looked at him. "What do you mean, you're not going?"

"Exactly what I said. I'm not going. The thought having to sit and eat dinner with those Thieves makes me want to throw up." Julien said in disgust. "Besides, I've just had two drinks; do you really want me to drive?" Maybe he'd get lucky and she'd end up staying home. Her car was in the shop right now and she couldn't drive his since she didn't know how to drive a stick.

His sister frowned at him. "I can't believe you're doing this." Letting out a grunt of frustration, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Remy, cher, can you come pick me up? Julien's being a brat and won't take me to the restaurant." She said, frustration in her voice. Julien hated making her unhappy but he just couldn't do it tonight. He wasn't sure yet how he would be able to make it through the actual wedding.

She paused for a moment, listening. "Okay. I'll see you in a few minutes then. Thank you." Bella hung up and put the phone back in her purse, then turned to look at him.

"You're hurting me with this attitude of yours Julien." She said. "I know you don't want this for me but it's going to happen, there's nothing you can do about it. And I want this to happen. I'd marry Remy even if our parents didn't want it. I love him, and he loves me, even if he's having trouble remembering that right now."

Julien just looked at her in frustration. "It's wrong. You're a sacrifice, throwing your life away. You think you're uniting our families but those Thieves will never respect you, they'll treat you like shit. And that snake Remy will never keep his vows; he can't even keep his eyes away from other women now. You'll be the laughing stock of the LeBeau family, the trophy wife he had to take while he goes around and screws whoever he wants."

The hurt was plain on her face. He knew that he'd never spoken like this to her before, with such anger in his voice, but he couldn't help it. Maybe it was the only way he could make her see.

"It won't be like that." Bella retorted. "Remy knows I'd cut his balls off if he ever cheated on me. And that little blind girl he's been hanging around with? Remy told me she's moving to New York. She won't be around anymore. And the LeBeaus will respect me. They'll have to. Mine and Remy's marriage will be too important to them for them to risk creating trouble."

Julien took a deep breath, trying to calm down. He didn't want to fight with her like this. There had to be something he could say. Maybe if he just pointed out that they had other options.

"Bella. I know you think you have to do this; that you have to save our family, but you don't have to. Father isn't aggressive enough to do what needs doing, but I am. If you support me we can get the backing of the other Assassins and we can convince Father to retire and turn the Guild over to me. Together we can strike against the Thieves and wipe them out. This is what we do best and there's no way they could stand against us."

Bella just looked at him in shock. "Julien, I can't believe you're saying this. You want to push Father out of the way and take over? You're not meaning to kill him are you?"

He shook his head. "No, petite. I couldn't kill our father, I just want to convince him to retire. I can't do that without you though; if we're together on this we'll get the others to side with us." His words were meant to reassure her, but in the back of his mind there was a cold, quiet knowledge that if it came to it, he was more than willing to kill his own father if it meant keeping his sister out of the hands of the LeBeau's.

Apparently there was something in his face or voice that wasn't reassuring enough though. Bella took a step back away from.

"No Julien. I can't let you do this. I won't help you destroy the Thieves Guild. You're drunk, you can't mean this."

"I do mean it. I won't let you marry that bastard, and I'll do whatever 's necessary to stop it. You aren't going to leave me." He said, angry at her refusal, her stubborn insistence on going through with this.

"Leave you? Julien I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be here in New Orleans, nothing will change except where I live." Bella relaxed a little bit, and laughed. "Oh Julien, my dear brother. I know we've spent our lives together but you have to give me up sometime."

The sound of her laughing at him when his heart was breaking infuriated him, and a weakening of his self-control caused by the alcohol allowed something to snap inside of him. have to give me up sometime…

"No…" he whispered in desperation, and stepping forward he grabbed his sister and pressed his mouth to hers. Bella's eyes widened, first in surprise then in horror, and she whimpered, trying to push him away, but Julien had always been larger and stronger than her, and was able to keep her in place. Her mouth was soft and sweet, and he kissed her deeply, not letting himself care that she was struggling against him. He wanted this for too long, had kept the feelings bottled up so tightly that when they finally let loose he was overwhelmed by them, doing what he had always sworn he would never do.

Julien pushed her against the wall, pinned there by his body, and allowed one hand to travel over her. He left her mouth and pressed kisses against her cheek, going down the line of her throat.

"Petite soeur…" he whispered, and just held her for a moment, unable to believe what he was doing but unable to stop himself. Bella was crying now, pleading with him.

"Julien, stop, please…" she begged, still trying to push him away.

He heard her and a pang struck through him, dividing him. One part of him, the brother, saw his little sister in front of him; the girl he'd grown up with through bikes, mudpies, games and getting in trouble. When she cried that she was afraid of the boogeyman, he hugged her and told her that they were Assassins and Assassins were too quick and clever for the boogeyman. The brother screamed and kicked inside, screamed that he was making his little sister cry. The other part of him, the man, all he saw was the beautiful woman who shouldn't be his sister, standing outside the front door with her new boyfriend Remy when they first started dating, caught up tight in his arms, her hair shining in the moonlight as they kissed. And all the man had wanted to do was drive his fist into the window and drag the other man through it by his throat; but he had no right, he had…no…right. And oh how it burned, the acid in his heart.

"Julien please, you're drunk, you don't know what you're doing, please…"

He was about to kiss her again to stop her pleading when he was suddenly yanked away from behind. Julien turned his head in surprise only to see a fist driving into his face. So caught up in what he was doing, he hadn't heard the front door open.


Remy pulled up in front of the Boudreaux house and parked his bike. He'd been just about ready to place his order at the restaurant when Belle called. He supposed that he shouldn't have been surprised that Julien had pulled something like this. Besides, he was happy about the fact that he wouldn't have to put up with the creep during dinner, so frankly it was no great loss at all. Remy told himself that one of these days though, he was going to have to teach Belle how to drive a stick shift.

He went up the front steps to the door and was about to knock when he heard voices on the other side. Belle sounded upset, she was talking to someone desperately. An intruder? It took a really foolish person to try to break into the house of an Assassin, especially the one belonging to the Guild Patriarch, but there was always the possibility that Belle could have been caught with her guard down. Remy opened the door quickly but when he saw what was in front of him, he was stunned and horrified. He had always suspected Julien of being an incestuous little freak, but he never dreamed that the man would go this far. Rushing into the room, Remy yanked Julien away from his crying sister and plowed his fist into the other man's face. He was satisfied to hear the crunch of bone as Julien cried out from his nose breaking. Belle slid down to the floor, still crying.

"You…sick….fuck." Remy said, absolute disgust in his voice. Despite everything that had happened lately, Belle was still his fiancé, he still cared about her. And no one deserved to be nearly raped by their own sibling. "How could you? Your own SISTER! You just couldn't keep your hands off her, could you?" He shoved Julien away and the man stumbled backwards, holding one hand carefully to his bleeding nose. Remy knelt down next to Belle, taking her hands.

"Shh…petite…it's gonna be okay." He said quietly, trying to calm her. "Let me take you out of here…he won't hurt you again." He had to get her out of this house, take her home with him, or at least to her father. Marius would be in a rage when he found out about this, and Remy had no idea what would happen to Julien. Whatever it was, it wouldn't be enough though to punish him for this.

Belle sniffed and looked up. "Oh god Remy…" she cried, and he took her into his arms.

"You get away from her…" he heard Julien snarl from behind, and he let go of Belle to turn around, only to see Belle's brother coming at him with a knife that Remy recognized as one that Marius kept on the wall as a decoration. Remy barely managed to duck in time to avoid being stabbed, and rolled away from the enraged man. He stood up and looked around for a weapon, and thankfully Marius Boudreaux liked to collect and show off weaponry, because there was a spear in a glass case on the other side of the foyer near the stairs. Remy raced across the room as Julien started to come after him again, and broke the glass of the case, wincing as he hurt his knuckles. There was no time to pay any attention to that however, because he was in serious danger of getting more hurt than his knuckles, so he grabbed the spear out of the case and turned just in time to block Julius from stabbing him. Remy thought he must have been drinking, because the Assassin's reflexes didn't seem as good as they normally were. And he was very glad of this, because in normal circumstances there was a very good possibility that Julien could kill him. Even while a little under the influence though, the man was still a formidable opponent.

The knife came at him again and Remy blocked, but not enough this time to avoid getting a cut on the arm. The knife sliced through his shirt and into his skin like it was butter, causing Remy to give a grunt of pain.

"Stop this." He said, backing away as Julien came at him again. "I don't want to hurt you." Well, that wasn't really true. Nothing would make Remy happier than to see Julien Boudreaux six feet under, but the trouble it would cause between the Guilds was unthinkable.

"No." Julien spat. "You can't have her. She's mine."

"Are you listening to yourself? She's your sister. You're drunk, you creep. Go sleep it off. You're already in enough trouble as it, you don't want to cause anymore."

"Remy! Julien! Stop this!" Belle called out from behind them.

"Listen to her Julien. You're hurting her. She doesn't want you to do this. She'll forgive you, but you've got to stop now." Remy said, ducking under Julien's arm and kicking him, causing him to go backwards and crash into a cabinet that stood against one wall. China rattled inside and Remy had the fleeting thought that it was weird to have weapons and dishes as decorations in the same room, but then again it wasn't his house and what did he care what Marius Boudreaux liked in décor?

Remy used the momentary break that Julien's collision with the Boudreaux family china caused to swing the spear he was holding at him. The handle struck Julien on the side of his head and he looked dazed for a moment before shaking it off and coming after him again.

"Remy, please, don't hurt him!" Belle said, and Remy was surprised. The man had just tried to rape her and she was trying to defend him? Then again, he was still her brother, even if he was a twisted freak.

Remy's momentary distraction caused by Belle gave Julien just what he needed to get in an attack on Remy. He tried to block, but only managed to deflect the knife that was meant for his heart to go into his shoulder. Remy cried out as the blade scraped across the bone of his shoulder blade. Julien gave the knife a twist as he pulled it out, causing yet more pain. Remy backed away as Julien prepared to correct his error and finish him off this time. Drawing his spear back, Remy barely noticed that he was charging it as he drove it into Julien's chest. The man looked surprised as the sharp tip of the spear head slid in. Remy didn't notice that he had charged the spear until he had let go of it, and reacting on instinct, he dove away from Julien, curling into a ball. The explosion behind him was startling loud in the otherwise quiet house, and Remy felt something splash against his cheek. Belle screamed and he was afraid to turn around, know what it had to be and what would be behind him. There was no way around it though and Remy turned, nausea flowing over him at the sight. Surprisingly Julien was mostly intact, as only a small part of the spear had actually gone into him, but what wasn't intact was spread across the room. Remy wiped his cheek and his finger came back smeared with blood. Sickened, he wiped his hand frantically on his pants, not able to bear the thought of Julien's blood on him.

Belle crawled across the floor from where she had remained huddled during the fight and sat next to her brother's body, ignoring the blood on the floor.

"Julien…oh god, Julien…" she wept brokenly. "He didn't mean it, he didn't know what he was doing…oh god…"

Remy didn't know what to do. He hadn't wanted this, he'd tried to get Julien to stop, but he kept coming after him. Was he wrong for defending himself? Admittedly, charging the spear had been a bit much, but he had been hurt and afraid for his life; he hadn't really been aware that he was doing it.

"Belle…" he said quietly, getting up. "I'm so sorry, I didn't want to do it…"

His fiancé looked up, and the change that came over her face was frightening. A look of pure hatred emerged, and she grabbed the knife that her brother had been using.

"I'm going to kill you." Belle whispered in a chilling voice, and got up from the floor. Remy noticed the dark spotches of blood standing out against the brighter red of her dress, and instead of charging him with the knife like Julien had, she instead threw it, causing Remy to dive to the floor again. His wounded arm and shoulder screamed at him, and he could feel his shirt dampening from where both were bleeding. He couldn't fight her. He was bleeding, he couldn't stand the thought of hurting her, and besides, in the cold fury she was in, there was a very good chance that she could kill him. He had to get out of here.

Belle stood between him and the door, but he shoved her away easily as he ran to make his escape.

"I'm sorry." He said, before going out the door. Remy ran down the steps to his bike, and it took his trembling hands a minute or two, but finally he managed to get the bike started and he raced away from the Boudreaux house. Things have gone wrong, so very very wrong. There was going to be serious trouble. Marius would never forgive him for killing his only son. Remy didn't know what kind of compensation the Patriarch of the Assassins would demand from his father, but he was pretty sure that any chance of peace between the Guilds was over, along with any thought of a marriage between him and Belle. There was also the possibility that he could be charged with murder. He could try to plead self defense, but with Belle as the only other witness he thought it highly unlikely that it would work. He'd end up in prison for sure. Away from his family, away from Rogue. Who would be there for her? There was her brother, but Remy didn't know how long it would take to get her to New York. There was possibly Forge, but Remy still knew so little about the man that he couldn't quite trust him with her. She'd be alone, again. Some companion he'd turned out to be.

Remy pulled in at the restaurant the two families were at and climbed off his bike. He needed to go to a hospital and have his injuries looked at, but he had to let them know what had happened first. He walked past the hostess when he went in, ignoring her stunned look at his appearance, and headed for the private room that Marius had reserved for the family dinner. He opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind him. Remy felt sick, fear and horror twisting his insides painfully. Everyone was chatting calmly, until Mercy looked up.

"Remy! What's happened?" she exclaimed, taking in his disheveled appearance and the blood on his clothes. "Are you hurt? What's wrong?" His family, Marius and the Assassins from the wedding party all stared, various expressions of shock on their faces.

Marius Boudreaux's face stiffened. "Where is Belladonna?" he asked. They all had known where he was going after he got the phone call. For him to return by himself was a clear indication that something was wrong.

"Let me look at you, boy." Tante Mattie said, getting up to examine his arm, where the blood showed through the fabric of his shirt. Remy uncharacteristically brushed her aside though, and faced his father.

"Papa…" he said. "Julien…he's…" Remy stumbled on his words though, and had to take a deep breath before continuing. He explained what had happened, what he had found when arriving to the house, and the fight he'd had with Julien. His family looked horrified, while Marius's face turned white, then turned cold.

"You…" he started, then stopped. "I don't believe you. Julien would never do something like that to his own sister." He then turned to Jean-Luc.

"I demand justice. Your son's life is now forfeit, and if you don't turn over to me it will be war between us."

Remy looked at his father, wondering what he would do. Jean-Luc was his father, but he was also the Patriarch of the Guild. He couldn't just consider his son, he had to consider the entire Guild and act for the benefit of all.

"There must be compensation Marius, but I will not turn him over to you without discussing this with the rest of the Guild council first. Come to me tomorrow and we will resolve this." Jean-Luc then spoke to Henri, who was looking pale. "Take him to the safe house until after the meeting tomorrow." He finally looked up at his son, but it was not the father whose eyes met Remy's, but instead it was the Guild Patriarch. "You will be held in seclusion until the council can negotiate with the Assassins and determine your fate."

Henri looked reluctant, but he nudged Emil and they both got up and approached Remy, looking absolutely miserable.

"I'm sorry Remy." Henri said quietly. "You've got to come with us now. Don't make things difficult. I have to stop you by force if necessary, you know that."

Feeling more horrible than he ever had in his life, Remy could only nod and allow them to lead him away.