Double Standards

Summary: There are two girls who looked like identical twins but they stay far from each other in Kanagawa. One of the girls who is rich, had many popular friends, work for a model agency and studying in Shoyo High. The second girl leave a normal average life, had only a few ordinary friends, work part time in her father's catering company and studying at Shohoku High. Bored with their lives, they collided with each other, one fated day and decided to switch places. What happened if they start to fall for the ace rookies in their school. Can the girls tell them their true identity? What would happened when they have to switch back.

Characters' information:

Girl number one: Iris Kanzaki: Her hair is always beautifully styled and wears best of clothes and only child.

Girl number two: Kotori Sumire: She wears a pair of sensible silver glasses, don't really care about fashion and always the top student in class. The oldest in the family and have a younger brother.

Iris Kanzaki- Rukawa Kaede

Kotori Sumire- Fujima Kenji

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Slam Dunk, never did and never will. I hope I don't have to keep repeating this.

Chapter 1: Kotori and Iris


"MOH!!!!" Kotori exclaimed hoping on one foot as she tried to pull her socks up on her other foot. "Haru, why didn't you wake me up?"

"Nani yo neechan?" Haru, her younger brother poked his head into her room. "I did! You didn't wake up that's all."

"Great! Just great!"

"Haru! Kotori!" Their mother shouted downstairs. "If you don't hurry you will be late!"

"I'm ready, it's neechan who's late!" Haru ran off ducking in a nick of time as a pillow came zooming over his head.

"I hate Mondays!!!!" Kotori shouted running out her room buttoning up her blue blazer.

"What's all this shouting about Kotori?" Mr. Kotori said sternly placing his papers down. "Its morning, can't you be more pleasant? First thing this morning I wake up and thought a hurricane hit your room."

"I fell from the bed when the alarm rang!" She woke up in a shock when her stupid clock made that sickening rooster sound. "I threw it out the window after that."

"Kotori, that is the fifth alarm clock we bought these two weeks!" Her mother said exasperatedly. "Can't you switch it off like any normal person does?"

"Not only that, she then runs around her room like a hen without her head looking for her things." Haru chuckled and avoided a plate that went sailing passed his ear. Luckily their mother was standing behind Haru that moment and caught the plate before it smashed into the wall.

"KOTORI!" Mr. and Mrs. Sumire shouted.

"He started it!" Kotori retorted taking a can of soda out the fridge.

"You should drink juice in the morning." Mrs. Sumire said. "It supposed to be good for your health than drinking a can of soda."

"Mum safe the nutrition lectures I'm late for school!" Kotori said grabbing her briefcase and ran out the house with the can clutched in her other hand.

"Hey don't forget to come home early from school today!" Mr. Sumire shouted after her. "You have to help out with the rest of the caterers today. We got a very big business with one of the most famous advertising firm!"

"Hmm..." Kotori replied grouchily slamming the door shut behind her. What's new?

"What are we to do with her?" Mrs. Sumire shook her head. "She is cranky practically every single morning as if she hated her life!"

"Teenagers..." Mr. Sumire shook his head and went back reading his papers. "Changing of hormones."

Kotori ran to school cursing and wondering what else would happen on Monday mornings. She soon found out when she reached the front gates of Shohoku High. As soon as she took a step inside the school grounds something crashed hard and painfully at her back. She fell, face first towards the cement floor excruciatingly, her glasses jabbed sharply into her nose bridge and her briefcase burst opened at the impact pouring all the contents out.

Then the next thing she heard was screams of a group of atrocious girls. She noted them as H.A.G, 'Hell of Atrocious Girls'. Instantaneously, she knew who the hell hit her back, it was no other then the famous Kaede Rukawa.

"Get out of the way Sumire!" The leader of their group, Chiro shouted. "Keep your filthy hands off him!"

Hands? Kotori thought heatedly rubbing her nose, surprised that it wasn't bleeding though glad that it wasn't and turned around to look at Rukawa who was still on the ground asleep and drooling with half the population of the girls in school surrounding him trying to see if he was alright.

What hands, I don't have any hands on that Salivate Face! What I like to do is jabbing my foot up his ass.

On her hands and knees Kotori quickly gathered her belongings and rushed towards the building. As soon as she took a step up the steps, she stumbled forward on her face again. She heard snickering behind her back and realized those 'H.A.G' was laughing at her.

"Elephant legs..." She heard one of them sneered at her.

That is why I hate Mondays!!!! Kotori raged inwardly. And that baka Salivate Face and his 'H.A.G' had to make things worst! I HATE them!


The sun glared down through the huge glass window of Iris Kanzaki's room. Iris grimaced and opened her eyes slightly looking out the windows all around her room. Her king size canopy bed was in the middle of her huge room. Her room was already lit up by the bright morning sun and she groaned.

"Go away, go back and sleep for another five minutes!" Iris croaked at the sun as she covered her face with a huge feather pillow.

"Wake up sleepy head!" A sing song voice said walking into her room.

"Go away, Remi!" Iris groaned when her maid who had been with her since she was a baby walked into her room. "Let me have another five minutes sleep."

"Iris-chan," Remi smiled pulling the pillow away from her face. "You will be late for school. Mistress told me to make sure you go to school on time everyday. You don't want me to loose my job do you?"

"Mum will never fire you..." Iris mumbled sitting up dumbly. Remi just smiled.

"Here's your uniform dear, and breakfast is ready downstairs." Remi set out her uniform on the bed and walked over to the room but stopped by the door. "Oh yes, today is your opening day for the new magazine. Remember to be home early from school to be prepared. Your mother had already booked the most famous caterers in Kanagawa. Everything will be a blast!"

"Hmm," Iris muttered unenthusiastically as Remi walked out. "Another boring, boring, boring day..."

After Iris had breakfast in the quiet, huge and very sparkling clean dining room, she got into the limo and went to Shoyo High. Her mother always insisted that she goes to a good private school but she insisted on going to a normal school so that she could have a normal school life, but still not quite as she hoped for when she saw a group of paparazzi and reporters outside of the school front gate.

"Tendo-san, would you mind dropping me at the back gates of the school?"

"No problem, Iris-sama." The driver said calmly and made a turned before the paparazzi and the reporters see her car.

Another idiotic Monday! Iris thought as she stepped out the limo at the back gates of the school thanking god that no paparazzi and reporters waited for her there. She walked inside the building and collided into something hard and fell back.

"Itai yo!!!!" Iris cried.

"Are you alright Kanzaki-san?" She heard a boy's voice said and looked up. Fujima Kenji was standing before her looking down at her.

She frowned and stood up. "YOU!" She cried furiously. "Now I know why Mondays sucks!"

"Look, it wasn't my fault that you got caught for ditching class alright!" Fujima said. "You still angry at me for that?"

"So you happened to walk by when the teacher found me is it!" Iris said pointing her finger angrily at him. "You were the only one who saw me leave my class you sneak. I saw you down the corridor. If you didn't tell who else did? How come you got away for ditching class and I got caught in return?"

"I had a corridor pass!" Fujima replied exasperatedly

"Whatever," Iris rolled her eyes and walked off with her head held high.

"So what if you are the model of the month?" Fujima muttered distastefully under his breath. "It makes you no better!"

Fujima Kenji, Iris thought wrathfully. Just because you think you are the best player, the captain and the coach of the basketball team of Shoyo High it doesn't make you the best boy in school! Hate him, that incredible jerk.
After School


"Kotori, aren't you going to help us with the bio project?" Yuriko who was one of her circles of friends asked. "Why are you in a hurry?"

Kotori groaned, she had totally forgotten about helping Yuriko and Sasami with their work after school, but it just couldn't be help, she had to go home change and rush to Sumire Catering Co. as fast as she could or her father would skin her alive.

"Yuriko, Sasami, gomen!" Kotori clasped her briefcase shut. "I can't today! I have to go back to help father with this huge catering thing this evening."

"Ah, let me guess." Sasami grinned. "The best most famous advertising firm had actually booked your father for their buffet."

"How did you know?" Kotori looked up at her amazed.

"It's on the front page!" Sasami said slamming today's newspaper on the table. "Kanzaki Advertising Co. the most famous advertising firm in Kanagawa and Tokyo. I heard that their only child is their lead model of the firm. This evening was supposed to be some big opening for this new magazine their daughter is going to work for."

"Oh?" Kotori said wide eye staring at the front page where a girl her age grinned sexily back at her. The model's long hair lay silkily behind her back unlike hers which she always tied up into a messy bun. Not only her hair, her clothes were clothes every girl dreamed of wearing.

"Isn't she desirable?" Yuriko asked. "Look at those clothes, the hair!"

"...." Kotori just stared at the picture.

"Hey, I thought you need to go already?" Sasami suddenly said.

"Oh SHIT!!!!" Kotori shouted and ran out the class. "See you tomorrow girls!"

Unfortunately she ran straight into the person she dreaded to see most, Rukawa. She head butted him around the chest so hard she stumbled back, her butt almost kissing the floor. However she quickly got back her balance.

"AH, SUMIRE!" A huge group of girls shouted not far off. "How many times have we got to say? Stay away from our Rukawa-sama!!!!"

"Damn those H.A.G," Kotori muttered under her breath cursing. "Why are they always around. Oh yes, Salivate Face's here."

Salivate face? Rukawa frowned down at the small tetchy girl before him who was still rubbing her forehead. What the hell?

Before he could retort she ran off down the corridor before those girls, who she had called H.A.G could do anything to her.

"Do'aho..." Rukawa muttered and turned away from her direction.

Before he could take a step forward, he heard a loud crashed from that girl's direction and turned back again. She had toppled over the floor her books and stationeries strewn all over the place. He raised his eyebrows slightly and took no heed to it turning away but those girls that that girl had called 'Hag' ran up towards him and barraged him, swooning, looking starry eyed and screeching at him.

'Hag'? Whatever it is, I really think it suits them. Rukawa thought irritated though his face didn't give away anything as he ignored the girls and walked on.


"So don't be late girls," Iris said to her little group of friends who were Miki, Satomi and Aiko. They also categories as the riches kid in Kanagawa. "I'm going home now. Have to prepare for the occasion."

"Alright, meet you at the banquet!" Satomi said cheerfully waving at Iris who dashed to the back of the school where she had told Tendo to wait for her.

As she stepped outside the building to her surprised, the reporters and paparazzi were waiting for her at the back gate this time. She froze at the entrance door of the building and retreated back inside like a turtle retreating into its shell and shutting the door with a loud bang.

"Unable to go outside?" She heard a loathsome voice said. (From Iris point of view)

"Go away Fujima!" Iris snapped glaring at him who was standing not far from her leaning on the wall lazily looking at her.

"I heard about the banquet at your place." Fujima said softly.

"So what?"

"You do know that my family is coming too." Fujima replied.

"How can I forget?" Iris rolled her eyes.

The Fujima was one of the holdings of the most popular Magazine Company in Japan, Fujima Co. They had actually signed the contract with them for a year. She couldn't imagine why her mother had to do something like that to her.

"I'll see you there then." Fujima turned his back on her and walked away. "I'm late for basketball practice. Have a nice evening!"

"WHAT!!!!" Iris stared after his retreating back incredulously. "You are just going to leave me here?"

Fujima stopped walking and turned his head slightly to look at her furious face.

"You can always ask if you need help." He said mildly.

Iris clutched both her hands at her sides seething at him. She would rather be buried six feet under to ask this incredible jerk to help her.

"No," She replied curtly turning away from him.

He shrugged and walked away slowly.

"Don't get sandwiched alive!" His voice trailed back to her amusingly.

"SHUT UP and GET LOST!" Iris shouted at him and looked down at her leather bag jamming her hand inside searching for something. "Where the hell is it?"

After a minute standing by the back entrance she finally found her cell phone she kept at the bottom of her school bag for emergency used. She dialed for her two bodyguards who always followed her while she meets reporters, fans and other socializing events.

"NED! GINTA!" Iris shouted into her cell phone when Ned picked up the phone. "GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE IMMEDIATELY!!!!"

Kanzaki's resident

In the kitchen

"Jura, you are supposed to hold the tray of wine like this!" Kotori said exasperatedly, posing an empty tray for her to see. "Besides I thought you practiced that yesterday!"

"I did but with glasses on the tray is another thing!" Jura moaned. "Why don't we swap places?"

"Jura, you know very well, I had to take care of the food section. My father doesn't really trust anyone else to do that unless the assistant cook is here and he had to call in sick today! Chief today is so full with his chores he need all the help he can get!"

"It's better than me dropping all the wine glasses on the guest!!!!"

Kotori felt like crying then, she had no idea why her father had made her be in charge of that evening's big banquet.

I am only a teenage kid!!!! She moaned inwardly.

"Oh alright!" She finally said with a sigh. "Let's go to the changing room and change quick!"

Grinning happily Jura followed Kotori out of the kitchen.

Iris's room

"Don't you think it's a little too much?" Iris asked looking at her hair the hair stylist had come that evening to help her get ready. "I mean, it's only a banquet you don't really need to make me look like I'm going to a ball or something!"

"It's your opening day! You should look the best!" He stared in the mirror and Iris reflection.

Iris raised an eyebrow looking at her extremely matured self in the mirror. Her hair was tied up into a sleek elegant knot on top of her head and some cascading curls down her back. The stylist had sprinkled some shimmering dust on her hair and the ornament pin he had used looked like there were many diamonds and pearl on it.

"Well, loose the pin!" Iris demanded immediately.

"But this make you look sophisticated, your mother..."

"She had to tell me to wear this, wear that, eat this and that!" Iris snapped. "Take it off! I don't like it!"

"Alright," The stylist sighed. "She will not be pleased when she hears this."

"Whatever..." Iris rolled her eyes.

The Banquet

"Drinks madam, Sir?" Kotori asked as she walked around the ball room with the tray carried gracefully on one hand.

"Oh yes thank you."

"Thank you dear."

Kotori smiled and bowed slightly at them after they took their drink and went back to their conversation. It was nearly an hour walking around with the stupid tray of wine in her hands and she was very tired of smiling and looking cheerful as if she was enjoying every single moment. She moved over to a table in the middle of the room where there was an ice sculpture that looked like a swan on it. She leaned back on the table and took a deep breath thinking whether the smile would be frozen on her face at the end of the banquet.

"This sucks!" Kotori mumbled under her breath.

"I beg your pardon?" A voice came from the other side of the ice sculpture.

"I mean, this swells! The banquet is such a blast" Kotori said in a very phony tone. Instantly, she straightened up and peered around the corner to see who spoke.

A good looking boy maybe around her age or older by a year or two looked back at her. She plastered that smile on her face again and bowed before walking away. She didn't offer him wine because he wasn't of age.

"Damn!" Kotori muttered heading away to the kitchens, her smile fading instantly as she walked away. "Jura is going to pay for this!"

Fujima stared at the waitress his eyes slightly wide opened. He clearly heard her say that it sucks and she could swerve so quickly changing that word to swell. He smiled amusingly at her departing figure. She looked like she still a student though he had never seen her before. Thinking that she should be in another school, he made his way towards her to find out but got side tracked when Iris walked into the room dressed in a silver gown. Snorting he turned away from her direction and back to the waitress but she had already disappeared.

"So mother really planed everything out nicely." Iris muttered looking around the crowded ball room. "Everything seemed so perfect!"

"Iris dear!" A woman who was as old as Iris mother walked up to her smiling charmingly.

"Aunt Emii." Iris greeted back enthusiastically with a phony smile. "I am so glad you can make it!"

"So are you excited with this new contract?"

"Tremendously!" And added silently; elimination!

"Oh well, you are such a beauty in all cover magazine so far, you will be just fine in this one."

No I won't, Iris thought silently and furiously.

"Of course," She said instead.

"Fujima. Co is one of the most prestigious magazines in whole of Japan." Aunt Emii chatted on as Iris pretended to be interested at it. "I'm sure you must be so lucky!"

Oh yes very lucky in getting myself into hell hole. Iris sneered inwardly.

"Yes, of course." Iris said with a spurious though charming smile. "Please excuse me!"

Iris turned away from her aunt, rolling her eyes and her smile dropped from her face immediately. She soon grumbled inwardly when she saw Fujima standing not far from at the buffet table. Her stomach growl mercilessly for she was extremely hungry.

Why must he be there?

Without a choice she headed to the table slowly trying to ignore him, as she waited for the waiter behind the table to serve her. Fujima however saw her, smiled slightly and spoke.

"Not enjoying yourself?"

"Who said I'm not?" Iris said airily. "This is my Opening Banquet anyway. Of course I am enjoying myself."

"Really..." Fujima replied softly and skeptically.

Iris lost it then and turned to him irately.

"What's your problem?"

"Nothing..." Fujima shrugged. "It was supposed to be just a normal question but you have to take it the wrong way."

"Oh really?" Iris sneered putting a hand on her waist. "There are not ones you could step off my back! Can't you leave me alone for once?"

"It is you who couldn't stop, being angry at me!" Fujima said calmly and walked away to the other side of the room with his food.

Iris greeted her teeth and stormed out of the ball room.


"Jura, you owe me a great deal!" Kotori said when she was in the kitchens. Jura was however worked nearly half to death at the loads of food to be served out to the buffet table.

"I never knew your job was so tough!" Jura answered breathlessly.

Kotori raised an eyebrow at her. If it was her, she could handle all the kitchen work without problem. She found smiling and acting cheerful all the time was the problem.

"Want to swap back?" Kotori asked slyly.

"Nah," Jura shook her head and grinned. "I rather be in the kitchens than smiling like an idiot outside!"

Kotori narrowed her eyes at her. "You knew about it didn't you!"

"Of course, I hated to serve outside." Jura kept her cheeky grin on her face.

Kotori frowned and stormed off!

What a GREAT evening! She thought sarcastically.

Thinking that she had enough of serving wines and pretending to be in the Brandy Bunch, she stepped outside the house into the gardens, hoping with her life that no one was outside and no one saw her. Seeing a big marble angel statue in the far end of the dark garden she headed towards it to hide for a moment before cracking her face again with the phony smile. She needed a break.

Iris who was starving to death was bombarded by all her guests that came to talk to her one after another. She soon stepped out the house after talking to the final couple that she didn't even had a clue who they were and took a deep breath. She looked down at the plate of food she had which she had not even touched yet.

The garden seemed to be a good place to eat in peace. She thought and walked into the huge and dark garden where the Marble Angel stood.

Kotori leaned on the angel and looked up the sky sighing loudly. Not long later, she heard another sigh. She blinked her heart did a flip flop.

Who the hell sigh? Are there ghost? No, no!!! There is no such thing as ghost. Ok maybe I should try again.

Kotori sighed again, but softly this time. Then a second later, she heard another sigh and she stiffened. That sound seemed to be coming from the back of the statue. Holding her breath she peered over.

Iris, sighed looking up the sky when she heard a sigh coming from the statue and her eyes widened.

Is this statue alive? She wondered staring up at the white marble angel that looked glassily back down at her. She sighed again to make sure and then, there it is another sigh coming from... wait a minute.... It was coming from the back of this statue. Taking a deep breath she straightened up and peered over.

When their two faces came to view with each other, they stared wide eyed for a few seconds, their heart beating so fast that they thought they were about to burst right out from their bodies. Then...


They screamed at the same time and fell back landing horrendously on their butts.

I kind of out this story from 'Parent Trap' but, in mine these two girls are not related. The story just pop up in my head and I just want to get it out my system! So here it is. I know it seemed to be a ridiculously long chapter but I just want to explain more about the girls in the first chapter... so I hope I didn't over do it. Please review and tell me what you all think!