Kingdom Hearts: Children of the Hearts

By: General Quistis and Zhakeena

Disclaimer: We don't own Kingdom Hearts; Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 and 10; Resident Evil, Dark Stalkers, The Ring, Disney, Ragnarok or even Devil May Cry. We do own the story plot, though. Don't try suing us; you'll just be wasting your time and money and we'll just laugh at your face. HAH!

General Quistis's Note: Honestly, I don't know where to post this: Kingdom Hearts of Final Fantasy Crossovers? I'm not sure… so I'm sorry if it's out of place in this Kingdom Hearts category. But anyway, it features mostly the kids from Kingdom Hearts… so…..

Maybe you've seen one of my blogs entitled "Everyone Will Suffer"… now, what made me think about this? I don't know… but my mind tends to play with a lot of things whenever it's idle… so this is another result of its idleness. Zhakeena's just another victim of my very wild imagination. Oh yes, and if you've read the disclaimer above, you must've been surprised; this fic is a big cross-over.

Zhakeena's note: I got involved in this because of my not-so-lacking KH knowledge… Oh yeah, the characters here aren't portrayed as they are in their respective game/movie… Just a warning if you're a purist fan of any of the above mentioned titles!



            "So tell me…"

His voice echoed through the walls of the underground laboratory as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose to prevent it from slipping as he bowed down his head and looked at the chart attached to the clipboard that he was holding. The monitors attached to the machine monitoring his patient's heart rate and brain waves were giving off soft beeping sounds. He tapped his pen against the table as he frowned and followed, with his gaze, the wires leading to the nodes attached onto his patient's fingers, forehead, ankles and wrists.

"Why won't you sleep?" he asked.

His patient was a little girl… about the age of 10. She had long ebony black hair with a length that went past her waist, almost down to her lower buttocks. Her eyes were blue… and they give off a cold look everytime she would look at someone… but she would not show her eyes because she did not want anyone looking at her.

After all, everybody thought she was strange.

…everyone, except for her own parents and siblings.

So she made sure that her hair also covered almost her whole face and she would keep her head bowed down to make sure her eyes stay unrevealed.

She did not answer the Doctor's question.

He became impatient. "I ask you again… and I want you to answer, okay?"

She just stared blankly at the floor.

He frowned at her, "Why won't you sleep?" he asked.

She opened her mouth to speak… and she solemnly began, "I can't sleep… noises keep me awake…"

"What kind of noises?" he asked.

"Ugly ones… they sound like squeaks…" she replied.

"Where are they coming from?" he asked.

She was just silent.

"Where are they coming from?" he repeated.

She remained still.

"Samara, you know I'm here to help you. Now how can I help you with your problem if you don't tell me where those noises are coming from?" the Doctor asked.

"Because you would never believe me." She replied with a low tone.

He sighed heavily. "You have to trust me, Samara. I am a Doctor. I can help you." He told her.

"I want my mommy." She replied monotonously.

He was just silent for a few seconds before he got some X-ray films from a big brown envelope on the table before him. He studied the images… and the images looked horrible and distorted… like every image spelled suffering and death. The films were supposed to contain X-ray images of her chest and some MRI scans of her brain. But there was none. Instead, they had images on them…of dying people, drowning people… people on fire…

 "Samara, let me ask you a question… how did you make these pictures?"

She just kept quiet.

"Samara," he repeated sternly.

"I didn't make them… I see them in my head." She replied.

"Why do you see them in your head?" he asked.

"I don't know… they just… are..." she began monotonously just like before. That's how she would always speak… in scary monotone. Her voice was always low… like she could never be happy…

And she never smiled…

"Samara, I want you to start telling me the truth," the Doctor told her sternly.

"I want my mommy." She repeated.

He frowned angrily at her.

"Can I see my mommy?" she asked with a pleading but low tone.

"No, you can't see your mommy unless you start telling me the truth." He told her stiffly.

"Where is my mommy?" she asked softly.

He dropped the films on the table. "Your mommy's with your daddy taking a vacation. They love you very much that's why they sent you here." He told her.

For the first time after a week that he had had her confined inside his laboratory, she looked at him. "You're lying." She whispered hoarsely, making it sound like it's a hiss.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "It's true, Samara. Now, tell me the truth." He told her as he turned to the monitor upon realizing that the brainwaves were already erratic but the heart rate was still normal.