Children of the Hearts
by General Quistis & Zhakeena
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Five years later…

"Hey, Paopu Brain! Wakey-wakey!" Kuja chanted with an annoyed look on his face.

"Leave me alone!" Riku snapped impatiently as he covered his face with his own pillow.

Kuja frowned angrily at his brother before he forcingly pulled the pillow from his face.

Riku's eyes were already open and he was staring frustratingly at his older brother. Kuja was in awe for a few moments upon seeing his eyes… "I'll pretend he's wearing contacts… gold contacts…" he thought silently.

The color of Riku's eyes has not returned to normal yet and for Kuja and their other siblings, it's like they are not looking at Riku's eyes anymore.

"What are you staring at?" Riku asked with a sleepy tone.

Kuja shook his head and looked away. Riku sat up on the bed and looked at the wallclock. "It's only midnight…" he began before Kuja threw a Paopu fruit on his head. "OW!" he exclaimed in pain.

"Happy birthday! Hahahahahahaha!" Kuja jumped out of bed. Riku was still rubbing his own head with the palm of his hand. "Ow… get out of here before I tell dad and he'll ground you more and more and more!" Riku sneered.

Kuja just sneered back at him before strutting out of the bedroom.

Riku plopped back down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. "How long has it been?" he thought silently.

It had always been that way… ever since Riku could remember, Kuja would be the first one to greet him a happy birthday. He would wake him up every midnight and bother him about it. Smiling slightly, he closed his eyes, ready to fall asleep again, but he opened his eyes in surprise when he heard the telephone ringing.

The phone just kept on ringing. "Looks like Kuja has no intention to answer it… and dad's sound asleep so…" he got out of bed and got out of his room, proceeding to the living room and then answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello, may I please speak with Sephiroth?" asked a man from the other line.

Riku frowned slightly. The voice was very familiar but he could not remember who it was. There were still a lot of problems with his memory recall and it was really bothering him. Hesitantly, he asked, "Wh…who's this?"

"Rufus ShinRa. This is a long distance call from Midgar. I know it's an inconvenient time there but this is really important," the man replied.

"Sh…ShinRa? Midgar?" Riku mumbled before putting the receiver down on the table and slowly walked going to his father's quarters just chanting the two names.

Sephiroth had awoken to the sound of the door creaking and Riku's chanting. "What's wrong?" he asked sleepily.

"Uhm… dad it's for you… some… Rufus ShinRa guy from Midgar. He says it's important." Riku replied.

Sephiroth frowned slightly before getting out of bed and went outside to the living room, leaving Riku there. Confused and annoyed at himself for not being able to remember anything at all, he just decided to go back to his own room and sit by the window, staring at the Paopu tree planted in the middle of the yard near the sea a few meters away from his bedroom window. It was also a starry night… and he could remember hearing a lot of voices… and seeing a lot of images in his head whenever he would look at the stars and the Paopu tree.

"What the hell is wrong with me…" he muttered miserably as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. Ever since he had regained his eyesight back (which just happened two years ago when he was 18), he had seen a lot of pictures of himself from when he was only 15 and younger… he had bluegreen eyes. And when he regained part of his memory back (which happened just a year ago when he was 19), all he could remember were the names and the faces and the personalities of his immediate family members. He could also remember a little bit of who he was… his favorites and his hobbies…

But there was nothing else beyond that.

Frustrated, he just went over to his study desk and picked up the Paopu fruit that the two young people had given to him before he left the hospital…

When he could see again, he realized that there was really a bite on the fruit, but it still remained fresh for some reason. His father told him that the fruit must have been exposed to Mako that's why it's different from all the other Paopu fruits that rot easily whenever somebody takes a bite out of it.

"A goodbye gift… eat it when I'm hungry…" he recalled with a solemn look on his face.

He sniffed the fruit and he felt his stomach grumbling. Mindlessly, he took a bite out of the fruit…

"So you will never be lonely again…I'm giving it to you."

She slowly opened her eyes when she thought she heard the voice that seemed to be like a distant memory already… She slightly opened her mouth to suck in some air as she shifted to the other side of her bed and then sighed softly as she closed her eyes again. The rays of early morning sunlight hit her closed eyes. Annoyed at it, she opened her blue eyes again and gazed at the window.

But she did not move.

She wanted to call out the name that she had been calling out everytime she would wake up from a nightmare ever since she was 10… and now that she was 15, she still was not sure if he could hear her. As time went by, she would stop screaming the name. She would just say it softly… and time came when she just whispered it…

Until she would not even say it anymore because of fear that nobody would even understand her or hear what she really wanted to say.

But at that certain morning, she had said the name… but in her mind.

And she reached out her hand towards the window with a sleepy smile on her face. She remained in that kind of state until somebody entered her bedroom. It was her mother.

Tifa stared curiously at her, "Oh, so you're already awake?" she asked.

She just stared at the window with a smile on her face as her mother approached her.

"Well, I came here to check if you're already up… because your dad says we need to reach Junon by 9:00 am today. Today's the big day wherein you and Theodore will be introduced to society!" Tifa said with an excited smile on her face as she sat down on the bed beside her daughter. When she realized that her daughter was not moving, her smile faded. "Samara, are you alright? You…" she smiled slightly again when she saw that her daughter was smiling, "…you look happy. Did you have a good dream?" she asked gently.

Samara's facial expression softened. "Yes mommy..." she replied before she kept quiet for a few moments and then spoke up again with a soft tone, "I'll never be lonely again."

The End

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