A/N - Just a quick little one-parter I came up with while I was doing laundry the other day! Needed a break from all my Julie/Luke drama...just a small break, though. I hope you like this. Please let me know, via Reviews! Thank you for reading.

She couldn't fold the sheets right anymore.

She'd whisk the hot tumble of clean linens from the dryer, and tug a pale yellow sheet from the tangle. They were so big that she had had to have him help her fold them. They'd each take a corner, meet in the middle, and when they met, he'd always give her a kiss. It was so cheesy, so Cohen. She had loved it.

Now there were no more kisses. No more meeting in the middle. The sheets were always wadded and wrinkled. They went to the Queen-sized bed the two had shared, which was too big for them, since they'd always slept holding tightly to one another, as if one might suddenly slip away during the night, be spirited away by some cruel gust of fate's cold wind.

It hadn't happened in the night. 4:32 p.m.

Summer would've liked to believe that this was because her arms could truly protect him, that her embrace could keep him from being pulled acorss the thin, tightrope tripwire of mortality.

But she'd been wrong.

She had been fussing with the sheet for so long now, she hadn't even realized that she had wound it into knots. She feebly attempted to untie it, but gave up with an exasperated sigh. She let the sheet fall to the floor, and then sank herself, pulling the rest of the pile down with her. She lie on her side in the puddle of bedclothes, sobbing thick black mascara stains into the freshly-washed fabric. She tried to stuff a corner of cloth into her mouth to muffle her cries, but it was too late.

"Mama?" whispered a tiny, worried voice.

A shadowy feather of a toddler stood in the doorway of the laundry room, wringing a worn plastic horse in her chubby-baby hands.

Summer's head shot up, and she tried to smile through her ruined makeup and broken heart.

"Wy ew cwyin'?"

Summer's smile broke like an over-inflated balloon, and she held her arms out to her daughter. The small girl toddled to her mother's damp but gripping embrace.

As Summer rocked her little girl, the last she had of him, she prayed that they would make it to the day that their daughter would be big enough to help her fold the sheets.