6-8 AM

Odd awoke to a sudden weight on his leg. He groaned, trying to push the invader away, but to no avail.


Odd groaned, shifting his legs even more and stirring a bark from the dog. Odd's eyes quickly flew open and darted to the door. Odd sighed. He slid his legs out from under the covers. He stood, he wore a red shirt with Kiwi's face on the front and orange boxers that looked shocking against his pale skin. He walked over to his art desk and reached into a drawer to find his purple brush. He swiftly brushed his hair before looking back at his dog. Kiwi, not satisfied with the new empty and unmoving bed, slept. Odd smiled. He glanced at the clock. Classes didn't start until eight. He had time to get ready. He looked at the sleeping Ulrick. He looked so peaceful. So peaceful, in fact, that Odd was tempted to let the brunette sleep a little longer. He sighed and moved up to the boy. He leaned down and blew on Ulrick's ear. The other boy quickly woke. Odd grinned. This method proved useful as that it always worked. Ulrick's eyes looked up into the face of his best friend who stood grinning above him.

"Wakey wakey sleepyhead."

Ulrick glanced at the clock. He sighed and climbed out of his bed. Ulrick wore a white tank and green boxers that suited his tanned skin. Odd grabbed some clothes and waited while Ulrick did the same. Once they were both ready they left. They were early, but they learned that was the best time to take their showers. That way they didn't have to wait for an open shower or worry about privacy. Odd took the stall on the end while Ulrick took the one next to him. Odd pulled the curtin on his stall, sat out his clean clothes, towels, and then took off his boxers. He pulled the second, inner-curtain, before cutting on the water. Ulrick's water had already started.

"Odd, do you have any soap?"

Ulrick asked, his voice dimmed by the wall between them. Odd, used to quiet showers where he could forget about Ulrick looked up.

"Wah? Oh, yeah. You need it?"

Odd asked.

"Yeah, hold on. I'll get it."

Odd heard Ulrick pull on his curatins. Odd's eyes widened in panic. He quickly grabbed up the soap and stuck his head out from behind his curtain. By now Ulrick was pulling open Odd's outer-curtain. Odd felt the blush run to his cheeks when he saw him. He was used to seeing Ulrick's firm, tanned, chest, but not covered in droplets. Ulrick's hair layed flat.

Ulrick was also interested in Odd's wet-look'. He had never seen Odd's hair wet before. His usually pointed hair clung to his neck.

Odd felt his cheeks go a deeper shade of red. Why was Ulrick staring at him like that?


Odd said quietly, offering his bar of soap.

"Oh, thanks Odd."

Ulrick took the soap and returned to his stall. Odd pulled at the corners of his curtain before leaning against the wall. He got lost in the feeling of war water showering over his skin. A voice brought him back to reality.

"Odd? You're not done yet?"

Odd moved off the wall.

"No. You can go on without me."

Odd said. Ulrick as quiet for a moment.

"Ok, I'll be in the room."

Then, he left. Odd sighed. He finished up before drying off and getting dressed. He brushed his hair up and got his stuff. People had started filling into the bathroom by the time Odd left, giving his stall to Jeremy.

When Odd arrived back at the room, Ulrick was laying out on his bed. Kiwi was still asleep on Odd's bed. In fact, he was still in the same position he had been in when Odd had left. Ulrick looked over at Odd.

"Jeremy stopped by."

Ulrick said. Odd nodded.

"I just saw him. Gave him my stall."

Odd said, walking over and sitting on the floor. Ulrick re-aranged so that he could see Odd.

"I saw your latest artwork. The one of Jeremy."

Odd smiled.


Ulirck smiled with a sarcastic sigh.

"If you MUST know, it was great."

Odd smiled.

"That's always good to hear."

Odd leaned back, proping himself against his bed as he thought. He remembered when he had shown his art teacher the pictures he had done of his friends. She had said that Odd's work expressed his fondness of his subjects. She also said that Odd's works of Ulrick were exspecially expressive. Odd smiled to himself. Back then he had explained to his teacher that Ulrick was his best friend. He had thought that explained why he drew more pictures of Ulrick than either Jeremy or Yumi. Ulrick sighed as he stood up.

"Time fore breakfast."

Odd nodded and held out his hand. Ulrick grabbed it and pulled Odd to his feet. They both went to the cafeteria. They sat near the window. Soon, they were joined by Jeremy. Jeremy made sure no one was listening before addressing Odd.

"Um, Odd, you left your boxers in the stall this morning."

Odd blushed red enough to match Jeremy.

"Oh god..."

"No, no. It's ok. Nobody knows. I took it with me back to my room. I'll drop it off later."

Odd let our a sigh of relief.

"Thanks Jeremy."

Jeremy smiled.

"No problem"

Odd traded his baby carrots for Ulrick's soup. Jeremy watched in silence. It was amazing hos in-tune the two were with each other. Jeremy wished he could be like that.

"Odd, do you want my apple pie?"

Odd looked up with a smile.

"You're not gonna eat it?"

He asked, swallowing down a small potato cube from the soup.

"No, I'm not hungry."

"Ok! Thanks Jeremy. You sure do know the way to a guy's heart."

Odd said, dragging Jeremy's pie plate to him. Jeremy blushed while Ulrick watched in silence. Both boys watched as Odd wolfed down the soup and pie before leaving. They found Yumi outside.

A/N: Ok, I had started writing the 8-11 am stuff but I am not done and I want to put this story up as soon as possible. So, I am probably writing it while you are reading it. Help me stay focused by reviewing! . Also, yes, I think Jeremy is jealous of the relationship between Odd and Ulrick. Also, is it Ulrick or Ulrich? I always say Ulrick. I know the other names are correct.