Sign Language

8-11 AM

Odd stood up when the bell rang. The three boys said goodbye to Yumi as they headed off to their first class of the day. Odd, Jeremie, and Ulrich had the first class together. They walked into their science class. Ulrich was the first to sit down. Odd was about to go sit beside him as usual but stopped when Jeremie spoke up.

"Uh, Odd."

Odd turned to look at his blonde friend.

"Yeah Jeremie?"

"You should really sit beside me today."

Odd didn't really understand what Jeremie meant. He glanced over at Ulrich, who was already starting to pull out his books. Odd shrugged and sat down beside Jeremie. Odd watched as his teacher started talking. His eyes fixed on the back of Ulrich's head. It seemed that the brunette finally noticed his absence as he slightly turned to look back. Once he saw Odd he turned back. Odd grinned.

"Pop quiz time!"

This caught Odd's attention. His teacher beamed as the class moaned. She started passing out quizzes. Odd knew he hadn't studied anything last night so he was pretty sure he was gonna fail. He took the papers from Ulrich, grabbed two from the stack, and passed it on behind him. He handed the second sheet in his hand to Jeremie. Then, the class went quiet as everyone focused on their quiz. Odd took one glance over the sheet before confirming his suspicions. He didn't know the answer to a single question. He shrugged it off and started doodling. He had already completed chibis of Ulrich and himself marching across the bottom of the page before he was brought back to reality. He looked over at Jeremie when he felt a tug at his shirt. (The tables are two per person.) Jeremie didn't look at him, instead, he placed his left hand flat on the desktop. Odd's eyes widened. Jeremie was gonna cheat!?!?! Odd looked to his paper then glanced to Jeremie's hand. Jeremie tapped his index finger once. Odd looked to his paper and filled in answer D. Pinky tap meant A, ring meant B, middle meant C, and index meant D. It continued this way, a few thumb taps included (means to answer it wrong, you know, to keep the teacher guessing! .), until Odd finished his quiz.

"Times up, please pass up your papers."

Odd passed both his and Jeremie's papers to the front. Once he had passed up his entire row's papers Ulrich turned to look at Odd. He made a signal that meant 'how did you do?'. Odd grinned and placed his hand down flat. Ulrich's eyes widened and looked at Jeremie, who had started to blush. Ulrich smiled and turned back to the front shaking his head with a silent laugh.

When the bell rang all the students stood up and left the room. Odd jumped between Jeremie and Ulrich, wrapping an arm around Jeremie's shoulders.

"My boy is growing up!"

Odd sung as he lightly jumped. Jeremie was blushing again. Ulrich was now fully laughing. They joked about it until they came upon their next class. Odd decided to sit beside Jeremie again. He never sat beside the blonde. He kinda felt bad but he smiled. However, soon the teacher began to speak. Odd sighed with boredom as the teacher began the lesson. Jeremie was furiously taking notes. Odd wasn't sure what Ulrich was doing but an educated guess suggested he was making paper footballs for when they had study hall later. Odd looked down at his blank piece of paper and started to draw. Minutes later things seemed the same except now Odd was on his fourth sheet, the first three pictures didn't come out good enough. He sighed, annoyed, as he crumpled the fourth sheet and pushed it among the other three. He laid his head down on the desk. After a moment he opened his eyes. He could just see Ulrich past the white crumpled mass. Suddenly, a light cut on in his head. An evil grin ran across his face as he sat up again. He pulled one ball from the mass and placed in on the center of his spot and leaned down, looking over it at Ulrich's naive back. Then he placed his hand, middle finger pulled back ready to fire. Then...


Odd freaked out as his teacher was suddenly staring at him. Odd lost his concentration and the ammo went flying. Ulrich turned to see what Odd was doing only to be nailed in the face with a paper ball. Odd puffed up with laughter. His face was red in the effort. Ulrich looked at him angrily. Odd shrugged. The teacher sighed and continued with class. Ulrich just turned back, pushing the paper footballs into his backpack. Odd grinned with a winner's pride when Jeremie looked over but truthfully he felt horrible. He didn't mean for it to hit Ulrich in the face. He started scribbling on another sheet. Jeremie looked over at the page to see a picture of the four friends standing together. It was Jeremie, Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd (in that order). Jeremie smiled.

The next time the bell rang the students filed out again. Odd and Jeremie joined up with Ulrich.

"Hey Ulrich, were you making paper footballs for later?"

Ulrich didn't say anything, he just grumbled. Odd looked to Jeremie who just shrugged. Then, it hit him. Odd looked back to Ulrich.

"You're not still mad about the paper ball thing are you?"

Ulrich ignored him. Odd sighed with a light smile. Nothing could take away his smile.

"It's not my fault you turned around."

"But you still were gonna hit me."

Ulrich now looked angrily at Odd. Odd just shrugged.

"I always do. I don't know why you're acting so shocked."

The rest of the walk was silent. Next was their math class. They entered the room. This time Odd decided to sit at the table beside Jeremie and Ulrich. It was obvious Ulrich was in a bad mood today. After a while, Odd felt his eyes lids grow heavy until his head was rested on his hands and he was fast asleep.

Odd awoke after being shaken. He looked up at a smiling Jeremie.

"The bell rang."

Odd sat up, wiping some drool from his chin. He looked around for Ulrich and found him waiting at the door. The three boys met at the door.

"That class was boring!"

Odd said, placing his hands ideally behind his head.

"How would you know, you slept the whole time."

Ulrich accused. Odd dropped his hands to his sides.

"Only because it was so boring!"

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