Summary: Derek is the depressed six year old son of the workaholic Seto Kaiba himself. Derek's mother died in a car crash after a costly divorce from this father. His dad works way too much, doesn't spend any time with him. He's (Derek) a loner with no friends, and so the only person he can really depend on is his uncle Mokuba, who travels a lot as a representative for Kaiba Corp. He thinks his all alone until a nice new teacher transfers to his school. She takes a shinning to him, and he to her. Derek and her spend a lot of time together, and he looks to her as a mother figure, seen as his own never really was one. Derek adores her, everyone likes her, and so they decide to play matchmaker with her and Seto. Will the sparks fly?

Chapter 1

Derek sighed and kept staring out the window, his big deep blue eyes filling with tears. His father had cancelled on him, yet again. Didn't surprise him at all though. Going to a duel monsters tournament with just him and his father, seemed too good to be true. And it was.

He'd dropped the entire night's events, for some lame meeting with some businessman, who was interested in launching a new system his father had designed and invented.

He seemed to care more for his machines than his living and breathing six year old son.

"Probably true anyway" thought Derek. "He'd probably love me more if I was a machine." He bit the inside of his cheek as his last thought.

He stared down onto the courtyard where the black limo was waiting patiently for that night's passenger.

"Three, two, one" whispered the little boy softly.

Seto Kaiba's tall, lean frame walked quickly out of the huge mansion, and into the limo. Same clothes and suitcase as always. Derek had watched his father do this for as long as he could remember. Even when his mother was alive he'd do this. Not that he cared for her, or she for him.

The only reason his father had married, and conceived was to boost his publicity rate, for himself and company. To look as though he cared for something other than his company. Which was true, but Mokuba was hardly around anymore. Been a representative for Kaiba Corp and all.

His mother only married for his father's money, and maybe fame. You could hardly blame her; Seto was (and still is) one of the richest men in Japan, even the world.

Derek forced himself to look away from the window, as the car drove away. He slowly turned his head to glance around his spacious room.

He had everything all his class mates could dream of. Every single toy ever invented, video games, his own laptop, the Internet, his own phone and phone line, the list went on. He had everything, except love.

That was all he'd ever wanted was to feel loved.

The small boy got up, and walked over to a full-length mirror near his desk. He stared back at his reflection. He was of normal six-year-old height, (he'd probably shoot up as his father and uncle had done during their teens); he had his father's blue eyes and shape, Seto's chestnut hair, style and the lean body. Basically he looked like a miniature version of Seto, only his facial features were more soft and caring (like Mokuba's).

Only now they were sad and depressed looking. That was usually the expression that Derek wore anyway.

He was disturbed from studying his reflection, by a soft tap on the door.

"Come in" Derek said, although it was hardly above a whisper.

"Master Derek, sorry to disturb you" said a rather snooty elderly servant "Your dinner has been served, and is waiting for you downstairs."

"I'll be down in a minute" was the child's reply.

The man nodded and exited to room, quite gladly. The boy seemed to know too much, way beyond his years, and that scared him. Not only him, but the rest of the staff as well. They all kept away from Derek, if they could.

Derek turned back to the mirror, and sighed deeply, but quietly.

"Another dinner alone. Derek Mokuba Kaiba, this is your life," he said to his reflection, before exiting the room, to endure another lonely meal.